Energy Forecast for Week of 12/14/2020 with Psychic/Medium, Danielle Garcia

New Moon and Solar Eclipse are HERE!!!! Are you ready for these high vibes? Lots of emotions coming in to be released. The Eclipse enters in Sagittarius, triggering hope, justice, adventure, faith and beliefs – both false and true.

This week we are also seeing Chiron go direct, so don’t be surprised if you are feeling inner child healing come to the surface.

This is a re-set. What are you ready to bring in for the next six months?

Danielle shows you a powerful technique to bring in your truth using a candle. It’s called, “My Truth Candle,” exercise. This utilizes the energies of the Sun and the Solar Eclipse. It helps you to establish your untruths and truths.

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Hi, I’m psychic medium Danielle Garcia and this is your energy forecast for the week. Today is December 14th.

Welcome to the new moon and the solar eclipse. Are you guys ready? Seriously, like every week in December I’m just thinking, how much more energy can we handle? It has just been crazy, crazy vibes! I checked in with the Schumann Resonance before I logged on and we’re vibing at a 25, a bit of a spike, but definitely not the 800 that we experienced not too long ago, right? So, that seems, easy peasy, knock on wood, at least for right now.

So, eclipses set the tone for basically a re-set. A re-set of the energy of the last 6 months and it also gives us an opportunity to set intentions for the coming six months. The next six months coming into our future. This solar eclipse is in Sagittarius. It brings about focus on justice, inner peace, faith, belief, both false beliefs and truth. It’s also about bringing forward energies of hope, of adventure, of optimism, so cool, it’s interesting how the solar eclipse is coming in at a time where we’re piggybacking, basically, off of the 1212 portal and bringing in these new vibes, these higher vibes. Now, sometimes when the higher vibes come in, it can hit us a little bit like a retrograde, it can hit us a little bit like the Schumann Resonance can affect us physically, so be aware of that. It can also be an incredibly emotional time just depending on what your level of sensitivity is, again, be aware of that. Do your due diligence to take care of you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

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So, think about what new beginning you would like to create. Now is the time for rebirth, for renewal, for reconnection. What are you willing to commit to or to recommit to? Now is a great time to start projects. It’s a great time, believe it or not, to schedule exams. So, to my friend Jean, that just finished her nursing program, Congrats Jean!!!!!!! This would be a wonderful time for you to think about when you want to schedule that. What’s your target date? What goal are you looking for doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to know, oh, it’s going to be Tuesday, the 12th @ 4 o’clock, but it could mean that also.

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Physical shifts are definitely coming forward today. I don’t know about you, but I woke up this morning feeling a little woozy, feeling a little dizzy, that’s not my norm for waking up. I’ve also heard from 4 other clients this morning they experienced the same thing. That could be these energies coming through, but also, the physical triggering that you might experience today is also the universe’s way of letting you know, hey, some things are imbalanced here, let’s take a look at this. Really notice how you’re feeling physical today. Are you feeling any pain? Are you feeling exhaustion? What feels out of balance? What can you do to bring those into balance? Is this connected with an emotional issue? Is this connected with stress, with anxiety? What areas of your body are affected? It’s time to take a good look at that because again, we are setting energies and intentions for the future for the next six months. We don’t really want to go into the next six months feeling like crap, right? So now is a good opportunity to shake that off, to release that, to have it come into awareness so we can let it go and move it forward onto more light.

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Lots of high vibes coming in today because we’re not only in solar eclipse, we’re in new moon, we’re piggybacking off the 1212 portal. Great time to manifest, great time to release, great time to set intention, great time to meditate, great time to goal set, great time to connect, great time to do any of your esoteric practices and any of your spiritual practices.

Today is also a wonderful day to claim your truth, your truth as you define it. Not how your parents told you be, not how your significant other tells you to be, not how your children want you to be, not how your boss wants you to be, not how society wants you to be, but how YOU define yourself. What is your truth? It’s time to take a really good look at that and are you following the path of your truth? Are you sacrificing and not following the path of your truth? How can you make some subtle changes or some powerful changes so that you’re in that vibe of truth? Chiron moves direct Wednesday or Thursday depending on where you are in the world this week and that’s a real pivotal pivotal role, a huge trigger for those of us that have encountered childhood wounding. So, the wounded child has been triggered over the last five months since Chiron was in retrograde. Don’t be surprised if childhood stuff, mother wounding, that type of stuff gets triggered up until Wednesday or Thursday. So if you’ve got some childhood stuff that you want to work on, if you resonate with inner child stuff to release and bring that playfulness forward for healing, now is a good time to do that as well.

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What else do they want me to say? This week it’s about being in and standing within the middle ground. Some people experience a lot of emotion and it’s super easy to go down the fear tunnel, right? Life sucks, I suck, ok wait, back it up, (laughing) now I’m going to blush, no, I’m not going to blush, my guides are telling me stuff like that all of the time. It’s really easy to go into that fear tunnel of Life is Terrible, I can’t get ahead, I can’t go forward, poor me, poor me, poor me or get triggered into the other part of that, the high vibe tunnel. I am spirit, I am connected to the Universe, all is working well. Sure, we can take that higher perspective, but if we were meant to live continuously in that higher perspective, we’d really be on the other side. Life here is about being human and being in that balance of 3D, 5D, however you want to term the values of that frequency. So this week is about being in the middle ground. How can you find your balance amidst everything? Amidst pandemic? Amidst holidays? Amidst stress? Amidst anxiety? Amidst Joy? Amidst Love? Amidst all the good stuff and all the not so good stuff? It’s finding the middle ground. Your middle ground may not look like your neighbor’s middle ground. Your middle ground may not look like your significant others middle ground and that’s OKAY! They’re not living your life. You’re living your life. So find your middle ground.

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Now, instead of doing a card draw this morning, I wanted to show you an exercise that I call, My Truth Candle, since right now is a great time to focus on what your TRUTH is and what your TRUTH isn’t. I thought I would show you a real quick, easy, but powerful exercise. I’m all about quick, easy, powerful. Love those things when it comes to spiritual work. This works great with a taper candle, I currently do not have one handy in my office, so I am going to use an electronic candle, but you’re going to get the gist of it anyways. The first thing you’re going to want to do is clear yourself. Do some breathing exercises, white light. If you go onto my YouTube channel, I’ve got a free chakra clearing video that is really really awesome. I highly recommend doing that before this ritual.

Want to see the entire exercise, please click here to watch.

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Weekly Energy Forecast for 12/7/2020 with Psychic/Medium, Danielle Garcia

December is the month of CHANGE and ACTIVATIONS. Are you ready to hunker down and ride the wave? This week is the calm before the storm.

Get ready! Psychic Danielle Garcia guides you through the vibes of December’s energies of Lunar Eclipse, 12/12 Portal and Winter Solstice.

Breathe. We have this opportunity to ground more light into our bodies and into our planet. To do that takes change, release, and realization.

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Good morning, today is December 7th. I’m psychic medium Danielle Garcia and this is your energy forecast for the week.

Huh! Did you survive the weekend? Holy crap. The Schumann Resonance was just literally off the charts. Not only did we have a blackout day, we also had levels of 500 and 800 which are hugely significant, I don’t even know if it has ever registered at that rate before. Today Schumann is vibing at a 35, still some spikes, but thank God, not like what it was over the weekend. 35 is manageable and doable. 800? Not so much, I mean, we did survive, absolutely, but lots of people were reporting physical issues, emotional issues, focus issues, sleep issues, headaches and cranky emotional dogs and animals in general. Remember, we are not the only physical beings here on this planet, so our 4-legged friends, our fish friends, our bird friends, etc., etc., etc., they are all affected by these vibes too so make sure that you are taking extra care for your beloved animals.

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We are currently heading into a solar eclipse which happens a week from now on the 14th. We’re in this doorway, if you will, of solar eclipse energy while we’re still in the gateway left behind of the lunar eclipse, so it’s a little bit of a funky time. Then, coming up, we have the 1212 portal coming in this weekend which is a HUGE opening and this of course all happens before the winter solstice on the 21st. So many different energies in December. It has been quite the year, right and December offers us an opportunity for a lot of cleansing, a lot of clearing, a lot of releasing, a lot of activating as well as setting intentions of what we want to happen in 2021. Today is all heart-centered energy. Really really go within, think calm, think peaceful, what works for you, what doesn’t work for you, what will you accept in your life, what will you not accept in your life, what is worth your time, what is not worth your time. This is the time to do a self-evaluation going within, like where are you investing your energy. Are you over extending it? Are you hiding it? Are you flexing it? Are you supporting it? Are you depleting it? What’s going on? It’s time to take a look at that and really evaluate and I think that sometimes, we just got moving and grooving with life and we don’t really evaluate, we don’t calibrate our energy. We only have 100% of our energy and if I were to sit here and ask, where is my energy right now, how much is at work? How much is at home? How much is with me? How much is with my family? How much is with my clients? Sometimes we are giving more than we are actually receiving and for many different sensitives and empaths, receiving love, receiving light, receiving energy is not such an easy thing to do. December, you are going to need that support. December, you are going to need that grounding. December, you are going to need your tribe, your council, your spirit team as well as that team that you have here on earth to help and assist you. Don’t be afraid to phone a friend. Don’t be afraid to get together, whether you’re getting together in person or getting together on zoom, by text, by phone, online, whatever, think about finding that spiritual buddy if you don’t already have one and maybe setting aside a time to do a ritual, a ceremony, to vent, to assist, support and lean on one another.

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This week, kind of the calm before the storm. There’s a lot of energies coming in. Solar eclipses always come in with new moons so new moon energy is starting to come through. They usually designate turning points. Solar eclipses can be about drama, choosing that fork in the road. Which way are you going to go? You have these different opportunities. Which lane are you going to drive in? These choices that we make right now, they’re defining. We may not understand how defining they are until later, but they’re definitely defining and sometimes they come with very high implications. Solar eclipse in sagittarius, let’s boot that up one more level, this connects us to justice, passion for freedom, integrity, exploration, drawing that line in the sand and I find it incredibly interesting and by no coincidence whatsoever, that the electoral votes in the United States will be determined completely on December 14th. The final vote count will be turned in. Hmmm…….Interesting, we will have to see how that all plays out. As this is the calm before the storm, it’s so important to designate time each and every day for your spiritual practice. Whether you want to deem that as yoga, as meditation, as reiki, as theta, as working with your stones, as putting music on and moving your body, as tai chi, as prayer, whatever that is, DO IT! TAKE THAT TIME!

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There are HUGE HUGE HUGE factors going on right now. This 1212 portal that is opening up this weekend is a huge gateway opening up. Remember, when we have these gateways opening up, there are lots of activations, lots of past life memories coming forward and while some may have that discernment, oh it was 1700 back in Yugoslavia and blah, blah, blah………..Sorry, my guides are getting on me for saying blah, blah, blah …….okay, sorry, thank you. While some of us may have that discernment of the details of the past life, others may just suddenly have extreme emotion, extreme physical reaction, extreme longing, extreme connection to certain people which were souls in that other lifetime, want need desire to go to certain places, etc. With a gateway like this, there’s activations going on, there’s light codes being sent through the universe through this gateway and that also creates that blinker mentality to the rest of those in the universe, lots of light going on, lots of light going on, lots of light going on, lots of healing, lots of release, lots of release. When we have that, it can be kind of a target for the paranormal for the lower energies as well so, it’s important that we shield our energy, it’s important that we detox our energy, it’s important that we clear our energy. There are lots of things going on right now. So many different theories going on about how we are moving into 5D, the ETs are coming. We’re moving into the age of Aquarius, just all of these different amazing theories out there.

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What I urge you to do, is to do a gut check. Okay? How do you feel about it? What does your higher self tell you? What does your soul tell you? What does your gut tell you? Don’t just hop on the coattails of some other guru, teacher, healer, psychic, medium or whoever and take everything they say as verbatim and gospel and God’s honest truth. There’s a lot of wonderful people out there, there’s a lot of beautiful perspectives out there, but now more than any other time in this entire year of 2020, it’s so important to do that gut check. It’s so important to check in with you, check in with your energy, check in to see what resonates. There are so many things going on within the next 3 weeks, it is literally mind-blowing to me.

How am I going to be dealing with that? I’m going to be going within, I’m going to be making sure I am balancing my energy everyday. Im going to actually ask my guides to give me a sign if I am getting depleted. Remind me to do my due diligence of taking care of myself and I actually set up a way for them to give me that sign. I have one guide, honest to God, taps me on the shoulder and if I’m moving along and I’m going through my day and I get that tap on my shoulder and I don’t do anything, he comes along and taps me on the shoulder again and if I still take no action after that, then we have this thing where he actually pulls my hair a little bit, not to hurt or harm me, but to definitely get my attention. If I’m getting the hair pull, I know, I’ve got to drop everything, it’s time to regroup, it’s time to clear, it’s time to balance out. You can set those signs, you can set those connections with those guides, loved ones, angels on your team. Whether it’s a physical sign, a song, whether it’s a penny, a feather, a color, a bird, a flower, whatever that might be for you. So start making that connection. With these gateways and the energies being what they are, it’s a lot easier to connect to the other side than ever before as well. So, today, heart center, really bring it in, connect. This week, remember, do you daily spiritual practice, not just this week, the rest of December. The calm before the storm. What are you ready to let go of? What are you accepting in your life? What is worth you time, effort and energy?

It’s time to draw cards today from The Psychic Tarot Oracle Cards by John Holland. What do they say? Click here to find out.

Accelerated Motion – Heartache and Loss – Crown Chakra


Energy Forecast for the week of November 30th with Psychic/Medium, Danielle Garcia

Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse and Solar Flares??? Say WHAAAAAAAAAT???? Danielle steers you through this time of intense energies and gives practical tips to navigate your path for the highest, greatest good. Look forward to letting go of what is weighing you down and moving onto bigger, better, brighter things.

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Good morning, psychic medium Danielle Garcia with your energy forecast for the week. Today is November 30th. Happy full moon. Happy lunar eclipse. Are you ready? Those are some intense energies out there today. Lets baby step through it and see where we get. Deep breaths everyone, make sure your grounding and make sure you’re staying hydrated, its absolutely essential for todays energies.

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Yesterday we had the largest solar flare that we have experienced in the last 3 years. It was incredibly signifigant and if you had sleeping issues last night, you’re not alone. Solar flares can affect empaths and sensitives like the Schumann Resonance can affect us. We can get a little jittery, a little offset, feel out of sorts, sleeplessness seems to be a pretty big issue along with just feeling the energies more intensely. For me, it feels like I am going to crawl out of my skin, so I really need to take a step back from that. Sometimes I will cut cords with the solar flare, do something to ground myself, whether it’s grabbing some stones or lying on the floor, doing deep breathing exercises, etc. Know that that energy is still here and it is actually exacerbating the energy of todays full moon and our lunar eclipse. Lunar eclipse as it comes in is going to have a doorway, gateway for 2 weeks of eclipse energy, so we will continue to work with that. Schumann Resonance this morning, when I checked on it was vibing at a 17. A spike, but not the high spikes we’ve seen over the past few weeks. Knock on wood, hopefully that remains ok.

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I also found it interesting, we have had 4 small earthquakes right outside of Las Vegas since the solar flare hit. I do not think that is a coincidence, so look for more of that type of activity on earth today and over the next 72 hours is what they are saying. As the lunar eclipse comes forward today, we can look at releasing emotional baggage that we have pulled in over the last 6 months. So, fricking, YIPEE-KI-YAY! I am ready to let go of the last 6 months of emotional baggage. How about you? Now, in order to do this, it’s not just a snap of the fingers or a wave of the magic wand, you have to be willing to do the work. Wow, what a concept, right? I have added to my YouTube channel, 3 different videos to help you do that. One explains how the eclipse works, Another is a release exercise that you can do anytime today, and the 3rd one is instructions on how to create a grid or you can just work with the energy of the picture of the grid that I have created on the video, By doing that, you work with the eclipse and the full moon energies and that helps you with your manifestation. The objective here is to release and focus on intensions of what we want to bring forward. Don’t forget, full moon and lunar eclipse is a wonderful time to set your crystal babies out and charge them up under the full moon. I like to sage mine or give them some palo santo and clear them all out and just let them thrive underneath the vibes of this moon. It’s a great time to create moon water as well, if you use that in your ritual, your ceremony or daily practice.

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Venus is opposing Uranus during this lunar eclipse. We’re focusing on love. We’re focusing on self-love. We’re focusing on relationships, both romantic partnerships as well as relationships with family, friends, co-workers and community. It is also about receiving love and giving love. Are you balanced there? If you’re not, what’s going on? Boundaries, boundaries, boundaries seem to be a theme here. It’s also your beliefs about money. Does money flow to you easily? Is money an energetic exchange? Is money hard to come by? Are we doing away with money? What is your belief system? It’s time to take a good hard look at that as well as your beliefs about abundance. Are you worthy of abundance in all areas of your life or are there some areas where you say, ugh, not so much? Well, why not? Do you think you’re created here to suffer, to sacrifice, we’re all on the same playing field so why do some people succeed and some people don’t? It really is all about your belief system. What are you absorbing? What are you owning for yourself? It’s time to take a look at that and as history shows, during eclipse vibration and energies, those types of issues keep coming up in our thought process and along our path in the form of different red flags. So, take a look, what red flags have appeared in your life over the past 2 weeks? That will dictate what you should be working on or what you have the opportunity to work on, there are no “should” in this life and it also dictates the energy as you heal it, as you release it, if you choose to of what this gateway, doorway of eclipse energy gives us an opportunity for, right? So if we’re getting the ick and the negativity of the last 2 weeks, what can we release to turn that perspective, to change that around, to bring in more healing grace, understanding and really get the lesson. This is a really intense time right now. It’s really working with mind, body and soul. A prefect time to release, to let go, to realize and to manifest, to bring in all of the good stuff, all of the glorious stuff.

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Lots of physical empaths can be hit hard with the energies of today and over the last 2 weeks and the next 2 weeks that this doorway is open. What can that look like? That can look like dizziness, absentmindedness, cloudy thoughts, tummy upset, headaches and intense muscle pain. So, if you’ve been hit with that, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, ground, ground, ground, outside, get into nature, connect with the elements and move your body. Specifically things that are energetic exercises that help you to balance out your energetic system, your aura as well as your body. Think yoga, tai chi, martial arts, all of those are wonderful during this time of eclipse energies. Here comes my favorite warning about eclipse energy, reaching for different coping tools because emotions have been running high, like carbs, sugary treats, alcohol and drugs. Many empaths and sensitives have just about had it up to here and don’t really know how to cope and so we’re reaching for that instantaneous gratification. Let’s dull those senses because life has been hard. I don’t know about you guys out there who celebrate Thanksgiving, but I definitely overindulged…….and after Thanksgiving……and before Thanksgiving, LOL! With the energy of scorpio starting to leave us and all these other things going on, it’s been a bit of a hellacious time. If you find yourself reaching for the band-aid, don’t beat yourself up, just try to look for other healthy minded options because when we utilize those different types of coping strategies, it actually brings our vibration down and its harder to come back into alignment and cope with the energies that are going on today.

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We have opposition of Aldebaran and Antares today, which is, the eye of Taurus as well as the heart of Scorpio. If you feel like you’ve been at war with yourself, this could be one of those reasons why. Ancestral issues come forward with this, childhood wounding comes through with this, mother issues come through with this and karmic clearing comes through with this so its a wonderful time for cutting cords. It’s a wonderful time for karmic cord cutting ritual and ceremony, letting go of the childhood wounding, letting go of those relationships that influenced you to think bad about yourself, all of the stuff that is just coming up. How do you cope with it? Well, ride the wave! Balance, clear, hydrate, eat grounding foods, get outside and actually connect with the moon’s energy tonight. Again, I’ve listed some wonderful exercises. I’ve got some videos uploaded on my channel, so please, check them out. I usually charge for these things, but I wanted to do something nice, to offer a free gift for this time of the year. It’s been a trying year for all of us, I believe. 2020 has really kicked me in the ass and I know I am not alone in that so let’s just share the love and let’s just share the light and move onward and upward. The links to those videos are above.

Time to pull cards for the week and today I am doing a double draw. First draw comes from the Moonology Oracle Card Deck by Yasmin Boland…. see the cards drawn here,

Cards drawn from Moonology Deck

Second draw comes from the Speellcasting Oracle Card Deck by Flavia Kate Peters and Barbara Meiklejohn-Free…… see the cards drawn here,

Cards drawn from Spellcasting Oracle Card Deck


Energy Forecast with Psychic/Medium, Danielle Garcia, for the week of November 23, 2020

What’s coming up this week? We are in the threshold of Lunar Eclipse Energy. This week is about opening the heart center as well as stepping into a deeper level of gratitude. The Eclipse is an emotional one and triggers anxiety and insecurities in regards to relationships and abundance. It’s time to see through secrets, lies and untruths.

There are underlying vibes of connection to times of Ancient Lemuria. Many people are being triggered into remembrance. Danielle touches on this as well.

Get guidance and direction on the energies of this week.

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Good morning, today is November 23rd and this is psychic medium Danielle Garcia with your energy forecast for the week. How’s everyone doing? The Schumann Resonance was certainly spiking over the weekend. Today, knock on wood, I have checked in and it’s vibing at a 12. It’s not too far off its normal 7.83 measurements, thank you GOD! We have moved out of post shadow mercury retrograde, super awesome again and this week we are in the threshold of the lunar eclipse. The lunar eclipse is coming November 30th which also happens on a gemini full moon, so lots of different energies coming forward.

Theme of the week seems to be gratitude moving into more of the energy and vibration of gratitude to raise the vibe as well as heart openings. When we are thinking from our mind, depending on what part of our mind we are thinking with, unconscious, conscious, super conscious, we receive different information when we’re connecting with our mind as opposed to connecting with our heart, so this week is all about heart openings. It’s about becoming consciously centered in your heart.

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Now, not so easy for a lot of empaths to do in the midst of a pandemic and politics and yada yada yada, so there’s lots of things going on, absolutely! When you are coming up against the anxiety, the fear, the rage, the overwhelm, the depression, etc., etc., etc, it’s so incredibly important to do our best just to take a step, to stop, deep breath, okay, source, creator, GOD, show me truth. Align with the higher self, align with your soul, align with your spirit, take some deep breaths, SHOW ME TRUTH. Not everything out there is truth right now and I think most of us realize that . I’m hoping most of us realize that. It’s super easy to get caught up in that wave of fear and anxiety. Are there things to fear? Sure. Are there things to be anxious about? Absolutely, but it’s incredibly important to have faith, to hold that line of light because when we lose that connection to higher self, when we lose that connection to source, when were lose that connection to creator, and instead choose to vibe in negativity and fear and overwhelm and depression, it’s hard to get back up on the saddle again, so to speak. Faith and light are unwavering. It doesn’t mean aren’t human and we don’t have bad days, it doesn’t mean everything is all rainbows and unicorns and sunshine 24/7, Its not, were human, we get stuck in our egos, we get stuck in our anxiety, but now more than ever before, where we are as humans, because of where we are planetarily, because of where we are with the vibes in the universe, it is so important to hold on to faith and light more than ever, ever before.

So when you’re feeling low, reach out to someone, don’t just sit there and dwell and go down the rabbit hole of darkness. Reach out, pray, get outside, play with your animals, grab some stones, listen to some music, do a meditation, go outside your comfort zone because once we all begin vibing in anxiety and depression, its a lot harder to get out of that hole.

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This week, again because of where we are still feeling that scorpio energy, its about shedding layers of untruths, it’s about revealing lies and secrets form others as well as ourselves though sometimes we keep telling ourselves, okay, alright, it’s going to get better, I’m fine, it’s alright, I’m just going to stay here in this job, in this relationship, in this house and this and the other, well, now its really really time to look at truth again, show me truth, source, show me truth, higher self, show me my truth. Show me what I can’t see. Show me what is not being easily revealed to me in this given moment in time. Because we are in this threshold of the lunar eclipse, that also activates a lot of energies, it brings forward much emotion, so those of us who tend to be very emotional, like myself, can definitely be activated and triggered.

This particular eclipse relates to your connection with uncertainty and change in relationships as well as your abundance. It has to do with your romantic relationships, your family relationships, your friendship relationships, your co-worker relationships as well as your relationship to abundance. Abundance of money, abundance of health, abundance of faith, etc., etc. So don’t be surprised if insecurities and anxieties come up in regards to that. Don’t be surprised if changes happen in your relationship. Now, knowing this and I truly believe knowledge is power, we can actually harness the energies of this threshold of the lunar eclipse that’s coming in. So if we know ahead of time, hey, I’m an emotional person, I’m an empath, I’m a sensitive, I tend to be triggered and activated, so when those little issues comes up of oh my god, I can’t believe he’s doing that or oh my god, I can’t believe my mother said that, we have this aware ness that okay, this is a time where these things are going to come to light and if I know that then its easier for me to take a step back and take the observer’s role as opposed to being right in the thick of things and getting into the trauma and drama of it. If I can take a step back and say wow, you know what, I usually always react when my significant other acts like this, but you know what, in the grand scheme of things, is it really that big of a deal?

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What am I putting as a priority right now? If I can look at it like that, if I can step back, if I can be the observer instead of the instigator, instead of the active participant. I can choose how I act and react in that moment and not only can I chose how I act, I can create a change not only in my behavior, but because I’m changing my behavior, the behavior of other people around me tends to change because they’re used to me reacting and acting a certain way, so when I change that, they’re going to be taken aback, they’re going to have to change their way of acting and reacting to me. Its very much like a harmonic dance and the same thing comes true with our abundance. If we’re worried, worried and worried that were going to get sick and get sick and get sick, you’re probably going to gravitate that towards you and you’re probably going to bring that to you and whether that is covid or the flu or a cold or an ulcer or a mental breakdown, whatever that might be, we create our existence, we create our reality. So, take a moment, when these insecurities, when those fears, when those anxieties come up, TAKE A MOMENT, STEP BACK! Look to see how you’re participating, look to see your part of this because that’s really all you can control. You can’t control how other people act and react, you can’t control covid, you can’t control the flu, you can control how you think about it, you can control how you feed your immune system, there’s all sorts of different things you can control so take control. When you take control of your behavior, when you take control of your part of the relationship to whatever it is, then you’re not feeling insecure anymore, then you’re not feeling anxious because you have a plan. You know what you’re doing, you know how you’re going, you know what the outcome will be according to your actions in your belief system.

Money, money, money is a huge factor the week. How you think about money, what your relationship to money is, how you bring in money. So think about that. Do you think that you are an abundant person? Do you think that money is an energetic exchange? Do you feel like money flows into your life easily or do you feel like you need to work your ass off overtime to ever get ahead or do you ever feel like you getting ahead? Really look at your relationship with money now in this threshold of eclipse energy because there’s a great healing to be had both with abundance with finances, also with abundance with health, also with abundance with love and relationships. Allow yourself to be the emotional detective, if you will. Put your self-therapist hat on and take a look and start evaluating some of your reactions, your behaviors, your belief systems. There are new paradigms coming all the time, so we are not set in a way of acting for the rest of out lives. We continue to grow, we continue to mature and we continue to change. Our behaviors and our beliefs can go along with that change, absolutely!

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Intuition is incredibly high during eclipse season, absolutely. Watch out for those red flags, trust your gut and continue to ask to see truth. This particular eclipse coming through is set up energetically to basically unload the emotional baggage to have the potential, to unload the emotional baggage of the last 6 months and be an emotional reset, now, who doesn’t want that, but you have to work at it, you have to participate at it. Its not here is the sun, the moon and they align and all I need to do is just stand here and all my emotional baggage his going to fade away, nice job, go me! I wish it was that easy, but its not, you have to work it, you have to look at it. These energies are meant to be felt, they’re meant to trigger us, they’re meant to bring us to a higher vibe, they’re meant to give us an opportunity to heal and become stronger.

One other thing I wanted to touch on is that a lot of you have been reaching out to me regarding the energies of 2020, ugh, crazy, I know. A lot of different light workers have been feeling like, ugh, I know there is something I need to do, oh, I know I’m supposed to be doing something, but I doin’t know what it is, I’m questioning my life purpose. What I’ve noticed with a lot of people getting triggered this way is that these are the people who have existed during the times of Lemuria. For those of you unfamiliar with Lemuria, Lemuria was the first civilization of humanity here on earth. Many different souls from many different parts of the universe decided to come and play “human”, to see what that experience was going to be like. During the times of Lemuria, especially the golden times, the civilization just thrived. It was all for highest best good, this community was absolutely amazing. People would channel in light from other galaxies and star systems and everyone worked together. There wasn’t necessarily the hierarchy that we see now in our existence and negativity and thoughts and feelings of greed or power really weren’t there until the darkness entered the situation. It started out with infatuation with darkness with dark energies coming in and tempting, someone who was responsible for a pretty significant role and that person was basically captivated with promises of power and greed and a lot of things began to change in Lemuria. Many people in Lemuria went with the flow of it, they didn’t listen to their gut. They didn’t see the changes coming forward, they didn’t want to see the changes because they wanted to believe what was being told to them. Even though they felt differently, even though they felt that this was an untruth, even though they felt that there were secrets to be uncovered, well, the darkness did invade this beautiful paradise and tsunamis and volcanoes and etc., etc., etc. and Lemuria was dispatched. Many people died. The civilization was torn apart. The continent itself was torn apart. Those that survived went on to places like ancient Egypt and other places around the world to start many of our ancient cultures that we’re aware of right now. These souls that were there, many of them are present right now and they are encountering that same type of vibration that they felt then. Something is amiss, there is darkness present that wants to take over the light. Don’t know what to do. Do you put your warrior of light suit on and go battle? Do you protest in the streets? What do you do? YOU HOLD THE LIGHT! You proclaim and you know with every single cell of your existence that light is stronger than darkness. You hold the line. You ground that light through your body, through your soul into Mother Earth, into the etheric fields each and every day! That light is contagious! When you hold that light that light indeed is infectious! Much more than any dis-ease, much more than any virus on this planet. If you took time, the same time that you’ve been plugging into drama and fear and trauma, how much of the day do you spend on that? Your social media feed, the news, the texts from friends, family members, how much time are you spending on drama and trauma? How much time are you spending on fear? Flip that switch. What if you spent that same amount of time grounding your light, grounding your faith, asking source, show me truth? Show me my next steps, guide me. Connect with your team. Connect with your angels. Connect with those Lemurian elders and ancestors that still exist all around us. It’s time! It’s time to gear up! It’s time to hold the light, hold the line. Don’t lose your faith. Don’t repeat ancient history. The end result here is undecided. Be the change. Hold the line. Hold the light. Establish your faith. Take time each day to do that.

Time to pick cards for the week. Today I am using the Beyond Lemuria deck by Izzy Ivy. Please check out what the cards mean by clicking here,


Energy Forecast with Psychic Danielle Garcia for week of November 16th

This week presents with golden opportunities to heal karma and align with higher consciousness. Are you ready?

We move into the threshold of Lunar Eclipse this week as well as the Scorpio Wormhole. What the heck is a Scorpio Wormhole?

Listen in as Danielle helps you navigate the incoming vibes of this week.

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Good morning, psychic medium Danielle Garcia here with your energy forecast for the week. Today is November 16th. How is everyone doing? Today the Schumann Resonance is 13 the last time I checked, so, not too bad. Last week we did have a couple of hefty spikes that left many people with, oh, lots of headaches. I kept getting many reports from clients and students about headaches, headaches, headaches and I had a couple of migraines myself, so it was not an easy adjustment last week for me with the energies, I don’t know how it was for you. We did have that super new moon come in on Saturday the 14th, which sets a tone and an energy now of release of resurrection of reconnection to truth and it also creates an opening where we have an easier time adjusting to be in alignment with source, if that is our choice, of course.

Schumann Resonance

Today marks the 2-week threshold between now and the 30th of what is called, Eclipse Energy. Our next eclipse is on the 30th, it will be a full moon lunar eclipse, so emotions tend to run high during this period, this 2-week period before the lunar eclipse. Empaths, doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to get triggered by it, but having the knowledge, I truly believe that knowledge is power. I look at these types of things when it comes to astrological information, psychic information, when it comes to forecasting, energy is always changing. Just because mercury was in retrograde does not mean the whole world is going to go to hell, but, it could mean that we have more of a potential, just the same thing when there’s a full moon, people tend to go a little bit more batshit crazy, so to speak as opposed to a day that is not on a full moon. So take these things as a weather report, knowledge is power, so if you know there’s a snowstorm coming in, you’re going to prepare for that appropriately, correct? Think of these energy forecasts the same way. So this 2-week threshold, emotion, emotion, emotion, emotion coming in. This is a time to look for triggers. This is a time to be aware of triggers and when those triggers come through, try your best to take a moment to take a step back.

Knowledge is power
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It’s interesting to me the way that the energy has lined out towards the end of this year. I would say since about September how the veil for me, in my awareness, just keeps getting thinner and thinner and thinner and thinner and thinner and these triggering aspects, when it comes to emotional energy, just keeps getting stronger and stronger and stronger and stronger and stronger. As much as a pain in the butt that can be, it is actually working for highest greatest good, if we allow it to work for highest greatest good. If you keep getting triggered, if that person keeps cutting you off at the stop sign and everytime it happens you just get so angry and so angry and you just get more and more angry and pretty soon you’re the one cutting everybody off at the stop sign! You turn into what you perceive as your worst enemy or as a very bad behavior and suddenly because you plugged into that energy and that vibe so often, you’ve actually adopted that now as your practice. All of these triggerings that are happening are actually happening for us to awaken, for us to acknowledge, for us to see.

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We’re in the kind of karmic cesspool right now, if you will, and for me living in the United States, I’ve been seeing it very clearly over the last 3-4 years. We have so many souls right now that are being activated, being triggered, triggered, triggered, past life, past life, past life of abandonment, past life of control taken away, past life of belittlement, past life of disempowerment, trauma, all of these different things and so that triggering process continues on and on and on and on. Some people recover from the triggers. Some people dive deep and want to figure out why am I feeling this way? I have to take responsibility for my own emotions. I have to take responsibility for my own behavior. Other people get swept into that wave because what we all do, how we think, how we vibe, it affects everyone else. The way the next few months play out, 2 1/2 months probably, it’s going to be very interesting in the states because these triggers will continue throughout the rest of the year on up into mid to late January, so it will be an interesting time here, an interesting, interesting, interesting time.

We are currently in the scorpio wormhole passage, this particular energy of this wormhole is going to stay with us, I believe, until January 12th, which is when the capricorn new moon comes in. So, what is scorpio wormhole? Well, it’s an energetic space where emotions are easily felt, wounding is easily connected with, healing and manifestation can be instantaneous. The veil is incredibly thin. I mean, just like I said, the veil, to me just keeps getting thinner and thinner and thinner and thinner. I have people in my personal life as well as I am hearing about through clients and students who are hardcore naysayers, there’s no afterlife, there’s no spirit, there’s no this, there’s no that and they are actually having paranormal experiences which I find incredibly interesting. This wormhole also allows our unconscious minds, our higher selves and our conscious minds to truly connect on one level, like no other time frame this whole year has had. If you are in to trance work, if you tend to go out of body when you’re feeling off, be careful because this wormhole effect, the dimensions, the other realities, the parallels are so incredibly accessible. I have no problem doing trance work, hey, I sometimes spend more time out of body than I do in, but when I do it, just because I’ve had some very crazy experiences, I want to do that in a way that’s very shielded, I want to do that in a way that’s protective, so just be careful. If you’re one who tends to, BOOM, go out of body because you feel uncomfortable, the next few months, just be careful. This is just a heads up that that’s a lot easier to do right now.

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What else do they want me to talk about? Karma clearing is also huge during this whole wormhole process. Don’t be surprised if you get flashbacks, don’t be surprised if you get deja vu, don’t be surprised if different nightmares start coming forward replaying experiences that you’ve had this lifetime or other lifetimes. Now is a time where all of this stuff is just coming up and coming up and coming up and YES, is it uncomfortable, 100%. Is it fun, NO, it’s not. Is it necessary for us to get to where we want to evolve? Sure, if that’s your choice. This is an opportunity for incredible soul evolvement, for incredible healing, for incredible release. It’s just a matter of looking at it that way. My guides look at this scorpio wormhole as kind of like Alice in Wonderland going down the rabbit hole. She does it in a curiosity kind of way, but she learns a lot in the process. She has to deal with her own fears, she has to get through the process, she has to rely on her gut instincts, she has to see through the darkness, Note to SELF, see through the darkness, not everything that presents itself as light is light. Use your discernment. This is a golden opportunity to release and heal karma that’s been building up on a soul level for countless centuries and lifetimes. The next 2 1/2 months is an incredible golden opportunity to do that. If you’re someone who likes to dive deep and wants to move through the crap, this is a great time to do your work. Whether it’s journaling, whether it’s soul retrieval, whether it’s reiki, whether it’s theta, whether it’s counseling, whether it’s hypnosis, whether it’s huna, whatever your bag of tricks is, whatever resonates with you, this is a great time to let that shit go!

Now, we’re also heading into holiday season and ugh, covid season pandemic rears its ugly head again, please, please, please, those of us that tend to gravitate towards the vibe of depression, this is not the time to isolate, this is the time to reach out. This is the time to ask for help. This is the time to connect. This is the time to get outside even if it’s just in your backyard. This is the time to connect with family, with friends, with people online. Don’t allow this possible emotional overload and the holiday season and pandemic and fear-mongering to drag you down into that hole because you’re worth something. We are all worth something. We are all created in light. We all walk this path together. Not one single soul is alone, not one of us. We’re here to get through this time together. Please remember that.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, there is a meteor shower coming, so those of us who tend to gravitate towards insomnia and have issues with sleep, prepare for that because that tends to rile things up, meteor showers do. Sunday, the 22nd, we will end the post shadow of mercury retrograde. YAY!!!! This one has been a real bear for a lot of us. It’s time to pull cards. Today is from the Magical Dimensions deck. To see what the cards say, please click on the link and like and subscribe.

Destiny, Attachment and Breakthrough…….

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Energy Forecast for week of November 9th with Psychic/Medium, Danielle Garcia

Mercury is Direct and in Scorpio. Are you feeling emotionally overwhelmed? You’re not alone. Mercury’s positioning with Uranus creates a vibration of secrets to be disclosed and full truth to be revealed.


We are heading into pivotal vibes of 2020. These energies feel reminiscent of the times before the undoings of Lemuria. It’s time now to align with Faith and reject the old archetypes of greed and fear.

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Good morning, psychic medium Danielle Garcia with your energy forecast for the week. Today is Monday, November 9th. We are just moving and grooving all the way to the end of the year! How’s everyone doing? How’s everyone in the US doing with our big election results, non-election results. There’s been a lot of upheaval over this last week, not just in the US, but in the rest of the world.

Vibrationally speaking, we’re at a disharmony and I think it’s important for us all to really focus on the light, to focus on truth. Over the weekend we had a lot of different spikes with the schumann resonance causing many different headaches, out-of-body experiences, aches, pains, etc., etc., etc. Right now, knock on wood, we are vibrating at a 16. So YAY!, that’s low, so we should be able to take that energy in, however, my guides are telling me we’re in it for the long haul. There’s going to be a lot of fluctuations still throughout the week. Remember, YOUR energy is YOUR responsibility no matter what’s going on in the rest of the world around you. The same way the weather changes, it’s our responsibility to react appropriately. If it’s raining, hailing, snowing outside, we’re not just going to walk outside with no protection, we’re going to suit up, we’re going to grab our umbrella, we’re going to grab our galoshes, whatever else we need. Think of your energy field the same way. Movement is important, balancing, hydration, good foods, everything in moderation. I don’t think many if us can stick to non-gmo, totally organic, vegetarian, tofu, whatever you want to do. I think it’s extremely hard to stick to a pristine diet, but I do believe with raising the vibe of the food as well as everything in moderation it can be extremely helpful for our bodies.

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Mercury has gone direct. Whoo-Hoo!!!! Back in scorpio. What’s scorpion season about? Emotion! It is about emotion, emotion, emotion, emotion and emotion. Mercury right now is opposite Uranus. These planets create the vibe of tell-all, see-all, withhold none. It is about, even as I say that, I’m getting chills everywhere. It is about secrets coming forward. It is about truth coming forward. This week is all about clarity. Diving deep and asking the questions. Why? How? Who? When? Where? It’s about stepping into your own gut, into your faith. No matter what you hear, no matter what you see, no matter what is thrown in front of you, really taking a look and seeing, does that feel right? Does that really feel right? Do I need to look someplace else? Do I need to research this? Do I need to step away from it? Do I need to disconnect? Do I need to cut the energy so I can really evaluate on my own how this feels?

Careful, careful, careful because along with clarity comes a lot of emotional triggers and a lot of emotional reactions. We’ve been seeing a crap ton of that this month. Look for more of that. We are well into scorpio season and it’s going to continue. Now is the time to clear old archetypes. Now is the time to clear old belief systems. Now is the time to clear old ancestral damage, wounding, blocks, etc., and it’s all coming up. This is like healing crisis on steroids and crack so if your emotions are being taxed, if your immune system is being suppressed, that’s your body and your energy and your spirit’s way of saying, Hey, c’mon, where’s the self-care here? You’re responsible for your body. You’re responsible for your mind. You’re responsible for your emotions. You’re responsible for your energy and if things are out of balance, that’s your cue, what am I lacking? What do I need? What do I need to let go of? We talk so much about covid as this world pandemic and this world virus that is killing millions and setting our economy back and so on and so forth. What do we do as responsible people to take responsibility for our own health? Well, health is multifaceted isn’t it? You can’t just take a vaccination, you can’t just take an immuno upper and expect it all to work. It’s multifaceted, it’s not just about what we ingest into our bodies, it’s about what we ingest into our minds, into our hearts, into our spirit, into our fields. I worked for doctors a lot when I worked in San Diego and it would amaze me. We would have the same type of patient come in with the same affliction, both 47 year old males. They both break their arms. One decides, yeah, I am going to get better, I am going to follow this protocol and the other one likes to wallow in it, kind of like, well, damn, I broke my arm, it sucks, I am not going to be able to go back to work and the physical therapy is ridiculous and blah blah blah blah blah. Well guess who got well faster? Guess who healed faster? The one who believed in it. The one who went into fear, took about twice as long for him to heal and quite honestly, after that happened, he was really never the same after that. YOu could go in and say, 2 different people, 2 different medical histories, etc., but it really boils down to our belief, it really boils down to what are we telling ourselves because all of those thoughts, all of those energies, all of those poor me’s, victimizations, entitlement, positivity, negativity, whatever it is, they create our existence. As you create your existence, you’re creating the existence and affecting everybody else around you. Just the same way, if you’re infected with the virus and you’re coughing and hacking and spitting on everybody else, well guess what? You’re going to infect everybody else as well. Something to think about.

Where’s the mind health going on? Where’s your thought health going on? How much are you truly using your intuition? How many times a day do you ask, show me truth? Only truth. Creator, source, show me truth! Show me what I need to know. Show me what I need to see. Show me what is for my highest best good. It’s time to take ownership, it’s time to take responsibility for your thoughts, for your beliefs. Not just what you’re reading on mass media, not just what a meme on facebook says, not what a feed on twitter says, SHOW ME TRUTH! Show me reality. Show me, creator God, what I need to know and can you hold on to that? Can you have faith in your intuition and in your gut because times are changing quickly.

Big downloads are coming in for a lot of different healers, a lot of different channels and a lot of different spiritual teachers. The vibe and energy right now on the earth is very reminiscent to what it was towards the last days of the fall of lemuria. Now, I don’t take that very lightly. I don’t, I really really don’t. I am not a doomsday psychic. I am not someone who is expecting the apocalypse to happen, I am not expecting the end of the world to happen, but I am concerned, I will tell you that. I am concerned because you know what happened in those last days of lemuria? Everything was light and bright, everyone working for community, everyone connected and then one person, ONE PERSON, fed off the negativity and fed off the evil and fed off of the greed that came in from a realm of darkness and that spread like a virus because that person, took in another person, who took in another person and they all adopted a belief that was never in the vibrational harmony that was lemuria and suddenly, things changed just like that, just like that, just like that, things changed. Well, we have the possibility of that happening, of things really changing drastically for our humanity. I’m not talking about volcanoes and all the rest of this, the apocalypse, I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about on an energetic vibrational sequence. These things can start to change. When you come to a fork in the road, are you going to go into the darkness or are you going to go to the light? Are you going to embrace fear or are you going to embrace faith? It really truly just boils down to that. Fear or faith? Take a stand. Take a choice. How do you get out of fear when we’re being hit with it, however, bazillion times a day? Well, you ask creator, show me truth. You shine your light brighter. You know, you believe, you hold on to the truth, that you are a child of God. You are deserving of light. You stand with others who embrace the light and the faith and that is how you denounce evil and that is how you release darkness.

Throughout my 25+ year career of clearing things, I used to go into it with kind of a badass attitude, Ok, I am going to go in and get rid of this entity and I’m going to send this demon to the light and I’m going to do this and I’m going to do that, well, you know what? It really took a huge hit on my health. So now, on the occasion that I need to clear something, it’s not about let’s bring out the badass warrior, no, it’s about I’m going to shine my light so freaking bright that it’s going to burn away any darkness near me. No matter what it is, dark e.t., demon, entity earthbound, whatever. I’m going to call in, I’m going to ask for my assistance, I’m going to ask for my guides, I’m going to ask for my vaiku, I’, going to ask for my team, my angels and so on and so forth, but if something dark comes close to me, it’s not about me going toe to toe with it anymore, it’s about me bringing in creator energy and shining that so bright that it burns any negativity, any lower vibrations, any darkness, away from my field and away from my existence. It’s a pretty easy concept that I urge all of you to try.

So, going forward, embrace the light. We’re moving into huge huge times of change. A couple of dates coming up, November 14th is going to be the new moon. More emotions coming forward, more secrets being revealed. December 14th is the solar eclipse, big pivotal day for 2020. You could probably say that 2020’s energy is all moving towards this eclipse. It’s a big doozy and how this shakes out is how we decide that it shakes out. If more of us on this planet are in fear than in faith then duck and cover people, I don’t know what else to say. Solstice is coming up on the 21st so we’ve got a lot of planetary stuff moving forward. I’m not saying all of this to freak you out, I’m saying this to give you knowledge because miracles happen overnight, miracles happen in an instant, If we all believed all at once that we’re good to go and that faith and truth and light is the highest vibration in existence, if we all believed in that, even if 51% of us believed in that, imagine the changes we could make instantaneously, but as long as we allow ourselves to be controlled by fear and by dark forces and to be influenced by those who, much like the times of lemuria, are focused more on greed and more on gain and more on darkness then we’re going to be basically in this spiritual warfare for quite some time. The veil is incredibly thin so please remember, once again, shield, clear, protect. Do this on a daily basis if you are one who is very sensitive to energy.

Danielle is pulling cards today from Dark Mirror by Laura Sava. To see what the cards say, please click here,

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Energy Forecast with Psychic/Medium, Danielle Garcia for the week of Oct 26th, 2020

The theme of this week is Communication – how you communicate with self, with others, with the Universe, your body and so on. What are you ready to shift and release in regards to communication? The veil is becoming thinner this week as Halloween draws near. A Full Moon influences connections to the other side. Dreamtime and visitation from loved ones on the other side is powerful. Listen in as Danielle helps you navigate the energies coming in.

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Hi, psychic medium Danielle Garcia with you energy forecast for the week. This is for the week of October 26th. Can you believe it? We are almost through the whole month of October. Wow, it seems like it was just here and now it’s just going out, but yet it feels like it’s just dragging on, or is that just me.

Mercury Retrograde makes me feel like time is slowing down, just kind of slow. Sometimes slow and deliberate, sometimes like you are walking through tar, but anyway, lets tap into those energies.

How is everyone feeling? The Schumann Resonance has been spiking like crazy this week. Lots of people with sleep issues, over, over and over again. If you find that that energy flare ups keep happening with the Schumann Resonance, its always a good idea to do your grounding practice. lots of inhalations, a lot of breathing exercises helping us to release those tensions. Energy is energy is energy and we reside on Mother Earth, so when Mother Earth changes her vibe and changes her energy, of course we’re going to react and those of us who are empaths and sensitives, well, we’re going to freak out a little bit more so than the average Joe, so to speak. So hydration, grounding, breathing, energetic movement is super awesome during flares like that so think yoga, long walks, qigong, tai chi, something along those lines can really really help us to balance out.

The closer we get to All Hallows Eve, Halloween as it is called, the thinner the veil will get. I’ve seen a lot more spirits, both good and bad over this last week, so my vibe and my guts telling me, I’m just going to have more of the same. For those of us that have the ability to sense spirit, which I believe we all do, some of us are just more conscious of it than others. It’s a good reminder for us to be in our good habits. If something doesn’t feel right, it’s not. If something feels wrong, it is. Trust your gut, trust your gut, trust your gut. It doesn’t mean you have to be on high alert for the big, bad, dark, ugly, it just means that your awareness is up to snuff. Make sure that you are doing your shielding practice, make sure you are doing your protection practice, make suer that you are balancing things out. If you suddenly feel your mood shift and change, if you suddenly feel something going on physically, do a check in. Ask your higher self, is this mine, is this something else? What do I need to do to release this? Is this positive? Is this negative? How is my body reacting? Be consciously aware because there’s lots and lots and lots of energies going on this week.

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Communication is the theme of this week. Oh, yeehaw, especially super wonderful during mercury retrograde because that’s usually when communication can get out of balance and off kilter, so this week’s theme, communication, it’s not just how we communicate with other people, it’s how are we communicating with source? How are we communicating with our higher self? How are we communicating with our bodies, our cellular structure. How are we communicating with animals? How are we communicating with Mother Earth? How are we communicating with the universe? How are we communicating with energies? So, vibration is vibration is vibration. Our thoughts make impact on everything around us. If we’re high vibe, if we’re low vibe, if we’re even kilter, whatever that is, that sets the tone for our communication. So really take a look and evaluate how you’re communicating. Are you communicating clearly? Think about how you’re communicating with your physical body. If you’re sitting here griping about, oh, I feel like crap, I feel like crap and you’re taking in your 3rd snickers bar and its your 4th cup of coffee for the day, how do you think your body is perceiving that communication of what you’re ingesting? So just evaluate that, take a look at it. This is a good time to break old habits. When it comes to communication, this is a good time to release things that have served you, served your highest greatest good in regards to communication and relationships.

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This is also a great time to adopt new practices, to heal old wounding, to cut energetic cords and threads with communication efforts and energies that haven’t panned out so well before. With this weeks’s theme of communication you can also get triggered in regards to old behaviors and old patterns that may flare back up again just to show you hey, how’s this working, this is something that doesn’t feel so great, doesn’t feel so wonderful. It’s time to cut those cords, send it packing, kick it to the curb and have it move back on. Have that awareness that communication is going to be even a larger theme than it normally is in mercury retrograde and that has a lot to do with the other four planets that are in retrograde as well as the full moon coming in.

We have a full blue moon coming in on Halloween, on Saturday. We all know how the moon’s energy puts people in a little bit of batshit crazy mode when it turns full so interestingly enough we have a portal opening up to the veil. the veil is getting thinner for Halloween. We got a big blue moon coming in and mercury retrograde, something to think about. Again, it doesn’t mean we have to be scared or in fear that the monsters are going to come out or anything like that, it’s just being aware. So full blue moon on Halloween night. What are your plans? What are you going to do? This is a great time for manifestation of what you want for the rest of the year. How do you want things to play out?

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This is also a wonderful time this week for clearing and cleansing. Great time to clear your home, great time to clear your business and yes, think about clearing your vehicle. Think about how much time we spend in our cars, the conversations we have, the influences we have, bad traffic, altercations, people cutting you off, great moods, listening to your tunes, car dancing and all the nine. We express a lot, we release a lot, we experience a lot in our cars and many times people forget to clear their cars and I’m not talking about clearing out the fast food trash from your car. I’m talking about bringing the sage out, I’m talking about putting some cool high vibe crystals in place. Think about doing that this week because it’s a great great time for clearing, cleansing and purging. If you do all that before the full moon and then you start setting intentions on the full moon, you’re setting yourself up for clear success. When we don’t do the clearing and purging and then we do our manifestation, rituals, rights, ceremony, intentions, affirmations and so on and so forth, it’d just a little bit bumpier, it’s just a little bit heavier, it’s not as easy to get to the end result. So think about clearing, cleansing, releasing. Clearing you home, clearing your business. You can do that with sage, palo santo, holy water, whatever your thing is, there’s so many ways to clear. If you need any help with that, you can always check out my Facebook page and look under notes. I wrote an article years and year and years ago about space clearing. It’s super easy, super simple and wonderfully powerful.

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What else do they want me to say? Lots and lots of dreams this week and because of this energy coming through because of Halloween and the veil being so thin, don’t be surprised if you’re getting dreams from loved ones on the other side this week. This is wonderful opportunity for visitation for them.

Alrighty, card draw time, I am pulling from The Halloween Oracle by Stacy DeMarco, one of my favorite decks to use this time of year. I really love Halloween, it’s one of my favorite holidays and always has been. I really enjoy the vibe of this deck. To see what the cards mean, click here.

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Energy Forecast with Psychic/Medium, Danielle Garcia for week of 10/19/2020

What’s coming in this week?

SCORPIO SEASON!!!! Hang onto your light, Empaths, because digging into Shadow is upon us. The Sun moves into Scorpio season and we are still in Mercury Retrograde. We’ve got meteor showers and soul alignment to boot, so this week promises to be super charged with energies of release and healing.

Are you ready? Listen in, as Danielle assists you in navigating the vibes of the coming week.

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Good morning, this is psychic medium Danielle Garcia with your energy forecast for the week.

How is it going? Happy Monday! Today is October 19th, 2020. Can you believe we are already past the halfway point in October. This year seems to have either dragged on or sped up, I’m not quite sure, it’s kind of been a …. well, I won’t say, I won’t mention the word of what I think it’s been this year, but it’s been chaotic and confusing and revealing and healing and amazing all at the same time, so let’s just dive right in.

As I checked the Schumann Resonance this morning, we were vibing at a 14. Not too high, had some spikes over the weekend lots of clients and students have reported to me sleep issues, dehydration, headaches, etc., etc., etc., so hydrate hydrate hydrate. Ground. Grab your oils, your stones, get outside and connect with nature. Right now it’s very important to connect with sun energy. Get some vitamin D and get some breathing. Get out from behind the computer, get out from the trials and tribulations of schedules and social media, etc., etc. Get outside, get out in the sun. Give yourself a break and a rest and soak up some of those good vibes and just get some one-on-one time with you and mother nature, it’s so incredibly important.

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So, what’s coming in this week? Well, Scorpio season is upon us, which means deep deep work. Scorpio’s, which I am one, my birthday’s coming up November 14th, we tend to be a little bit brooding, very intuitive, sinking into looking at the things at a deeper level, so when we hit scorpio season, it’s all about digging deep, diving in, taking a look and when you dive deep, it’s not necessarily into the negativity and the darkness, you can dive deep into your potential, your opportunities, your light, your gifts, your intuition. It can be all sorts of different things, but the big thing here is, what is it that you wish to accomplish? When we’re in Scorpio season, especially in the midst of mercury retrograde, it can be like poking the bear and the universe is basically saying, hey, hey, how’s that working for you? Those thoughts that you’re having, that criticism, that judgment, that pattern you keep repeating, may not be working so great for you. What can you learn from it? How can you grow? How can you move on? When we keep getting triggered and triggered and triggered, that’s not fun, is it? Why not just take a look and see where this trigger is coming from, where’s this core issue? What’s going on? The sun also moves into scorpio right now so that means it’s lighting up the darkness, it’s lighting up shadow, it’s helping us to move forward. Super Awesome because who wants to be stuck in those dark bits. It pulls us forward to take a look at those old beliefs, those false fault forms, those old behaviors that don’t really work for us anymore. Let’s embrace this light of the sun, shining light into shadow and into darkness.

Theme again for the rest of this month, release, release, release, release, especially this week. Let that be your mantra. What can I let go of and what happens when we release? Well, when we let go of that old crap, guess what? We make room for higher vibes! Bigger better brighter, so embrace the release, embrace letting go, let the light in. Where are you looking for the light and are you looking for the light because if you’re caught up in conflict and drama and trauma, which, hello, we’re human, we do it. No one is innocent of that by any means. When we get caught up in that, it’s hard to see the light and we get stuck and we get stagnant and we get pulled down, but when you allow that light in, when you start looking for that light, it allows that beautiful higher vibration to shine energy into those places where we could benefit from healing and from release.

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I recently had a client ask me, what is shadow work? Shadow work is a big big subject to think about and this season of scorpio has to deal with working with shadow. We’ve had several different phases of astrological energy throughout the last 6 months where shadow keeps coming back up again. It’s a repetitive theme. I really truly believe that the universe is trying to get us all to look at those darker parts of ourselves so we can let it go and not only bring in more light into our lives, but ground more light into out human species. Ground more light into our community. Ground more light into our consciousness. Ground more light into the universe itself. When you look at things from a higher perspective, it can feel icky and gross and yuck, but it’s actually working for bigger better brighter higher things, highest greatest good. Even when we go through a healing crisis, you might feel detoxy and pukey and headachy and all of that, but those are those toxins moving out so you can benefit and become stronger and become healed. So bouncing back to shadow work and I’m sorry they got a lot of stuff going on in my head this morning and It feels like I’m talking a mile a minute to myself, but apparently there’s a lot of stuff to say. DEEP BREATH! No, I am not over caffeinated believe it or not, these are just my guides. Ok, back to shadow work. What is shadow work? Shadow work is looking at core wounding. Shadow work is looking at a lot of inner child stuff. Where did we gain our belief systems or our thought processes about that we’re not worthy. Where did we lose our expectation that things should go right for us? Where did we let go of that connection completely to source that allows us to bring in creator full complete total 100% that connection? Where did we bring in doubt? Where did we learn the word NO? Where did we learn that we were stupid, fat, ugly, irresponsible, all of those negative connotations that may have been placed into our consciousness that we adopted for ourselves and that we have claimed for ourselves? Shadow work is also looking at ego. Where does our ego fit in all of this? Where are we judgemental? Where are we critical? Where are we arrogant? It’s looking at those different things and it’s being able to learn the lessons from them. What spurned you to act in that certain negative matter? What spurned you to embrace an ideology that someone placed upon you? When you go back to those core issues, you can take a look at it and say, hmmmm…… do I want to hold onto this? Is this really mine? Can I find forgiveness for myself? Can I forgive this other person for saying these things to me? It’s deep stuff, it’s not something that you want to just say, oh, I will do a little bit of shadow work today for 10 minutes. No, you need to be in the right frame of mind and the right vibe to do it.

This month, the rest of October into the first two weeks of November, great time for shadow work. Again, not for everybody, but if you’re willing to just take some baby steps through it and stick a toe into the water, so to speak, it can be incredibly revealing. It can be incredibly healing and incredibly satisfying.

This week is also a big week for dreams. So pay attention to your dreams. If you’re trying to focus on something, bring through a message, set intention. Wednesday, orionids meteor shower is coming in which is a huge burst of energy. It truly aligns with the pineal gland. It aligns with soul work, so if you’re looking for answers in regards to your path, in regards to health, if you’re looking to amp up your intuitive abilities, your psychic sense, Wednesday is a really really really great time to do that.

So, let’s draw some cards in regards to the energies of this week. Since we are moving into scorpio season and doing shadow work seems to be a theme, I chose Dark Mirror Oracle cards for today. I know they are not the fairy or angel cards or anything like that, but again there’s a lot of messages to be learned from shadow. So what cards were chosen, click on the link to see their meaning,

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Energy Forecast for week of Oct 12, , 2020 with Psychic/Medium, Danielle Garcia

Are you ready for some intense vibes this week? Allow Psychic/Medium, Danielle Garcia to shine the light on what you can expect for the week of October 12th. CHANGES ARE COMING! A Gateway to Spirit, An Alignment with Mars and the Sun and HELLO, MERCURY RETROGRADE! Let Danielle navigate these energies to prepare you for the week ahead.

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Good morning, today is October 12th and I am psychic medium, Danielle Garcia with your energy forecast for the week. How’s everybody doing? Are you getting ready for Mercury in Retrograde? A lot of empaths and sensitives just totally withdraw and freak out because of mercury retro and there’s many different things we can do to counterbalance those energies so I’m going to be talking about that today.

First off, the Schumann Resonance, not so bad, I mean we’re not hitting spikes of 72 or 129 like we have before in the past, but just because we’re at the part of galactic energies that we’re at, even these small fluctuations can have empaths and sensitives taking a heavy hit. Many people have reported headaches, dehydration, edginess, anger, exhaustion and so on and so on and so forth. I’d love to tell you this week we’re kind of done with those feelings, but things are really going to rev up, just plain and simple.

Today, a gateway to spirit is opening. This is a wonderful time for connection. This is a wonderful time for realigning with your higher self. Take advantage of the energies TODAY! Why do you want to do that? Well, of course, we want to be more grounded, we want to be able to run our energy better, we want to be able to anchor that higher self vibration into the physical body and we want to be able to tap into that doorway that fully and completely connects us with source. This is a gift. TODAY is absolutely a gift. Whatever your spiritual practices, yoga, meditation, channeling, automatic writing, simply going within, whatever that it…….. do it, do it, do it, do it AND do it because this is preparing you for the rest of the week.

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Tuesday, mars moves to a position where it is closest to earth. In fact, the earth is going to be in direct alignment between mars and the sun, so what does that mean for us? Well, mars is all about authenticity, merchants of mind body and soul and being accountable. The sun represents force, it represents strength, it represents influence, it represents clarity and in the midst of all of that stuff going on, guess what? Here comes Mercury Retrograde. Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, lots and lots of stuff getting stirred up. It can be, if you don’t prepare for it, it can be a shit show, there’s just no other way of putting it. So, what do you do when these energies are coming forward? Do you run? Do you get your blankie and your bottle of vodka and go hang out in your bed watching Netflix 24/7? As tempting as that may sound, these energies come forward so that they can stir stuff up, so that we can release, so that we can be triggered, believe it or not and we get to decide, okay, how does this feel? Is this something I want to hang on to? Can I learn something from this? Is this so comfortable for me that I’m just going to continue to go into the chaos and the drama and the trauma and the overwhelm? Well, it’s a choice, right? So, prepare. Know that people are going to get triggered. Know that this is going to be a full moon on crack. Know that people are going to be edgy, most likely aggressive, bitchy, snarky and tired. Many people who already have sleep issues, might have more sleep issues, really funky dreams, etc., etc., etc. Think of this as a psychic weather report! If the weatherman tells you, hey dude, there’s going to be 6 feet of snow today, you’re going to prepare for that, right? Or, it’s going to be raining today so guess what? You leave earlier for work. You make sure your tires are ok, you make sure you have plenty of gas and you make sure you drive the speed limit or maybe just a little bit under the speed limit, so knowing that these energies are coming in, PREPARE, do you spiritual practice every day. Do something for release, whether that’s writing and burning, going for a run, working out at the gym, meditating, praying, saying your affirmations, reciting mantras, phoning a friend, booking a session with your therapist, whatever that can be for you, make sure you do some spiritual practice every day.

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That is above and beyond between what you do outside so far as connecting with clients, family, co-workers, community, etc., etc., etc., so do your spiritual practice everyday. Take care of your body. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Get to bed on time if you tend to have issues with sleep like I do. Do something proactive, take a salt bath, take some melatonin, diffuse some oils, listen to a sleep track, whatever that might be for you so that you’re already preparing, just in case. Remember, just because these energies are coming in doesn’t mean that it’s the end of the world, doesn’t mean that you have to go hide, it means there’s a potential for things to go a little wonky, right and things are already kind of wonky already because of pandemic and politics and so on and so on and so forth, so PREPARE. Do your spiritual practice, take care of your body, make sure you are doing some kind of a grounding practice everyday. Again, whether that’s yoga, reiki, going out for a walk, something that I do that’s really simple and easy is I just lay on the floor. If I’m at a park I’ll go lay out on the grass, put a blanket down, lay on the grass and connect with mother earth. If I can’t do that because here in Vegas it tends to be pretty hot, even this time of year, I’ll just lay on the floor in my house and I’ll connect with mother earth. I can even do that in my office building if I have to and just imagine those roots coming down through me and connecting with mother earth to promote grounding.

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Breathing, breathing, breathing, breathing, breathing. Breath work is so incredibly important. We have these big, beautiful auras and if we are not shielding and protecting and staying in our own power, we’re absorbing and all the crap is coming in and coming in and that is weakening us. That can come into the physical, that can come into the energetic field, that can come into the chakra system. Imagine taking a breath in through the crown, holding that breath in the crown and exhaling out through the crown and then imagine taking a breath in through the third eye and exhaling out through the third eye. Go down each and every chakra of your main 7 and that can be a form of release as well as a form of reflection and a form of grounding.

This is not a time to pick a fight, it’s not a time to call up your ex and rehash things, it’s not a time to have it out with your co-worker because they are really pushing your buttons. Allow yourself to move through things, preparing for them. I always like to have a goodie bag around times like this, so things that will make me feel better. I always have something tuned in on my phone, so far as some type of sound healing that I can listen to. I have a few different songs also cued up on my phone. If I’m having a crappy day, something that lifts my vibe. If I ‘m super angry, I have an angry song so I can feel all that anger and release it release it release it! I have a sad song on cue as well so if I need to cry it out, I can cry it out with that song. Moving around dancing to those songs is also incredibly healing and releasing and balancing as well. So I have those cued. I always have different things right next to my bathtub, whether they’re cbd bombs or whether its epsom salt, a milk bath, different things like that so I don’t need to go hunt for it. I always have my belgian chocolate on standby as well as I like to have different oils around that make me feel in balance. Lavender is a great one for me. Frankincense is another good one for me, that helps my headaches tremendously and I also like to keep certain stones nearby. Kambaba Jasper is my go-to so far as grounding. Kyanite for releasing for cleansing for getting the goop, the negativity away. Red selenite to keep the bad guys away and rose quartz as well as I like to keep a herkimer around and my super awesome wonderful lemurian. So think about those things that make you feel better, think about those things that can be in your go bag. In your go-to bag, not go like you need to leave, although it could be tempting, but you know, just prepare. That’s what this is about. We’re going to get through this together. I find it very interesting that mercury retrograde, the last day, is on election day here in the states, so we’ll see how that all works out. Just having faith and trust, that all is working for highest greatest good. It’s also an interesting time just to be the observer, especially Tuesday, Wednesday. Look around in your communities, kind of see what’s going on, look in your relationships, your family, your job situation, your friends. See who gets triggered, see what things might come up. Check out the news from time to time and see what different things are going to come forward so far as what’s coming into our society. It’ll be interesting.

Card draw time from the Magical Dimensions Deck. To see what Danielle picked, please click on this link, and do not forget to like and subscribe so you can see each and every time Danielle posts.

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Weekly Forecast and Call to Lightworkers – Channeled by Psychic/Medium, Danielle Garcia 10/5/2020

Ready to prepare for this week’s vibes? The energies are changing as Pluto goes direct and Pre-shadow of Mercury Retrograde continues. Danielle introduces you to some techniques for seeing truth and connecting with your guides.

A Channeled Message, A Call to Lightworkers, comes through the Angelics in this week’s video as well. It is needed and necessary to bring forward light upon this planet. Listen in to hear what is said in this powerful broadcast.

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Hi, psychic medium Danielle Garcia here. It is October 5th and I’ve got your energy forecast for the week. Oh, wow, lots and lots of vibes going on in my office today.

Interesting week last week, right? How do we get through the full moon and Schumann Resonance spiking from a 7, to a 10, to a 20, to a 50, to a BOOM, 71? Lots of us were feeling the effects of that last week. Today, when I just checked the Schumann Resonance, which happens to be the heartbeat of the earth, I highly recommend you google this, if you are an empath and sensitive like me, that is affected by these different changes, it’s something that I track, It’s crazy and I would not have believed it if I hadn’t felt it myself and for me, it’s like another puzzle piece fitting in. If I know that the Schumann Resonance is spiking and I’ve got a headache and I am feeling lethargic then I know it’s time to do some balancing. I know I need to do some grounding. I know I need to stay hydrated, which obviously are things I should be doing anyways right, but anyways, when I checked in this morning it was an 8! Super Awesome! Not a lot of fluctuations, so easy peasy, knock on wood, at least for now.

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Today, Monday, Pluto is going direct. Pluto brings a lot of different things to our awareness. It can definitely trigger those shadow parts of ourselves that we’re not always willing to take a look at and while Pluto has been in retrograde, it’s kind of been poking that bear. Did you see it? Did you feel it? Did you sense it? How’s that feeling? How’s that feeling? How’s that feeling? For some of us that do internal work, work on ourselves, work on our spirituality, work on our emotional mental state, we can take that as influence of, Oh, I need to dive a little bit deeper, I need to look at this, I need to hold myself accountable. I need to realize, yeah, I’m not perfect and I can learn a lesson from these shadow aspects of myself and learn to do better, learn to shine brighter, learn to be that better person. When we are poked, as they have said, when we’re triggered, if we don’t take that platform and look and see and sense and feel okay, what can I learn from this, what is the gift in this situation, we can go into victim mode and we can retreat. We can regress. We can start pointing that finger, oh, well if it hadn’t been for this and if this person hadn’t done that, if my job hadn’t sent me home, if my parents hadn’t yelled at me, if I wasn’t allowed to do this, then I wouldn’t be where I am today. Well, how’s that really work? You can only point that finger of blame so many times until it’s got to turn around. Sometimes during a lifetime, we never have that understanding. Sometimes we’re constantly looking outside of us and blaming and giving our power away really because if you point that finger to your parents or your significant other or job or your country or your leader or your God, if you’re pointing that finger and saying, oh, that person, that entity, that location, that perception, that experience has so much power over me that it changed my entire life and made me weak and insensitive and brought this shadow aspect of me on and made me act inappropriately or made me behave badly or made me be negative, who are you giving your power away to, right? You have 100% of your power, 100% of your time. YOU can choose where you invest that. YOU can choose who YOU give that away to or YOU can stay grounded and YOU can keep your 100% for yourself, not in a selfish way, in a selfless way. You can 100% of the time be connected to breator, be connected to source. You can 100% of the time choose to bask in the glow of your greatness, or not. You can point the finger at everybody and anybody and blame them for your mental state, your emotional state, your physical state, your spiritual state, but it doesn’t get you very far.

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Another thing that Pluto has triggered a bit, when these bits of shadow and these bits of things that are not congruent with light, let’s just put it that way. When you’re not choosing to either be victim or become healed or work on those issues, we can move into the stagnant space of depression and it can be, when I feel that energy within myself, it can be just thick and gooey and tarry, almost like I am walking through quicksand or something. That energy, it’s just like groundhog day, you just keep living that ick over and over and over and over again. As we’re moving out of Pluto retrograde, don’t be surprised if you’re triggered in a big way today in regards to shadow issues or things that make us feel not so great and wonderful. Remember, if that happens, you always have your team to call on and it can be simply done with your intention. Something that works very well for me and that I set intentions with every day is connecting with my team, that’s what I call them. There’s guides, there’s angels, there’s light beings, there’s loved ones on the other side that I work with and I will simply sit down in a chair, sometimes I lay down on the floor, lay down on my bed, the couch, whatever makes you happy and I will do some breath work first, just to release any tension in my body and then I will ask for them to gather around. Now, in my mind and with my intention, I imagine them in a horseshoe formation around me and then I ask for them to send me as much high vibrational light as my body can process easy and gently. Now, the 1st time I did this, I didn’t use those words easy and gently and it was just a boom, like a blast of energy and I felt so good and so wonderful for about 2 or 3 hours and then I crashed, like I had 6 cups of coffee earlier. So you want to make sure that you mention that my body can process easily and gently because many of those energies that are on our teams have not inhabited a physical body before so they just don’t know, so if you say blast me with energy, boom they are going to bring it on. So I will do this and as I am receiving that energy, I will also set intention. Help me to see truth, help me to see what I cannot see, help me to know what I do not know, help me to embrace truth, help me to digest truth, allow me what I need to see this day for my highest best good and when I’m doing that, I am connecting with their energy, I’m doing it on a high vibrational frequency, so that intention is ingrained in me, it’s a wonderful way to start the day. Then when I encounter different things, like social media bulls*it, drama, chaos, the crap that seems to be going on during the pandemic, it doesn’t trigger me like it would have had I not set that intention.

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When I come across different things, whether it’s parts of my shadow or whether it’s other people showing their shadow, when I’m coming at it from that intention of help me, allow me to see truth, show me truth, show me what I cannot see, show me what I need to know for my highest best good, I can come at things from a higher perspective and that helps me stay out of that stagnancy, icky, gooey, depressive state as well as it helps me to stay out of victimhood because I am only as weak and vulnerable as I allow myself to be. It’s not because someone posted something on social media, it’s not because somebody is being hateful. People can be how they want to be, right? It’s a freewill planet, but I get to choose how I react to all of that. I can just be completely pono, I can be completely even keel, balanced. Oh wow, you’re spitting out your drama today, awesome, good job or I can get pissed off and angry and incensed and just, oh I can’t believe they’re doing that, I can’t believe they’re doing that, well, guess what? What happens to my 100% of my energy then? I am no longer vibing at 100% for myself, now I am giving away anger and I am giving away rage and I am giving away overwhelm, so now, maybe my 100% is down to 70, maybe it’s down to 60. Who knows, you’ve got to think about where you’re at, you’ve got 100% of your energy, do you really want to devote it to anger and overwhelm and chaos and drama and upset? Screw that, life’s too short. Why not just be freaking happy? You can’t vibe on a high vibrational frequency when you’re getting pissed off, it’s just impossible. It’s physically impossible, it’s energetically impossible and vibrationally impossible. The more you keep your vibe even keel and just let things bounce off of you the easier life is going to be, granted, we are human, thank GOD. We’re human and we get to experience all of this duality, good bad right wrong or indifferent. It’s not about being a master and not feeling and vibing at such a high vibrational frequency that you never encounter anything of a negative nature, it’s learning from those dips into negativity, it’s learning from shadow, it’s learning from darkness and it’s getting those gifts, those learnings, those lessons and incorporating it into your understanding and into your awareness so that you can become more evolved as a human being and as a soul because really isn’t that what we are here for? It’s not to point a finger, it’s not to suffer, it’s not to sacrifice, it’s to figure it all out. Wow! What a concept.

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Now, normally I would do a card draw right now, but I’ve got a lot of information coming in, so with that being said, I’m just gonna let go and release and allow a channeled message from the Angelics. Now, I normally channel Arch Angel Jophiel and she’s brought in a few friends apparently. So they’re just calling themselves the Angelics. I am feeling the shift in the energy right now and I’m just going to give you their message for the week with those intentions, I release.

Dear Ones,

There is a call to all of us in the universe, there is a call to all of you upon your planet, there is a call to all of us who bask in the glow of light. This is a message to the lightworkers upon your planet. Now is the time, dear ones, dear souls, you brave beings who have chosen to be here in this exact moment in time and space. It is time dear ones. It is time to awaken and to own your light fully and completely. It is time to heal the wounding that has existed within you. It is time to rise above your physicality, your limitations. It is time to know your greatness for your light is most needed. These things that are going on upon your planet are pivotal, they are not only pivotal for your earth, but they are pivotal for your universe. What is done, said, enacted and activated upon your planet affects us all. Affects all of the light. There is a war, there is a battle among you and we know you can feel it, you can feel it in your energy, you can feel it in your soul, you can feel it in your very existence within each and every cell that creates you. Now is not the time to run in fear, it is to embrace truth, is it to embrace faith, it is to embrace light. As you embrace your light you are like a beacon to enlighten and to light up the pathways for others to remember who they are. Where there is light dear one, there can be no darkness. It is time to activate your light. To bring it into the ley lines of your earth, to give healing to Gaia so that she may continue to protect those who walk upon her, those who partner with her. There is much resistance to light upon your planet now, we have not seen this since ancient, ancient, ancient times. Do not let the darkness overtake you. The next 3 months these 90 days are pivotal for your existence. For your mindset, for your very heart. We speak these words to you not to engage fear, but to give you knowledge, to empower you. You know as the souls that you are that you are eternal, but you have come to this place, at this time, to release karma, to release old wounding and to generate a new vibrational frequency for healing. It cannot be done until you accept your truth. Shine bright each and every day! Embrace the soul that you are, embrace your connection to creator. Take time to practice these things each and every day and you will be stronger and you will heal faster and you will be complete. Now is the time for light to overcome. The warriors of light are among you, just as the rest of the light in the universe is cheering you on, supporting you, walking with you. We are your greatest allies dear ones. Know that you are not alone. And so it is.

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Have a blessed week.

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