Connecting With Danielle

Danielle Garcia is a dedicated Intuitive, Medium, Channel, Spiritual Counselor and Author.  She first realized her ability to connect with other realms at the young age of three when spirits began communicating with her.  Her intuitive sense increased as later in youth she began seeing energy and developing her strong empathic abilities.

Danielle has had the high honor of working with incredible teachers such as Elisa Cullaty, M.A., MSW, Cheryl Johnson, Cht, John Livingston, M.A., and Steve and Barbara Rother of Lightworker.  She is a licensed Minister and Metaphysician, Reiki and Zenith Master, Crystal Therapist, and Overlight Facilitator in Spiritual Communication, Inverse Wave Therapy, Medulla/Pineal Activation, Sexual Energy, and Spiritual Psychology.

Danielle also has created her own modality, Dimensional Connection, and has written the book, “Angel Blessings – A Collection of Channeled Messages From the Angelic Realm”.  Her articles have appeared in the magazines: Spectrum, Energy Exchange, and Children of the New Earth.  Danielle has recently co-authored the book, “What You Need to Know to Live a Spiritual Life.”

Danielle’s featured segment, “Angel Blessings” has been a part of the Virtual Light Broadcast.    She communicates with the Angelic Realm to bring through messages and guidance.  By using her gifts of Mediumship, Intuition, Channeling and Counseling, she assists others on their spiritual journey.  It is her divine purpose to empower others and through teaching, she instructs others on the purity and power of Intuitive Development.

Danielle is available for private intuitive, energy, and spiritual counseling sessions.  Other services she provides include:

•House blessings & clearings

•Deathing/Transitioning – assisting loved ones to cross over

•Angel Parties

•Speaking Engagements

*Classes and Intuitive Development Certification

Would you like to learn more about Danielle?  Here are some ways to do just that:

Visit Intuitive Angels

Read her personal Facebook Page

Check out her Ezine Articles

Find Danielle on You Tube

Discover her on LinkedIn

Tweet Her on Twitter

Read her book, “Angel Blessings, A Collection of Channelings from the Angelic Realm”

Read the book, “What You Need to Know to Live a Spiritual Life”

Danielle can be reached through email at

or by phone & text at 702-376-2726

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