What I Didn’t Want to See…


What I Didn’t Want to See…

Sensing Spirits and Angels can be absolutely incredible!  Being able to connect people with their loved ones on the other side is also very rewarding and healing.  Some of what I see and sense is not comfortable, and has taken some getting used to.  Some of it I will never understand and there are those instances when I will put up the barrier and down right demand that I not come into connection with certain energies.

Here’s a recent experience I’ve been dealing with over the last few days:

I was in the shower (and water is a great conductor of energy, btw, so some of our greatest visions and connections will happen around water) and a flash of a scene played out in my head. I saw a young man I connected with years ago. His face was vivid and clear. In the next instance I saw him on the floor, looking like he was passed out. Then I saw his soul leave his body. All this happened in a matter of moments. I hadn’t seen him in years. I was not close to him, had no way of contacting him, so I brushed it off. Just a weird flash of energy, I thought. Nothing more, nothing less.

Well that’s what I thought….until days later I heard through the grapevine that this man had died. He had died a sudden death, collapsing and being found hours later. The news saddened me to my core. It’s not that I felt responsible, for I know there was no way of me preventing this. I was sad because he was so young and such a beautiful soul with an amazing heart. The kind of guy that would literally give you the shirt off his back. I couldn’t figure out why I had the premonition. I don’t want premonitions. They make me feel helpless. It’s one thing to question if a certain event will happen and it’s another to be handed the information, whether you want it or not.

Years ago, when I had my first premonition, I was about 6 or 7 years old and I saw the death of a family member before it happened. That continued, and with family members I seemed to be accepting of it. Then ten or twelve years ago, I was sitting at my computer and I was shown a very intense scene – a father and son were washed away by a flash flood. I saw their bodies under the overpass, I got the name of the street. I felt the pain of their last breaths, the overwhelm of the Dad knowing he couldn’t save his son, the pressure as their lungs filled with water. I wrote the vision down and the next day looked up the street name. It happened to be in a town where a father and son were missing. They later found the bodies near the overpass of that street.

I was mad! Why on Earth would God give me this information if there was nothing I could do? I didn’t want to feel people’s deaths…I didn’t want to experience their pain. What was I going to do, call up a police department in Tim Buck Two and say oh, by the way, I was having a vision and this is what I saw? Who would believe me? Even I was second guessing my sanity.

A short time later I was asked to tap into a missing child’s case.  A friend has asked for my input.  I took the young girl’s photo and connected with her energy.  I saw her in an open field and she was playing.  Then I saw a man approach her.  He lured her to his car where he did terrible things to her and later killed the child.  I stopped the scene was it was playing out.  It knocked me off kilter.  I didn’t want to see this, didn’t want to feel it, and couldn’t separate my emotions from connecting with the evil coming from the man and the helplessness of the child.  It made me physically ill.  I threw up.  I had an anxiety attack.  It was more than my soul could bare.

I decided to make a pact with God, my guides and my Angels.  I had the big pow-wow.  I outlined what I was willing to do to be of service – energy work, shamanic travel, reading, connecting with the other side to bring through information to assist others.  I told them I would slay the demons if need be and remove dark entities from people, homes and spaces.  But what I would NOT do was allow my abilities to be used to see into situations I could offer no help or assistance.  I did not want to see things in the future that were beyond my control and I did not want to be involved in murder cases or violence against children.  I had to set my clear boundaries of what felt right for me.

Since that time, I’ve never had an issue.  One big pow-wow, the boundaries were set and I thought it was all good, at least up until a few days ago.  Why was I getting this information?  I wasn’t asking for it, that’s for sure.

So tonight, I sat down with Arch Angel Michael.  I wanted answers.  I wanted to know why our “deal” was broken.  What was the greater lesson here, cause all I was feeling was sadness and helplessness.

Arch Angel Michael’s response:

Dear One,

Breathe deeply, for I know you are upset.  This has rocked you to your core.  It makes no logical sense so allow me to show you the light within the situation.

When you first connected with this man, you saw his light.  You felt his heart.  You saw the passion for life within him and within the work he brought to this world.  You experienced his greatness and this energy was imprinted in your mind.  Though you had no personal connection with him, he impacted your thoughts on life, on humanity and on the light that can exist within a human form.  You literally came into contact with his soul that day.  You made that strong of a connection with him.

When he left this world, you felt that as well.  The days that came before his exit point, as a soul he was pondering his demise, going over the issues of being complete with his lesson and path.  You FELT THIS.  You felt this soul that touched your life contemplating his death.  It was merely an awareness coming into your consciousness.  It was nothing more and nothing less.  Just as we are all one, part of the All That Is, you felt the decision in the works for him to leave his human body and step completely into the light.  You sensed the change in energy and vibration.  Do not take this as a bad thing.  It is not negative.  Look at the amazing gift this man gave you – the ability to see a soul, to feel a heart, and to see light within motion.

Do not grieve the loss or the suddenness of the experience.  Celebrate the way one soul touched another.  Celebrate the realization and confirmation once again that the soul is eternal.

We are all one in the same.  We are of the same light, created with the same unconditional love.  Understand that as a soul you have the opportunity to touch the lives of others just as this man has touched yours.  He impacted you because you chose to be open to the experience.  You chose to open your heart and your eyes to truly see him in his entirety.  How could that be anything less than a miracle?

Allow yourself to see the light in this, my Dear.  Let go of the false belief that this was a bad experience.


Well, put in that perspective, how could I view this as anything less than a gift?

We really don’t know the impact we have on others.  I spent less than a few hours time with this man, and yet he’s brought a profound awareness into my life.  Think of how you impact others.  When we take the time to be aligned with who we really are, we shine our brightest.

I am grateful to have connected with such a beautiful spirit.  He is much loved and forever imprinted upon my heart.

Questions & Answers…


Questions & Answers

I’ve recently started something new on my Facebook Fan Page.  I’ve been receiving lots of emails from people with questions about Spirit, so I thought I would answer and share them in the public forum on my page.  I leave out the names of people to protect their privacy, but share the info as so many of us are looking for answers.  As with everything I share, if it doesn’t resonate, please let it go.  No harm, no foul!

So I’ve decided to share with you here, some of the letters I’ve been receiving, but first I want to express an experience I had yesterday:

Doing the work that I do, when I connect with a client I sometimes receive the gift of feeling their connection with a loved one who has passed. Today, a young 17 yr old girl and her mother came to see me. The teenager has been bullied and emotionally abused throughout her school career by staff and other students and has had several “labels” placed upon her that has left her self-esteem in the gutter. She is a truly loving and gifted soul and asked if her grandfather, who had recently passed, was mad at her.

His energy filled the room and was so strong it threw me for a loop. He started expressing his deep love for her and asked her to let go of the guilt and shame she’d been feeling. This girl has the most inherent and beautiful gift of healing touch, and her grandfather spoke to her about that.

With tears streaming down my face (and by this time none of us in the room were dry-eyed) he relayed the message through me of thanks and gratitude to her. Do you realize, he said, the gift you gave me? With the last embrace we shared, your healing energy passed through me and allowed me to cross easily and without problems. You were a vital part of me letting go. Thank you. You are such a light, so gifted and I know this, your mother knows this, so many of us know this but you do not. It is time for you to OWN your gifts and see the light within yourself. This is who you REALLY are – NOT what others have told you. BELIEVE in you as I do.

He then had me look directly into her eyes and ask her, “Can you own this?”

She stammered…..”I think so,” and I told her he was not convinced with her answer. She then repeated confidently, “Yes. I can own it.”

It was like watching a completely different person. Her posture and body language changed. Her voice was more confident. It was like a miracle before my very eyes.

We NEVER know when that small thing we may do will touch another’s heart so deeply. One hug made the difference to her Grandpa and his thanks meant the world to her.


Losing a Friend…Losing Her Gifts?

“Hello Danielle,
I just happen to come across you Facebook by chance, I felt drawn to it. Must be a reason for that. I was wondering if I could ask you a question? I read your profile, and I realize that I have felt the same way as you did growing up. I felt different as child. I always have know that I had some sort of a gift or ability. I don’t always see spirits, but I have heard them. Many mediums and psychics that I have been to have told me that I have medium and psychic gifts, as well as being an emotional/spiritual empath. People all my life have been drawn to me to seek out advice. Even total strangers.
My best friend died April 2012 in a car accident. When that happened, I never felt it was going to happen, I didn’t sense it, nothing. I got so upset by that, I sort of gave up on my gifts. I felt like I should have known, so could have helped her, or stopped it in some way. My gifts are still here, and slowly coming back. I’ve had many past lives, and I’m a very old soul… I guess I’m just wondering how to put all of this together so all this makes sense, and not so chaotic? I feel sometimes like the gift runs me, instead of me running or controlling the gift, if that makes sense? I’m sorry, I hope I’m not bothering you… I just need some guidance.
Thank you”

First off, my condolences on the death of your friend. I know this has hit you very hard. 
To try to apply logic to spiritual gifts weighs very heavily on getting the ego mind involved. To me, it’s like trying to apply logic to emotion – it never works. You can get a grasp and a feel for spirit, but then a larger part of it is trust and faith. 
My sense is that you are indeed, a very strong medium. Your intuition is strong and you have gifts of empathic sense and clairvoyance. You’ve been doing this work since the beginning of time and it is something you are passionate about and that is a large piece of your heart.
For most of us, it is very difficult to read the energies of those we are close to. Your not being able to sense your friend’s death is not a failure by any means. Had you seen this coming and not been able to prevent it, the guilt that would follow you the rest of your life would be a heavy burden not many would be able to live with. 
For the benefit of your healing, I offer you a message from your friend: 
“All is not lost. I am with you always. I appear when you need me and when you think I am not there. I come to you in the words of songs that mean so much to you. I am here now for you to act still as your friend but at this time on a deeper level than before. Allow me to help you to see all the beauty within the gifts that are inside you. I SEE YOU CLEARLY. I SEE YOUR LIGHT. You can’t hide from me. I’ve seen who you really are since the day we met. Let go of any hard feelings about my death. I am at peace. I love you and am always here for you.”

Angel Blessings to you, Dear One. Thank you for taking the time to write to me,



“Do you have any thoughts or ideas on grounding techniques or rituals?”

I DO! 
Grounding is very important, especially for those who are sensitive and do any kind of spiritual practice as well as when we become taxed by our emotions. Here are some of my favorites:

1. Lay on the ground or next to a tree. This gives the comfort and peace of being connected to the Earth. You don’t necessarily have to be outside to do this. You can lay on the floor of a hotel room or apartment and with your intention bring in the vibration of the Earth. Sitting next to a tree is also very grounding and comforting. I like to envision connecting with the root system of the tree as I lean up against the trunk and feel it’s power and beauty.
2. Yoga or Tai Chi. These energetic movements are very profound and easily ground one’s vibrational field into the physical body.
3. Taking a purposeful walk. Go for a walk and take each step on purpose – think about where your feet will land, how it feels, notice the sounds and smells around you – make it a sensory experience.
4. CHOCOLATE – My FAVORITE!!!! There is a very grounding aspect of chocolate on the physical body. I don’t know what it is, and I don’t care….LOL…it WORKS and I LOVE IT! 

Thanks for writing in 


Paranormal Sight….Seeing Angels….Am I an Empath?

” I have seen paranormal things here and there since i was little, not all the time but i did have a couple scary encounters. Once I got older, It seemed like every house I’ve lived in is haunted including the one I have now. I feel things now more than see things…i feel mostly others emotions. I grew up in Ky and in a southern Baptist holy roller church so my mother instilled in me that everything paranormal is demonic and against the bible. Once i turned 30, it seemed like all my fear was gone and i was just curious so I became a ghost hunter. Long story short, I have no idea what I am. I’ve even been in church at a funeral and felt surrounded by angels. that was the only time that’s happened. My abilities differ so i have no idea what i am. Could you be able to help me with this? Would u have to meet me to be able to give me an answer? I’ve struggled with this for about a year, researching and everything else. I was thinking i was a spirit sensitive or empath but I’m not sure thanks!”

Thanks for your question. I am picking up that you are a natural medium, that is why you sense spirits so easily. 
It’s funny how we all want to know what our intuitive strength is. I find with my clients and students that most want to find out their role or title so that they can better understand. With so many classifications out there, this can be difficult within itself. 
With you, I see your empathic ability is quite strong as well as you interpret energy through all of your senses making you clairsentient. 
Please remember that though these are very strong aspects of your intuitive sense that these are not the only ways you may get information. We are all different as to how we process energy. My guides use the analogy of someone who has a very high taste sensitivity for wine – they can take a sip, pass it over their taste buds and tell you the vintage. I could taste that same wine and tell you whether I liked it or not, but I wouldn’t have the same ability to process it through my senses as the wine expert. Make sense? (no pun intended  )

Have a beautiful day.


Dimensional Bleed-Through and Blocked Intuition

“Hello Danielle, I used to have a strong intuitive connection but I feel it is blocked. Does this happen? Also, why would I continue to have a strong pull toward a young man who has told me that he wants only friendship? He is not a man I normally would go for either BUT I can’t stop these feelings. He says he has no interest so why am I having a hard time letting go? I usually move on quickly. I am confused mentally and spiritually on this subject. Will you please help me?”

Hi. At times our intuition can become blocked because of fear or trauma that has occurred. My question to you would be what happened in the months previous to you not being able to fully connect? There is a trigger here.

In regards to the attraction towards the man, this is what Steve Rother of Lightworker refers to as “bleed-through”. Allow me to explain. Our souls are so vast and large they cannot exist within one body, therefore our souls occupy several physical vehicles at one time. You may have heard of parallel universes or other dimensions. Well, our souls occupy bodies in other dimensions at the same time – eleven other dimensions to be exact. In another dimension (another parallel life of yours) you are experiencing a very loving relationship with this man. That is why the draw is so strong for you. By coming to this realization, that the connection exists in a parallel life, it helps to release the attraction from the here and now. At times an energetic cord cutting is also needed to severe the connection.

Hope this helps!


Seeing Loved Ones Who Have Passed in Dreams

“Hello I have a question about a loved one that has passed that I feel is trying to communicate with us here she is coming to us in our dreams I myself had one dream of her last week and she was showing me her earrings and what I really focused on was her red sweater..my sister in law had a dream about her and in my sister- in-laws dream the focused on her showing her red earrings I do not know what she is trying to say and I am a healer and I do not understand can you please help me???? “

Hi, thanks for writing in. Our loved ones often come to us through our dream state. It is an easier time of connection because our conscious mind is at rest and our subconscious mind is active and receptive. With this person that you mention, I feel she is showing you signs of her that are very distinctive of her energy. She wants to make sure that you know it is her – the earrings are something she always loved. They brought out a playfulness and feminine power within her. She’s coming around because she wants to make her presence known to the family – that she is still with you. That is why she is showing up in other dreams as well. This is a way of creating the connection, to see how receptive you are. By acknowledging her energy, you allow her to utilize other methods to connect with her. 

Good luck and enjoy your time together!


Discovering & Strengthening Intuitive Gifts

“Hello, I was so happy to find your page. I am really enjoying it so far.
I am an empath and intuitive. I feel as if my gifts are really starting to get stronger and im wondering if you can advise me on how to be cautious of absorbing others energy. With my work I am in and out of others homes all day. I often feel very drained afterwords and am curious if im picking up others negativity or baggage. Also how can I distinguish the intuitive voice of spirit from my own thoughts. Im on a very zig zag path right now and really need to have things made clear. Can you tell me of some sort of meditation or other practice that might really help me to get more in touch with my intuition? Thank you.”

Thanks so much for writing in! You will find lots of tools for empaths to clear and disconnect on my page. Check out the white light exercise video I’ve posted as well as the other methods of filtering. One other way that always works well for me is to brush my hands against on another, imagining brushing the energies I’ve picked up from somewhere else, then I place one hand over my heart and the other hand squared (as if you were swearing on a stack of bibles in court with your hand raised) and then say, “I disconnect and release all energies other than my own.” This works well and it’s very easy. I also like the physical act of it. Feels very complete and powerful.

To work with your intuition, I encourage using Angel Oracle Cards. You can play around with these and get lots of good insight. It helps to build up your confidence and flex that intuitive muscle. You can find great deals on Amazon. I really love Doreen Virtue’s Angel Cards. 

In regards to the intuitive voice vs your own voice – we all question this. This was a HUGE hangup for me when I first started out. I would always try to apply my logical mind thinking to my intuitive guidance. If I got the nudge to do something or say something, I would question whether or not this was my mind’s way of encouraging me, my intuition or plain out right imagination. When I asked my teacher about it, she answered, “Does it matter? So long as it is positive, does it really matter?” I took that to heart and realized that every time I stopped and tried to analyze the information coming through, I blocked the flow. The more I was in the flow of things, the easier it became to distinguish between my intuition and my guide’s assistance. 

Bottom line, figure out what works best for YOU and HAVE FUN WITH IT!!!! Good luck in all that you do.


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hv be week

Did You Want Fries With That ???


Did You Want Fries With That ???

I recently received a call from a potential client.  I answered my business phone and the following conversation ensued:

Client:  “I would like to book a fifteen minute session.”

Me:  “Great.  What type of session are you interested in?”

Client:  “I want to know about each of my past lives, the name of my soul mate, where he is, how I can turn my health around and what I can do about my career.”

Me:  “Did you want fries with that?”

Client:  silence…click

Now, to know me is to know my inability to hold back on sarcasm, but it’s also to know that when asked to do the impossible I will speak the truth about it.  In this case, I was put off by the woman’s expectation that I could hand her all this information in a mere 15 minutes.  It was as if she were ordering her lunch off a menu.

This is what I consider, “drive-thru mentality.”

We, as a society, have become accustomed to instantaneous gratification.  You want an answer?  Go to the internet.  You want entertainment?  Turn on the tv.  You want healing?  Take a pill.  You want a hot meal in 10 minutes or less?  Go to the drive thru.

 I am not in judgment of this woman, who I am sure will not call me back (don’t have to be psychic to figure that out!).  I am, however in observation of the actions and expectations we can have that are not exactly healthy.  It is very easy to put responsibility onto other people for figuring out our lives, our problems, our health issues and our futures.  In fact, it is much EASIER to put off that responsibility and not OWN it.  If we claim it, then we are accountable for our actions and our reactions.  I am blessed that I AM responsible for the interactions I have with clients, and this was one that I knew would not be simpatico!

It makes me wonder, though, how often do we give our power away?  When we seek advice from professionals, are we taking everything they have to offer at face value?  Or do we step back and ponder what of this resonates with us?  What can we keep and what can we leave for someone else?

 I am a firm believer in consulting the advice of others, for I know I am far from an expert in many things.  But if something doesn’t set right with me, I prefer to let it go.  As I let it go, I take responsibility for my choice, my decision, and my path.  How easy is it to fall into the pattern of allowing others to make those decisions for you?  Think about it…when was the last time you heard the excuse:

“Well, my doctor said it would help.  It doesn’t really work, but I’m still taking it.”

“I know it’s not good for me, but….”

“The infomercial told me I’d lose all the weight if I just did this.”

“The credit card company let me increase my balance, so…”

“I know I shouldn’t but he told me he was lonely…”

How could all of these situations changed, if the person going through it had sat with the issue and really asked guidance if it was right for them?  When you tap into Spirit you are tapping into your power.  You are activating your soul and not reacting within the physical.

Spirit is a connection that is with you 24/7, lifetime after lifetime.  It’s open all day and all night and you never have to worry if the energy is going to be too hot, or too cold.  It’s always just right.  There is no line to wait in, no dollar menu and you will never have your order screwed up.  Whatever you ask for will come through, just make sure your order is clear and concise.  And Spirit always, without a doubt, has the BEST happy meals.  You don’t even have to be a kid to enjoy them.

I realize my flip response to this woman may not have been what many consider the “right” way to handle things, but it was my way to handle the situation and it worked for me.  And deep down, I know it got my point across in a light hearted way as opposed to a ten minute conversation as to why what she was asking was impossible.  Sometimes, laughter and humor is the best option and a wonderful teaching tool.

Super Size that one…. 🙂


I am also THRILLED to announce that I am one of five finalists in the About.com Reader’s Choice Awards for Favorite Angel Intuitive.

readers award jpg

The winner is decided by public voting.  You can vote once a day up to and including March 19th.  Please click HERE to cast your vote.  I appreciate your support and am very excited to be a part of this incredible contest.  So honored and grateful for the nomination.

Parenting the Intuitive Child

crystal child eye

Parenting the Intuitive Child

Last night I gave a lecture on Parenting the Intuitive Child at Spirit Within U here in Las Vegas.  Many parents and children were in attendance, and there were many who could not be there that wanted a recap of the evening.  Within this post you will find my lecture notes and later on today I hope to get the audio of the evening’s event posted online.  When I do, I will post the link here.

I can’t begin to explain the energy in the room or the magic that was created last night.  The excitement of parents and children coming together to learn was amazing.  Little ones from age three on up to young adults aged 18 and 19 were in the room all gathered for one purpose: to gain further understanding.

A five year old boy asked a question about a little girl he kept seeing in his house.  He wanted to know if she needed help and why.  He told me her name was, “Shiny” and that she’d been burnt in a fire.  The boy felt she needed help, but wasn’t sure what to do.  It literally brought tears to my eyes as I tapped into the energy he was experiencing as well as the plight of the little girl.  I explained to the boy that the little girl was frightened and confused.  When the fire happened in her house, she was afraid of the flames and the light and heat they gave off.  She became trapped and died there.  As the tunnel of light came down for her to cross over, she mistakenly thought that it was more light and flames from the fire and ran away, not knowing that this was a way home to the other side.  I walked the young boy through calling in Arch Angel Gabriel to help the little girl cross.  What a brave boy to ask such a question in a room of about 40 other strangers.  Such a bright light!

A ten year old girl wanted to know how to discern between “good” spirits and “bad” spirits.  I asked her how the apparition made her feel, letting her know that if she ever feels threatened or scared, she has the power to command any spirit to leave.  This beautiful young lady stayed for at least an hour after the lecture connecting with other children.  She came running up to me thrilled that she had met another telepath and told me she’d given him a past life reading and how they recognized each other.  At ten years old!!!!  WOW!

Many questions were asked from the audience, but even more questions came after the lecture.  One young woman had a dark attachment, another young man could not shut off the voices of spirits, a family had a dark energy in there home that waking there three boys, and a grandmother was awakened at night by the spirits of her deceased husband and friend.  They all wanted clarity and understanding.  They wanted answers.  They wanted solutions.

This is real, people.  This is how we begin.  You want the world to change?  These children are the a huge part of that shift towards making this planet a better place.  Let us empower them.  They have much to teach us.

My lecture notes follow.

Angel Blessings,



What constitutes an Intuitive Child?

 There are many categories and definitions of “special children” in our society.  First came the Indigos, followed by the Crystals, then the Rainbows and now the Human Angels.  I could spend eons of time delving into the characteristics of each presumed label, but I prefer not to label children.  Instead, I prefer to recognize their strengths and empower them to utilize their gifts rather than confine them to a definition that society may place upon them.

 Intuition is derived by many different ways.  If your child seems to feel things on a deep level, they may also feel the emotions and energy of others, they are most likely an empath.  To see things outwardly, like energy and spirit forms as well as images from another’s memory, is to be clairvoyant.  If you hear things, spirit messages and energetic information, this is called clairaudience.  To feel and receive information about others through your primary senses is to be clairsentient.  To have clear knowing, where you just know something, like the thoughts pops into your head, is to be claircognizant.

 Is everyone intuitive?

Yes, we all have these abilities.  Children have very strong gifts because they come into this world wide open – their senses are heightened and they have no experience of people teaching them anything otherwise.

With the changes in energy most recently in December of 2012 all of these abilities have been heightened.

What makes me an expert on this subject?

I began seeing spirits at the foot of my bed when I was three years old.  No one believed me.  They told me it was my imagination.  I was scolded and punished for “lying” about things and making them up.

By the time I was five, I was telling people I was sure I would die of fright by having a heart attack.  I was afraid of the dark, would wet my bed at night because the ghosts were making contact – some of them being not so nice and downright tormented me.

My siblings would tease me, even hide under my bed and pull at my ankles when I would get up in the morning.  I developed anxiety which later on turned into an eating disorder.

People didn’t understand me.  I still had friends, but when I would tell them something they’d said that I shouldn’t know about, it freaked them out.  I was the one that was always chosen to lead a sĂ©ance or play light as a feather at slumber parties because everyone knew I could get them to the point of being scared out of their minds.

I desperately wanted to just shut off my abilities.  They frightened me.  My family didn’t believe me.  The few people I met in school that did seem to understand were not positive.  They taught me of the dark side of psychic ability – of manipulation, spell casting with intent to control, and of connecting to dark energies.

This actually manifested into physical dis-ease and I began passing out at school, repeatedly.  As I look back now, I find it as my saving grace, a gift from the angels.  By being removed from the situation, I was able to create distance and break contact with the individuals who I allowed to influence me.

Had I had a mentor in my life then, I know things would have been different.  I know I wouldn’t have begun drinking at a young age to numb out.  I know I wouldn’t have taken on an eating disorder to try my best to have some sense of control in my life.  I always felt that everything from the outside was controlling me, including my abilities.

I’ve worked many years assisting children.  I have three kids of my own; have been the room-mom, Girl Scout Leader, soccer mom, PTA board member, etc. etc. etc.  I’ve seen kids that are so wide open to the rest of the world they experience sensory overload and act out because of it.

My intention in teaching children and parents is to empower them.  It is to teach them tools and skills to strengthen their abilities and to live in balance with them.

My intention here tonight is also to create a sense of community.  I want kids to know they are not alone, that there are many others out there just like them.  I want parents to know that they also can form a support system.  It takes a village, doesn’t it?  Let us form that support system here and now.

Through amazing teachers in my life, I’ve been able to fully invest in my gifts without fear, and use them to be of service.  I want to pay that forward.  There is no reason a child has to suffer like I did.

The path of a sensitive child

It’s tough enough when you’re growing up with all the pressures that are present: fitting in, building a positive self-esteem, learning new things.  When you’re sensitive on top of all of it, it compounds the process.  Imagine being in a room full of other hormonal teens, and feeling all their stuff on top of your own.  Not so easy and extremely overwhelming.

 I have found that sensitive kids walk a fine line.  Some seek out being perfect in everything they do, while others act out because they do not understand what they’re feeling and sensing.  It’s not something they can just turn off.

 Allow me to demonstrate that for you.  Close your eyes.  I’m going to ask you to stop hearing the words I speak.  Are you ready?  1-2-3…can you still hear me?  Right, you can.  Intuition is just like any of your other five senses.  It is a part of you.  You can cover your ears, even put earphones on to block out my voice.  But that’s only going to last for a little while.

 Sensitive children who are not shown ways to focus their energies and gifts sometimes seek out alternative ways to “block out the noise.”  I’ve witnessed many a gifted child resort to cutting, drug use or complete withdrawal as a result of wanting to escape from things they do not understand.  This leads to many problems and deep pain for the child and the entire family.

 I convey this to you, not to strike fear into your heart, but just to pass along my knowledge.  It is time these children learn that who they are and what they can do is NORMAL.  It is not something to hide or to be ashamed about.  If someone makes fun of them or shuns them in any way, it is simply because they are coming from a place of inadequate information.  Perhaps one day, long ago, someone they loved and trusted told them they were bad for using their gifts, and that is all they know.

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Beyond the Veil; Witnessing Life

Beyond the Veil; Witnessing Life

I have so missed writing this blog.

So many things have happened since I last wrote…more health issues with family – my father, mother and father in law; graduations; and most of all bearing witness to the purest sense of light throughout my own inner struggles.

One thing that I keep in my spiritual bag of tricks is the ability to pull negative energy from others.  I’ve done this since I was a young child and further down the road as I learned energy healing techniques of Reiki, Zenith and Shamanism, the ability and intensity became stronger.  It is in those moments of energy sessions that I release to Spirit and allow Creator God to work through me.  I am not the one creating the energy.  I am merely the vessel by which it travels.

I’ve done sessions remotely for people around the world.  I’ve assisted in person inside hospitals, hospices, conference rooms, at car accidents and even the occasional outdoor Vision Quest.  This is something I was born to do and I truly feel it to be a large part of my life’s purpose and mission.  Separating my personal feelings surrounding these situations has become a much needed tool in order for me to focus on assisting the person I am helping.  I suppose you could call this a form of channeling.  If you were to look at the brain like a computer, I have learned to bypass the emotional area and connect fully and completely to my soul.  This doesn’t stop me from my human experience of feeling.  However, it does allow me to concentrate all of my intention on letting the energy from home flow through.

This all worked well until Dad became ill.  Silly human that I am, I have not quite mastered the dissociation of emotion and energy work when it comes to my father.  I try my best not to analyze this, because I’ve worked with many people, even family, and other clients I have deeply cared for.  I have assisted with the passing and transition of several dear souls through the deathing work that I do, and even while working with  loved ones I have held it together and been able to see through the spiritual perspective and not allow my emotions of grief and sadness to be in the forefront.

Working with my father is unfamiliar territory for me.  It honestly pains me to the core to feel the physical trauma within him.  I guess I still see him with the eyes of the little girl inside me, the one that sees Daddy as stronger than Super Man, smarter than any scientist and with a heart larger than the Grand Canyon.

The most challenging part so far for me on this journey with Dad has been the ability to see family and loved ones from the other side gathered around him.  I’ve seen this scenario time and time again with clients in pain and especially with those getting ready to pass.  It usually brings great comfort to witness such love and support.  When I first saw my father’s brothers and sisters gathered around him at the hospital, my heart went out the door and fear stepped in, big time.  I wasn’t ready to say goodbye.  And even though, through my spiritual experience, I knew that the love of his family was helping him to make whatever decisions would come next, my emotional heart struggled to even be in the same room.  I fought long and hard to try to tune their presence out, not to see or sense these wonderful souls who circled the wagons of support around my father.  It never worked.  It was like trying not to see while having my eyes open.

Dad would begin to sing and hum in his sleep during hist stay in the hospital.  I would see a woman around him, stroking his head, singing along with him and whispering in his ear.  She seemed to give him so much comfort.  I could watch the muscles in his body release and relax when she would come into the room, holding his hand, all the while having this huge smile on her face.  The woman had this amazing sense of peace and calm and grace about her.  Her presence around him was greater than the rest.  She would often times appear when Dad was getting agitated and when he was restless.  Her energy would slow his rapid breathing down and his blood pressure would come back to a normal rate.  I began to really enjoy watching her comfort Dad and seeing the physical results take place.

One day, while watching her interact with him while he was drifting off to sleep, I began to cry.  The thought of what may be ahead scared the utter hell out of me.  For the first time, this woman locked eyes with me.  She sat down next to me and began to stroke my hair.  She felt so loving, so safe.  She told me that the only thing stronger than fear was love.  She beckoned to me to choose to see love through all this and to know that Dad would be fine, whether he chose to stay within the physical or go home to be with God.  I didn’t want her to leave.  I wanted to cling to her like a life raft.  The woman was beautiful and had an inner strength that seemed so familiar to me. When she was no longer present beside me, I kicked myself for not asking her her name.

      Imagine my shock, when a short time later, I received this photo from my cousin.  This is a picture of my grandmother, Mabel, when she was 21 years old and a school teacher.

I had never  seen photos of my Dad’s mother, other than one when she was about four years old.  She passed before I was born so I never had the luxury of getting to know her.  Apparently that has changed.

When I gazed at this photo I knew this was the woman who was around my father, the one that eased him and helped him calm down.  She appeared to me just as she looks in this photo.  I was thrown for a complete loop to say the least.

Everything is in Divine Time.  My Grandmother gave me emotional support and advice when I needed it most.  She supported her son during his trauma.  The photo came to me at the exact right time.  There are no coincidences.

My soul, once again feels renewed.  I know that love truly is stronger than fear, no matter which side of the veil you call home.

Blessings to all,

Danielle Garcia

Acceptance, Warts and All

Acceptance, Warts and All


  I’ve been looking through so many pictures over the last few weeks, reminiscing about years gone by.  My husband and I will share our 21st anniversary Friday and I guess that has put me in the mood for memory review.  I look at our pictures together throughout our entire 26 years of being a couple, and see the vast changes in both of us.  

I’m not just talking about the grey hairs, the extra pounds or the wrinkles.  I’m speaking of the differences in our energies, our beliefs, our goals and our relationship.  There’s been plenty of ups and downs; times when I didn’t know if I could stand any more happiness and others when I couldn’t see it at all.  We’ve grown up together, matured together and now at this point in our lives we fully support one another.  

As I think of our relationship, I think of what was really the driving force in our successes and our downfalls.  The love was always present, even when we were distant with one another.  I dig deeper and I find that the relationship we have with ourselves is truly the driving force on both sides of the spectrum.

When I am feeling positive about who I am and the direction I am taking, that energy rubs off on everyone around me.  When I feel pain or restriction I am on the defensive and that vibration also carries out to those within my field.  As we grow through our lessons and boundaries we move to different levels of energetics, some agree with those around us and some do not.  I believe the strongest emotion out there and the most healing is truly unconditional love.  Knowing that you love someone no matter what and accepting them with all their good and bad qualities.  

Isn’t that what life is about ?  Acceptance?  Changing what you can within yourself and accepting what you cannot?  When someone or something around you gets on your last nerve, instead of becoming angry or frustrated, try shifting your perspective.  Look at the situation with compassion.  Imagine that your best friend was relaying the situation to you.  What would your advice be?  

I remember a time in my life when I was really struggling with a betrayal.  As I spoke about it for the hundredth time to a colleague he helped me change my perspective with a simple phrase.  He said, “And can you see this person as just another struggling human being, trying to find their way?”  With those words I was able to shift my thinking to compassion and acceptance.  It brought my way of thought to removing myself from the action, not taking it personally and realizing that the betrayal was all this person’s “stuff” and I really had nothing to do with it.  It still affected me, yes.  I was still angry about it, damn straight.  BUT, I also realized on a human level that we are all finding our way, sometimes through mistakes.  The lesson was a painful one, but by shifting my perspective I was able to see the gift within the experience; I moved to a deeper level of unconditional love of self and compassion for others.

The energy of this world continues to rise on a faster rate with each moment.  Our emotions are now expressed and felt on deeper levels.  When you are in the midst of something that is bringing you down, take a breath and ask yourself why this is happening and what you are allowing.  What can you change about that and what can you accept?  The choice is yours.  

The more we struggle with issues and people, the deeper these issues become.  Look for the lesson, the gift and the spark of God within each situation and allow that energy to shift your feelings from one of struggle to one of acceptance.  It is not an easy dance to do, but with practice you can move through it gracefully.  

I am forever grateful to my husband for teaching me so many things over the years.  Tim has accepted me, and all my woo-wooness, even when he doesn’t understand.  He has pointed the mirror to me when I needed a harsh reality check, held my hand, made me laugh and stood by drying bucket loads of tears.  Through his love for me, I have come to a deeper love of self and finally learned to accept myself just as I am, warts and all.


Allow yourself the freedom of acceptance.  Change what you can and accept others for what they are.

Love & Laughter, 


BIG CONGRATULATIONS TO DIANE NOLAN!!!  Diane won the drawing for the book and channeled message.  Thanks to everyone who participated.