Energy Forecast with Psychic/Medium, Danielle Garcia for week of 7/27/20

Hats off to surviving last week! YAY! This week is lining up to be an emotional ride, but there are tools to navigate through those energies. Don’t be caught off guard. Allow Danielle to share insight with you about the vibes coming in.

Good Morning, this is Psychic/Medium Danielle Garcia with your forecast for this week. Today is July 28th and let’s just talk a little bit about what’s coming in this week. First of all, how did you survive last week? Last week was a heck of a doozy. So many different emotional ways of energy coming in, the Schumann Resonance just seemed to be bouncing off the wall, lots of different galactic energies, astrological energies, just so much, so much, so much coming in. A pretty rough emotional ride for lots of us. Hats off to you, pat yourself on the back for surviving it.

That’s the thing about all these different vibes that are going on in the world right now. Remember, we are all in this together and remember so far you have survived 100% of the challenges that have come up in your life. Keep that in mind as you are looking down that road and trying to figure out what your next move is.

Perseverance is a huge, huge, huge theme for this week. How will you persevere? This a week to figure out what’s working in my life and what’s not working in my life. If it’s not working, how can I change my perspective on that? Is this time to lay down boundaries? Is this time to beat feet and leave? Remember to have gratitude for what is currently working in your life. It’s very easy right now to get waylaid with the anger and the fear and the overwhelm, etc., etc.

Practicing gratitude as well as grounding are going to be your best friends. You will persevere, just remember every time you’re stuck, if that hamster wheel spinning kind of thoughts just keep going over and over and over in your mind, how am I going to get through this? When am I going to get through this? Are we going to survive this?

All of those different things lower your vibe. We all go into them, we’re all human, well, at least most of us (Ha-Ha), so cut yourself some slack, give yourself a break.

The Lion’s Gate Portal is open and will be for some time. This also brings forward an opportunity for great healing. With great healing also old wounds will open. Think about an infection that is set in the body. It’s deep in there and starts coming to the surface and oozing out.

Issues you may have thought you were done with will come up this week. Some relationships you thought you were done with may come up this week. Some different career relationships, career connections may come up this week. It’s also a week to look and see how you feel about the abundance in your life. What are you doing to manifest and how is that working for you? Is it working for you? This is a time to align with your spirit with your soul with your connection to creator. How are you doing that? Are you doing a daily practice? Are you speaking with like-minded people? If you’re feeling alone, if you’re feeling off-center, go out of your comfort zone. This is the time to phone a friend. This is the time to reach out and throw that life line out and say, “hey, please catch me because I’m having a difficult time.” Again, we’re all in this together.

There’s so many different confusing energies out there. What I would remind you to do and what I would suggest that you do, is sometime within your day whether it’s your prayer time, your mantra time, your meditation time, set the intention to see truth. Close your eyes, connect with source, connect with your higher self and say show me truth, show me what I need to see, make available to me the truth that will help and assist me for the highest greatest good.

If you are feeling waylaid by social media, by the news of everything that is going on in this world, then it’s time to take a step back and cut the cords with that energy. You are responsible for what you tap into. If you are feeling anger and rage over things, it’s ok to have that charge, absolutely, but if it’s affecting you an hour later, a day later, a week later, think of how that’s affecting not only your emotional state, but your mental state and also your physical state because your physical body can’t create all the great hormones that it does and all the great chemicals that it does to balance you out as well as help and assist you with your immune system upkeep.

If you’re hanging on to anger and fear and distrust and overwhelm, sometimes continuing to think about how bad this world is manifests that faster and can actually take a great toll on your life. Be incredibly careful what you’re tapping into. With this Lion’s Gate Portal that’s open, it makes available to us vibrations and energies that we didn’t have a week ago or last month, so this is the time for great change. Hold on tight!!!!

Do your spiritual practice, make a list of what it is you’re ready to release, make a list of what you’re ready to manifest. It’s a time to align with your truth and also your self-worth. So for those of us who have some type of self-insecurity or self-worth issues, you may start having different visions, different dreams, different recollections of things that have gone on in your childhood that perhaps made you insecure or things that have gone on within your life that have made you feel less than. Allow yourself to see those things as the observer because that is not truth, we are all worthy of love, we are all worthy of abundance, we are all worthy of the greater good, not one of us deserves anything less than the other.

We’re not here to suffer, we’re not here to be less than, we’re not here to sacrifice. Take a look as those things may come up for you and ask for what you are here to learn from that. What can you learn from those certain things? What of those core lessons, core woundings do you continue to vibe off of and how is that serving your purpose? If you’re feeling really bad about yourself, is that helping you? Is that adding to your life experience? What can you do to shift that? Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help.

The card draw this week is with Akashic Records Oracle Card Deck by Amanda Romania. To hear what the cards say, please click this link

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Energy Forecast with Psychic/Medium, Danielle Garcia – Week of 7/20/20

What can you expect this week? Take time to watch this important broadcast. This week’s energies promise to be a doozy and may catch some empaths and sensitives off guard. Are you ready to dive deep and release old wounds? Get to another degree of healing? Listen as Psychic/Medium, Danielle Garcia, explains the vibes coming your way.

Good Morning, psychic medium Danielle Garcia here today with your weekly forecast. Today is July 20th. Let’s talk about some of the energies that are coming forward.

We do have the Lion’s Gate portal coming in this week. It’s just right there at the opening of it. A lot of us have started feeling those energies coming forward. There can be different shifts in your physicality, emotions may be like a roller coaster right now, a neurology realignment is going to be going on during this portal opening which is going to last a while. What I’ve noticed most of all is those physical things that maybe we have been pushing aside, not really dealing with, are coming to the surface. Those emotions that maybe we have been pushing down, pushing down, pushing down and not really wanting to deal with, are coming to the surface.

Other things that are going on this week, unresolved issues are coming forward. Yay!!!! Fun, more healing! A lot of that emotional baggage and garbage that we have been pushing to the wayside is coming forward into our faces.

This week can be very trying for empaths and sensitives. It doesn’t mean that it’s going to be a terrible week per se, this could be an amazing week for healing and manifestation for you, but just know there’s a lot of different galactic energies at play going on right now as well as just the emotions that have been triggered in the world around us.

This is the week where emotions take hold of the physical, where we’re at this opening of time and space, there is an activation that’s going on and basically the universe is saying, “Ok honey, are you going to deal with this or are we going to bring forward some type of physical ailment, distress, illness, dis-ease to get your attention.” It’s kind of like when you think about life, it’s like, ok, I see the red flag and whatever, it’s a red flag, I’m going to go ahead and ignore it, it’s probably my imagination, I’m probably exaggerating about it. Then comes the next red flag, the next one and the next one. Now, we are at the point where a huge red flag is right in front of our faces and now it’s time for us to deal with our own crap. It’s not fun, it’s not pleasant, it’s not something that everybody wants to dive into because it’s uncomfortable, its awkward, but once again, it can bring about and it does bring about amazing healing, amazing progress, evolution, ascension, etc., etc., etc,.

This is also a week with how the energies are moving through which is setting the tone for more connection with your guides. More connection with your team. More connection with your angels, your ancestors, so rely on them. Know that this isn’t something that you have to work through on your own. There’s a lot of undertones of depression coming forward because when a higher vibration comes into a space, if there is any type of negativity, if there is any type of lower vibes, well, those are going to be the lights to shine on those. It’s simple physics, it’s simple math. If I am coming in at a higher vibration, those lower vibrations, something has to happen to them. They’re not going to keep vibrating at those same vibes, are they? They’re going to have to shift and change and the way that they shift and change is they come to the surface so we can see them. Don’t be surprised if different triggers come forward this week. Don’t be surprised if emotions, relationships, things that you have dealt with and you’ve been done with, there may be a few strands left there for you to cut ties with. There might be some more insight to be had, there might be some more lessons, some more learning for you to experience and to go through.

With that being said, it’s a wonderful opportunity to clear. My recommendation this week is make sure that every single day, you add some sort of clearing practice to your spiritual practice. Whether that is writing and burning, whether that is sitting in meditation and practicing forgiveness, whether that is picking up the phone and phoning a friend and saying, Hey, you know what, that stuff that went down 6 months ago, I am so incredibly sorry for that. I carry so much guilt about that and I just want to let you now I wish it would have never happened.

Whatever that is for you, it’s time to start to clear and let me tell you why. It’s not just because it’s just a fun thing to do and you raise your vibe and it’s so much better for you. We have a golden opportunity this week with how the energies are setting out with how they are coming forward, with how they are coming in. When you decide to clear something we’re given more of an opportunity to clear all of it this week, not just the first few layers, but all of it. Take charge of that. Take advantage of that. This is a great time to clear. It’s not that you need to go delve into the back of your mind and start dredging things from your past, but as things come forward for you, as you react when the anger comes in, the depression comes in, take a step back. Why am I angry? How long have I been angry for? When did this first start? What is the core source of the anger? Delve in a little bit deeper than what you normally would. See if you can trace that back down to a certain instance, a certain experience, a certain person, a certain job, a certain relationship and look at that. Shine that light on that certain situation so you can see through all darkness and so you can clear that all up inside, so you are no longer triggered.

When you think about what is going on in our world right now, there’s a lot of people being triggered and it’s not what you might think they are getting triggered about. Yes, there are huge injustices, absolutely, cannot deny that, but when there is someone who has experienced an injustice is triggered by others who are experiencing injustice, it becomes a larger vibration, it becomes an energy all on its own.

As we clear, as we release, whatever our crap is, we are less likely to be triggered from other things on the outside of us. As we can see clearly what is going on the outside of us, the outside world, we are in a better place, we are coming from a higher perspective, we are coming from a higher understanding. We are in a place of balance. We are in a place of pono. Isn’t that the goal? Wouldn’t you rather look at a situation and come from it with no charge, with just complete balance? Isn’t it easier to see truth that way?

One thing I also recommend this week as we are moving through these energies that could be a little trying, I am not going to say, oooohhhhh, dark clouds moving in because it’s all in how you handle it. Right now, we have storms going on in Las Vegas. Is this something where everybody needs to duck and cover and not go outside? No, you just need to know how to handle it. You have your tools, You’ve got have your umbrella, don’t go through the places that are flooded, etc.

Don’t dive into the vibes that feel flooded for you, that feel muddy for you. When I say that, I am talking about the outside world. We have to get our own crap straight inside before we can really have an unbiased, truthful perspective of what’s going on, on the outside, in my opinion.

Every day, challenge yourself, when you feel emotions coming forward, when you feel triggered, dig a little bit deeper to see why you are feeling that way. When you are challenging yourself, when you are in your quiet time, as you are in your meditation time, as you are facing certain situations that come up this week, ask your higher self to reveal to you only truth, only absolute truth. Ask for source, ask for your guides, ask for your angels to only reveal to you absolute truth and you will be able to see yourself as well as the world around you so much clearer.

There is a lot of stuff gearing up this week. Make sure to check in on your friends because not everybody is going to be ok and not everybody is going to be handling things well this week. This is also a good time to get back to practicing good health tools. Whether that is, drinking extra water, whether it is staying away from sugar, whether it is eating grounding foods, doing your yoga practice, going for a walk, whatever that is for you, get back onto it because there is no price you can put on good physical health or good mental health.

Danielle is drawing oracle cards from the deck, believe in your own magic, by Amanda Lovelace. To see her chosen cards, click on this link,

Tools for Your Spiritual Toolbox

spiritual toolbox w text

Tools for Your Spiritual Toolbox

Spiritual Tools

There are so many wonderful spiritual, energetic, positive thought techniques and practices in existence.  I’d like to share with you a few of my favorites.

White Light Exercise

I’ve used this clearing process for many years and have taught it to clients and students all over the world.  It is so easy to learn and really has been my saving grace in more than one occasion.  I teach this to people with anxiety, empaths that pick up on other energies and emotions, people who have issues with grounding and even small children who are being pestered by negative spirits.  The exercise allows you to anchor in the energy of your soul and release lower energies/emotions that have attached to you throughout the day.  It’s amazing the feelings of strength and peace that come through with this simple visualization.

The Power of Divine Love


Love has been used as a tool since time began.  It’s healing properties are miraculous.  I recently was introduced to a technique through a student of mine.  She shared her experience in a class that I taught.


My student had attended a three day intensive Usui Reiki Course and was raving about the power of Divine Love.  She was taught that it raised the vibration of all situations.  When she returned from her class, she found herself  in a staff meeting, sitting around a conference table at work waiting for the meeting to begin.  Her thoughts began to become negative as she dreaded these meetings.  The agenda was never followed and they always seemed to go into overtime with stereotypical finger pointing, etc etc.  She glanced across the table to see one of her peers that she did not get along with.  More dread set in.  Her thoughts then turned to what she had learned at her seminar and she began to send Divine Love from her heart to her fellow employee.  He was sitting sideways in his chair, and he physically began brushing something from his body as she energetically sent Divine Love to him.  This man got up from his chair and left the meeting never to return!  Thinking she was really on to something, she began to do the same to each person attending the meeting.   Her boss’ secretary, whom she did not see eye to eye with, sent her a cute post it note during the meeting which seemingly came out of no where.  The meeting was finished on time and all points were covered on the agenda.


This story definitely caught my attention!  Talk about a magic wand.  I quickly filed the info into my spiritual toolbox so I could retrieve it when necessary.  I found just such a situation a few days later.


I was in desperate need of a coffee.  I had fifteen minutes to get to Starbucks and back home before my daughter had to leave.  I had a tremendous headache and as I pulled into the drive-thru there were five cars ahead of me.  I began to think of all the grief I was going to hear from my daughter and how this line would never finish in my allotted time.  Then I recalled the Divine Love concept.  I quickly began to send Divine Love from my heart to the car in front of me, all the cars in the drive-thru, the employees in the building, the customers, and the people taking and making the orders.  I can tell you in all honesty, that after I began to send this energy I was in and out of drive-thru in eight minutes.  


If that’s not a miracle I don’t know what is. (LOL!)  I’ve used this tool countless times since then and it’s always proved to work for me.  Even when I knew an impending visit from someone that made me very uncomfortable was coming, I sent Divine Love from my heart to them.  Turns out the visit never happened!  


It’s amazing how the energy can shift when you bring Love into it.  This is a simple visualization and intention.  Just set your mind to send Divine Love to the person, place or situation and imagine loving energy flowing from your heart to them.  


For me, I can never have enough tools in my spiritual toolbox.  I am always eager to learn new things.  What works for you?  I’d love to hear about it.  Write me at 

Upcoming Events


Mediumship  – A Series of Four Classes

Four classes geared at assisting the student gain deeper understanding of connecting to the Spirit world.  Techniques, meditations, and practical exercises are all a part of the instructional process.  Learn more about the Spirit World with Medium, Intuitive and Spiritual Counselor Danielle Garcia, of Intuitive Angels.  Classes will be held on Monday evenings from 6:30pm-8pm at Enchanted Forest Reiki, 800 N Rainbow Blvd #140, Las Vegas.  Cost for each class is $25.  Classes can be taken as an entire series or on an individual basis.  Register online at :

Mediumship, Class One – Sensing Spirits (April 29, 2013)

Have you ever felt the distinct feeling that you are not alone, even though no one else is physically around you?  Do you get those chills that run up your neck and feel like you’re being watched?
These are only a few of the indications that spirits are present.  Learn how to tap into your intuition to connect with those that are no longer in physical form.  We will also explain the differences between spirits, ghosts, entities, light beings, earthbounds, and poltergeists and how to distinguish their vibrations.  

Mediumship, Class Two – Experiencing Spirits (May 6, 2013)

So, what do you do when you feel that there is a spirit with you?  How do you communicate with them?
In this class, we will learn how to connect with those who have passed through the art of psychometry – reading the energy from objects belonging to people that have crossed over.  Each personal object becomes imprinted with energy.  A watch, a ring, or any prized possession that was worn or held by the owner will contain the owner’s vibration.
Learn how to pick up signs, messages and connection from these personal objects.
IMPORTANT – Please bring one or two personal objects to class that belonged to a person who has passed.  We will use these in our exercises.

Mediumship, Class Three – Photo Readings (May 13, 2013)

The Native Americans and many Indigenous peoples believe that the energy of the soul is imprinted whenever their picture is taken.  There is much truth to that.
Energy makes up everything in existence.  Even photographs contain energy and vibration.  The emotions that are conveyed within a photo can be extremely strong.
Learn how to connect to these emotions and vibrational imprints.  Once the connection is made, messages and information begin to flow through about the person within the photograph.
This is a very fun and exciting tool within the field of Mediumship.
IMPORTANT – Please bring one or two photos of people who have passed.  Make sure to have each of them inside an envelope or covered in a folder.  This will allow us to read the energy without actually viewing the photograph itself. 

Mediumship, Class Four – The Crossing Over Process (May 20, 2013)

Crossing Over – What does it mean?
When a person dies in the physical, their spirit crosses over to the other side (what some people term as “home” or “heaven”).  There is a journey that each soul makes when their time on the earth plane is through.  It is a beautiful and most loving experience.
Learn what happens during this process as well as techniques that can help a soul, earthbound or within the physical, cross over.  We will discuss working with different Angels and Light Beings that take specific roles for this process.
This is a wonderful class for energy workers, nurses or anyone who wishes to learn more about this incredible part of the soul’s experience.