Energy forecast for the week of July 26th, 2021, with Psychic/Medium Danielle Garcia

Schumann is vibing at a 74! How ya doing Empaths?

We’ve got a lot of energies coming in this week. We are in Leo Season which brings forward the Lion’s Gate portal. The portal begins on the 28th, spikes on the 8th and closes on the 12th.

Today is the Galactic New Year! This brings in healing frequencies, light codes and downloads for those who are open to them.

Themes for this week include: Transform, Change and Align with Spirit.

Listen in as Danielle guides you through the vibes of this week.

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Good afternoon, today is July 26th. I am psychic medium Danielle Garcia with your energy forecast for the week. How are you feeling? Crazy vibes last week between solar flares, solar storms, Schuman spiking, not spiking. That pressure wave of energy coming at earth was just absolutely kind of not so crazy. I just checked the Schumann Resonance and it is a 74, so we are spiking spiking spiking. Just a few hours ago it was at a 61 so these things can absolutely climb and scale as the day goes on. Hopefully setting intentions that it’s just gonna go down a little bit because those spikes can hit us hard, right? If you’re an empath, if you’re a sensitive, you might be feeling some of the physical symptoms from these spikes. Scientifically there has been medical studies that have shown that spikes in the Schumann Resonance actually throw off our serotonin and melatonin levels in our brain. It can affect the heart’s energy, the heart’s electromagnetic energy, so people with pacemakers, blood pressure issues, may be affected. I’ve had several clients this morning report to me heart palpitations going on all night long. It also can affect the reproductive cycle, the reproductive system, wow they’re hitting me with all these words, all at once. Ahhhhh, calm down. What I’ve noticed specifically and personally over the last 24-36 hours is just this feeling of antsiness, like anxiety, aggravation, abrasiveness. Kind of like I’m crawling out of my own skin. Woke up this morning with a terrible headache on the verge of a migraine. Did some breathing exercises, took some oils to kind of back that off and made sure that I hydrated. Other physical and emotional symptoms that have stepped forward with these recent spikes have been lots of nausea, lots of vertigo, stomach upset, sleep issues, deja vu, lucid dreaming kind of things. What else? Ringing in the ears and a lot of heart centered, heart chakra type things. So absolutely, if you’re having any medical conditions, seek out an MD for those things. If you know that your body reacts to these types of energies, if you know that your emotions react to these types of things, hang on and ride the wave. Use your tools, use your different techniques. Sound healing is a wonderful thing to go to in regards to shifting this. Sound healing holds frequencies and frequencies work to harmonize our bodies to these different spikes. Please watch also my Tic Tok videos as I am giving lots of other information there and also my reels on Instagram as tools and techniques to help balance out.

All right, so let’s dig right in, shall we? Welcome to Leo season. Leo season is here. Hope you’re all enjoying the energy upgrades and all of the different things that come along with Leo season. Activations and much much much heart chakra, heartfelt energy. Today, being July 26th, it is the galactic new year. Now what the heck is the galactic new year? It actually coincides with the Mayan calendar. Being a calendar that is based on 13 moon cycles as well as 28-day calendar months. When we’re in this galactic new year, it’s a time for transitioning and it’s a time for moving to higher frequencies and connections to higher rounds. A galactic new year once again is based on that 13 moon, 28-day calendar cycle. Unlike what those of us here in the west and those of us in most of the world are used to.

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So the rise of Sirius is upon us and that amplifies intentions at this time of the Galactic New Year. It brings forward frequencies, light codes and wisdom that have not been present on our planet for some time. We’ve got a big convergence of energies going on here. We have our ascension that’s been playing out for freaking decades and yeah I say that a little frustrated because I’ve been hearing about ascension now for well over 20 years. So we’ve got the ascension process going on right? We’ve got earth evolving into the “new earth”, which will be birthing that age of Aquarius. Bringing us back to those times and energies of Lemuria. We got that going on and then we also have all of these different astrological things going on. We’ve got the magnetosphere changes. We’ve got the solar flare changes. We’ve got the universal changes, so there’s a lot of stuff playing together for this convergence. Right now, galactic new age, Leo season, also Lionsgate portal, amidst spiking of the Schumann Resonance, amidst meteor showers, amidst magnetosphere changes, it’s a lot of energy to hold right? So go with the flow. Once again hydrate, use your tools, but I just want to reiterate, this isn’t just one thing, this is a lot of different things going on energetically right now. So the galactic new year, once again, brings forward frequencies, these light codes and wisdom that has not been present on our planet in quite some time. If you are one who resonates with light codes, light languages, downloads, toning and healing frequency work, this could be a very very busy time for you. The galactic new year also signifies timeline integration and synchronization. There is a harmonic convergence playing out. If you are one whose soul travels in sleep, you may find this happening more frequently. If you are shamanic in nature, you may find yourself jumping timelines and dimensions much easier. For others, they may experience a level of lucid dreaming, past life recognition and deja vu like never before. The Lionsgate portal opens up on Wednesday, this is Wednesday the 28th and it will continue through August the 12th. This time is when Sirius and the Earth align and the strongest energies of the portal will be felt on August 8th. It also has a lot to do with that number, 8, you know when I think of 8, I think of completion. I think of the infinity sign. I think of the yin and the yang. I think of the balance of giving and receiving. This is a time for us to be gentle with self yet open to new understandings. For those who choose to dive deep, this is an amazing time to work on shadow, to work on core wounding and false thought forms and beliefs. It’s a time to align with your authentic self and shed negative beliefs about health, abundance, worthiness, love and soul trajectory. Now, what do I mean by soul trajectory? It’s about your path. It’s about, are you going in the right direction? Are you on your path? Are you fulfilling your mission, your purpose, so on and so forth. This Lionsgate portal is also an amazing time just to connect to higher self.

The themes for this week are transform, change, align with spirit. Now those are really really big themes, big big themes. Some believe that this particular Lionsgate portal, because it happens every year at the beginning of the new galactic year, that this particular Lionsgate portal has a lot to do with birthing the new Earth. So I find it incredibly coincidental that the Schumann Resonance is spiking to fricken 74 on the galactic new year, right before the Lionsgate portal opens. Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not, we’ll have to see how things evolve this week.

I’m going to pull some cards for the energies this week from The Priestess of Light deck and this deck is by Sandra Ann Taylor and Kimberly Webber. So we’ll see, look this card just changed complete directions as I’m shuffling. Oh wow okay, I think this kind of says it all. See what the cards say by clicking here.

Know that all of these energies are coming forward. It’s totally up to us if we choose to move through them with ease and grace, if we choose to rise above and raise our energy so we can balance out, if we choose to take a deep dive into healing things that have been holding us back from our highest greatest good or if we choose to be kind of stagnant and just feel like crap and not move at all. It’s all a choice right, so remember who you are. Remember how freaking amazing and powerful you are and go inward, connect with your higher self, connect with your heart, connect with your soul and allow it to guide you this week. Have a blessed week.

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Energy Forecast for the Week with Psychic/Medium, Danielle Garcia

The Schumann Resonance is spiking at 42 today and we have a reprieve from solar flares in the atmosphere.

Five planetary bodies are in retrograde. The issues of old wounding, hurts and harms come forward. How will you deal with them?

We have a full moon in Aquarius on Friday that sets the tone for Leo Season. It’s a good time to clear, cleanse, release and purge.

Listen in for insights into this week’s vibes as Danielle guides you through the energy.

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Hi! This is psychic medium Danielle Garcia with your energy forecast for the week. Today is July 19th and how are you all doing? Today the Schumann Resonance, last time I checked, was a 42 so we are having some energy spikes. You might be feeling those energies, you may not depending on how sensitive you are and how those types of things affect you. No solar flares to be spoken of so, thumbs up, at least we’re not dealing with that right? When you do feel those Schuman Resonance spikes, for me, it’s a good idea to balance, to hydrate, to get outside, move around. Staying inside just really, I don’t know, it, it builds those energies and like the denseness in my reaction to it, but who knows could just be me.

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So, how is the Chiron retrograde going for you? If you’ve noticed that old wounding is showing up, you are not alone. We have 5 planetary retrogrades going on right now which also exacerbates the Chiron retrograde. It’s pushing us into the path, it’s pushing us forward on our paths to take a look at what’s working, what’s not working, to take a look at that past healing. What have we learned from it? What could we still learn from it? Don’t be surprised if you’re drawn to have a life review or if you’re having dreams of past hurts, past harms and past wounding both that you have encountered yourself as well as what you have inflicted.

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There’s a big theme of responsibility, personal responsibility going on in July and that will continue on through the end of the month. Monday, today, there is an alignment with the sun between the sun, the moon, Neptune and Pluto. This can definitely push us outside of our comfort zone. Have us wanting more. Have us dreaming of things like winning the lottery, things that are a little bit beyond our reach or you know hey, who knows, maybe you can manifest that! It’s time to stand in your power and in honesty so that you can take a good, true, strong look at things and again take accountability for your part in what you create as well as the energies that you are putting out there that affect other people.

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Tuesday, this is a time to watch your communications. Mercury’s energy is going to be very very strong and also not just your communication that you have with other people, but how is your self-talk? Are you speaking your truth? Are you clear? Are you concise? Are you focused? Is it positive? Is it negative? It’s time to take a look at all of those different things.

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The full moon in Aquarius comes in on Friday the 23rd and it sets the tone for Leo season as well as moving into the lions gate portal which begins on the 28th and runs through August 12th. 8/8 will be the strongest energy of the lions gate portal so be prepared for that day. Super super powerful. A great day to manifest. A great day to connect to your spiritual team because that’s when the energy of that portal will be at its strongest vibration. Now before Friday’s full moon, it’s a good idea to clear, cleanse and release. Think of clearing your space, your home, your business, your vehicle, your work space, different things like that. Give it a good energetic clearing and cleansing, whatever that means for you. Some of us use sage, Palo Santo, rose water, lemon oil, holy water, reiki, theta, Huna, all sorts of different things, different ways to clear and cleanse your space. It’s a good energetic reset to do before the full moon. Bring in the elements of nature into your home to be more high vibe, to help you connect, to help you ground and clean out your closets and pantry. Donate that which no longer serves you and which you’re not using anymore.

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It’s also a great time to revamp your landscaping outside, to make it a place of balance and harmony. You know, that wonderful theme and study of Feng Shui really holds true. You want to make a beautiful energy that you are surrounded by so, if you’ve got dead plants, dead grass, dead trees, not a real high-vibe place to to be around, so make it harmonic, make it in balance and make it a place that’s pleasant for you to hang out in.

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It’s a great time to emotionally release. Before the full moon, think about those things that have been weighing you down. Here’s a couple of examples of emotional release. Write your feelings down and burn them outside. Go break stuff! This is a wonderful one for anger. Go to goodwill, go to a garage sale, get some old dishes and write down your feelings on them and break and smash them against a garage wall so it lands in a trash can. Put some goggles or sunglasses on so you’re protected and there’s something very specific that happens to your brain as you are seeing, sensing, hearing, feeling that smash and crash of those words that have been holding you back from your higher greater good. Those thoughts that continue to cycle around in your head and you see them break apart, it’s an amazing amazing amazing release. I truly urge you to to try it out. It’s so cleansing and clearing. It’s a wonderful purge.

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The night of the full moon, it’s a wonderful beautiful time to set intentions, to do ritual, don’t forget to clear your crystals and set them out to be charged by the full moon. It’s a great time to create some moon water for ritual and ceremony later on and you may even want to treat yourself to a moon dance. How would that be?

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All right, I’m going to pull a few cards from The Quantum Oracle Deck. To see what the cards had to say, click here. Lots of things coming forward this month as we release, as we purge, as we let go, we make space for higher vibrations to move in so allow that to be your mantra. Bringing in those high vibes and why? Because you’re deserving of it. Have a beautiful wonderful week and stay true to yourself.

Back and Forth Family Deserving

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Weekly Forecast with Psychic/Medium, Danielle Garcia

It was quite the energetic weekend, wasn’t it?

The Schumann Resonance is at a 10, but intense Solar Storms are in play right now. Issues with satellites has already started. Watch for GPS and Cellular imbalances as well. You may feel this physically with sleep disturbance and mood changes as well.

This week, Venus has influence in many areas of our life – creativity, love, romance, life review and communication. It’s time to FEEL and REVIEW those emotions as how we connect through love to self and others.

Chiron goes retrograde and old wounding may step forward.

Listen in as Danielle helps you navigate the vibes for this week.

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Howdy, it is July 12th and I am psychic medium Danielle Garcia with your energy forecast for the week. How are you all doing? It has been a hectic week of crazy crazy vibes, right? Lots of pressure headaches. Lots of energy aches and pains and I think most of us empaths have just been trying to balance out and adjust to all of that so, for the week of July 12th, let’s see what’s a happening!

Today, the last time I checked, within the last hour, Schumann Resonance was vibing at a 10! Not so bad. I do believe that that reading will continue to climb throughout the day, especially when the solar storms hit. They’ve already started to hit some places on earth. We are going to face a significant solar storm, geomagnetic disturbance. It has already affected some satellites so expect that internet might be bit wonky as well as cell phone coverage, GPS, etc., etc., etc. Good time to backup your technology. Back up your phone. Back up your iPad. Back up your tablet. Back up your laptop, your computer and so on and so forth because you just want to prepare. Also in regards to preparing for these energies, hydrating, using any tools or techniques that have worked for your previously, grounding foods, oils, supplementation, meditation, prayer, calling in your team. Calling on your guides, asking for assistance can be quite helpful.

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Monday and Tuesday, Venus is conjunct with Mars. This brings forward a lot of creativity, a lot of life force energy, passion, sensuality and romance. Think about what you’d like to create in your love life. If things aren’t going quite the way you’d like them to go, Monday and Tuesday, great times to manifest changes. Change is for the better. What are you passionate about in your persona life? What work projects have you been putting off or have been to afraid to suggest? Again, Monday and Tuesday, wonderful windows of opportunity to get those types of things done. Make sure that you are staying open and receptive to positive change as well as in the romantic field in your life, being open and receptive to unconditional love. Sometimes its not so easy to be vulnerable and in that state of acceptance, but please remember there is strength and bravery in allowing ourselves to be vulnerable. When we are open and vulnerable that’s when wonderful miracles in the romantic side of our life can really take place. If we’re all shut down and not showing our heart, it’s kind of hard for those romantic vibes to come in. So, allow yourself to be out there. If that’s what you want, to bring romance into your life, allow yourself to be vulnerable, find that strength in vulnerability.

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Wednesday and Thursday, Venus is parallel Uranus. Watch for risky behaviors and attraction to people you may not normally be attracted to. That’s kind of that energetic doorway for those things to happen. This can be a wonky kind of vibe in love and romance and you may begin to pine for those that you released from your life. Similar to Mercury Retrograde where we might start thinking about the Ex’s in our life, the ones that “got away” sort of speak, but this vibe of Venus parallel Uranus actually ups the ante on that, so you may start contemplating why you let someone out of your life. Did you make the right decision and it may be time to revisit that.

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Thursday Venus parallels Mars. Intense, Intense, Intense romance and passion energy. Thursday also, Chiron goes retrograde. This energy can trigger us to look at all facets and aspects of our life. Mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and kind of take an assessment of where we are at as well as where we are at in our relationships, mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually and even above relationships where we are at in all of those aspects in regards to our personal life, our personal relationship with self, our relationship with others and also business and career. It’s one of those retrospective, hmmmmmmm, I’m going to take a step back and see where things are fitting. Don’t be surprised if old wounding steps forward. Don’t be surprised if you’re doing a lot of soul searching on Thursday. Many of us will be triggered to do that. If it happens, allow the process. See where you go with that. It’s not so much that old wounding steps forward to make us feel like crap, bring forth past hurts or harms, it really can be the universe’s way of saying, “Let’s take a look at this, do you want to hold on to this? Is there another step in the healing process you can take? Is this a good time to make a karmic cut with this feeling, this person, this experience, this relationship?” You can just kick it to the curb once and forever and finally!!!!!! It could be a wonderful time to kick your healing journey up a notch, sort of speak. Be on the lookout for that on Thursday.

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Friday, doubts with love may arise. Saturday watch out for jealousy and possible irrational fears when it comes to love. Take this time again to take a step back and do an emotional inventory of your relationships. How are things working for you? Are you surrounding yourself with people that lift you up? Are you surrounding yourself with people who make you feel like shit? Something to think about. If you are not receiving a good balance of giving and receiving in a relationship then there’s a deficit there. (Oh, did you see that fly by, OMG! Interesting! Chills Everywhere! I love it when they show up when I’m filming!) Think about what’s adding to your life, who is adding to your life and who is taking away from your life. What are you allowing because you’re the one in charge of all of that.

Sunday, Venus is semi-square Mercury so watch your communication when it comes to love. Make sure you are not being reactive. Make sure you are really watching your words, watching your phrases and watching the emotion and intention and energy that you put forward in that. It’s always interesting to me because whether communication comes in the form of an in-person conversation, whether it’s done by phone, text, email, it really doesn’t matter because the energy is in the words, the energy is in the tone and you really have a tone even when your texting. Even when you’re shooting someone an email. There is an underlying tone to that whether it’s audio or not.

So, I decided to use my Goddess Power Deck by Colette Baron-Reid and as I pulled the deck out, these cards popped out. Let’s take a look at them by clicking here What did they say?

Adaptability Creative Spark Truth The Future

Perhaps, if you utilize that intention of bringing in and grounding your higher self, more of your spirit this week, you will be able to adapt to energetic changes that are going on around you. Give it a try. I know when I work with that technique, I have great results. Have a blessed week. Be safe and be happy.

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Energy Forecast for the Week of June 28th, 2021 with Psychic/Medium, Danielle Garcia

Schumann Resonance continues it’s spikes and registers at a 77 today. Are you feeling it?

Venus is now in Leo along with Mars – Romance and Passion are in the air! It’s time to get your “sexy” on and tap into sensuality. Sensuality is about embodying all five of your senses and allowing yourself to feel. This is a wonderful doorway for fertility, so if you’re trying for a baby – go for it! If not, take the proper precautions.

Post shadow of Merc in Retro continues and the incoming vibes for July are a DOOZY!

Listen in, as Danielle guides you through the energies of the upcoming week.

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Howdy, today is June 28th and I am psychic medium Danielle Garcia with your energy forecast for the week. Let’s just jump right in. Today Schumann Resonance is vibing at a 77. Spiking high again, but not as high as before in the past, so, knock on wood, hopefully we are all going to balance out to this. The Schumann Resonance continues to spike as the Earth’s energy changes and as her energy changes so does OURS!

So, today, the 28th. Can you believe it? We’re actually half way through the year of 2021. How crazy is that? And, yeah, pat yourself on the back, it hasn’t exactly been the easiest of years. We’ve made it half way through. This is something we should celebrate, especially given last year’s pandemic.

Venus is now in Leo along with Mars so this is the time of passion. This is the time of romance. This is the time for “Sexy Time” and tapping into your sensuality. When I say sensuality, yes, it can be sexy time, it can be about sex, but sensuality is also about your 5 senses. Sensuality doesn’t necessarily have to do anything with sex at all. It can be feeling comfortable in your own skin. It can be tapping into those different senses that we have. Staying away from the 6th sense and jumping out of body, but be more in body, celebrating that physical aspect of body as well.

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This is a great time to manifest a soul mate. A wonderful time for people who are already in relationships to rekindle the romance. It’s also an excellent time for fertility for those of you who may be trying to conceive. Now if that is not your bag of tricks, make sure that you take proper precautions. This is also a wonderful time for creativity, for reconnecting to your inner child as well as spending more time with your own children. Getting to know them again. Getting a closer connection with them. Getting outside, playing, doing fun activities with them no matter their age.

We’re still in the post-shadow of Mercury Retrograde so that can make us a little cloudy, a little off set, that will end on the 7th. July will start with a powerful punch. Lots and lots and lots of energies coming in. I am going to go ahead and give my psychic prediction right now, I will predict that the Schumann Resonance will spike pretty high starting July 1st going into July 7th. So let’s see what happens. Now, I live in Las Vegas. A lot of people gamble. A lot of people play the odds. It’s not exactly a stretch to say the Schumann Resonance is going to be spiking that first week, but along with all the planetary stuff I really think that planet Earth is going to be triggered and we’ll experience some interesting things with the Schumann Resonance. So, as of the 1st, Mars is going to clash with Saturn. Grounding and patience will be a complete necessity because anger and temper tantrums will run rampant and they will be really really hot and heavy. So, knowing this, if you’re someone, ah hem…., like me, who tends to anger easily, that’s a good time to step back. To work on your patience. To work on your taking a pause. Stepping back and being in the pause, that’s more warranted than allowing anger and temper tantrums to flare.

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July 3rd Mars clashes in a square with Uranus and Taurus. Danger may run rampant on this day. Danger, Danger, Danger like that old TV show, Danger Will Robinson. My guides just keep playing that over and over again in my head. This is a time when safety should come first for you. Playing it safe should be your mantra on July 3rd. Conflict most likely will be the norm and people will tend to go a little more bat shit crazy then they normally do.

The Sirius Gateway begins on the 3rd and goes through the 7th. It’s a wonderful time for connecting to higher self, connecting with higher consciousness. It’s a wonderful time to work on your psychic and intuitive abilities. They will be heightened. Expect Deja Vu moments. Expect lucid dreaming. Expect premonitions. Things along that nature. So when you get those red flags, when you get those cues, when you get those downloads, when you get those messages, TRUST THEM! Absolutely trust them!!!! This is also a wonderful time to evaluate where you are on your spiritual path. If there are more things that you wish to experience, discover, explore, etc. etc.

I’m going to pull some cards for the energy of this week. Today I am pulling from The Lantern Oracle Deck. I always pull 3 cards, knocking on the deck to clear the vibes and we will just see what cards come through. To see what the cards have to say, click here

False Beliefs Weeping Wound Lantern

Buckle Up, lots of stuff happening this week. It’s very exciting. It doesn’t have to knock you down. You have plenty of tools to deal with different roller coaster kind of vibes that might come up. I look as this as kind of a weather report. You want to prepare. If the weatherman says there is a 70% chance of rain, I’m carrying my umbrella just in case and sometimes I like to play in the rain. Go with the flow and see where you land! Have a blessed week!

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Energy Forecast for the week of June 14th, 2021 with Psychic/Medium, Danielle Garcia


Schumann is currently in BLACKOUT. We’ve got solar storms raging. How are you feeling? How are you dealing with these planetary vibes?

Saturn squares Uranus today – you could feel anxious and in overwhelm. People who do not like change may be feeling particularly uptight. It’s not a good day to gamble or make large investments.

Lost connections may come forward this week, as well as addictive behaviors may resurface.

Jupiter Retrograde comes in with lots of high vibe relief!

Watch now, as Danielle guides you through the energies of the week.


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Good morning, happy Monday! How’s it going? Today is June 14th and I am Danielle Garcia with your energy forecast for the week. So, let’s talk a little bit about the Schumann Resonance. It’s been in blackout now over 86 hours. What the heck is going on? I wish I knew. Along with the Schumann Resonance being off line and on blackout status, which means they cannot get a read, it doesn’t mean that their equipment is down, it doesn’t mean that the equipment is faulty, it means that they can’t get a read so the energy could actually be so high that the technology is not able to read it! MIND BLOWN RIGHT? Lots of people getting many many different physical, emotional and energetic symptoms from this as well as we are going through solar storms. So, yay fun for empaths. You might be experiencing ear ringing, headaches, body aches, right sided head and neck pain, neck tension has been another one that’s come through, ear ringing, I’m sorry I don’t remember if I mentioned that, dry mouth and then you know the nice, wonderful mood swings and emotional instability that kind of go along with this. So, YOU know the drill, hydrate (LOL, one of my guides is saying medicate) uh NO! Hydrate, get outside, move your body, meditate and do what you can to recharge.

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Lots and lots and lots and lots of vibes and stuff going on this week so let’s just dive right in. Today Saturn is square of Uranus. You could feel anxiety. You could feel tension. If you’re someone who tends to not adapt well to change, changes are definitely in the air. Today is NOT a good day to gamble or make huge investments. It’s a good reminder, however to chill, to think long and hard about your actions and to look at how you are possibly responding with negativity. So, take a step back and remember, be flexible.

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Wednesday, Mercury’s connection to Venus may bring people who you haven’t heard from in a very long time back into your life. Interesting because Mercury is still in retrograde right so, EX’s are going to be coming out of the woodwork basically on Wednesday. A gateway does open up for more balance, more harmony and it’s a great time to settle disputes so, settlements, settlements, settlements coming on in on Wednesday. Thursday watch out for hella batshit crazy vibes of influence from the sun and from Pluto can lead to addictive behaviors resurfacing as well as imploding. Not a good thing! Panic and obsessive actions will possibly trigger this on Thursday. Emotions are going to run high, psychic sense is going to run high and it’s going to basically be going full throttle. You might have visions, You might have premonitions, lucid dreaming, etc., etc., etc. So listen up because signs will be very very present that day. If you are one that seems to be a little more emotionally charged, sometimes it’s hard when you’re getting an intuitive hit to know if that’s a reaction, an emotional reaction or if that’s actual intuition. If you’re having a hard time deciding, take a step back, take a breather, tap into higher self and ask higher self to reveal only truth to you and that should help you to focus more clearly.

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Sunday Jupiter goes retrograde! Hallelujah because this retrograde actually brings in good stuff. It’s going to bring in harmony, joy, happiness. It’s going to align you with more peaceful connections so that’s definitely something to look forward to. Sunday also the moon enters into Scorpio so, again, another heavy hitter for psychic connection. EXPECT SIGNS! EXPECT MESSAGES! and if you can, record those messages, write them down, put a note into your phone, comment with a voice record, whatever it is because these are going to be things that you want to take account of. These are things that you’re going to point back to. It will be those aha moments, oh yeah, remember when I thought of this or remember when that download came through or remember when I had that dream? These will be pieces of a puzzle that will make more sense later. Monday the solstice arrives bringing new understandings as well as renewal so a jam packed week for energy.

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Themes for this week. Light is stronger than darkness. Something to hold true and fast to your heart and something to focus on because as these energies are going on different people will be triggered, different complexities will be triggered, that’s a nice word to use, complexities. Different groups of hierarchy will be triggered so remember light is stronger than any darkness. That’s a universal law. That’s a universal truth. It holds true and fast in every single situation. Also, another theme is, “How’s that working for you”? This is when my guides always put back on on me. Whenever I’m having a problem and I just keep feeling like I’m banging my head up against the wall and just hitting a block, hitting a block, hitting a block and I’m human. I get into my “poor me”, “oh my God”, “I’ve tried this”, “I’ve tried that”, I’ve tried this and it still doesn’t work” and I’m feeling this way and that way and one of my guides, he’s very shoot from the hip, no-nonsense kind of a guide, says “So, how’s that working for you”? If you find yourself in stagnant energy, if you find yourself in a block, step back, ask “How’s that working for you?” Remember, if you keep doing what you’re doing, you’re going to keep getting what you’re getting. If you don’t like what you’re getting you’ve got to change the way you’re getting it right? So, “How’s that working for you?” Flip the script back on yourself when you find yourself in a lower situation and see what other things come through for you. What other advice comes through for you? What other tactics, techniques, tools, opportunities come through for you in those moments. Also, another theme for this week is trust and self. We’re going to be getting lots and lots of intuitive and psychic hits so make sure you trust those messages that come through. Now isn’t the time to doubt, now is the time to trust. I’m going to pull some cards for this week from my Beyond Lemuria deck which I absolutely love. It’s by Izzy Ivy. Lots of Lemuria vibes coming up over this last month too and even as I say that, I start getting chills. So, for me, that’s a confirmation. Let’s see what cards come through. To see what the cards had to say, click here.

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Energy Forecast for the week of 6/7/21 with Psychic/Medium, Danielle Garcia

How’s your MONDAY???

This week presents with lots of planetary and galactic vibes.

Solar Eclipse rolls in with the New Moon on Thursday. This eclipse is in alignment with the planet Mercury, which is currently in retrograde. Mercury Retrograde may intensify on Thursday, so backup your tech toys! Be mindful of your words and reactions.

So many opportunities for increased awareness and healing on the Eclipse.

Listen in as Danielle helps you navigate your week!

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Good morning psychic medium Danielle Garcia here with your energy forecast for the week. Today is June 7th. How’s everybody feeling? The Schumann Resonance, unfortunately, is spiking again. We’re only at a 47 right now, which isn’t a 300, isn’t a 700 like we’ve experienced over the last 6 months so THAT is a GIFT in itself, however, with the other planetary stuff going on with the other space weather going on right now we’ve got a lot of different solar flares, solar storms heating up and the Schumann Resonance also just adds to everything. If you are experiencing headaches, body aches, brain confusion, foggy brain, foggy mind, foggy thoughts, sleeplessness don’t be surprised if those types of things are going on.

I’ve also had a lot of people respond to me saying the heart palpitation stuff has kind of changed a little bit, now many people are experiencing more of like heartburn, indigestion and lots and lots of stuff just going on in the throat chakra. If you’re experiencing any of these things remember, ground, hydrate, get outside, connect with nature. Water seems to be incredibly healing right now, not only drinking it, but going for a swim, taking a salt bath, doing a salt scrub in the shower, those types of things.

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So, yesterday the 66 gateway opened, not the 666 thank God, just the 66 gateway opened. So lots of different major galactic energies came in along with that. Those of you that have a connection to galactic beings, ET’s for example, don’t be surprised if they start reaching out more so this week and for the next 10 days. You might get dreams about them. You might have visions about them. You might have messages, signs, etc., etc., etc., because this gateway opened up a wonderful wormhole, if you will, for those types of energies to get through. As with everything, gateways don’t always just represent light so if you are one who tends to attract negativity in that type of form take your protective measures to make sure that you are shielded clear and safe. With this 66 gateway energy, lots of heart energy, lots of third eye energy and lots of crown energy. Now is a spectacular time to connect with higher self to release obstructions from those actual areas. It’s a good time to connect with your spiritual team, your guides, your angels, loved ones on the other side, light beings, light masters that you may work with, a great time to connect with them to help balance you out and this is also a time of restructuring.

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Today Saturn retrograde continues to push us to look at our relationship with responsibility. Are we taking too much on? Are we not being responsible enough? Are we pushing the buck, so to speak. Are we letting other people take the blame? Are we being honest with ourselves? You know, honesty is a huge theme over all of these different things this week. The big event happens Thursday, that’s the new moon and solar eclipse. This eclipse occurs in the sign of Gemini and also the planet Mercury, which happens to be in retrograde. Mercury retrograde may be flaring a little bit more intense on Thursday, so heads up. Be aware of that. If you have electronics that you haven’t backed up, really good idea to take care of that. If you’ve been putting off repairs on your car, pretty good idea to take care of that before Thursday as well or just don’t plan on driving. This eclipse is hugely significant and very very powerful. It’s a day of new beginnings. It’s a day of new understandings. It’s a day of aligning body, mind and soul as well as balancing divine masculine and feminine and balancing dark and light within ourselves.

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This is a great time to take that inventory to see where things are going great and maybe where things are not going so great. It’s a wonderful day for self forgiveness. The energetic standing for this would open up a great opportunity to do a house clearing, house blessing, space clearing, space blessing. A great day to do a cleanse or a detox and again some type of prayer or ritual surrounding self-forgiveness. I think and I’ve mentioned it many times before forgiveness of self is not an easy thing to do so when we take that deep dive and look and see, oh, here’s some areas of our life that we’re just not so happy about or we’re not so proud about, take responsibility for those things, make amends if you can and forgive yourself. Remember we’re all just stumbling human beings here trying to make it through from moment to moment to moment right? You don’t know what you know until you know it and sometimes we react with negative emotions and lower thought forms that make us not shine our brightest and that’s okay, that’s how we learn, but being accountable, taking culpability and being responsible for your actions is incredibly important, especially right now in this day and age.

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This eclipse alignment has not happened since may of 2003 so it’s also a completion. This eclipse urges you to take a look back. What was going on in your life 18 years ago? Can you see all of the different things that you have created since then? Can you celebrate those learnings, understandings, gifts that you have accomplished over the last 18 years? Now, on Thursday is a great time to do that. It’s also a great time to define what your new goals are, what your new dreams are and what you want to manifest and bring into your life.

Themes this week. Struggle! What are you struggling against and how’s that working for you? Usually struggle doesn’t work very well because it’s negative against negative against negative right? So take a look and see where you’re struggling and what you can do about that. Use your higher self to take a higher perspective and maybe you find some things that you need to cut energetic cords from to help clear that energy of struggle. Surrender is another theme of this week. What are you surrendering to? Are you surrendering to faith? Are you surrendering to trust? Are you surrendering to creator to higher self to your spouse, your kids, your work? What is it that you are surrendering to? There’s this amazing vibration of surrender that I’ve experienced in my life and when I truly get into that vibe, I swear to you, miracle upon miracle upon miracle happens. It’s not an easy vibe to reach, you got to definitely step out of ego, you definitely have to step into faith, but when you get there, WOW I mean honestly just WOW! I had this one moment where I literally was down on my hands and knees praying to God just saying look, I can’t handle the situation anymore, I don’t know what to do I’m tired of hitting my head up against a wall, I LET GO, I surrender it to you just show me the way. Point me in the right direction and I swear to you 27 minutes later phone call, job offer making more money than I’d ever made before in my life. Things like this can happen. I’m not the only one it happens to. We are all blessed, correct? The other theme is Shining Your Light. How can you shine your light this week? What difference can you make? Who can you honor? Who can you acknowledge and are you doing those things for yourself?

I’m gonna pull a few cards. I’m pulling from The Lantern Oracle by Angelina Mirabito and let’s just see what cards come through. I really like this deck. One of my clients recommended it to me. I’m so glad that she did. Please click here to see what the cards said.

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Energy Forecast for the week of 6/1/21 with Psychic/Medium, Danielle Garcia

Howdy! Psychic medium Danielle Garcia with your energy forecast for the week! Today is June 1st and how are you all feeling? I feel like every time I start these it’s always about how did you deal with the crazy vibes last week. I often wonder when we’re going to get a break because seriously, the last 14-15 months have been interesting right? Very very interesting. So last time I checked the Schumann, which was about an hour and a half ago, we were at an 8! Can you believe it? We’re actually right around normal range. Hopefully, knock on wood, we will stay that way. Lots of space weather going on, solar flares and solar storms. If you’re having headaches, if you’re having some problems with sleep, if you’re feeling super super thirsty and like you just can’t quite get hydrated this could be why.

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Mercury is full-blown retrograde now!!!! How’s everyone dealing with that? It doesn’t necessarily mean that we need to go hide out in a cave somewhere, although that does feel promising and inviting at times. This is our opportunity to work on our communication. This is our opportunity to work on our relationships and relationships, ALL relationships. Whether it’s personal, romantic, business, family, etc., etc., etc. So be very mindful of how you speak. Be very mindful of the words that you use. Be very mindful of the energy that you use while speaking. It’s always interesting to me, mercury in retro, you know, we talk about communication. I believe, from my perception anyways, that it’s this huge open doorway where communication can be taken not in the way that it has been given and I believe that we also become incredibly sensitive to communication during mercury retrograde. So if someone says a word that means one thing to us and another thing to them, we could take that incorrectly. If someone is coming at us with where they’re speaking louder or they’re speaking faster or we’re reading the energy of their blow up that they had with someone two hours ago and we’re pulling that into our our conversation and we’re allowing our insecurities to come to the surface, these are all different things that can happen during that period of mercury retrograde. So just keep eyes wide open and ears wide open as you are connecting.

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Tech stuff, oh my gosh, between cars and TVs and phones and computers and lights and all kinds of stuff has just been going crazy in my world so, preventative measures, back up your phone, back up your iPad, back up all your electronic devices! Back up your security system. Back up your computer. This is your warning!! I guess this is your helpful reminder. Let’s put it that way so it’s not such a negative connotation with it. Really really good time to make sure that you have backups of your most important things and this is definitely NOT the time to take things personally. Remember, we’re still in eclipse gateway right? So emotional energies are raging right now. Not literally raging as an anger, but they’re really up there they’re very very strong! Super super powerful and this purging, this need and want to purge and release negativity continues.

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Saturn is also in retrograde, continues to be in retrograde. Where are you with responsibility in your life? Are you taking on more than you should? How much weight are you putting on your own shoulders that doesn’t belong there? In the same token, are you rising to the occasion? Are you taking enough responsibility? Are you pushing things away because you’re allowing your ego to get involved or are you just being lazy? Time to be honest people! Too much or too little like really gauge that see how that’s going on. This time of retrograde with Saturn also has us questioning our role, our role within business, our role within family, our role within our romantic relationships and our role with friends like what role do you play? Are you the someone that everybody comes to dump their shit on? Are you the someone who’s like the networker who knows how to connect people? Are you the planner? Are you the savior? Are you the listener? Are you the partier? I mean what role do you currently have? Is that in alignment with who you are and what role do you really want and do boundaries somehow need to play a role in all of this?

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Karma also comes up hot and heavy during Saturn retrograde so if you haven’t dealt with stuff you should have dealt with, the universe is going to help you learn that lesson by giving you some other experiences, other occurrences, other red flags to see how you choose to deal with it now. June sets up to be a huge huge month of solar shifting. I’m glad I said that right because when I said it to my phone and I was texting that to someone, let’s just say Siri didn’t quite understand that word shifting (HaHa). Solar eclipse rolls in on the 10th. We’re going to go into summer solstice this month as well later on in the month and these energies present to kind of shake things up. The eclipse gateway vibes are very very very strong and they’re going to be hanging out with us for about 3-6 months. It’s a good time to heal old wounds and deep seated trauma. Not fun to look at, not fun to work on, but oh lord the freedom on the other side once you get to that point so think of this gateway 3-6 months, oh maybe it’s the time to stick a toe into that part of your life that you haven’t wanted to deal with. Maybe it’s time to take a deep dive and just commit to going forward. These energies right now are are super, I know I use super and powerful and very a lot don’t I? Yeah, my guides are in my head, sorry. These energies are incredibly helpful right now for helping us to heal. These energies are also allowing us to connect with the high heart. Some people term this as the spiritual heart or the soul’s heart so there’s an incredible amount of love energy. Think of your highest vibration that you can hold of love and your highest access level of love and that’s what this high heart energy is. So if we’re going to do any healing, if we’re going to do any release of wounding, if we’re going to take a big (oh my god sometimes I wish these voices would slow down) a big jump not a big dump, a big jump into the deep end of our trauma, now is the perfect time to do it and let’s do it with a little laughter shall we? Treat yourself with love and compassion as you welcome in this connection of high heart energy and utilize its healing power for release and expansion.

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Themes of the week, PROTECTION! Hone in on your practice. What are you doing in order to protect your energy field? It doesn’t necessarily have to be sage or holy water, there’s umpteen different ways to protect and shield your energy field. Lots and lots and lots of interesting vibes this week. Another theme, Take the Blinders OFF! Expand your vision, see sense feel what’s going on around you not just the straight trajectory in front of you and balance balance balance mind body and spirit. There are many many many galactic energies coming forward and I think that’s one of the reasons why spirit is saying protection is a good theme for this week. It doesn’t mean that we have to be looking over our shoulder 24/7, but this is something that we should take into account. Many of us have been wearing masks for the last year to protect ourselves from a virus. What are you doing to protect yourself from negative energy because it’s out there whether it’s emotional, whether it’s spiritual, it’s out there so it’s time to come up with some type of daily practice just like popping your vitamins in the morning. You’re doing that as a preventative measure. This is an important preventative measure now and for the entire rest of the year.

So, let’s draw some cards. The deck that I’ve chosen is Oracle of the Hidden Worlds by Lucy Cavendish and let’s see what cards come forward. Sometimes the messages and the energy come in so quick I’m literally kind of there, but not there and out of body and trying to snatch them and hear them all at once so please forgive me. Click here to see what the cards had to say.

17 Faery Energy 8 The Liminal Dance 42 The Tree of Souls

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Energy Forecast for the week of 5/24/21 with Psychic/Medium, Danielle Garcia

Lots of vibes this week!

The Schumann Resonance spikes above 100 and we’ve had solar flares and geomagnetic storms.

Nice way to start Lunar Eclipse week….???

I take a deeper dive into Schumann Resonance and why this affects us in the forecast this week.

Coming in this week: SUPER full moon, lunar eclipse and retrograde season. Are you ready?

Let Danielle help you navigate this energetically charged week.

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Howdy, psychic medium Danielle Garcia here with your energy forecast for the week. Today is May 24th. How are you all doing? How are you liking the spikes of the Schumann Resonance? Holy cow!! It’s been a crazy ride. I’m still feeling the after effects with muscle tension and migraines and yada yada yada so on and so forth. Today, Schumann Resonance reads at a whopping 103 last time that I checked. Lots of different solar flares and geomagnetic activity has been going on this entire last week and heck, let’s face it, this entire last year! WHAT IS GOING ON? People ask why you keep bringing up the Schumann Resonance, it’s so dark and desolate and quite honestly a bummer. I kind of look at this as a weather report. We hear about the pollen so we can be proactive on dealing with allergies. We hear about the sun so we can be proactive on using sunscreen and know what the UV Ray index is and so on and so forth. By looking at this it helps ME to be proactive on balancing my energy. If I already know that I’ve got stuff going on in my own life that might be emotionally draining or emotionally taxing, energetically taxing and then this is going on as well, maybe I don’t want to have that confrontation I was planning on. Maybe going to your boss this week might not be such a good idea. Maybe you want to wait for a more opportune time when the energies are a little more stable, a little more balanced.

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Science has shown that when the Schumann Resonance spikes that is definitely has an effect on our bodies. So, how does it effect it? Well, when the Schumann Resonance spikes, remember we’re supposed to be at a 7.83 hertz level, so when it spikes like this it creates a disturbance in the synchronization of our hearts as well as our brain functions (my phone just popped, I will take that as a confirmation). When the brain is not synchronizing correctly it also throws off our melatonin values and our melatonin production. Want to know why your sleep sucks so hard during Schumann Resonance spikes? Melatonin. Want to know why you might feel a little bat shit crazy or seem to cry at things that you normally wouldn’t? It can be because the melatonin actually disrupts the serotonin, your happy chemicals in your brain and that can cause a disturbance with your emotional reaction. There’s been lots and lots and lots of different studies about Schumann Resonance. It’s not something that I think doctors talk about although I seriously wish that they would. There are many different health care, mental health care workers out there that are aware of it just as they are aware that every time there’s a full moon things seem to go a little crazy in an ER or the psychiatrist or the therapist. The counselor may get more patients calling that are in more emotional distress. Everything affects us. Energy is energy is energy. Plain and simple, Mother Earth’s energy is changing.

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The changes in synchronization and melatonin can also affect our immune system, our blood pressure, heart rate, reproductive system and so much more. It even throws of EEG readings which are pretty important hen you’re getting a report on your brain’s functionality. You kind of want those to be accurate. Several countries have done testing proving that during Schumann Resonance changing and geomagnetic activity that there’s actually more admissions to hospitals, there’s more violence, there’s more accidents, there’s more depression and there’s more suicide. It’s obviously been reported to aggravate stress and anxiety. So, knowing those things, we can be proactive. Maybe instead of going into rage mode we need to take a chill pill, literally. Maybe we need to do meditation. Maybe we need to remove ourselves from a stressful situation. Maybe we need to call in sick to work, just for the mental health benefit. There’s so many different things we can use this information for for our highest greatest good! Really, it is balancing out. What’s interesting to me is I did a little more deep dive and if you ever want to take a deep dive just GOOGLE. How does Schumann Resonance affect human beings? How does it affect health? Look for certain scientific studies. I didn’t really find a lot in the U.S., but many other countries have done more of a deep dive from my limited research obviously than we have here in the states. In 2017, a spike in the Schumann Resonance of 15 was considered great and substantial. In 2020, we reached values in the Schumann Resonance over 700! 700! That’s literally 100x more than the rate it would normally be. Now, think about that! If your normal blood pressure is a certain rate and suddenly you’re 100x more than that or your temperature is a certain read and suddenly you’re 100x more than that, your pulse rate is a certain read and suddenly you’re 100x more than that, wouldn’t your body FREAK OUT! What do you think is going on with Mother Earth? I think she’s trying to tell us something. I think as she evolves, our bodies, our auras, our layers of mental body, spiritual body, emotional body, etheric body, etc., etc., etc., are all being called to adapt and to change right along with her.

It’s interesting to me that the most significant year of change in Schumann Resonance coincided with a world pandemic. Keep in mind, Schumann affects the immune system. Schumann affects heart rate. Schumann affects brain activity. I can’t think that this is coincidence. I obviously don’t have all the puzzle pieces here, but just felt guided to share that with you. So, if you follow the Schumann Resonance and you find these spikes, remember grounding, get outside with nature, use your tools for balancing. If you listen to meditation, if you do yoga, tai chi, chi gong, sound healing, if you’re into oils, if you’re into crystals, whatever your thing is that helps you get out and balance, that is so important. Water is fluidity. It’s purification. It’s a wonderful way to release a lot of that stored trapped energy and who knows maybe it’s even a good idea to pop a couple melatonin every day when the Schumann Resonance is spiking. I’m going to start doing that and see if that helps with the other stuff that I’ve been feeling. Can’t hurt at this point, right?

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This week in two more days, we shift into a super full moon. This moon is known as the flower moon as well as the super blood moon because a lunar eclipse occurs on the night of the full moon. Lots and lots and lots of energy. This full moon is said to be 3x the energy that a “Quote”, “Unquote” normal full moon will be. So, again, having that awareness and keeping that in mind, PREPARE! Make sure to have your tools around you, your coping strategy, mechanisms, whatever you do to stay balanced and sane and a good vibe. Make sure that you prep and are ready for that if you are a sensitive, if you are an empath that the moon’s vibe affects. The lunar eclipse denotes completion and closure of things that have happened over the last 6 months. So this is also a good time to wrap up any loose ends that you may have and work on clearing those different things. We’re also in retrograde season. Saturn went retrograde yesterday and that is a good time for clearing and release of karma. It’s a good time to reflect on life. Do a life review and think of those things, those relationships that you want to heal, those things that you have done that you’re not so happy about. Going to a place inside self and finding forgiveness for self and helping to heal and release karma.

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Mercury goes retrograde on Friday, the 29th. Watch for communication, contracts, focus and technology to possibly go a bit wonky and out of sorts. The lunar eclipse gateway will be open for 2 weeks after the lunar eclipse and that is a time to rise to more truth to rise to more of your authentic self to bring in those things into your life that make you happy, that are of the same wavelength and of the same vibration. Those 2 weeks are a wonderful 2 weeks to manifest as well.

Themes for this week are release and repair, grounding and communities. Think about what those mean to you. I’m going to pull some cards from my favorite deck, The Energy Oracle Cards and let’s just see what comes through. Want to see what cards said, click here. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

4-Happy Family 16-Patience 37-Third Chakra Archangel Chamuel

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Energy Forecast for the week of 5/17/21 with Psychic/Medium, Danielle Garcia

Yowza! Crazy vibes last week! Let’s see how this week is set to play out!

The moon moves to Leo today promising playfulness and creativity.

There is a Pleiades Portal is open till the 22nd. What the heck does that mean, and how can you work with those energies?

The SUPER moon and Lunar Eclipse are on the way. Are you ready?

Themes for this week:

Move Through It

Find Your Inner Joy

Learn From Shadow

Listen in as Danielle helps you navigate the vibes of this week.

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Good morning, today is May 17th and I am psychic medium Danielle Garcia with your energy forecast for the week. How is everyone doing, once again, with solar storms and the Schumann Resonance spikes? It’s been super super crazy over the last week. Lots and lots of physical reactions, emotional reactions and many empaths have reported to me that they were struggling last week so, knock on wood, hopefully this week is going to be a better week. Checked in this morning, Schumann has spiked to 33, which isn’t wonderful by any means, but it’s not in the 90s or the 200s or 300s like we have seen before so, that in itself, is a blessing. No space weather super remarkable to report on today, so, again, super super grateful for that.

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Today, the moon enters into Leo. This is a great time to embrace joy. To embrace playfulness. To really allow that inner child to come out and express and play. It’s a wonderful time to focus your creativity on doing a special project or maybe something you’ve been thinking about experiencing, but you never did anything about it before using that creativity. The Pleiades portal is open until the 22nd of this month. With that comes an amazing, wonderful, beautiful sense of divine feminine energy. The Pleiades is connected to that divine feminine, the nurturing, the love, compassion and also strength. The bravery, the warrior, if you will. It’s a wonderful time to go within and connect with that divine feminine energy that is within all of us. It doesn’t really matter what your gender is. Divine feminine energy is available to all of us. Utilize that to work with it, to see those beautiful strong parts of yourself. Its also a time for healing. This is a great energetic portal to manifest with. It’s a good time to call back those pieces of yourself that may be fragmented. That you’ve lost along the way. If you’re not feeling quite yourself, your happy awesome joyful self, then think back upon, “how did you lose that?” “Where are those pieces hanging out in?” It’s also a great time for soul retrieval for those of you that are aware of that practice or would like to experience it. Feminine energy historically also holds darker emotions that laydown beneath the surface. I think many women can identify with that because many times we are taught to be of service to everybody else, to make everyone else happy. We feel stifled or stagnant because we are pushing things down. Well, this is a time to bring those things forward. To bring those darker emotions forward and by darkness I’m not talking evil (Oooohhhhh, I could say so many things right now, haha), I am talking darker as in NEGATIVE. Usually these come from shadow. Usually these come from ego. Usually these come from insecurities as we all have because we are all human. So this could be hate, rage, revenge, distrust, disobedience, pulling in that negativity and really not taking a strong hard look at ourselves as we truly are. We can have darker emotions about ourselves. It’s not just the outside world. We can be really really hard on ourselves and this is a great time to look and take a deep dive into those darker emotions and see, hmmmmm, “is this really truth?” “Do I really feel this way?” “Is this a projection about something else?” “Is this my pain creating this energy to act a certain way?” So this is a time of inventory, if you will, of those darker emotions, if you chose to work on them. This is also a time to look at shadow side, shadow self. Funny how feminine energy brings that out. I truly believe that feminine energy is such a powerful force. It can go to those places within us, that hold that darkness, that hold that shadow and help us to move to bigger brighter wonderful places as well as allow us to know our true strength, our true power and our true grace.

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We’re also in the pre-shadow phase of mercury retrograde. This is a time to make sure you are looking at contracts, at communication and also technology. (My computer dorked out 3 times before I was able to film this) Believe it or not, when you come into situations like that, if you know reiki, you can send reiki to your computer, to your cell phone, your car, any kind of electronics and it can really help boost the vibe and get everything back in balance. There is your reiki tip for mercury retrograde.

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The lunar eclipse and the super moon are coming in 9 days so prep prep prep and get ready. May has set itself up to be this pivotal month of movement of healing of acknowledgement and of honoring our authentic self. It’s basically like all the bullshit is going to come to the surface and if you haven’t dealt with that then the universe is going to send you a couple more red flags about that until you figure out what really helps to put you into balance. It’s interesting to me, the astrology of this month and when you follow the solar storms, when you follow the Schumann Resonance and even when you follow the political uprisings going on in the world today, it’s interesting because they are all connected. It’s pushing us to all reach a different level. You can call that ascension, you can call that soul evolvement, you can call it a multitude of different things, but yet, we’re on this ride together. Some of us are going to be dragged. Some of us are going to go with the flow. Some of us are going to be the leaders for that so you get to choose what your role is in this changing times, both within humanity, within your life, within the universe, within your family, your work, your nation, etc., etc., etc.

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Themes for this week: Move Through It. Pushing forward to greater degrees of healing and understanding. Find Your Inner Joy. What makes you happy? Go out and experience the playfulness of the inner child. So often we cut that out as we get older. We’re not thinking of what makes us happy or lets go do this or lets go do that or lets go create this. Bring that inner child out to play. We really need to connect with that piece of ourselves that has that understanding that joy is just around the corner. It’s not stuck in a room during a pandemic and Learning From Shadow is also another theme for this week.

Because shadow will be a focus of the energies coming forward I will be pulling cards from The Dark Mirror Deck. A little bit darker energy in this set, but it connects as we’re talking about shadow. Click here to see what the cards said. Stay close to center and realize how freaking amazing you are and have a blessed week.

Blinded to Pain – Anger and Chains – Bride in a Cage

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Energy Forecast for the week of 5/10/21 with Psychic/Medium, Danielle Garcia of Intuitive Angels

The Schumann Resonance is giving us a reprieve today (for the moment, anyways) as we await the arrival of the NEW MOON coming in tomorrow.

The New Moon will be in Taurus tomorrow. This New Moon focuses on direction in your life – where are you heading? It’s time to manifest and dream BIG!!!

Danielle clues you in on working with crystals to manifest in different areas of your life.

This is the time for CHANGE – BIG CHANGE. It’s considered a big reset. Good time for realigning to higher vibes for body image, health, and wellness.

We are moving to the pre-shadow phase of Mercury Retrograde this week. Get ready!

Listen in as Danielle helps you navigate the energies of this week.

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Good morning, psychic medium Danielle Garcia here with your energy forecast for the week. Today is May 10th. Happy belated Mother’s Day to all the mamas out there, there’s all different kinds of ways to be a mama so I hope you all enjoyed your special day. Let’s move on the the energies coming in. How has everyone been handling the Schumann Resonance? It’s been super super crazy crazy crazy. When I last checked this morning it was vibing at a 10, knock on wood. Let’s hope it stays there because this continuing spiking to 94, 85, 79 has just been freaking outrageous. So super crazy! Lots and lots of physical symptoms have been reported due to the spiking of the Schumann. The Schumann Resonance normally stays at a 7.83 so when we have these huge spikes like this it definitely impacts us. People ask me why should that impact us, well, think of it, energy is energy is energy. If you go outside and the temperature outside is normally 70 and suddenly it is 500 degrees, do you notice that? Probably so. This type of energy is the same way. It makes a difference. So, again, knock on wood, let’s hope Schumann stays calmed down and chill.

Tomorrow, new moon in Taurus moves in. This is all about direction in your life. This is about dreaming big, setting intentions out there, manifesting, manifesting, manifesting and manifesting!!!!! So set forth your intentions for new moon tomorrow night. Now, crystals, they definitely work with us and help us to achieve what our goals are so depending on what it is that you are working to manifest, you may want to bring some of your crystals into your manifestation. Whether you do ritual, whether it’s meditating, prayer, whatever your thing is. Here are some crystals that can help you out. If you are looking for abundance in your life, Citrine is wonderful for that. Clearing out the cobwebs of negativity, Kyanite is an amazing crystal for that. New job? Tiger’s Eye. Relationship assistance, Moonstone. Self-Love, Rose Quartz. Spiritual path, Labradorite. Intuition, Amethyst and grounding, Kambaba Jasper. You can use one of these crystals or several if you have more than one manifestation you’re trying to bring forward. Remember, DREAM BIG! It’s not that you just have to focus on one thing, you can focus on several different things and it’s the way in which you choose to manifest and put that energy out there. Remember, whenever you’re manifesting, have the expectation that the universe will provide, that creator source will hear you. If you try to manifest and you do it in a depleted state like, “poor me, I can’t have it all and I really really need this, please bring it to me” that’s coming from a lower vibrational state. When we act out of desperation, we can send that energy out there. That doesn’t mean it has to all be rainbows and unicorns in order to manifest so there is a big difference.

Crystals that can help you manifest

What else is coming forward? Well, this new moon tomorrow night is known as a reset. If you’re looking for change, now is your time. Whatever it is that you’re wanting to change about your life. Whether that is career, health, in fact, the one thing about this new moon energy that’s coming in is it’s the perfect time to change up realignment of body image, self worth, health and wellness and bringing those all to higher vibrations. Perfect, perfect, perfect time.

Thursday, Jupiter moves to Pisces. This is about creativity coming in full force so if you’ve been setting those projects back in the background, the back burner, on the wayside, bring those forward. This is a great time for moving and stepping forward and ahead with those projects that have kind of been hanging out there in stagnancy or those things that you’ve been thinking about, “Oh, I probably should get to this, I probably should get to that”, allow that creativity to come forward. Creativity uses our life force energy and it’s so incredibly healing as well as it just shifts us up into another vibe that is really in alignment with our soul.

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Expect for intuition to be heightened. Expect for psychic stuff to be turned up full volume. Things that can come forward with that include deja vu, premonitions, vivid dreams, more gut instinct stuff stepping forward, so don’t be surprised if Thursday, BOOM, the lights go on and all of the sudden you’re getting in all of this information. Saturday, we move to the pre-shadow phase of our favorite, Mercury Retrograde. Mercury goes retro on the 29th so the pre-shadow phase starts to get us adjusted to that energy. Communication usually, hmmm, I am not going to put that out there, communication can be challenging. Electronics can be challenging. Maybe when we are manifesting with this new moon, we manifest that Mercury Retrograde isn’t going to be so touchy!!!! Let’s see what happens, definitely cannot hurt !!!! The Lunar eclipse is also coming in on the 26th which brings it’s own powerful energies.

I’m going to pull some cards about the energies of this week and I am using my spell casting deck. These are really cool cards and we will see just what comes through. Click here to see what the cards have to say.


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