The Lesson in Dis-ease ~ Channeled Message

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The Lesson in Dis-ease

(Channeled Message)

Dis-ease is something that occurs when a soul is out of balance.  Keep in mind, when I use the term “soul” I speak of all levels – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.  And to call forth an even greater ideal, if a soul is out of balance, then is indeed the Universe?  Or are we all finding our way through perceived chaos? Something to think about.

There can never be an illness or dis-ease present within a physical form without some type of energetic and emotional connection.  Some accidents and injuries result as a repeat of past occurrences in prior lifetimes, clearing of karma, or as lessons to now complete.  Many illnesses result as a vibrational pull due to low self-esteem, insecurities, and even fears.  The Universe will always respond in like kind, so be aware of what you’re thinking and projecting.

When caught in the midst of dis-ease, how do you find your way out?  Where do you start to gain your balance?

It is most important that you look at the totality of balance.  Balance occurs on all levels, for if one is out of kilter then it affects all.  Work from the outside layers inward to come to the highest resolution possible.  Most times, people will work at the physical level and the physical level only.  This is merely treating the end result and not getting to the core issue that caused it.

Spiritual – sit with the question, “How does this dis-ease affect my Spirit?” What answers come forward for you?

Are you angry at your god?  Do you feel unworthy of good health? Does this imbalance cause you disconnection from your Spirit?  What have you not expressed? What kind of false beliefs are you invested in? And most importantly, what kind of Spiritual work will make you feel better?

Mental – sit with the question, “What makes logical sense about this dis-ease?” How do you answer this?

How did I get it?  Where did it come from?  Who else had it that I know?  What patterns am I learning from it?  What is the solution?  What do I think about myself now that I have it?

Emotional – sit with the question, “How do I REALLY feel about all this?” What insecurities or fears come forward?

Allow all the emotions to play out.  Express them.  Feel them.  Embrace them no matter how much they hurt, how loud they are or how ugly they make you feel.  And when you’re done, pat yourself on the back.  You are strong.  You are still standing.  Good job.

Physical – sit with the question, “How has this impacted my physical body and my physical life?” What comes forward when you think of this?

Are some of your answers things you’ve been avoiding?  Are there issues in your life you did not want to face and the dis-ease and imbalance give you cause and affect not to face them?  Can you make a connection between the physical discomfort and the issues you found in the spiritual, mental and emotional areas of your life?  What physical activities bring you comfort and happiness?

There are many steps to finding balance in this life.  It begins by looking into the perceived areas of darkness and shining light upon them.  Your perception of lack is not something to shy away from.  It is something to focus on, to delve deeper into so that you may see the TRUTH and find the lesson within.

If you cannot see these things for yourself, reach out to friends and support systems to help you through these steps.  You will find your balance.  You will find your release and renewal.

All is possible.


From Danielle – I have to mention:   After this message came through and I read it, I immediately asked my guide how she could take such a simplistic view of such a horrendous subject as dis-ease.  To this she replied, “It is my higher perspective that allows me such simplicity.  When you become attached to the ideal that dis-ease is real and runs rampant in your life then you reinforce it’s power and strength.  See this as a simple solution and it can be a powerful change for you.”

Her words made sense.  They rang very true for me.

Infinite Possibilities. Infinite Perfection. (A Channeled Message by Arch Angel Jophiel)

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Infinite Possibilities.   Infinite Perfection.

(channeled January 12, 2015)

Dear Ones,

Again, it is my distinct pleasure and honor to be with you all this evening, to feel your hearts, to be in the presence of such power, such beauty, and such spirit.  It is a playground, if you will, to me, to see the joy, the peace and the love and the light that exists within you all.

For you are BRAVE, Dear Ones. You are courageous.  You are one of the few in an infinite amount of souls on the other side who said yes, I volunteer to be human.  I volunteer to come down to a place, a plane, this Earth,  where things are dense and I will fit into this vehicle called a physical self and I will forget about home.  I will allow a veil to be placed over my eyes and over my heart.  And I will learn the duality of good and evil.  I will learn the duality of love and hate.

But I will still choose LOVE.

And through choosing LOVE I will recognize my own light.  As I vibrate at that frequency of light that veil will begin to thin.  I will remember home.  I will remember the soul and the strength that I am.  I will remember my truth no matter who tries to dim my light.  No matter who tries to tell me otherwise.

There are many trials and tribulations going on in your world now, going on all around you.   And it is time, Dear Ones, for you to truly see your light and embrace it. So much fear is present in your world right now.  There are those who are evil who are pushing the boundaries and limits of fear for this is what feeds them.  This is what makes them feel powerful.  And they will try to distract you.  They will try to displace your focus and your concern.

Let me tell you Dear Ones, evil does not care what color you are, what religion you are, what your gender, your faith or your sexual preference is.  Evil affects all if we allow it.

Dear Ones, where these is light there can be no darkness.

Do not feed into the fear of those who want power and control.  See them for what they are. Band together as the Lightworkers that you are and create waves of light within this Earth plane and indeed within the universe.  This battle has been going on for eons of time especially since the creation of planet Earth itself.  Time and time again Lightworkers have won and continue to win.  Light Warriors stand up tall against the darkness.  I say these things to heed you, to give you warning.  It is not to place fear within you, but to let you know your strength, and your power and your greatness.  It is time to OWN that greatness, Dear Ones.  It is time to take the leap of faith.  Time to stand within that joy.  To stand within the love that you were created in. To know that you are worthy.  This is your birthright, Dear Ones; to live in a world of harmony and peace and joy; to be safe; to not feel threatened as you walk down a street or worry about where you may travel to.

 You, yourselves, with your minds, and with your hearts can create a world of harmony.  For as you shine your light brightly, as you believe in your light, as you embrace your truth and your soul, you illuminate the path for other souls themselves.

Imagine if you will, someone close to you being in a state of fear, and you illuminating your light so brightly that they remember their own.  It is like a wildfire sparking and continuing on. You are fanning a flame so that others may remember their own truth and their own light.

These children that are upon this planet right now, they are old souls.  Some call them crystalline, some call them indigo, some call them rainbow.  These are Light Warriors, Dear Ones.  Light Warriors who have been around since time began.  They have been illuminating their light.  They have been shining brightly so that others recognize and connect to their own spiritual truths, their own core essence of the soul they are.  These children are here for reasons.  Deep seeded reasons.  If you think of the story of Lemurian crystals and how the people of Lemuria planted these seed crystals all over your planet to be found again, so records and  memories and that history can be rediscovered – I tell you these children carry this same philosophy, have that same essence, that same meaning and reason for being here.

They are activators.  For when you connect with these children, they cause you to remember WHO you are.  They activate the vibration of home within you.  You see their strength.  You see their wisdom.  And you want more of that.  You want to see that within yourself.  They mirror that vibration back to you, so you not only remember the childlike innocence, and playfulness and joy that is truly inside of you, but you remember the light of Home and you recognize it inside of yourself.

Treat these children well, Dear Ones.  For those that are labeled autistic and ADHD are some of the most dimensionally connected humans upon your planet.

It is so important to bond together and release the judgment that you have, not only for others but most definitely about yourselves.  There is a standard in which you criticize yourselves.  When you belittle yourself, or when you compare your successes, or your failures, or your appearance, or your health, or your finances to someone else you are pulling your energy down.  That is not a way to raise your vibration.

If you think of yourself as the God-Self that you are, would God criticize you?  Would Mother/Father God come and tell you that your body is anything less than perfection?  You ARE perfection, Dear Ones, absolutely.  You have a beauty that exceeds any words that I could ever come up with.  That beauty is not just within your physicality, it is within your light, your heart, compassion, your understanding, the way that you treat your fellow man.  THAT is LOVE.  THAT is NOT belittling.  That beauty is not pulling away from your self-esteem or your self-worth.

I would urge each of you to allow yourselves to feel whatever feelings you are encountering at this time.  If that is sadness, allow yourself to cry.  Release it.  Let it go.  If you are grieving, if you are angry, if you are happy, if you are joyful – allow that emotion to express within your physical self.  So much illness is present because those emotions are stuffed into a container somewhere within your physical self.  This manifests as DIS-ease and imbalance within your body.  Wherever these is dis-ease and imbalance your energetic patterning and energetic field cannot flow, cannot flow correctly.  Think of a river that runs very clear, and very fast and circulates. When you cast doubt upon yourself, when you allow this dis-ease or imbalance to manifest within the physical, you create a dam within this river.  Blocks are created within your physical and energetic system that may create a backache, a headache, an earache or even things like cancer, seizures and other diseases within your body – they all have an emotional connection, an energetic connection and a spiritual connection.

It is important to realize when you get an ache or a pain within your body to connect with your heart, Dear Ones.  Ask your heart, why is this happening?  What emotion is this tied to?  Think about where you were when you first started feeling the discomfort.  What was the incident right before the pain came on?  Obviously, sometimes accidents happen and cannot always be avoided.  But the majority of the time, the dis-ease and imbalance within your body has an emotional and energetic connection.

I urge you to work at keeping your systems clear and grounded.  The more that you can do this, the more light you hold within yourself and the more light you anchor here upon this planet.

Together we can shine so brightly.  So brightly.

It was always the intention, as souls first came to this planet, to create Heaven, Home, here on Earth.  There have been times when we have achieved that vibration on this planet.  It is possible once again.  It is possible within your lifetime.  Anything is possible, Dear Ones, if you set your mind, your heart and your soul to achieve it.

2014 , The Year of Power – Channeled Message from the Arch Angel Jophiel

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2014, The Year of Power

Channeled Message from the Arch Angel Jophiel

The following is a transcript from a channeling I did on January 10th, 2014 in Las Vegas at Enchanted Forest Reiki.  The room was full of amazing people and energy.  As I connected to the Arch Angel Jophiel, this beautiful message about the upcoming year came through:


Dear Ones,

It is indeed a great honor and a great blessing to be with you this evening.  This start of a miraculous new year.  And I use the term miraculous not lightly, for there are many miracles in store for each and every one of you.  The past year has been one of turbulence for so many.  It has been a way of weeding out what has not worked.  Many of you have gone through trauma, through turmoil, through your relationships, through your businesses, your careers, your finances.  You have said goodbye to those you loved so dearly and to belief systems and truths that you held so closely to your heart.  This has been a way for you to realize what no longer serves you.  Not to cause you distress or sadness or grief, but to figure out what you really embrace as your truth.  For were you not to weed out these different things that no longer worked for you, you would not know your heart.  You would not know the strength of your soul, of your spirit.  You would not be closer to understanding your mission and purpose for this lifetime.  This is a plane of duality, Dear Ones.  You learn not only by the light, but you learn by the lower vibrations as well.  Those of grief, of sadness, of loss, of negativity.  These are all valuable lessons and you each have chosen to be here on this plane of duality and experience all of these different emotions, all of these different lessons, because you have that strength within; because you are that light within.  Not every soul comes down from Home and plays human, Dear Ones, only the strongest do.  And though you may ask yourselves, “What did I sign up for?”  Inside, in your heart, in that space where the spark of Source and Creator resides, you know full well why you signed up for this.  You know your purpose.  You know your strength.

Each and every one of you come to the lesson of light as you chose to inhabit this physical form.  You choose your struggles.  You choose the ones that you connect with around you. Though seemingly, it may seem not as if you made these choices and yet you have.  For even within the greatest tragedies and traumas come the most valuable lessons and gifts.  This is the year where thinking shifts more to seeing the gift in all things than seeing simply the trauma and the tragedy.  This is the year where perception changes and you truly embrace that higher view of why you’re here.  And when those things come up and when you face those catastrophes and when you face that chaos, you will have the wherewithal to step back. Pull back from the emotion of it, take a deep breath and center, and realize this is merely an experience.  This is a phase.  This is an opportunity.  This is a lesson.  This catastrophe, this trauma, this turmoil does not define who I am.  It is merely an experience.  And as you each know, each experience to you is a drop in the vast ocean.  For you are all souls having a human experience.  This is not your first dance upon this planet, Dear Ones.  You have incarnated many times.  You have learned many lessons before and have various missions and purposes which you have fulfilled.

 Because of the heightened vibration and energy both on this planet and within humanity as a species, you will connect to a greater degree to your soul and its totality.  So when you begin hearing the voices seemingly coming from nowhere, seeing the shadows out of your peripheral vision, having visions of your own or very vivid dreams that you can’t seem to explain, realize that these are all pieces of you.  These are different aspects of your soul.

And as you come into this time of 2014, this is the time where you merge with your soul and all its different pieces; all its different aspects and parallels that reside in different dimensions.  It is a choice.  You can choose to actually feel and sense all of your different parallels, or you can choose to just have the awareness. But either way as your vibration raises, those indications from all of your other senses you’ll be feeling it, you’ll be smelling it, you’ll be seeing it, you’ll be tasting it, you’ll be knowing it.  So know that these changes, and many of you have already felt them; you’re either feeling them now or they’re very closely on their way–they are here to aid you.  They are not here to cause you further distress.  They are here to be used as a tool.

If I were to give you an analogy of the human heart, there are many different vessels within a human heart.  There are many different atriums within a human heart.  You are going from an aspect of merely operating on one valve in a heart and to this year using it full force.  Think of the possibilities, Dear Ones.  Think of the amazement that lies ahead of you.  The places of joy that you will reach.  The different things that you will be able to sense and feel and manifest.  And because your vibration is higher, because the frequency upon this planet is higher, your manifestation skills and abilities are also heightened.  Be very mindful of your thoughts, Dear Ones.  For when you wake up in the morning and you look at yourself in the mirror if you say you are poor you are indeed poor.  If you say you are unhealthy, you are indeed unhealthy and that affirmation is a command to the universe and in a frequency such that you are vibrating at, it becomes your reality in an instant.

Be kind to yourself.  Treat yourself with the compassion that you treat others with.  I do not understand when I look, and I feel, and I sense every single one of you how you could see anything other than perfection.  You are created as a god.  You are created as the spark of Source.  How could you not see that as beauty and light and wonderment?  That is all I see and sense in this room.  And if you take but one thing home with you tonight, I pray you take that with you.  That you are indeed a spark of Source.  You are indeed a bright light worthy of all the love in existence in the entire universe.  We on the other side watch you in wonderment.  We watch how you are these beautiful vast beings of light, these amazing souls that you are, and how you fit into a very tiny, tiny vessel.  It is amazing to us how you pull a veil over your eyes because you agreed to and that you forget the wonderment of Home.  You forget your vitality.  You forget your ability and your power and your light.

It is as if there is a door blocking you from your own connection to your soul.  And I ask you to open that door.  Don’t just put a foot in.  Open it wide open.  Allow that light to fill you.  For there are portals, there are vortexes opening, allowing that energy to rush through on this earth plane right now.  So many things–if you listen to your media, if you listen and you watch your TV programs or your newspapers or your internet–are telling you how terrible the world is around you.  And there are reasons for things failing right now.  It’s because the system never worked in the first place.  It’s because you are awakening.  You are remembering your power, your strength, and your light.  And you are putting that firm boundary on the ground and saying, “No more.”  How wonderful is that?  And again I remind you to look for the gift in each lesson as these different programs and these different systems will be in upheaval.  And if you were merely to look at it with your analytical mind and your logical thinking you would go into fear.  But if you step back and you merge with that heart space, take the deep breath, and call all of your soul in, you will realize the gift.  You will see the lesson and you will be able to step away from the split second firing of fear that is such a human emotion.  This is the year of taking back your power, of being within your power—calling it in to its full degree.

There’s so much light ahead of you.  So much healing will occur this year, both physically, mentally, spiritually.  And as each of you step forward and receive this healing and this understanding, you create that space for everyone around you.  You create that space for Mother Earth herself and what a beautiful gift to give–believing enough in yourself to shine your own light so that you affect the lives of others.  Isn’t that why you’re all here?  Wasn’t that the agreement on the other side before you decided to play human? You were going to do the best job you could possibly do, not just move through the motions, but to truly shine.

The energetics that are set for this year are very reminiscent of the times of Lemuria.  The times when we all worked together side by side–angels, masters, humans, souls, spirits, light beings, animals, minerals.  We all worked for the greatest good of all.  The ego didn’t come into play.  We opened up our hearts to connect with one another to be a supportive force for each other.  To join and merge our own light and our power together.  To assist one another, hand in hand, side by side, heart to heart.  The energy frequencies are so similar to those of Lemuria.  Other galaxies within our universe are watching, are assisting, are adding their light, are adding their love and their power and their intention to help and assist you to manifest something wonderful.

You’ve noticed how your technology has changed really within the last few years.  How things seemingly can happen in a split second of time and how time itself has changed.  This all has to do with your perception, how your physicality takes in this energy, how your mind and your brain function.  I would ask you also to please listen to your bodies for they are becoming attuned to this energy.  As they attune to this energy there will be some things to work out.  Just as in the past year you have gone through different ways like a roller coaster ride—things that worked for you, things that didn’t work for you, releasing things from your energetic form, releasing things from your relationships–now you will find that your physical self also has to integrate that higher vibration.  You might find physical symptoms that seemingly come from nowhere, that you can’t explain, and that a doctor cannot explain.  Feel your own bodies.  See where those blocks reside.  If you’re getting a physical reaction there is an emotional and a spiritual reason for that.  Go into quiet time.  Connect with your heart.  Ask for your guidance, your higher realms, your angels, your guides to be around you and offer you assistance.  Connect with the Earth for she has always been there to heal you and to help you and to assist you.

This is also a very wondrous time of bringing forth the divine feminine to a higher frequency and a higher level than it has been on this planet in centuries.  The divine feminine, which resides in all of you, both male and female, is about nurturing.   It’s about compassion, but it is also about beginning.  It is also about rebirth.  It is also about power and protection.  This will also be very prevalent in the coming year. ….

Thank you all for coming here this evening.  We are all gathered here by choice, not by coincidence.  The energies that each of you bring have created this space.  The light that each of you shines has created this beautiful experience and I am blessed and honored to be a part of it.  Thank you so much.  And so it is.

The Magic Within You ~Channeled Message

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I was guided to channel a message last Friday night at a Spiritual Circle.  Here is what came through:

Dear Ones,

It is a grateful blessing to all of us who gather here with you this night, this moment.  For indeed there are many of us.  We have waited in anticipation for this moment, for you to call us in.


We are a collective energy from the other side.  Just as all of you are collective energies in your own right, you are all part of the All That Is.  Each of your hearts connects with one another.  Each of your souls connects with one another, just as you connect with us. We are each the same.  And isn’t that beautiful?  And isn’t that amazing?  And isn’t that magic?


Magic-what an interesting term. For many things can be called and described as magic: love, light, manifestation, abundance.  There are so many things that fall into this category.  The thrill and excitement of anticipation is quite magical in itself.  Each of you is created with the vibration of magic, for magic is in creation itself.  It is that Spark of Mother/Father God that resides inside your heart that speaks to you, that is the light itself in which you were created.  Its magic, and Dear Ones, that is you. You are a beautiful, magical being of light.  And it is only when you lose your way that you begin to doubt that fact.  It is only when you play into the ego-mind, that cynicism, that doubt, that you cloud your judgment of the magic that is within.


Let us remind you now of that beautiful spark of light within you.  Take a deep breath, Dear Ones, connect with that Spark of light inside you and allow it to glow.  Visualize what that is inside of you.  Give it a name, a color, a vibration, a frequency, a feeling, a sound – it doesn’t matter.  Just connect with it, for that is the magical part of you that is inside and also exists inside everyone else in existence. 


As you connect with this magical part of yourself, this Spark of light that is you, it creates a doorway for you to connect with that same Spark of light within others.  It is much like a web of light. It is much like the stars within the galaxy, how they connect through constellations, how they create different patterns within the night’s sky.  So being, for you as well connect with your own light, with your own frequencies, with your own magic.


Magic is very powerful, Dear Ones.  It is not about trickery.  It is not about illusion.  It is about truth.  It is about the truth of who you are as a soul.  You are not merely a human being.  You are a soul playing the role of human in this very moment and in the past as well.  It is magical indeed, for you come into this world seemingly forgetting your connection and your spark.  But through your experience, through your life as a human you come into different realizations and remembrances about home, about that Spark inside you, about the magic.  And you begin to remember your truth.  And you begin to connect with your soul, to know who you truly are, to feel your own power, and to realize that you are never alone. 


You are not small, Dear Ones.  You are greatness.  You are light itself.  And indeed, isn’t that magical as well?  As you go about your day and the self-talk comes into your mind of doubt, of worry and stress, we urge you to step back, take a deep breath; connect with that Spark that is inside that is you.  Remember the magic that you are and how you were created, how you constantly are in every moment.  It is time to wake up from the dream, Dear Ones.  It is time to own your power.  It is time, once again, to practice the magic that is you.  For as you stand in your own light, you spread this light to others.  And that, indeed, is magic as well. 


Remember who you are.  Trust and know that in every moment there is light all around you.  Each and every one of you is connected to all of us.  We are each the same.  We each vibrate at the same frequency of light that resides inside that spark that is you.  You are the all that is.  You are Mother/Father God, for this is how you are created and this is how you will always be.  Trust in that, Dear Ones, and don’t be afraid to practice the magic that is you. 


It has been a great joy coming through to you this night.   And know that we believe in your magic. 


And so it is.  ~*~

To hear the recorded version of this channeled message, visit–channeled-message–love-magic or catch my podcast on I-Tunes at

What I Didn’t Want to See…


What I Didn’t Want to See…

Sensing Spirits and Angels can be absolutely incredible!  Being able to connect people with their loved ones on the other side is also very rewarding and healing.  Some of what I see and sense is not comfortable, and has taken some getting used to.  Some of it I will never understand and there are those instances when I will put up the barrier and down right demand that I not come into connection with certain energies.

Here’s a recent experience I’ve been dealing with over the last few days:

I was in the shower (and water is a great conductor of energy, btw, so some of our greatest visions and connections will happen around water) and a flash of a scene played out in my head. I saw a young man I connected with years ago. His face was vivid and clear. In the next instance I saw him on the floor, looking like he was passed out. Then I saw his soul leave his body. All this happened in a matter of moments. I hadn’t seen him in years. I was not close to him, had no way of contacting him, so I brushed it off. Just a weird flash of energy, I thought. Nothing more, nothing less.

Well that’s what I thought….until days later I heard through the grapevine that this man had died. He had died a sudden death, collapsing and being found hours later. The news saddened me to my core. It’s not that I felt responsible, for I know there was no way of me preventing this. I was sad because he was so young and such a beautiful soul with an amazing heart. The kind of guy that would literally give you the shirt off his back. I couldn’t figure out why I had the premonition. I don’t want premonitions. They make me feel helpless. It’s one thing to question if a certain event will happen and it’s another to be handed the information, whether you want it or not.

Years ago, when I had my first premonition, I was about 6 or 7 years old and I saw the death of a family member before it happened. That continued, and with family members I seemed to be accepting of it. Then ten or twelve years ago, I was sitting at my computer and I was shown a very intense scene – a father and son were washed away by a flash flood. I saw their bodies under the overpass, I got the name of the street. I felt the pain of their last breaths, the overwhelm of the Dad knowing he couldn’t save his son, the pressure as their lungs filled with water. I wrote the vision down and the next day looked up the street name. It happened to be in a town where a father and son were missing. They later found the bodies near the overpass of that street.

I was mad! Why on Earth would God give me this information if there was nothing I could do? I didn’t want to feel people’s deaths…I didn’t want to experience their pain. What was I going to do, call up a police department in Tim Buck Two and say oh, by the way, I was having a vision and this is what I saw? Who would believe me? Even I was second guessing my sanity.

A short time later I was asked to tap into a missing child’s case.  A friend has asked for my input.  I took the young girl’s photo and connected with her energy.  I saw her in an open field and she was playing.  Then I saw a man approach her.  He lured her to his car where he did terrible things to her and later killed the child.  I stopped the scene was it was playing out.  It knocked me off kilter.  I didn’t want to see this, didn’t want to feel it, and couldn’t separate my emotions from connecting with the evil coming from the man and the helplessness of the child.  It made me physically ill.  I threw up.  I had an anxiety attack.  It was more than my soul could bare.

I decided to make a pact with God, my guides and my Angels.  I had the big pow-wow.  I outlined what I was willing to do to be of service – energy work, shamanic travel, reading, connecting with the other side to bring through information to assist others.  I told them I would slay the demons if need be and remove dark entities from people, homes and spaces.  But what I would NOT do was allow my abilities to be used to see into situations I could offer no help or assistance.  I did not want to see things in the future that were beyond my control and I did not want to be involved in murder cases or violence against children.  I had to set my clear boundaries of what felt right for me.

Since that time, I’ve never had an issue.  One big pow-wow, the boundaries were set and I thought it was all good, at least up until a few days ago.  Why was I getting this information?  I wasn’t asking for it, that’s for sure.

So tonight, I sat down with Arch Angel Michael.  I wanted answers.  I wanted to know why our “deal” was broken.  What was the greater lesson here, cause all I was feeling was sadness and helplessness.

Arch Angel Michael’s response:

Dear One,

Breathe deeply, for I know you are upset.  This has rocked you to your core.  It makes no logical sense so allow me to show you the light within the situation.

When you first connected with this man, you saw his light.  You felt his heart.  You saw the passion for life within him and within the work he brought to this world.  You experienced his greatness and this energy was imprinted in your mind.  Though you had no personal connection with him, he impacted your thoughts on life, on humanity and on the light that can exist within a human form.  You literally came into contact with his soul that day.  You made that strong of a connection with him.

When he left this world, you felt that as well.  The days that came before his exit point, as a soul he was pondering his demise, going over the issues of being complete with his lesson and path.  You FELT THIS.  You felt this soul that touched your life contemplating his death.  It was merely an awareness coming into your consciousness.  It was nothing more and nothing less.  Just as we are all one, part of the All That Is, you felt the decision in the works for him to leave his human body and step completely into the light.  You sensed the change in energy and vibration.  Do not take this as a bad thing.  It is not negative.  Look at the amazing gift this man gave you – the ability to see a soul, to feel a heart, and to see light within motion.

Do not grieve the loss or the suddenness of the experience.  Celebrate the way one soul touched another.  Celebrate the realization and confirmation once again that the soul is eternal.

We are all one in the same.  We are of the same light, created with the same unconditional love.  Understand that as a soul you have the opportunity to touch the lives of others just as this man has touched yours.  He impacted you because you chose to be open to the experience.  You chose to open your heart and your eyes to truly see him in his entirety.  How could that be anything less than a miracle?

Allow yourself to see the light in this, my Dear.  Let go of the false belief that this was a bad experience.


Well, put in that perspective, how could I view this as anything less than a gift?

We really don’t know the impact we have on others.  I spent less than a few hours time with this man, and yet he’s brought a profound awareness into my life.  Think of how you impact others.  When we take the time to be aligned with who we really are, we shine our brightest.

I am grateful to have connected with such a beautiful spirit.  He is much loved and forever imprinted upon my heart.

Are You Ready to Let Go? (A Message From Arch Angel Michael)

letting go

Are You Ready to Let Go?

( A Message From Arch Angel Michael )

Are you willing to let go of the false beliefs you cling to so tightly?  Are you ready to break free of the mold you’ve patterned yourself and your behaviors to exist within? Are you ready to CLAIM and LIVE your GREATNESS?

You have a calling.  That calling is to be the authentic you, the one that resides within your heart.  Your authenticity knows not of stress, prejudice or anguish.  The authentic you is the God/Goddess within you that knows with all the certainty of the Universe that you are worthy of love and joy beyond imagination.  To embrace these truths and this authenticity is to walk the path of ascension and understanding.

You read of others who have walked before you – the Buddha, the Christ, the Magdalene – what qualities did these human beings embody to achieve the level of light and power they personified?  What about them was different, and can all human beings exist in this same vibration?

Those whom you refer to as Masters and Saints had the inner knowing of their light and worth.  Not only did they acknowledge this and live within their light’s full frequency, but they also accepted it fully and completely.

This is the key.  This is the magic wand that will open the doorway to prosperity and abundance.

When you exist within a vibration of lack and fear, it is not in accordance with the inherent beacon of unconditional love that radiates inside your very heart, and indeed within your soul DNA structure itself.  When you downplay your strengths and capitalize upon your perceived weaknesses, you deny the very existence of Creator within you.

Why deny what is rightfully yours and the most incredible loving part of your being?  If you are born with green eyes, yet wear brown contacts, are your eyes still not green?  There is no running away from the truth.  You can disguise it.  You can stretch it to suit your fancy, but the truth always remain intact.  You are a being created in the likeness of all that is light and all that is pure and holy.  The energy and spark of Creator beats within your very heart.

To refuse the light that is you means you will encounter many opportunities to change your perception.  Situations will present where you will be tested and presented with experiences that can allow you to embrace the truth and release the falsity that you cling to.  These things happen not to punish you, but to act instead as lessons to teach and guide you.

And such is the duality of spirit living within physical form; the self-deception that you are separate from Creator, that God does not exist within you but instead in some far-away place that is unreachable or too difficult to access.

We are all one, Dear Ones.  There is no separation.  We are of one heart and created from the same vibration of unconditional love.

Accept this as truth.  Know it within and you will never be without.

Life is Like a Cup of Starbucks…


Life is Like a Cup of Starbucks…

Not too very long ago, I was taking some much needed, “ME time” and using a gift certificate I rec’d for my birthday at a local spa.  As I laid on my stomach, head in the head rest, I anxiously awaited zoning in on Zen time and floating off to La-La Land.  The therapist began the massage and I waited for my mind to shut down and go into peaceful silence.

And I waited.

And I waited.

And I waited.

My thoughts went to my to-do list, then to all the things I’d been avoiding.  You know…those things you overlook because you’re so distracted with everything thing else you ARE doing?  As my mind continued on the hamster wheel of could of, would of, should of, I instinctively called on my guides for assistance.

“Please help me find the off button for this freaking overwhelm,” I intuited.

Within seconds, the Arch Angel Jophiel was at my side.  A peace and calm came over me.  I knew I was in good hands (TWO sets now, in fact).  She began speaking to me in her soft, yet oh so powerful voice.

“You know,” she said, “Life is like a cup of Starbucks.”

Starbucks?  White mochas?  Pumpkin spice lattes? Caramel Frappaccinos?  The hamster wheel of ongoing overwhelm stopped.  She had my full attention.

“Your cup of Starbucks can be anything you want.  You can add flavors, extra espresso, whipped cream, the sky is the limit.  Your creation can be non-fat, low-fat, skim or full to the rim of calories.  It’s whatever you make of it.  Sometimes your order comes to you and tastes bitter.  Those first few sips can curl your toes as the boldness and zest of the coffee wakes you up in seconds.  There’s no balance.  The sweetness, the flavorings you’ve added that you LOVE so much, have sunk to the bottom of the cup.  It’s time to stir things up.  It’s time to shake that cup and mix it up!  Bring that concoction to life!  No one wants to drink all the bitterness to simply have sticky sweetness at the end of the drink, just as no soul wants to struggle through life only to reach the joy of Heaven at the end of it.  So, shake things up!  Balance out the bitterness, the to-dos and haven’t-dones, with the sweetness!  Then you create a steadiness that is unmovable and flows with the energies of love and joy.  This time right now, your ME time, this is the sweetness.  Don’t hide it’s flavor by focusing on outside sources.  Drink it in!”

What she said made so much sense.  I always love the way Arch Angel Jophiel creates her analogies in a way that I completely understand.  I breathed in a deep breath and fully let go of my mind.  The trip to La-La Land was long overdue.  I reached that place of middle ground between the physical and etherical plains.

And then Jophiel began to speak deeply to my heart of our partnership and what we would be teaching together.

Those details are for a later time, coming soon.  It is a comfort knowing that I have this connection to the Beautiful Jophiel and it is taking me time to absorb all of her lightness and understanding.

Happy New Year!  May this year bring you sweetness and balance in all that you are and all that you experience!

Angel Blessings,


You NEVER Know What’s Going to Happen When You’re Channeling…

You Never Know What’s Going to Happen When You’re Channeling….

I’m being prompted this morning to share with you an experience I had during an event I was at over the weekend.  On Saturday, I had the high honor of channeling at an event on the Sacred Feminine Energy with a beautiful friend and healer, Charmaine Lee.  Charmaine is a Neo-Shaman, Intuitive, Spiritual Counselor, Life Coach, Energy Worker, and so much more!!!  The power and presence she brings into a room is BEYOND amazing.

So here the two of us are, seated front and center in a roomful of people (mostly women) and Charmaine begins to channel.  We were going with the flow of things, nothing was planned.  As she spoke, I closed my eyes and allowed the energy of the moment to flow through me, as well as I was preparing myself for my part of the evening.  The way I prepare myself to channel is by releasing my ego mind and opening myself as a vessel for the higher levels to communicate through me.

I am in my seat, moving to the high degree of energy in the room.  First its a rocking motion back and forth, then side to side and soon I am moving in a figure eight type of pattern.  I am just allowing my body to do what it wants, paying closer attention to the vibrations within the room and the loving intention and messages spilling out of my beautiful sister, Charmaine.

Intuitively I can tell Charmaine is about ready to finish her portion of the start of the program, and I consciously connect deeper to the energy of the Sacred Feminine.  As I do, this incredible heat begins to travel down from my crown chakra and settles in my root chakra.  It was sudden, like a rush of energy.  An even better description of this would be like a tidal wave of heat.  If you’ve ever been in the ocean and had a wave of water wash over you suddenly without expecting it, this is similar to what I felt except this was HOT….

This energy centered in on my root chakra and I began to breathe to allow the energy to flow through me.  My breath only seemed to intensify the energy and all of the sudden I knew what was going to happen.  I near about jumped out of my seat and ran out of the room as I realized I was at the beginning stages of a very large orgasm.  WTF?  Seriously?  I let Angels, Light Beings and Goddesses speak through me, but this?  Ah…..NO!  Not quite ready for that one!  I consciously shut that down as quickly as possible and let me tell you, that was NOT easy while you are letting intense energy flow through your body and are surrounded in a room of Goddess energy.

I was able to regain my composure, what there was of it, and continue through the event.  The messages that came through were powerful and beautiful and with more power and force than what I normally bring through.  After the evening was through, and I was in my car riding home, again the waves began to hit me.

Now, let me explain a little bit about me…and why Spirit is guiding me to share this, I do not know, I just will trust the process.  I am not someone who openly shares sexual information about myself.  I will joke around and flirt with friends, but that is pretty much where it ends.  My past experiences of being molested as a child and raped later in adulthood have hindered my views of what is “safe” for me to expose and reveal.  My comfort zone with my own sensuality and sexual energy has been contained at best and something I hold in.

It was an interesting ride home, and quite humorous to those on the other side I’m sure, as I am doing my best to cross my legs while driving and not crash my car, not wanting to allow this energy to flow through me.  Thank GOD for air conditioning!

I had no clue what was going on and I tried to rationalize this with my logic.  Let’s just say, logic and rationality don’t really apply to Spirit.  That’s like trying to make sense of why my husband can’t pick his clothes up off the floor….ain’t going to happen.

I began to “blame” this new energy that’s been connecting with me on the events of the evening.  I’ve been bringing in this amazing higher vibration that feels like the feminine aspect of God since I agreed to do this event.  It is compassionate, nurturing, powerful and very sensual.  This had to be the answer!!!  I just allowed it take over and that was that.  Issue solved!  OR so I thought….

When I got home, I took a few moments of meditation time to connect with guidance to find out what exactly happened.  What I REALLY wanted was confirmation that this higher energy has caused these sensations and that I could wrap up the experience in a nice little package and place it on a shelf where I didn’t have to think about it.  As I connected with Arch Angel Michael, going through my logical summation of the evening, I could see his smile get wider and wider and his eyes begin to dance.  In my mind’s eye, I could see him waiting patiently as I went on and on about the experience.  When I asked for his confirmation on this, he held a large mirror out in front of me.  “This, Dear One, is what you felt, ” he said.  “The Goddess lives in everyone.  You have awakened her from a great sleep.  You have ministered her words for such a long time but have not truly allowed yourself the gift of feeling the kundalini energy that embodies this energy within us all.  It is nothing to fear, but it is to be celebrated, honored and respected.  You know this, Dear One.  There is nothing new here except that your heart has opened to a greater degree of your own Spiritual mission and purpose at this time.  You are a part of the awaking, and we are so proud of you.  See inside yourself what you see so readily and easily for others.  We celebrate you.”

Though a bit hard for me to swallow, his words resonated very deeply.  More awareness fell into place about allowing what I perceived to be something outside myself to fully integrate within, and to take this vulnerability and use it as a strength.

So, welcome the Goddess.  Who knows what’s going to happen at the next channel….LOL!

I’m just walking the path….trusting….loving… laughing…and seeing the light in every moment.

May you see the Sacred Feminine in your own life and choose to celebrate it!

Case Files and Kickin’ it Up a Notch

Often I am asked, “What is it like to see Angels?” and “What happens when you clear a home?  or “How do you see into other realms?”  I can’t tell you how much interest people have in the other side…and beyond!  I am always happy to share my experiences, and I try my best to gauge the perception those have that are listening.  Let’s face it, this line of work isn’t for everyone!  And I really don’t want to scare someone away from a wonderful opportunity to tap into the love and light of home by exposing them to information they perhaps are not ready for.  Note to self: Telling the salesman at the Lush that his dead Grandfather wanted him to know that he was not to blame for his own father’s anger and rage probably could’ve waited till the END of my shopping trip.  I don’t know whether the guy was going to faint or call security on me.  LOL!

Recently I’ve had some interesting experiences I feel drawn to share.

I was working with a client of mine, who lives in Europe, earlier this week on the relationship between her and her housemate.  There was underlying tension between the two of them, causing her to feel out of sorts and all kinds of mixed emotions.  As I tapped in during our distance session, I could see lifetimes of turmoil the two woman had shared.  They had battled against one another during war, over family land and about the occasional love interest.  It was a deep seeded hatred they shared and the karmic ties that bound them were strong.  In each shared lifetime they changed roles, from good to evil, back and forth, like a long, unending tennis match.  They had come together this lifetime to clear their ties and to learn mastery over truth and acceptance.  I worked along side Arch Angels Michael and Raphael to facilitate the karmic cut and provide healing energy to both women.

Soon after, Raphael connected them both to their heart centers, and channeled loving energy into them and their relationship.  When he finished the process, he stepped back and the two women met one another eye to eye.  As my client approached her housemate, she reached behind the housemate’s back and pulled forth a dagger from her back.  “I’m sorry,” she said.  “I release you, ” she said.  “I forgive you, ” she repeated as she walked around the housemate, removing various devices of pain from her physical and energetic bodies.  Knives, bullets, rocks, and such fell to the wayside.  When my client was complete, the housemate began repeating the same phrases and drawing other destructive weapons from my client.  Cannonballs, arsenic, cyanide, clubs and other items were removed.  As each item was taken from them, I could see quick glimpses into the past, into the pain and suffering they both endured and caused.  It was horrifying to view what two human beings could inflict upon one another.

The beauty in all of it came, when they both began to radiate the most amazing energy.  The colors and vibration are not describable in human words.  They had purged so much of what had been holding them back from their own goodness.

Interestingly enough, in this lifetime, the housemate viewed my client as a threat.  She saw my client’s strength and compassion to push forward and be successful in her life.  The housemate was in complete fear that things could ever change for herself to look that way, and she took her inner rage out on my client.  My client viewed the housemate as what she herself was in her own past in this lifetime.  The housemate reminded her of all the yucky, heavy patterns she carried around for so long and never wanted to revert back to.

I find the parallels between the world of the physical and the world of the soul fascinating.  And, by the way, the tension has decreased in the home, and they are still working through their own processes.

Kickin’ it up a Notch…

A few days ago, I happened to be on Facebook and saw that a dear friend of mine, Charmaine Lee, was online as well.  I was drawn to open up a chat window and say hi, when Spirit very loudly asked, “When are you going to ask her to channel with you?  What are you waiting for?”  I typed this experience to Charmaine, she readily agreed and we began to plan our event.

This is NOT a marketing tool, I promise.  Keep reading.

As we chatted online, we ironed out details – date, time, place and then came the subject of topic.   I asked if she wanted to set the evening as “go with the flow” and just allow the energy to guide us, or if she thought we should have a topic.  As soon as my fingers hit send on that message, my head began to spin.  I was guided to ask Charmaine how she felt about channeling about the Divine Feminine.  She had been thinking the same thing!!  Our topic, Discover Sacred Femininity and Appreciate the Beauty, was born!  Chills began climbing up and down my back as we planned further details.  That spinning feeling continued throughout our entire conversation.

The next day, I went to meditate in the morning, and my thoughts and focus could not stay put!  I decided to release myself from the outcome and just ride the tide of energy coming through.  That spinning feeling hit me full force and I began to channel the most amazing, loving energy.  She went on and on about the Sacred Feminine, the role of the Goddess in history and the importance of connecting to Mother Earth and female vibration.  It was like having a semester of college history boxed up into thirty minutes.  So much energy, so much information!  Incredible!

I could see and feel times that Charmaine and I had worked together in service of the Goddess.  I brought all that energy forward and let it merge into my physical self.  The emotions of joy and love brought shudders and tears of total happiness. It left me feeling charged up and ready to take on the day, but also with a new level of compassion within my heart.

As the next days followed, my connection to Spirit intensified.  Things that would normally take me moments to focus on came in an instant.  The physicality of things, however, was not as pleasant.  Staying grounded in my body and within my human train of thought (ie: where did I need to be, who did I need to pick up from school, cooking dinner, that kind of thing…) became a chore.  Don’t get me wrong, I could stay in LaLa land for a long time, but my family kind of needs me here.

Suddenly now, my intuitive sense is sharpened.  I am working consciously on grounding, and still the clairvoyance intensifies.  I am seeing and sensing spirits before they enter the room.  I’ve received more calls in the last few days for clearings of lower vibrational entities than I have in the last few months.

This morning’s session was quite intense and very thought provoking.  A client’s teenage daughter has been in a state of depression for some time.  She was sleeping long hours, not interested in going outside the house, and just not invested in life.  As I tapped into her energy, I felt her life force vibration to be very low.  Something was hindering her.  It had a hold of her, or should I say, they had a hold of her.

I have worked on this young lady on and off for the last six years and have never felt her energy in this type of state.  It was alarming to say the least.  I checked into her energy while speaking to her mother on the phone last night and was quite concerned with what I felt.  There was a large amount of darkness around her.  I checked to see if it was right for me to clear right then, and my intuition told me no.  I needed to wait until she was in a full sleep state.

This morning came, and I again checked in at about 6:00am.  Still, not the right time.  I could feel the darkness was not quite as heavy as it had been the night before, and I began to check into the girl’s energy every fifteen minutes or so, waiting to get the “go ahead” to remove the entity.  As soon as the timing was right, I took my shot (so to speak).  To my surprise, this darkness was not one, but three entities.  They came as both individuals, but could also meld themselves into one demon.  I’ve never experienced anything like this before and with the help of the Arch Angels, they were lifted from the young woman and dispersed into the light.

As I disconnected from the session, I was once again reminded of Arch Angel Michael’s words that came through this week in a channeled message he gave to me:

Dear Ones, 

There are changes underway!  Can you feel them?  Of course you can.  You are a living, breathing, feeling soul and it is your duty to FEEL, yet some of you spend so much of your time trying to do anything but FEEL. 

 Light is all around you and yet still you see darkness.  Still you focus on lack, on what is wrong with life, and the pain of the past.  Your spirit is being propelled to seek deeper understanding of the energies around you.  YOU have orchestrated this.  YOU have created this divine time for healing and insight, even though you think that what you experience is an act of God you have no control over.

 What situation do you find yourself in right now, in this moment that you do not wish to endure?  Who is it that you blame for this circumstance?  Do you take responsibility for your reactions and actions?  What are you doing to make things different?

 The Universe responds to you in like kind, Dear Ones.  If you think that life is against you, then chances are it is.  If you see lack, you will find it.  And in the same token, if you see joy, you will be joy.  If you see love, you will be loved.  It is perception.  It is YOUR perception. 

 I will give you an example of a child suffering from the affects of anorexia.  She is five feet tall and a mere seventy five pounds.  When she looks into the mirror, she sees herself as overweight, as ugly and as disgusting.  Yet, when the rest of the world sees her, they see nothing of the sort.  Until the girl changes her perception and releases the false belief of being overweight, she will not be healthy or able to experience life to her fullest and greatest capacity.

 What beliefs do you hold right now about yourself?  Within this rising light of ascension, your beliefs about everything you hold dear will be stretched and questioned.  Allow the light of Spirit to lead you through this time.  It does not have to be traumatic.  It can be very beautiful and rewarding.  It is your choice how you decide to learn.

 Look around you and see the masses going through their transformation.  People are choosing to leave your planet right now and cross to the other side, wars are building and social uprisings are in place.  Though these may seem negative, know that it is all happening for great change and rebirth of the structure of your planet and of your humanity. 

 See these changes as the blessings they are.  Allow yourself to feel the beliefs that once worked for your systems leave and pass to transmute into something better and brighter.  The more you resist, the harder this time will be. 

Let go and trust in the process you have mandated from your soul, Dear Ones.  You are not alone. The best is yet to be!

Things are changing!  I can’t wait to see what happens next.  Stay tuned and keep shining your own light brightly so that we may all see truth and love in each moment.

Angel Blessings,


A Grateful Heart ~ Channeled Message from Arch Angel Jophiel

Dear Ones,

Rejoice in this moment, this very moment right now.  As you read these words upon this page, take heed of the gratitude that awaits your embrace.  How many things are working for good within your life?  We reason and believe there are many attributes for which you are thankful.

Take one such blessing in your life and focus your energy upon it right now.  Feel the warmth of positive force rush over you and envelop each and every part of you.  See and sense your heart expand as you hold this godsend close in your thoughts.  Breathe in the unconditional love and vibration of thanksgiving.  Allow this awareness to encompass you.

Can you feel the shift in your energy that has taken place?  It has taken a matter of minutes within your day to change your perception.  Think of the possibilities of what may occur if more time were spent on your blessings and gratitude.  As you bring in these higher levels, your entire system relaxes and becomes at peace.  Issues that would normally bother you do not upset you.  People and interests gravitate in a positive manner toward you for you have set the expectation of goodness.  Like energy attracts like energy.

Humanity makes things so difficult, as it is your design and nature to over analyze and apply your human logic to thoughts and feelings.   If you were to do exactly the opposite, and apply your emotion to logic, that is when the bridge forms to connect both sides of the brain; where the veil becomes transparent and the secrets of the Universe are revealed.

Not too shabby, eh?

A grateful heart paves the road for a rewarding journey.  A grateful heart clears a cluttered mind.

May you find peace and rejoicing within a grateful heart.

Arch Angel Jophiel


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