Intuitive Angels Certification Program

Intuitive Angels Certification Program

Are you interested in learning more about your intuitive sense?  Would you like to strengthen your psychic abilities?  Do you want more abundance and clarity in your life?

Then these classes may be just what you’re looking for!


We offer a Certification Program in the Intuitive Arts that covers:

* Angels and Arch Angels

* The Chakra System

* Angel Manifesting & Empowerment

* Mediumship

* Channeling

* Advanced Angel Reading & Tools

To become certified through the Intuitive Angels Program, all six classes must be taken and a certification test passed at the conclusion of these classes.   Once the test is passed, students are given a certificate of completion of the program showing their understand of the course and the teachings of Danielle Garcia.  Classes may be taken in person or online.  Each class is four hours making a total of 26 hours of study.  Students will be given the opportunity to practice their skills at an open forum in person or online.  

Here are some of the benefits of taking these certified classes:

Low cost training for an exciting new career

Useful tools to add to your current modality or practice

Improve upon your personal intuition to assist you in life decisions

Learn amazing methods and connect with things you thought were not possible

Become inspired and learn to inspire others

Personal access to your teacher and mentor, Danielle Garcia, along with 30 day follow up support after completion of certification

Open a world of knowledge you never knew existed

Classes in the 6-week certification series:

Angel & Arch Angel Workshop

You will learn:

 How to release blocks and self heal with the assistance of the Angels/Arch Angels

How to tap into your intuition, open 3rd eye

How to connect with your Guardian Angels and receive messages from them

How to do and give an Angel Reading

Chakras Workshop

You will learn:

 How to read the body’s energies
How each chakra works and where it is located
How to balance and heal the physical, emotional, and spiritual   levels
How to use tools (crystals, stones, pendulums, sound) to assist the healing process

Angel Manifesting & Empowerment 

You will learn:
 How to call in Angelic guidance to support your intentions
How to manifest everything you want: money, health, love, peace, life purpose
How to use Angel Empowerment in your life
You will receive an Angel Empowerment healing & meditation

Mediumship Workshop

You will learn:
 How to connect with loved ones from the other side
How to communicate with spirits
How to protect yourself and establish discernment
How to do give a Mediumship reading

Channeling Workshop

You will learn:
 How to open connection to the higher realms
How to raise your vibration to receive 
channeled messages
How to channel Angels, Masters, Goddesses, 
and more
How to conduct a channeled reading

Advanced Angel Card Reading  & Tools Workshop

You will learn:
 You will learn to give a professional card reading
We will cover individual blocks and concerns
Danielle will help you work through any fears

Classes May be Taken Individually or as the Certification Package

Available in Person as a Six Week Series or as a Three Day Workshop

Available ONLINE 24/7 – Learn at Your Own Pace on Your Own Time

Danielle is available for teaching outside of Las Vegas


For More Information, Contact Danielle at, by phone at (702)376-2726, 

or on the website at

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