What I Didn’t Want to See…


What I Didn’t Want to See…

Sensing Spirits and Angels can be absolutely incredible!  Being able to connect people with their loved ones on the other side is also very rewarding and healing.  Some of what I see and sense is not comfortable, and has taken some getting used to.  Some of it I will never understand and there are those instances when I will put up the barrier and down right demand that I not come into connection with certain energies.

Here’s a recent experience I’ve been dealing with over the last few days:

I was in the shower (and water is a great conductor of energy, btw, so some of our greatest visions and connections will happen around water) and a flash of a scene played out in my head. I saw a young man I connected with years ago. His face was vivid and clear. In the next instance I saw him on the floor, looking like he was passed out. Then I saw his soul leave his body. All this happened in a matter of moments. I hadn’t seen him in years. I was not close to him, had no way of contacting him, so I brushed it off. Just a weird flash of energy, I thought. Nothing more, nothing less.

Well that’s what I thought….until days later I heard through the grapevine that this man had died. He had died a sudden death, collapsing and being found hours later. The news saddened me to my core. It’s not that I felt responsible, for I know there was no way of me preventing this. I was sad because he was so young and such a beautiful soul with an amazing heart. The kind of guy that would literally give you the shirt off his back. I couldn’t figure out why I had the premonition. I don’t want premonitions. They make me feel helpless. It’s one thing to question if a certain event will happen and it’s another to be handed the information, whether you want it or not.

Years ago, when I had my first premonition, I was about 6 or 7 years old and I saw the death of a family member before it happened. That continued, and with family members I seemed to be accepting of it. Then ten or twelve years ago, I was sitting at my computer and I was shown a very intense scene – a father and son were washed away by a flash flood. I saw their bodies under the overpass, I got the name of the street. I felt the pain of their last breaths, the overwhelm of the Dad knowing he couldn’t save his son, the pressure as their lungs filled with water. I wrote the vision down and the next day looked up the street name. It happened to be in a town where a father and son were missing. They later found the bodies near the overpass of that street.

I was mad! Why on Earth would God give me this information if there was nothing I could do? I didn’t want to feel people’s deaths…I didn’t want to experience their pain. What was I going to do, call up a police department in Tim Buck Two and say oh, by the way, I was having a vision and this is what I saw? Who would believe me? Even I was second guessing my sanity.

A short time later I was asked to tap into a missing child’s case.  A friend has asked for my input.  I took the young girl’s photo and connected with her energy.  I saw her in an open field and she was playing.  Then I saw a man approach her.  He lured her to his car where he did terrible things to her and later killed the child.  I stopped the scene was it was playing out.  It knocked me off kilter.  I didn’t want to see this, didn’t want to feel it, and couldn’t separate my emotions from connecting with the evil coming from the man and the helplessness of the child.  It made me physically ill.  I threw up.  I had an anxiety attack.  It was more than my soul could bare.

I decided to make a pact with God, my guides and my Angels.  I had the big pow-wow.  I outlined what I was willing to do to be of service – energy work, shamanic travel, reading, connecting with the other side to bring through information to assist others.  I told them I would slay the demons if need be and remove dark entities from people, homes and spaces.  But what I would NOT do was allow my abilities to be used to see into situations I could offer no help or assistance.  I did not want to see things in the future that were beyond my control and I did not want to be involved in murder cases or violence against children.  I had to set my clear boundaries of what felt right for me.

Since that time, I’ve never had an issue.  One big pow-wow, the boundaries were set and I thought it was all good, at least up until a few days ago.  Why was I getting this information?  I wasn’t asking for it, that’s for sure.

So tonight, I sat down with Arch Angel Michael.  I wanted answers.  I wanted to know why our “deal” was broken.  What was the greater lesson here, cause all I was feeling was sadness and helplessness.

Arch Angel Michael’s response:

Dear One,

Breathe deeply, for I know you are upset.  This has rocked you to your core.  It makes no logical sense so allow me to show you the light within the situation.

When you first connected with this man, you saw his light.  You felt his heart.  You saw the passion for life within him and within the work he brought to this world.  You experienced his greatness and this energy was imprinted in your mind.  Though you had no personal connection with him, he impacted your thoughts on life, on humanity and on the light that can exist within a human form.  You literally came into contact with his soul that day.  You made that strong of a connection with him.

When he left this world, you felt that as well.  The days that came before his exit point, as a soul he was pondering his demise, going over the issues of being complete with his lesson and path.  You FELT THIS.  You felt this soul that touched your life contemplating his death.  It was merely an awareness coming into your consciousness.  It was nothing more and nothing less.  Just as we are all one, part of the All That Is, you felt the decision in the works for him to leave his human body and step completely into the light.  You sensed the change in energy and vibration.  Do not take this as a bad thing.  It is not negative.  Look at the amazing gift this man gave you – the ability to see a soul, to feel a heart, and to see light within motion.

Do not grieve the loss or the suddenness of the experience.  Celebrate the way one soul touched another.  Celebrate the realization and confirmation once again that the soul is eternal.

We are all one in the same.  We are of the same light, created with the same unconditional love.  Understand that as a soul you have the opportunity to touch the lives of others just as this man has touched yours.  He impacted you because you chose to be open to the experience.  You chose to open your heart and your eyes to truly see him in his entirety.  How could that be anything less than a miracle?

Allow yourself to see the light in this, my Dear.  Let go of the false belief that this was a bad experience.


Well, put in that perspective, how could I view this as anything less than a gift?

We really don’t know the impact we have on others.  I spent less than a few hours time with this man, and yet he’s brought a profound awareness into my life.  Think of how you impact others.  When we take the time to be aligned with who we really are, we shine our brightest.

I am grateful to have connected with such a beautiful spirit.  He is much loved and forever imprinted upon my heart.

Blessing the Land and Honoring Those Who Went Before Us ~

medicine wheel in desert

Blessing the Land and Honoring Those Who Went Before Us

I never quite know what kinds of requests I’m going to receive, and when I got this one it was a shocker for me (yes, I still get shocked over things…hahaha).  A client had been contacting me for clearings since she started working at a particular location and was still feeling “off”.  Her energy as well as the energy of other employees were low and drained as well as sales were not what they should be.  She then asked me to tap into the location where she worked to see if I picked up anything.

Energy is energy.  Just like a satellite signal can travel through your television station, I can trace and sense the energy of a location from a distance without being there.  We all have this ability, as do all animals.  When I tapped into the vibration I got the distinct feeling of a whirlwind of energy and FEAR OF DEATH coming through very loud and clear.  My client asked if this was affecting her health and her job, which it definitely was, as well as that of the other employees.  I caught the vibe that the place needed to be cleared and blessed, along with some shamanic work and that there were 4 or 7 souls that needed to be crossed over.

As I explained my findings, the client asked me, “Can you clear it?”  This area is a local Las Vegas housing community being built that is still under construction.  “How big of an area is it, ” I asked.  “Fifteen acres, ” she said.

Fifteen acres…..that’s a lot of land.  My ego mind began to fill with doubt and all the reasons why I shouldn’t, but my Spirit relaxed.  I told the client I would think about it and let her know.

I worked with the energies of the land from a distance, and the story began to unfold.  There was a small group of Native American Indians that utilized this land.  It was a place they would set up camp in the change of seasons as they migrated back and forth.  One day a group of soldiers came to make them move.  They wanted them to relocate.  They proclaimed that this was not the land of the Indians, though their ancestors had been using it for centuries.  Seven strong warriors from this tribe did their best to protect their land and their families.  They perished in a short-lived battle against the white soldiers and their armory of weapons.  The braves took out four of the soldiers during the fight.

The souls of the warriors and the soldiers were still tied to this land.  The Indians were incredibly angry over what transpired and vowed to never allow anyone to take their land from them.  This land was sacred.  It was a part of their heritage.  It was a part of them.  The soldiers were earthbound due to the trauma that had happened and in essence, their energy was being drained and used by the warriors to fuel their anger.  Imagine being trapped in a room, outnumbered by your greatest enemy.  Now imagine that same feeling, multiply it by a thousand and extend the time for all eternity.  Not such a pleasant predicament.

A few days ago, I drove out to the site with my 8-year-old son, Adam, who is also a sensitive and medium.  I hadn’t told him anything about what I’d felt.  I just told him I needed to make a stop at a place I was clearing on our way home from running errands.  As soon as we pulled onto the property my stomach began to churn.  I felt nauseous.  My head began to spin.  I pulled over and parked the car.  Adam told me that the spirits were not happy to have us there and that his stomach was hurting really bad.  I thought I was going to vomit, so we got out of the car for a few minutes before leaving.  I’ve never had that strong of a reaction to any clearing work I’ve ever done, or any area I’ve been to, and I’ve been to some really dark places before.  I knew that this was not going to be an easy process.

With the Shamanic work I do, many earthbounds, especially the ones causing trouble, do not like me at all.  They will try to scare me, hurt me and cause me pain.  They sense that I am there to aid in their crossing and they are not too happy about it.  I made sure that Adam and I left quickly and we began to clear our energy and release the vibration that we’d walked into.  No wonder the client was feeling out of sorts!  There is no way I could concentrate with all that going on.

I sat in meditation with my guides about this location.  I was shown a way to connect to the souls of the soldiers during the full moon.  I used this opportunity to help them cross over.  This weakened the anger of the warriors and it also lessened their resolve.  They had been fully confident that the soldiers would remain with them as a form of punishment for what had happened.

I needed to be on site to finish the clearing and it had to be a time when the construction crews were not working.  The moving and shifting of the land caused great torture to the warriors.  There was no way I could reason with them while construction and building was going on.

Spirit showed me that today was to be the day.  I sat in deep trance before I left to the site.  The warriors wanted me to feel their pain, their sadness and their agony over being torn away from their families and all they loved in this world.  There was no honor in what had happened to them and to their people.  I allowed their emotions to pour through me as tears ran down my face.  I spoke to them of understanding betrayal and disrespect.  I projected my soul’s energy to them to prove to them that along my soul’s journey I have encountered similar experiences.  To stay in one place with such negative emotion was to hold constant to a lower vibration.  It was to be away from those that loved them and held them dear.  It was to be alone, not amongst great Spirit and their people.  Still, they held doubt.  I had them thinking, but not quite believing.

Each shift in consciousness begins with a baby step.  I was happy to know that I at least got them thinking.

I did not see these warriors as bad people or evil spirits.  I saw them as being in pain.  All anger is a result of pain, and they had lots to feel angry about.  My intention was yes, to clear the land for the client, but most of all my deepest purpose was to bring these brave men peace and rejoin them with their family.

I asked Great Spirit to allow me to be a vehicle to bring forth wisdom and healing.  Guidance brought through that I was to dress in the manner of my own ancestors out of respect for the warriors and their people.  With my hair braided and turquoise adorning my neck and ears, I began to make an offering to honor those who had made their life on this land.  Tobacco, sweet grass, sage, turquoise stones and other rocks filled the medicine bag and soon I was out the door and on my way.

I arrived on site and was guided to build a medicine wheel near the back of the property that is closest to BLM land.  My guides told me it was important that the clearing and blessing be complete by noon, so I wasted no time getting started.  I began to build a medicine wheel out of rocks, and as I did so, the warriors gathered around me.  They were quite curious as to what I was doing but asked no questions. They did not try to hurt me.   Sweet grass was used to call in the ancestors, the grandmothers and grandfathers who walked the land before us and tribute was paid to the four directions and elements.  I entered the wheel and began sacred prayer of blessing and clearing.  I called to the warriors and told them I meant them no harm.  I was there to help them heal and release their pain.  This place was to be used by others now, as a community for others to share and experience love and prosperity with their own families.  As I spoke the words and opened my heart a crowd gathered inside the wheel.  Loved ones, power animals and the souls of other warriors stood with me.  We are all one, I told the warriors.  We are all connected.  Your blood is our blood.  Your pain is our pain.  Our light is your light.  Allow us to truly pay honor to you and this land by helping you to cross over to those you love so dearly. Let go of the anger and allow this land to thrive once more.

The beauty and emotion experienced in those moments that the warriors entered the wheel and were led home will forever be imprinted upon my heart and my soul.  It was a sacred, holy instance and I am grateful and honored to bare witness to such a miracle.  Their homecoming and celebration continues, I’m sure.  Many gathered to lead them home.

I got back into my car, looked at the clock to see it was 12:00pm on the dot!  All in divine time.  A feeling of peace washed over me and my heart seemed to feel a bit larger knowing that these brave warriors were finally free.  The Universe is much lighter and brighter tonight as these brave souls released their trauma and entered once again into the loving vibration of Great Spirit.

Sometimes….I Freak Myself Out

freak out

Sometimes….I Freak Myself Out

Being able to see and sense spirits, angels, ghosts, demons and energy is not always a simple thing in life to deal with.  There of course is the judgment factor from outside sources, along with the doubt and fear that you really are crazy.  When you’ve dealt with this issue for as long as I have, it is interesting that sometimes, I still freak myself out.

I’ve had several of those “ah-hah” moments with clients where I’ve tuned into a long lost loved one and given words of comfort; private messages that there was no way I could know about, or even guess.  I still remember a session I had a while ago.  It was with a woman and her uncle who had passed came into the room with us.  He was a very strong, masculine energy with an amazing sense of humor, but with still a very “tell it like it is” kind of personality. The woman was asking several questions and everything was flowing quite easily.  She then asked about a business venture she and her husband wanted to invest in.  She gave no details, but wanted to know if this would be a profitable step for them to take.  I heard the answer instantly and it was not coming from my guides.  Her uncle sat in the corner of the room and said, “Tell her the online sex toy business will do very well for them.”  My stomach dropped.  I had never met this woman.  I didn’t know where her opinions on this sort of thing were.  My ego and fear began to take over, causing me to get out of the flow of information.  I felt a loving presence place a hand on my shoulder and say, “It’s okay.  Trust.”  Taking a deep breath, I repeated the message from the uncle.  The woman laughed hysterically and said that was exactly what their business plans were.  I don’t think I have ever been so relieved in my entire professional career!

I’ve encountered more of those types of “wow” experiences within the last few days.  I was recently clearing a home for a family and was on site for the process.  As soon as I arrived at the front door I felt an incredible sadness, yet it did not feel associated to anyone living under this roof.  I walked in and began to hear sobbing, screaming and feel pure desperation.  The heaviness on my chest was immense as I began to empathically take in the emotions of a woman my guides called, “she who does not rest.” I immediately recognized that there was a soul here who had passed in the physical but had not crossed over.  She was confused.  She was overwhelmed.  She was lost.  I sat with the family as they explained some of the disturbances in the house – things breaking down for no reason and repeatedly, items being moved and lost, bite marks on belongings, physical scratches and thermostat changes.  I told them of the deep grief and sadness I was feeling and asked to tour the house.  I found the room where the woman most liked to occupy and sat in meditation to connect with her.  She had lost her husband.  She was looking for him.  She did not understand where he was, where she was, or why these people were here in this place.  The woman had been gone from the physical for almost 200 years, and for all of that time in between had been experiencing the torment and turmoil of the accident that had caused her death, along with the loss and grief for her husband.  There was a lot of emotions stirred up – grief, rage, anger, fear, denial, hurt, despair – you get the picture.  She was not happy in the slightest, and the energies of her feelings were causing disturbances for this family.  I explained to her that it was time to cross and reconnect with her family and friends.  She did not believe me and was very resistant.  I asked for the assistance of Arch Angel Gabriel to bring down the tunnel of light and as it appeared, the hand of her loving husband extended out of it beckoning her to join him.  With a huge smile on her face, she ran to him and was gathered up into his arms.  Such an amazing sight to witness.  I came out of trance, and as I turned to go down the stairs to report to the family, I was shown a vision of the couple’s death.  They were riding in some sort of a house drawn buggy from the 1800’s.  The rainstorm came out of nowhere and they became trapped in a flash flood.  She was thrown from the rig and both she and her husband drowned.  Oh…and did I mention the family had suffered three major cases of flooding in the home?  Twice downstairs and once upstairs.  No coincidences here.  The continued trauma of this lost soul impacted the  surroundings of where she allowed her emotion to release and express.

My next recent “freak out” was during an energy session with a woman who wanted to clear a past life relationship that was affecting her current life.  A bit about past lives: when we die in a manner that is sudden and violent, many times we will hold that cellular memory within our current lifetime.   The cellular memory can impact our health, our relationships and our actions.  I think of it like loading a program on my computer a long time ago.  Sure, it may be outdated and very old, but I can still access it when I want to.  And it’s components can definitely influence the operation of the entire computer.  (Sorry….worked too long as a computer tech not to have that come up!)  Your cellular memory can always be accessed it’s just a matter of knowing what right path to take to get there.  I could readily see this lifetime with my client and that it was brutally ended at someone else’s hand.  She lay on my healing table and I knew that the best course of action was to regress her back to the moment of death, remove any impure energies exchanged in that moment and then re-script the outcome.  The regression began, and we were in the midst of the interaction.  My client began to flinch, move and spasm on the table and I could see in my mind’s eye a large sword being plunged deep into her chest.

Here is where the subject gets a little tricky to understand.  Bear with me, I will do my best to walk you through it.  Take a deep breath.  Here we go.  There really is no such thing as time.  Time is a human creation that we use to justify and measure our experiences.  Every single thing you’ve ever done as a soul is recorded in your brain and can be recalled, just like memory on a mainframe computer.  When we access that memory, it can be very real, much like you can bring back those smells in grandma’s kitchen from a long time ago, or the happiness you felt on your wedding day.  This is how the brain and the soul work.  In a regression and re-scripting, the client and I both journey back to the point in time that requires healing and through shamanic technique, I become the observer to the situation; meaning I can see exactly what the client is seeing and feeling.

Back to the freak out….

I began to pull the sword out of my client.  It was long and deeply embedded within her.  I’ve pulled daggers, swords and various weapons out of many people before, and most come out quite easily.  This was not the case this time.  I pulled, I yanked and I used various energetic techniques.  This was something that needed to come out before any re-scripting could take place.  There was a stickiness to this sword for when I pulled on it there was a sucking sensation that drew it back in.  Finally, together we released this terrible implement of hatred.  There was immense pain and I quickly began to energetically close the wound, clear and heal it.  Placing my hands on her chest and channeling in light, my guide whispered in my ear something about “the sword of darkness.”  Well, heck yeah…that’s a good name for it!  We completed the re-scripting and session.  My client also remarked that there was something different about the sword she saw.  I told her that what I saw was a sap like substance covering it and she agreed that this was what presented to her as well.  She was pain free by the end of the session and said it felt like everything looked quite different now.

I happened to be in line waiting somewhere a short time later and got the nudge to look up poisonous sap used in medieval times.  My guides know I have been a computer nerd, thanks to my Dad, my whole life so they incorporate this into giving me information.  I was guided to a specific link that spoke of a plant commonly called Monkshood.  Here’s a small portion of the article:

“In ancient Roman times, monkshood was recognized as a potent poison and was sometimes used by assassins, such as the killer of Emperor Claudius. Soldiers sometimes coated their arrows and sword blades with the sap from the plant before going into battle.”

It went on further to explain how this plant held the most toxic poison in Europe and was used extensively in medieval times.  Talk about a freak out!  I had no clue that people would put sap on their weapons to ensure the victim’s death.  The poison within the sap would cause paralysis, vomiting and organ failure.  No wonder my guide called it, “the sword of darkness.”  During the session, I had seen the attacker preparing this sword with the sap in a dark room in a castle.  All the puzzle pieces fit together.  It made sense.  Still freaked me out by the huge confirmation, but made sense nonetheless.

I can’t explain why these things come through to me other than I know that they just do.  It’s like trying to figure out how a camera works…I have no clue, but I know I can use it and it will work when I need it to.

My Love Will Find You…and yes, it sure did!

my love will find you

My Love Will Find You

And yes….it sure did!!

While shopping yesterday at my local Super Center, I came upon the children’s book section.  I glanced over the titles and saw one with the cover of a bear dancing with a child.  It was a beautiful depiction and I immediately thought of my dear friend, Peggy, who happens to love bears.  I instantly picked up the book with the intention of taking a photo of the cover and sending it to Peggy.

I held the book and opened it to see if this was a story about a bear.  My hands rested upon the pages which read:

“And if someday you’re lonely, or someday you’re sad, or you strike out at baseball or think you’ve been bad…just lift up your face, feel the wind in your hair.  That’s me, my sweet baby, my love is right here.”

Followed by:

“So hold your head high and don’t be afraid to march to the front of your own parade.  If you’re still my small babe or you’re all the way grown, my promise to you is you’re never alone.”

My heart began racing.  The tears began to flow.  I grabbed for my sunglasses so all the people at SAM’s Club wouldn’t stare at the steady stream of water coming from my eyes.  I knew this was a message from Dad.  It had him written all over it.

Dad was the best story teller EVER and delighted in spinning his tales to anyone who would take the time to listen.  I knew then, in that moment and in all my moments to follow, that again he was telling me a story.  This time it wasn’t about Iowa, growing up in the depression, or the many adventures he’d had in his life.  This time, Dad was letting me know he is still here and his love transcends all time and all space.  It is everywhere, even in the aisles of SAM’s Club.

Life is full of signs and messages.  Our loved ones, our angels, our guides are constantly reaching out to us.  When that little voice or intuitive nudge tells you make the turn down the aisle or pick up that book – DO IT!  You never know what glorious blessings may be waiting for you.

All I was looking at was a dancing bear that reminded me of my dear friend.  What I found inside was so much more.  Always look inside.  That’s where all the miracles are!

The book I reference is by Nancy Tillman and is called, “Wherever You Are, my love will find you.”  It is available at amazon.com .

Case Files and Kickin’ it Up a Notch

Often I am asked, “What is it like to see Angels?” and “What happens when you clear a home?  or “How do you see into other realms?”  I can’t tell you how much interest people have in the other side…and beyond!  I am always happy to share my experiences, and I try my best to gauge the perception those have that are listening.  Let’s face it, this line of work isn’t for everyone!  And I really don’t want to scare someone away from a wonderful opportunity to tap into the love and light of home by exposing them to information they perhaps are not ready for.  Note to self: Telling the salesman at the Lush that his dead Grandfather wanted him to know that he was not to blame for his own father’s anger and rage probably could’ve waited till the END of my shopping trip.  I don’t know whether the guy was going to faint or call security on me.  LOL!

Recently I’ve had some interesting experiences I feel drawn to share.

I was working with a client of mine, who lives in Europe, earlier this week on the relationship between her and her housemate.  There was underlying tension between the two of them, causing her to feel out of sorts and all kinds of mixed emotions.  As I tapped in during our distance session, I could see lifetimes of turmoil the two woman had shared.  They had battled against one another during war, over family land and about the occasional love interest.  It was a deep seeded hatred they shared and the karmic ties that bound them were strong.  In each shared lifetime they changed roles, from good to evil, back and forth, like a long, unending tennis match.  They had come together this lifetime to clear their ties and to learn mastery over truth and acceptance.  I worked along side Arch Angels Michael and Raphael to facilitate the karmic cut and provide healing energy to both women.

Soon after, Raphael connected them both to their heart centers, and channeled loving energy into them and their relationship.  When he finished the process, he stepped back and the two women met one another eye to eye.  As my client approached her housemate, she reached behind the housemate’s back and pulled forth a dagger from her back.  “I’m sorry,” she said.  “I release you, ” she said.  “I forgive you, ” she repeated as she walked around the housemate, removing various devices of pain from her physical and energetic bodies.  Knives, bullets, rocks, and such fell to the wayside.  When my client was complete, the housemate began repeating the same phrases and drawing other destructive weapons from my client.  Cannonballs, arsenic, cyanide, clubs and other items were removed.  As each item was taken from them, I could see quick glimpses into the past, into the pain and suffering they both endured and caused.  It was horrifying to view what two human beings could inflict upon one another.

The beauty in all of it came, when they both began to radiate the most amazing energy.  The colors and vibration are not describable in human words.  They had purged so much of what had been holding them back from their own goodness.

Interestingly enough, in this lifetime, the housemate viewed my client as a threat.  She saw my client’s strength and compassion to push forward and be successful in her life.  The housemate was in complete fear that things could ever change for herself to look that way, and she took her inner rage out on my client.  My client viewed the housemate as what she herself was in her own past in this lifetime.  The housemate reminded her of all the yucky, heavy patterns she carried around for so long and never wanted to revert back to.

I find the parallels between the world of the physical and the world of the soul fascinating.  And, by the way, the tension has decreased in the home, and they are still working through their own processes.

Kickin’ it up a Notch…

A few days ago, I happened to be on Facebook and saw that a dear friend of mine, Charmaine Lee, was online as well.  I was drawn to open up a chat window and say hi, when Spirit very loudly asked, “When are you going to ask her to channel with you?  What are you waiting for?”  I typed this experience to Charmaine, she readily agreed and we began to plan our event.

This is NOT a marketing tool, I promise.  Keep reading.

As we chatted online, we ironed out details – date, time, place and then came the subject of topic.   I asked if she wanted to set the evening as “go with the flow” and just allow the energy to guide us, or if she thought we should have a topic.  As soon as my fingers hit send on that message, my head began to spin.  I was guided to ask Charmaine how she felt about channeling about the Divine Feminine.  She had been thinking the same thing!!  Our topic, Discover Sacred Femininity and Appreciate the Beauty, was born!  Chills began climbing up and down my back as we planned further details.  That spinning feeling continued throughout our entire conversation.

The next day, I went to meditate in the morning, and my thoughts and focus could not stay put!  I decided to release myself from the outcome and just ride the tide of energy coming through.  That spinning feeling hit me full force and I began to channel the most amazing, loving energy.  She went on and on about the Sacred Feminine, the role of the Goddess in history and the importance of connecting to Mother Earth and female vibration.  It was like having a semester of college history boxed up into thirty minutes.  So much energy, so much information!  Incredible!

I could see and feel times that Charmaine and I had worked together in service of the Goddess.  I brought all that energy forward and let it merge into my physical self.  The emotions of joy and love brought shudders and tears of total happiness. It left me feeling charged up and ready to take on the day, but also with a new level of compassion within my heart.

As the next days followed, my connection to Spirit intensified.  Things that would normally take me moments to focus on came in an instant.  The physicality of things, however, was not as pleasant.  Staying grounded in my body and within my human train of thought (ie: where did I need to be, who did I need to pick up from school, cooking dinner, that kind of thing…) became a chore.  Don’t get me wrong, I could stay in LaLa land for a long time, but my family kind of needs me here.

Suddenly now, my intuitive sense is sharpened.  I am working consciously on grounding, and still the clairvoyance intensifies.  I am seeing and sensing spirits before they enter the room.  I’ve received more calls in the last few days for clearings of lower vibrational entities than I have in the last few months.

This morning’s session was quite intense and very thought provoking.  A client’s teenage daughter has been in a state of depression for some time.  She was sleeping long hours, not interested in going outside the house, and just not invested in life.  As I tapped into her energy, I felt her life force vibration to be very low.  Something was hindering her.  It had a hold of her, or should I say, they had a hold of her.

I have worked on this young lady on and off for the last six years and have never felt her energy in this type of state.  It was alarming to say the least.  I checked into her energy while speaking to her mother on the phone last night and was quite concerned with what I felt.  There was a large amount of darkness around her.  I checked to see if it was right for me to clear right then, and my intuition told me no.  I needed to wait until she was in a full sleep state.

This morning came, and I again checked in at about 6:00am.  Still, not the right time.  I could feel the darkness was not quite as heavy as it had been the night before, and I began to check into the girl’s energy every fifteen minutes or so, waiting to get the “go ahead” to remove the entity.  As soon as the timing was right, I took my shot (so to speak).  To my surprise, this darkness was not one, but three entities.  They came as both individuals, but could also meld themselves into one demon.  I’ve never experienced anything like this before and with the help of the Arch Angels, they were lifted from the young woman and dispersed into the light.

As I disconnected from the session, I was once again reminded of Arch Angel Michael’s words that came through this week in a channeled message he gave to me:

Dear Ones, 

There are changes underway!  Can you feel them?  Of course you can.  You are a living, breathing, feeling soul and it is your duty to FEEL, yet some of you spend so much of your time trying to do anything but FEEL. 

 Light is all around you and yet still you see darkness.  Still you focus on lack, on what is wrong with life, and the pain of the past.  Your spirit is being propelled to seek deeper understanding of the energies around you.  YOU have orchestrated this.  YOU have created this divine time for healing and insight, even though you think that what you experience is an act of God you have no control over.

 What situation do you find yourself in right now, in this moment that you do not wish to endure?  Who is it that you blame for this circumstance?  Do you take responsibility for your reactions and actions?  What are you doing to make things different?

 The Universe responds to you in like kind, Dear Ones.  If you think that life is against you, then chances are it is.  If you see lack, you will find it.  And in the same token, if you see joy, you will be joy.  If you see love, you will be loved.  It is perception.  It is YOUR perception. 

 I will give you an example of a child suffering from the affects of anorexia.  She is five feet tall and a mere seventy five pounds.  When she looks into the mirror, she sees herself as overweight, as ugly and as disgusting.  Yet, when the rest of the world sees her, they see nothing of the sort.  Until the girl changes her perception and releases the false belief of being overweight, she will not be healthy or able to experience life to her fullest and greatest capacity.

 What beliefs do you hold right now about yourself?  Within this rising light of ascension, your beliefs about everything you hold dear will be stretched and questioned.  Allow the light of Spirit to lead you through this time.  It does not have to be traumatic.  It can be very beautiful and rewarding.  It is your choice how you decide to learn.

 Look around you and see the masses going through their transformation.  People are choosing to leave your planet right now and cross to the other side, wars are building and social uprisings are in place.  Though these may seem negative, know that it is all happening for great change and rebirth of the structure of your planet and of your humanity. 

 See these changes as the blessings they are.  Allow yourself to feel the beliefs that once worked for your systems leave and pass to transmute into something better and brighter.  The more you resist, the harder this time will be. 

Let go and trust in the process you have mandated from your soul, Dear Ones.  You are not alone. The best is yet to be!

Things are changing!  I can’t wait to see what happens next.  Stay tuned and keep shining your own light brightly so that we may all see truth and love in each moment.

Angel Blessings,


Email from the Other Side of the Veil? Yep…Shocked Me Too.

Email from the Other Side of the Veil

I awoke yesterday morning fairly early, a short time after 5am.  As I lay in bed trying my best to get in another hour of sleep, my mind began to race from one subject to the next.  I began to think of a dear friend who had passed and about family and relationships.  Soon it was 6:30am and I decided to just get up and get some work done.  I went into my office and sat at the computer, checking my email.  Suddenly my mouth dropped open as I read the incoming mail log.  One email was addressed from the friend I had been thinking about!

I began to freak out!

How could this happen?  This had to be a glitch in some system somewhere!  This kind of “thing” doesn’t REALLY take place.   What the freaky Friday was exactly going on here?

Funny, I can see and sense Angels, Demons, Spirits, auras and energy.  I’ve witnessed possessions, miracles, objects moving across rooms and tables and souls crossing over.  Those things don’t freak me out.

But VEIL EMAIL sure does!!!

The email didn’t go into some lengthy explanation of life on the other side, or warn me of impending doom.  It was simply a quote about life, laughter and family and one that really hit me deep in my heart.  It resonated to everything I had been thinking of that morning.  And when I looked at the time of the email, it was the exact minute I had looked at my clock when I woke up.  Even with all these confirmation, or “coincidences” I STILL began to doubt my intuitive vibe that knew this was a communication from my friend.

I am a firm believer in what I do and what I see.  I have no doubt that the energies I come into contact with are real.  There have been times in my life when I have struggled with the drive to find physical proof of the paranormal and spiritual experiences I have.  The need to show others I am not imagining things has been strong within me for a long part of my life.  As I have grown spiritually, I have come to the acceptance of who I am and feel comfortable speaking my truth.  It is the subject of incredible rounds of laughter by my guides as I now doubted the physical proof that was shown right in front of my eyes.

As I asked them, “How could this happen?” I heard the reply, “How could it not?”  They began to explain that I knew the veil was thinning.  I was aware of the communication possibilities with electronics, etc.  AND, as they readily pointed out to me, I already connect with my friend on a spirit level.  So what was the big deal?

I wish I was the type of person who could agree and go on pleasantly about my day, but you guessed it…I’m not!  I sat with the words from my guides and wondered why my first reaction was doubt.  Why wasn’t I excited to receive such a gift as that email?   This led to my logical mind picking apart the self-doubt I held onto about other areas of my life.  The headache started from all the pressures of the emotions and thoughts bouncing around in my mind.  I decided to channel a message, asking the Angels to shine some light on all this for me.  The following is the message that came through:

Doubt of Self
Channeled Message

“Dear Ones,


Why is it that you doubt so very much?  What purpose does this serve?  We watch you insistently, over and over, doubting yourselves; your actions, your reactions, your thoughts, your beliefs…even the very things that are directly in front of you.  Can you see how much of your energy is entangled in the negative vibration of doubting self?


When you first come into this world as the purest light, you occupy your infant physical form.  A baby knows no doubt.  They cry when there is a need to be met and the child fully and completely expects this need to be satisfied.  Can you imagine a baby in contemplation, wondering whether or not they should ask for nourishment or to be held?  Of course not!  They believe and expect that their requirements for a happy life will be filled.  Quite the concept!


Doubt is a learned concept that children are taught and that energy grows and deepens into adulthood.  There is a large difference between making mistakes and accepting responsibility for one’s actions and self-doubt.  So much effort has been impressed upon you to apply analysis and logic to each situation that many times your core instincts take a back seat to the diagnostic mind.


And have you realized yet, Dear Ones, that human logic cannot be applied in every experience?  A plus B equals C, except when it doesn’t.


As vibration and frequency continue to change, so does the evolvement of science and spirit.  Science may accelerate and advance far beyond what we’ve ever dreamed.  But the core of spirituality remains the same, and remains forever constant.  You ARE a spark of God created in God’s likeness and vibration.  You ARE deserving of all that is good and right.  You ARE a being of light and wondrous soul experiencing life as a human.


God’s power does not get stronger as the frequencies change.  God is still the same as God was since the creation of time.  Your soul is much the same.  You are still the same soul you were billions of years ago.  Your power has not changed.  Your soul is vibrant and strong.  It is your choice to choose to experience it as such.


If you all began to tap completely into the energy of your souls think of the amazing things you could manifest and accomplish!  To instinctually live within your spirit is to not only abolish the concept of doubt, but also it is to create heaven upon your Earth.


Miracles are not fairy tales, Dear Ones.  They are not cast upon the most deserving by the hands of benevolent masters in the skies.  Miracles are man-made because you make them so.”


I’m feeling much better now.


I hope you are too!


Love & Laughter,



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My Intuitive Life??? You Got that one Right!

January 24, 2012


Its true.  I have an intuitive life.  For now that’s the best way to describe it, at least without adding any colorful adjectives or profanities. LOL!

I’ve created this blog to share my experiences with the rest of the world.  Perhaps you will learn something you did not previously know about those who have passed, spirit guides, angels, the paranormal, or the daily happenings of a mom who happens to see dead people and communicate with angels and the spirit world.  If nothing else, my intention is to spread some light your way and give you a giggle or two.

Seeing into other realms isn’t always what its cracked up to be.  Sure there are wonderful aspects of these abilities……I LOVE to help people, assist those who need to cross over, and banish a demonic entity or two.  However, when you are grocery shopping and someone’s dead Grandpa starts talking to you in the frozen foods aisle, it can be a bit distracting.

One of my greatest life lessons is establishing and defining boundaries.  Let me make that more specific….MY BOUNDARIES.  And, since I am a born OVER ACHIEVER, I somehow decided, with all my wisdom, that I need to have MY BOUNDARIES pushed not only by the so called “living” but also by those who no longer reside in physical form.  Yay, ME!  Yeah, uh, don’t break out the streamers and balloons just yet.  It’s not exactly the party you would think it would be.  Nothing says hurry up and dig your heels in and own your power like being faced with angry entities that try to knock you unconscious and growl with the savage voice no Hollywood film maker could replicate.

And I thought raising teenagers was rough!

I didn’t fully accept the tools God has given me until later in my life.  I began seeing spirits at the age of three.  The first time I remember having sight, was while I was laying in bed, in the middle of the night.  I saw three seperate spirit forms at the bottom of my bed.  They all seemed to know eachother, and were talking amongst themselves about me…what I could or could not see, hear and feel.  To say the least it scared the crap out of me, well literally another bodily function (and my parents wondered why I wet the bed till I was 5 years old!)

I remember very vividly the fear and sheer terror that swept over me in those moments.  I could not scream.  I could not get out of my bed.  All I could do was hug my stuffed puppy a little tighter and pull the sheets up over my head.  Eventually, the sun came up, and I was able to retreat to the safety of my parents, who assured me it was all a bad dream.  To no fault of their own, how could they realize that their small child was actually seeing spirits?  It isn’t something discussed at the water cooler at work or your local PTA meeting.  If you were to even hint at the fact your child had sight, the child would be subjected to psychiatric therapy or religious exorcism.  Punish the child for being truthful.  Not such a great lesson to enforce.

I have a calling now to help children with sight.  I love to show them the joy of communication with the other side, and how to set their own boundaries as to what they allow to come through and what they do not allow to come through.  To empower a child to use their full sensory power is a miraculous blessing all in itself.  I witness this on a daily basis with my son, Adam.  He is a bright light who has changed my life and taught me the art and joy of playfulness.  More about Mr. Adam later….

I could babble on and on about what certifications I have, classes and seminars I’ve taken, books I’ve read, etc. etc.  While all those things are a part of me, I hope you will get to know me through the energy of my words, my sense of humor and most of all my heart.  As you connect with my experiences, you will understand what I mean.

I cannot explain to you in words the pure bliss of channeling angels.  I long to find a phrase that equals the energy shining in another’s eyes as they welcome their loved ones on their journey home.  I wish to find a description of my feelings when Arch Angel Michael and my guides join in song during rides in my car – YES, it happens, and I am so grateful it does!  I enjoy the company and the humor (and hey, their dance moves aren’t too bad either!)

No, I am not crazy and we are not schizophrenic any more! HA, HA, HA!  Actually, I have been tested, and my Huna-Healer, Psychic Therapist has determined I am sane, no matter how hard I try to prove him otherwise!

Life is all about perception, and I am offering you mine.  Like it or leave it.  Take what resonates and leave behind the rest for someone else.

This feels like a good introduction to me.  Have a wonderful night!  I will write more soon.

Love & Laughter,