Energy Forecast for the week of 6/7/21 with Psychic/Medium, Danielle Garcia

How’s your MONDAY???

This week presents with lots of planetary and galactic vibes.

Solar Eclipse rolls in with the New Moon on Thursday. This eclipse is in alignment with the planet Mercury, which is currently in retrograde. Mercury Retrograde may intensify on Thursday, so backup your tech toys! Be mindful of your words and reactions.

So many opportunities for increased awareness and healing on the Eclipse.

Listen in as Danielle helps you navigate your week!

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Good morning psychic medium Danielle Garcia here with your energy forecast for the week. Today is June 7th. How’s everybody feeling? The Schumann Resonance, unfortunately, is spiking again. We’re only at a 47 right now, which isn’t a 300, isn’t a 700 like we’ve experienced over the last 6 months so THAT is a GIFT in itself, however, with the other planetary stuff going on with the other space weather going on right now we’ve got a lot of different solar flares, solar storms heating up and the Schumann Resonance also just adds to everything. If you are experiencing headaches, body aches, brain confusion, foggy brain, foggy mind, foggy thoughts, sleeplessness don’t be surprised if those types of things are going on.

I’ve also had a lot of people respond to me saying the heart palpitation stuff has kind of changed a little bit, now many people are experiencing more of like heartburn, indigestion and lots and lots of stuff just going on in the throat chakra. If you’re experiencing any of these things remember, ground, hydrate, get outside, connect with nature. Water seems to be incredibly healing right now, not only drinking it, but going for a swim, taking a salt bath, doing a salt scrub in the shower, those types of things.

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So, yesterday the 66 gateway opened, not the 666 thank God, just the 66 gateway opened. So lots of different major galactic energies came in along with that. Those of you that have a connection to galactic beings, ET’s for example, don’t be surprised if they start reaching out more so this week and for the next 10 days. You might get dreams about them. You might have visions about them. You might have messages, signs, etc., etc., etc., because this gateway opened up a wonderful wormhole, if you will, for those types of energies to get through. As with everything, gateways don’t always just represent light so if you are one who tends to attract negativity in that type of form take your protective measures to make sure that you are shielded clear and safe. With this 66 gateway energy, lots of heart energy, lots of third eye energy and lots of crown energy. Now is a spectacular time to connect with higher self to release obstructions from those actual areas. It’s a good time to connect with your spiritual team, your guides, your angels, loved ones on the other side, light beings, light masters that you may work with, a great time to connect with them to help balance you out and this is also a time of restructuring.

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Today Saturn retrograde continues to push us to look at our relationship with responsibility. Are we taking too much on? Are we not being responsible enough? Are we pushing the buck, so to speak. Are we letting other people take the blame? Are we being honest with ourselves? You know, honesty is a huge theme over all of these different things this week. The big event happens Thursday, that’s the new moon and solar eclipse. This eclipse occurs in the sign of Gemini and also the planet Mercury, which happens to be in retrograde. Mercury retrograde may be flaring a little bit more intense on Thursday, so heads up. Be aware of that. If you have electronics that you haven’t backed up, really good idea to take care of that. If you’ve been putting off repairs on your car, pretty good idea to take care of that before Thursday as well or just don’t plan on driving. This eclipse is hugely significant and very very powerful. It’s a day of new beginnings. It’s a day of new understandings. It’s a day of aligning body, mind and soul as well as balancing divine masculine and feminine and balancing dark and light within ourselves.

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This is a great time to take that inventory to see where things are going great and maybe where things are not going so great. It’s a wonderful day for self forgiveness. The energetic standing for this would open up a great opportunity to do a house clearing, house blessing, space clearing, space blessing. A great day to do a cleanse or a detox and again some type of prayer or ritual surrounding self-forgiveness. I think and I’ve mentioned it many times before forgiveness of self is not an easy thing to do so when we take that deep dive and look and see, oh, here’s some areas of our life that we’re just not so happy about or we’re not so proud about, take responsibility for those things, make amends if you can and forgive yourself. Remember we’re all just stumbling human beings here trying to make it through from moment to moment to moment right? You don’t know what you know until you know it and sometimes we react with negative emotions and lower thought forms that make us not shine our brightest and that’s okay, that’s how we learn, but being accountable, taking culpability and being responsible for your actions is incredibly important, especially right now in this day and age.

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This eclipse alignment has not happened since may of 2003 so it’s also a completion. This eclipse urges you to take a look back. What was going on in your life 18 years ago? Can you see all of the different things that you have created since then? Can you celebrate those learnings, understandings, gifts that you have accomplished over the last 18 years? Now, on Thursday is a great time to do that. It’s also a great time to define what your new goals are, what your new dreams are and what you want to manifest and bring into your life.

Themes this week. Struggle! What are you struggling against and how’s that working for you? Usually struggle doesn’t work very well because it’s negative against negative against negative right? So take a look and see where you’re struggling and what you can do about that. Use your higher self to take a higher perspective and maybe you find some things that you need to cut energetic cords from to help clear that energy of struggle. Surrender is another theme of this week. What are you surrendering to? Are you surrendering to faith? Are you surrendering to trust? Are you surrendering to creator to higher self to your spouse, your kids, your work? What is it that you are surrendering to? There’s this amazing vibration of surrender that I’ve experienced in my life and when I truly get into that vibe, I swear to you, miracle upon miracle upon miracle happens. It’s not an easy vibe to reach, you got to definitely step out of ego, you definitely have to step into faith, but when you get there, WOW I mean honestly just WOW! I had this one moment where I literally was down on my hands and knees praying to God just saying look, I can’t handle the situation anymore, I don’t know what to do I’m tired of hitting my head up against a wall, I LET GO, I surrender it to you just show me the way. Point me in the right direction and I swear to you 27 minutes later phone call, job offer making more money than I’d ever made before in my life. Things like this can happen. I’m not the only one it happens to. We are all blessed, correct? The other theme is Shining Your Light. How can you shine your light this week? What difference can you make? Who can you honor? Who can you acknowledge and are you doing those things for yourself?

I’m gonna pull a few cards. I’m pulling from The Lantern Oracle by Angelina Mirabito and let’s just see what cards come through. I really like this deck. One of my clients recommended it to me. I’m so glad that she did. Please click here to see what the cards said.

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Energy Forecast for the week of 6/1/21 with Psychic/Medium, Danielle Garcia

Howdy! Psychic medium Danielle Garcia with your energy forecast for the week! Today is June 1st and how are you all feeling? I feel like every time I start these it’s always about how did you deal with the crazy vibes last week. I often wonder when we’re going to get a break because seriously, the last 14-15 months have been interesting right? Very very interesting. So last time I checked the Schumann, which was about an hour and a half ago, we were at an 8! Can you believe it? We’re actually right around normal range. Hopefully, knock on wood, we will stay that way. Lots of space weather going on, solar flares and solar storms. If you’re having headaches, if you’re having some problems with sleep, if you’re feeling super super thirsty and like you just can’t quite get hydrated this could be why.

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Mercury is full-blown retrograde now!!!! How’s everyone dealing with that? It doesn’t necessarily mean that we need to go hide out in a cave somewhere, although that does feel promising and inviting at times. This is our opportunity to work on our communication. This is our opportunity to work on our relationships and relationships, ALL relationships. Whether it’s personal, romantic, business, family, etc., etc., etc. So be very mindful of how you speak. Be very mindful of the words that you use. Be very mindful of the energy that you use while speaking. It’s always interesting to me, mercury in retro, you know, we talk about communication. I believe, from my perception anyways, that it’s this huge open doorway where communication can be taken not in the way that it has been given and I believe that we also become incredibly sensitive to communication during mercury retrograde. So if someone says a word that means one thing to us and another thing to them, we could take that incorrectly. If someone is coming at us with where they’re speaking louder or they’re speaking faster or we’re reading the energy of their blow up that they had with someone two hours ago and we’re pulling that into our our conversation and we’re allowing our insecurities to come to the surface, these are all different things that can happen during that period of mercury retrograde. So just keep eyes wide open and ears wide open as you are connecting.

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Tech stuff, oh my gosh, between cars and TVs and phones and computers and lights and all kinds of stuff has just been going crazy in my world so, preventative measures, back up your phone, back up your iPad, back up all your electronic devices! Back up your security system. Back up your computer. This is your warning!! I guess this is your helpful reminder. Let’s put it that way so it’s not such a negative connotation with it. Really really good time to make sure that you have backups of your most important things and this is definitely NOT the time to take things personally. Remember, we’re still in eclipse gateway right? So emotional energies are raging right now. Not literally raging as an anger, but they’re really up there they’re very very strong! Super super powerful and this purging, this need and want to purge and release negativity continues.

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Saturn is also in retrograde, continues to be in retrograde. Where are you with responsibility in your life? Are you taking on more than you should? How much weight are you putting on your own shoulders that doesn’t belong there? In the same token, are you rising to the occasion? Are you taking enough responsibility? Are you pushing things away because you’re allowing your ego to get involved or are you just being lazy? Time to be honest people! Too much or too little like really gauge that see how that’s going on. This time of retrograde with Saturn also has us questioning our role, our role within business, our role within family, our role within our romantic relationships and our role with friends like what role do you play? Are you the someone that everybody comes to dump their shit on? Are you the someone who’s like the networker who knows how to connect people? Are you the planner? Are you the savior? Are you the listener? Are you the partier? I mean what role do you currently have? Is that in alignment with who you are and what role do you really want and do boundaries somehow need to play a role in all of this?

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Karma also comes up hot and heavy during Saturn retrograde so if you haven’t dealt with stuff you should have dealt with, the universe is going to help you learn that lesson by giving you some other experiences, other occurrences, other red flags to see how you choose to deal with it now. June sets up to be a huge huge month of solar shifting. I’m glad I said that right because when I said it to my phone and I was texting that to someone, let’s just say Siri didn’t quite understand that word shifting (HaHa). Solar eclipse rolls in on the 10th. We’re going to go into summer solstice this month as well later on in the month and these energies present to kind of shake things up. The eclipse gateway vibes are very very very strong and they’re going to be hanging out with us for about 3-6 months. It’s a good time to heal old wounds and deep seated trauma. Not fun to look at, not fun to work on, but oh lord the freedom on the other side once you get to that point so think of this gateway 3-6 months, oh maybe it’s the time to stick a toe into that part of your life that you haven’t wanted to deal with. Maybe it’s time to take a deep dive and just commit to going forward. These energies right now are are super, I know I use super and powerful and very a lot don’t I? Yeah, my guides are in my head, sorry. These energies are incredibly helpful right now for helping us to heal. These energies are also allowing us to connect with the high heart. Some people term this as the spiritual heart or the soul’s heart so there’s an incredible amount of love energy. Think of your highest vibration that you can hold of love and your highest access level of love and that’s what this high heart energy is. So if we’re going to do any healing, if we’re going to do any release of wounding, if we’re going to take a big (oh my god sometimes I wish these voices would slow down) a big jump not a big dump, a big jump into the deep end of our trauma, now is the perfect time to do it and let’s do it with a little laughter shall we? Treat yourself with love and compassion as you welcome in this connection of high heart energy and utilize its healing power for release and expansion.

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Themes of the week, PROTECTION! Hone in on your practice. What are you doing in order to protect your energy field? It doesn’t necessarily have to be sage or holy water, there’s umpteen different ways to protect and shield your energy field. Lots and lots and lots of interesting vibes this week. Another theme, Take the Blinders OFF! Expand your vision, see sense feel what’s going on around you not just the straight trajectory in front of you and balance balance balance mind body and spirit. There are many many many galactic energies coming forward and I think that’s one of the reasons why spirit is saying protection is a good theme for this week. It doesn’t mean that we have to be looking over our shoulder 24/7, but this is something that we should take into account. Many of us have been wearing masks for the last year to protect ourselves from a virus. What are you doing to protect yourself from negative energy because it’s out there whether it’s emotional, whether it’s spiritual, it’s out there so it’s time to come up with some type of daily practice just like popping your vitamins in the morning. You’re doing that as a preventative measure. This is an important preventative measure now and for the entire rest of the year.

So, let’s draw some cards. The deck that I’ve chosen is Oracle of the Hidden Worlds by Lucy Cavendish and let’s see what cards come forward. Sometimes the messages and the energy come in so quick I’m literally kind of there, but not there and out of body and trying to snatch them and hear them all at once so please forgive me. Click here to see what the cards had to say.

17 Faery Energy 8 The Liminal Dance 42 The Tree of Souls

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Energy Forecast for the week of 5/24/21 with Psychic/Medium, Danielle Garcia

Lots of vibes this week!

The Schumann Resonance spikes above 100 and we’ve had solar flares and geomagnetic storms.

Nice way to start Lunar Eclipse week….???

I take a deeper dive into Schumann Resonance and why this affects us in the forecast this week.

Coming in this week: SUPER full moon, lunar eclipse and retrograde season. Are you ready?

Let Danielle help you navigate this energetically charged week.

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Howdy, psychic medium Danielle Garcia here with your energy forecast for the week. Today is May 24th. How are you all doing? How are you liking the spikes of the Schumann Resonance? Holy cow!! It’s been a crazy ride. I’m still feeling the after effects with muscle tension and migraines and yada yada yada so on and so forth. Today, Schumann Resonance reads at a whopping 103 last time that I checked. Lots of different solar flares and geomagnetic activity has been going on this entire last week and heck, let’s face it, this entire last year! WHAT IS GOING ON? People ask why you keep bringing up the Schumann Resonance, it’s so dark and desolate and quite honestly a bummer. I kind of look at this as a weather report. We hear about the pollen so we can be proactive on dealing with allergies. We hear about the sun so we can be proactive on using sunscreen and know what the UV Ray index is and so on and so forth. By looking at this it helps ME to be proactive on balancing my energy. If I already know that I’ve got stuff going on in my own life that might be emotionally draining or emotionally taxing, energetically taxing and then this is going on as well, maybe I don’t want to have that confrontation I was planning on. Maybe going to your boss this week might not be such a good idea. Maybe you want to wait for a more opportune time when the energies are a little more stable, a little more balanced.

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Science has shown that when the Schumann Resonance spikes that is definitely has an effect on our bodies. So, how does it effect it? Well, when the Schumann Resonance spikes, remember we’re supposed to be at a 7.83 hertz level, so when it spikes like this it creates a disturbance in the synchronization of our hearts as well as our brain functions (my phone just popped, I will take that as a confirmation). When the brain is not synchronizing correctly it also throws off our melatonin values and our melatonin production. Want to know why your sleep sucks so hard during Schumann Resonance spikes? Melatonin. Want to know why you might feel a little bat shit crazy or seem to cry at things that you normally wouldn’t? It can be because the melatonin actually disrupts the serotonin, your happy chemicals in your brain and that can cause a disturbance with your emotional reaction. There’s been lots and lots and lots of different studies about Schumann Resonance. It’s not something that I think doctors talk about although I seriously wish that they would. There are many different health care, mental health care workers out there that are aware of it just as they are aware that every time there’s a full moon things seem to go a little crazy in an ER or the psychiatrist or the therapist. The counselor may get more patients calling that are in more emotional distress. Everything affects us. Energy is energy is energy. Plain and simple, Mother Earth’s energy is changing.

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The changes in synchronization and melatonin can also affect our immune system, our blood pressure, heart rate, reproductive system and so much more. It even throws of EEG readings which are pretty important hen you’re getting a report on your brain’s functionality. You kind of want those to be accurate. Several countries have done testing proving that during Schumann Resonance changing and geomagnetic activity that there’s actually more admissions to hospitals, there’s more violence, there’s more accidents, there’s more depression and there’s more suicide. It’s obviously been reported to aggravate stress and anxiety. So, knowing those things, we can be proactive. Maybe instead of going into rage mode we need to take a chill pill, literally. Maybe we need to do meditation. Maybe we need to remove ourselves from a stressful situation. Maybe we need to call in sick to work, just for the mental health benefit. There’s so many different things we can use this information for for our highest greatest good! Really, it is balancing out. What’s interesting to me is I did a little more deep dive and if you ever want to take a deep dive just GOOGLE. How does Schumann Resonance affect human beings? How does it affect health? Look for certain scientific studies. I didn’t really find a lot in the U.S., but many other countries have done more of a deep dive from my limited research obviously than we have here in the states. In 2017, a spike in the Schumann Resonance of 15 was considered great and substantial. In 2020, we reached values in the Schumann Resonance over 700! 700! That’s literally 100x more than the rate it would normally be. Now, think about that! If your normal blood pressure is a certain rate and suddenly you’re 100x more than that or your temperature is a certain read and suddenly you’re 100x more than that, your pulse rate is a certain read and suddenly you’re 100x more than that, wouldn’t your body FREAK OUT! What do you think is going on with Mother Earth? I think she’s trying to tell us something. I think as she evolves, our bodies, our auras, our layers of mental body, spiritual body, emotional body, etheric body, etc., etc., etc., are all being called to adapt and to change right along with her.

It’s interesting to me that the most significant year of change in Schumann Resonance coincided with a world pandemic. Keep in mind, Schumann affects the immune system. Schumann affects heart rate. Schumann affects brain activity. I can’t think that this is coincidence. I obviously don’t have all the puzzle pieces here, but just felt guided to share that with you. So, if you follow the Schumann Resonance and you find these spikes, remember grounding, get outside with nature, use your tools for balancing. If you listen to meditation, if you do yoga, tai chi, chi gong, sound healing, if you’re into oils, if you’re into crystals, whatever your thing is that helps you get out and balance, that is so important. Water is fluidity. It’s purification. It’s a wonderful way to release a lot of that stored trapped energy and who knows maybe it’s even a good idea to pop a couple melatonin every day when the Schumann Resonance is spiking. I’m going to start doing that and see if that helps with the other stuff that I’ve been feeling. Can’t hurt at this point, right?

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This week in two more days, we shift into a super full moon. This moon is known as the flower moon as well as the super blood moon because a lunar eclipse occurs on the night of the full moon. Lots and lots and lots of energy. This full moon is said to be 3x the energy that a “Quote”, “Unquote” normal full moon will be. So, again, having that awareness and keeping that in mind, PREPARE! Make sure to have your tools around you, your coping strategy, mechanisms, whatever you do to stay balanced and sane and a good vibe. Make sure that you prep and are ready for that if you are a sensitive, if you are an empath that the moon’s vibe affects. The lunar eclipse denotes completion and closure of things that have happened over the last 6 months. So this is also a good time to wrap up any loose ends that you may have and work on clearing those different things. We’re also in retrograde season. Saturn went retrograde yesterday and that is a good time for clearing and release of karma. It’s a good time to reflect on life. Do a life review and think of those things, those relationships that you want to heal, those things that you have done that you’re not so happy about. Going to a place inside self and finding forgiveness for self and helping to heal and release karma.

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Mercury goes retrograde on Friday, the 29th. Watch for communication, contracts, focus and technology to possibly go a bit wonky and out of sorts. The lunar eclipse gateway will be open for 2 weeks after the lunar eclipse and that is a time to rise to more truth to rise to more of your authentic self to bring in those things into your life that make you happy, that are of the same wavelength and of the same vibration. Those 2 weeks are a wonderful 2 weeks to manifest as well.

Themes for this week are release and repair, grounding and communities. Think about what those mean to you. I’m going to pull some cards from my favorite deck, The Energy Oracle Cards and let’s just see what comes through. Want to see what cards said, click here. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

4-Happy Family 16-Patience 37-Third Chakra Archangel Chamuel

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Energy Forecast for the week of 5/17/21 with Psychic/Medium, Danielle Garcia

Yowza! Crazy vibes last week! Let’s see how this week is set to play out!

The moon moves to Leo today promising playfulness and creativity.

There is a Pleiades Portal is open till the 22nd. What the heck does that mean, and how can you work with those energies?

The SUPER moon and Lunar Eclipse are on the way. Are you ready?

Themes for this week:

Move Through It

Find Your Inner Joy

Learn From Shadow

Listen in as Danielle helps you navigate the vibes of this week.

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Good morning, today is May 17th and I am psychic medium Danielle Garcia with your energy forecast for the week. How is everyone doing, once again, with solar storms and the Schumann Resonance spikes? It’s been super super crazy over the last week. Lots and lots of physical reactions, emotional reactions and many empaths have reported to me that they were struggling last week so, knock on wood, hopefully this week is going to be a better week. Checked in this morning, Schumann has spiked to 33, which isn’t wonderful by any means, but it’s not in the 90s or the 200s or 300s like we have seen before so, that in itself, is a blessing. No space weather super remarkable to report on today, so, again, super super grateful for that.

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Today, the moon enters into Leo. This is a great time to embrace joy. To embrace playfulness. To really allow that inner child to come out and express and play. It’s a wonderful time to focus your creativity on doing a special project or maybe something you’ve been thinking about experiencing, but you never did anything about it before using that creativity. The Pleiades portal is open until the 22nd of this month. With that comes an amazing, wonderful, beautiful sense of divine feminine energy. The Pleiades is connected to that divine feminine, the nurturing, the love, compassion and also strength. The bravery, the warrior, if you will. It’s a wonderful time to go within and connect with that divine feminine energy that is within all of us. It doesn’t really matter what your gender is. Divine feminine energy is available to all of us. Utilize that to work with it, to see those beautiful strong parts of yourself. Its also a time for healing. This is a great energetic portal to manifest with. It’s a good time to call back those pieces of yourself that may be fragmented. That you’ve lost along the way. If you’re not feeling quite yourself, your happy awesome joyful self, then think back upon, “how did you lose that?” “Where are those pieces hanging out in?” It’s also a great time for soul retrieval for those of you that are aware of that practice or would like to experience it. Feminine energy historically also holds darker emotions that laydown beneath the surface. I think many women can identify with that because many times we are taught to be of service to everybody else, to make everyone else happy. We feel stifled or stagnant because we are pushing things down. Well, this is a time to bring those things forward. To bring those darker emotions forward and by darkness I’m not talking evil (Oooohhhhh, I could say so many things right now, haha), I am talking darker as in NEGATIVE. Usually these come from shadow. Usually these come from ego. Usually these come from insecurities as we all have because we are all human. So this could be hate, rage, revenge, distrust, disobedience, pulling in that negativity and really not taking a strong hard look at ourselves as we truly are. We can have darker emotions about ourselves. It’s not just the outside world. We can be really really hard on ourselves and this is a great time to look and take a deep dive into those darker emotions and see, hmmmmm, “is this really truth?” “Do I really feel this way?” “Is this a projection about something else?” “Is this my pain creating this energy to act a certain way?” So this is a time of inventory, if you will, of those darker emotions, if you chose to work on them. This is also a time to look at shadow side, shadow self. Funny how feminine energy brings that out. I truly believe that feminine energy is such a powerful force. It can go to those places within us, that hold that darkness, that hold that shadow and help us to move to bigger brighter wonderful places as well as allow us to know our true strength, our true power and our true grace.

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We’re also in the pre-shadow phase of mercury retrograde. This is a time to make sure you are looking at contracts, at communication and also technology. (My computer dorked out 3 times before I was able to film this) Believe it or not, when you come into situations like that, if you know reiki, you can send reiki to your computer, to your cell phone, your car, any kind of electronics and it can really help boost the vibe and get everything back in balance. There is your reiki tip for mercury retrograde.

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The lunar eclipse and the super moon are coming in 9 days so prep prep prep and get ready. May has set itself up to be this pivotal month of movement of healing of acknowledgement and of honoring our authentic self. It’s basically like all the bullshit is going to come to the surface and if you haven’t dealt with that then the universe is going to send you a couple more red flags about that until you figure out what really helps to put you into balance. It’s interesting to me, the astrology of this month and when you follow the solar storms, when you follow the Schumann Resonance and even when you follow the political uprisings going on in the world today, it’s interesting because they are all connected. It’s pushing us to all reach a different level. You can call that ascension, you can call that soul evolvement, you can call it a multitude of different things, but yet, we’re on this ride together. Some of us are going to be dragged. Some of us are going to go with the flow. Some of us are going to be the leaders for that so you get to choose what your role is in this changing times, both within humanity, within your life, within the universe, within your family, your work, your nation, etc., etc., etc.

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Themes for this week: Move Through It. Pushing forward to greater degrees of healing and understanding. Find Your Inner Joy. What makes you happy? Go out and experience the playfulness of the inner child. So often we cut that out as we get older. We’re not thinking of what makes us happy or lets go do this or lets go do that or lets go create this. Bring that inner child out to play. We really need to connect with that piece of ourselves that has that understanding that joy is just around the corner. It’s not stuck in a room during a pandemic and Learning From Shadow is also another theme for this week.

Because shadow will be a focus of the energies coming forward I will be pulling cards from The Dark Mirror Deck. A little bit darker energy in this set, but it connects as we’re talking about shadow. Click here to see what the cards said. Stay close to center and realize how freaking amazing you are and have a blessed week.

Blinded to Pain – Anger and Chains – Bride in a Cage

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Energy Forecast for the week of 5/10/21 with Psychic/Medium, Danielle Garcia of Intuitive Angels

The Schumann Resonance is giving us a reprieve today (for the moment, anyways) as we await the arrival of the NEW MOON coming in tomorrow.

The New Moon will be in Taurus tomorrow. This New Moon focuses on direction in your life – where are you heading? It’s time to manifest and dream BIG!!!

Danielle clues you in on working with crystals to manifest in different areas of your life.

This is the time for CHANGE – BIG CHANGE. It’s considered a big reset. Good time for realigning to higher vibes for body image, health, and wellness.

We are moving to the pre-shadow phase of Mercury Retrograde this week. Get ready!

Listen in as Danielle helps you navigate the energies of this week.

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Good morning, psychic medium Danielle Garcia here with your energy forecast for the week. Today is May 10th. Happy belated Mother’s Day to all the mamas out there, there’s all different kinds of ways to be a mama so I hope you all enjoyed your special day. Let’s move on the the energies coming in. How has everyone been handling the Schumann Resonance? It’s been super super crazy crazy crazy. When I last checked this morning it was vibing at a 10, knock on wood. Let’s hope it stays there because this continuing spiking to 94, 85, 79 has just been freaking outrageous. So super crazy! Lots and lots of physical symptoms have been reported due to the spiking of the Schumann. The Schumann Resonance normally stays at a 7.83 so when we have these huge spikes like this it definitely impacts us. People ask me why should that impact us, well, think of it, energy is energy is energy. If you go outside and the temperature outside is normally 70 and suddenly it is 500 degrees, do you notice that? Probably so. This type of energy is the same way. It makes a difference. So, again, knock on wood, let’s hope Schumann stays calmed down and chill.

Tomorrow, new moon in Taurus moves in. This is all about direction in your life. This is about dreaming big, setting intentions out there, manifesting, manifesting, manifesting and manifesting!!!!! So set forth your intentions for new moon tomorrow night. Now, crystals, they definitely work with us and help us to achieve what our goals are so depending on what it is that you are working to manifest, you may want to bring some of your crystals into your manifestation. Whether you do ritual, whether it’s meditating, prayer, whatever your thing is. Here are some crystals that can help you out. If you are looking for abundance in your life, Citrine is wonderful for that. Clearing out the cobwebs of negativity, Kyanite is an amazing crystal for that. New job? Tiger’s Eye. Relationship assistance, Moonstone. Self-Love, Rose Quartz. Spiritual path, Labradorite. Intuition, Amethyst and grounding, Kambaba Jasper. You can use one of these crystals or several if you have more than one manifestation you’re trying to bring forward. Remember, DREAM BIG! It’s not that you just have to focus on one thing, you can focus on several different things and it’s the way in which you choose to manifest and put that energy out there. Remember, whenever you’re manifesting, have the expectation that the universe will provide, that creator source will hear you. If you try to manifest and you do it in a depleted state like, “poor me, I can’t have it all and I really really need this, please bring it to me” that’s coming from a lower vibrational state. When we act out of desperation, we can send that energy out there. That doesn’t mean it has to all be rainbows and unicorns in order to manifest so there is a big difference.

Crystals that can help you manifest

What else is coming forward? Well, this new moon tomorrow night is known as a reset. If you’re looking for change, now is your time. Whatever it is that you’re wanting to change about your life. Whether that is career, health, in fact, the one thing about this new moon energy that’s coming in is it’s the perfect time to change up realignment of body image, self worth, health and wellness and bringing those all to higher vibrations. Perfect, perfect, perfect time.

Thursday, Jupiter moves to Pisces. This is about creativity coming in full force so if you’ve been setting those projects back in the background, the back burner, on the wayside, bring those forward. This is a great time for moving and stepping forward and ahead with those projects that have kind of been hanging out there in stagnancy or those things that you’ve been thinking about, “Oh, I probably should get to this, I probably should get to that”, allow that creativity to come forward. Creativity uses our life force energy and it’s so incredibly healing as well as it just shifts us up into another vibe that is really in alignment with our soul.

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Expect for intuition to be heightened. Expect for psychic stuff to be turned up full volume. Things that can come forward with that include deja vu, premonitions, vivid dreams, more gut instinct stuff stepping forward, so don’t be surprised if Thursday, BOOM, the lights go on and all of the sudden you’re getting in all of this information. Saturday, we move to the pre-shadow phase of our favorite, Mercury Retrograde. Mercury goes retro on the 29th so the pre-shadow phase starts to get us adjusted to that energy. Communication usually, hmmm, I am not going to put that out there, communication can be challenging. Electronics can be challenging. Maybe when we are manifesting with this new moon, we manifest that Mercury Retrograde isn’t going to be so touchy!!!! Let’s see what happens, definitely cannot hurt !!!! The Lunar eclipse is also coming in on the 26th which brings it’s own powerful energies.

I’m going to pull some cards about the energies of this week and I am using my spell casting deck. These are really cool cards and we will see just what comes through. Click here to see what the cards have to say.


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Energy Forecast for the week of 5/5/2021 with Psychic/Medium, Danielle Garcia

Lots going on in the Universe. Are you feeling it??

Today is the 555 portal opening. That combined with the current spiking of the Schumann Resonance creates some funky energy.

This week is all about communication and relationships as well as concentrating on being your authentic self.

Listen in, as Danielle walks you through the vibes coming in for this week.

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Good morning, psychic medium Danielle Garcia with your energy forecast for the week. I am a few days late, I am so sorry. Today is May 5th, 2021 and how are you all doing? How are you all dealing with these interesting energies that continue to carry on? Schumann Resonance has just been off charts, spiking here, spiking there, if you actually view the graph of the Schumann, it’s pretty incredible to see the way that it is spiking, to see all this white vibration showing through on the graph. There’s so many different theories as to why this is happening. Some people believe that this is opening up a space for our ascension. Some people believe that this is an opening up of a space for other dimensions to connect with ours. Some people believe that quantumly time and space are moving forward, that time is moving faster. I sit with it with my guides and honestly I do not want to dive too deep into that because I think there is a lot more information then just what meets the eye. I do know that this is shifting our consciousness. I do know this is shifting our DNA, it is shifting our energy field, etc., etc., etc. It will be interesting to see how this progresses.

Schumann Resonance

The Schumann Resonance has been so wild over the last year, interesting how that coincides with pandemic. Interesting also how that coincides with a lot of secret information about aliens coming out too. Just file that one in the back of your brain. See what happens in June and we will all be impressed, surprised or whatever at that time. So, let’s talk about this week. Schumann going crazy and lots of energies coming in. Many empaths and sensitives are really feeling this hardcore physically. I have had reported to me ear issues, ringing in the ear, digestive issues, headaches, sleep disturbances, really wild dreams and just a feeling of like ugh, when is the other shoe going to drop, what’s going to happen. Anxiety has really been revved up. Things to do for that, fall back on your tools, fall back on those things you use to balance out your energy. Whether that is yoga, tai chi, taking a walk, taking a nap, look for things that are grounding for you. Chocolate, red meat, root vegetables, also hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Stones that are great for grounding, Kababa Jasper, Black Tourmaline, Hematite, anything that you gravitate towards, honestly. Just because it says this is the stone for that in a certain book, if you gravitate towards something else and it makes you feel better, go for it!!!!!! Our frequencies are all different and even the stones they mention in the books are different as well. One tourmaline is not another tourmaline sort to speak so absolutely follow your intuition, what your gut says that will make you feel better.

Kababa Jasper – Black Tourmaline – Hematite

Mercury is currently in Gemini, so how is your communication going? This is the time to really be real. This is the time to be authentic. People are going to start seeing through your bull shit, F.Y.I. Look for different red flags. Look for different issues with that. If you’re trying to wear that societal mask and pretend to be something that you’re not, chances are someone is going to discover you this week. Chances are the old behaviors of manipulation or thinking you have to be this certain way, this certain person, it just is not going to jive. Really watch your words this week. WORDS MATTER. Words always matter, of course, but because communication is so hot and bothered this week, really watch what you say. This is not the time to remove the filter and let it all go, this is a time to choose carefully. Be authentic. Be truthful. Be pure. Watch how you speak your truth. Speaking your truth is super important, but watch how you lay it out there. If you can lay out your truth in such a way people perceive it and receive it easily and readily, isn’t that better then having to scream it and shove it down someone’s throat? ABSOLUTELY, right?

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Today, we have May, 5th month, 5th day of May and 2021 (which adds up to a 5 as well) so today is the beginning of the 555 portal. Lots and lots of energies coming in. This is a time for release. This is a time for connecting with your guides, connecting with your intuition, connecting with old wounds. This is the perfect time for healing. If you have something on your chest that you want to release or that you’ve been holding in your heart, perhaps you want to take a closer look at those things. Perhaps you want to dig a little bit deeper in those areas. This 5 5 5 portal can shake you up, absolutely, but it can shake you up in a good way, meaning those things you’ve just been holding back on. Holding back those things you hold back on for yourself will come to the surface. You will be reminded. The universe is going to remind you in some way, form or fashion. “Hey, check this out, look at this, now we need to go in this direction, oh, you left this loose end untied and now we need to tie this up, we need to finish it out. Now we need to have closure. Now we need to make that doctor appointment, you have to talk to the ex, now you need to block that family member, now you have to put in that job application”, whatever that loose end might be. Take a look at your life and take a look at what you’ve been holding on to that you’re just like, “screw it”, let’s just go forward, let’s just push forward. I know it’s not going to feel like rainbows and puppies, but I am going to do it anyways because life on the other side is going to be so much better.

No fear, I got this!!!!!!!
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The 8th Venus moves into Gemini. That is the time to take a good hard look at relationships. Mostly relationships with family and friends. Some romantic relationship issues may come up, but definitely all about relationships. How we define ourselves based on our relationships. Are we defining ourselves per our relationships? Do we have a separate identity? Do we only identify ourselves in a relationship? How can we be our authentic true self in a relationship and still speak our truth? Remember there is a huge difference in sacrificing yourself in a relationship and compromising in a relationship. You don’t need to be a doormat to stay in a relationship. You can be your powerful self. You can be your vulnerable self, but you don’t have to sacrifice just for that other person for the sake of staying in the relationship. So this week, we’re going to take a deeper look at that as well.

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Themes for this week , YOU, YOU, YOU, YOU. This is all about how you feel, how you interact with other people and how you’re taking care of yourself. Are you taking care of yourself? Another thing, where is the joy in your life? Where is it? How do you derive joy? How do you bring that into your life? What are you doing in your life right now that brings you joy for you? Now, moms out there, this cannot be, oh my kids bring me joy, absolutely they do, but you can’t live your life for your kids or your life’s going to be pretty empty and sooner or later you’re going to end up resenting them. You can’t live your life for your significant other or your work. So, what are you living your life for for YOU? What brings you joy? It’s so interesting to me as I read for a lot of people and when guides tap me on the shoulder and tell me to ask the client okay what are you doing for yourself that brings you joy? What’s making you happy in your life right now? I would tell you probably about 90% of the women I ask that to STOP, they don’t speak, they look like a deer in headlights and if they do start to tell me something it will be my family brings me joy, my work brings me joy, my dog brings me joy. Those are all wonderful things that bring happiness into your life, but what truly parks joy just for YOU? What are you doing in your life for you? This doesn’t need to be anything huge and grand, this can be tik tok, watching stupid videos that sparks joy for ME during the day. It could be reading. It could be working out. It could be travel. It could be writing. It could be cooking. It could be painting. It could be volunteering. All sorts of different things. At the end of the day, take a look at YOU, YOU, YOU this week. This is so incredibly important!

Take a look at YOU this month. What brings you Joy?
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I am just going to say it, May is lining up to be the most energetic month of the entire freaking year! Okay, we got a blood moon coming in later on in the month, mercury goes freaking retrograde on the 29th, we’ve got pre-shadow of retrograde coming in on the 15th, there’s just a lot of stuff going on in May. Deep breath. So stay balanced. Get going on whatever your daily practice is. Whether that’s prayer, meditation, balancing your chakras, sound healing, going for a run, taking your dog for a walk, going to the gym, whatever that is ……… balance, balance, balance, balance, balance. Some of these energies that have been coming in, when you mix the Schumann with other astrological stuff going on and then open up a portal, which there’s another portal coming to be opened up in May, the Pleiadian portal, a lot of empaths have been reporting to me, they’ve kind of been knocked down and down for the count. So, it’s kind of like the weather, there’s a freaking tornado coming along so it’s time to board up all of the windows and it’s time to get your staples lined up, whatever you need. It doesn’t mean that life is going to come to a halt, it doesn’t mean it is going to be super awful terrible, but when you prepare for it you’re ready! So get prepared!

Today I am pulling from The Power of Surrender Cards by Judith Orloff. Click here to see the what the cards have to say, . It is incredible.

Surrender your Fear of Intimacy-Surrender Obsessive Thinking-Surrender to Setting LImits

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Energy Forecast for the week of April 25th with Psychic/Medium, Danielle Garcia

Massive energies have been hitting the Universe and Mama Earth lately. The Schumann has been off chart again and spiking with regular frequency.

These and additional offsets of space weather have been causing emotions to run amok, as well as contributing to physical symptoms of: headaches, fatigue, dehydration, stomach upset, anxiety and much more.

Tomorrow is the Scorpio Super Moon? Are you READY??? Buckle up, ’cause Pluto also goes retrograde this week.

The subject of SURRENDER is discussed and two unique options are brought forward.

Listen in as Danielle helps you navigate the energies of this week.

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Howdy, this is psychic medium Danielle Garcia with your energy forecast for the week. Today is April 25th and how are you all doing? Sorry, I have been away here and there, but definitely going to get back to doing the forecast, so let’s dive in.

So much going on. Schumann Resonance when I checked was a 32. Yesterday, definitely huge spikes to a 67 and even a few days ago it was off chart completely for about 10 hours. Again, planet Earth is changing. Lots of things going on in the universe to cause these differential readings with the Schumann Resonance. There’s been solar storms, there’s been a ton of space weather and we definitely feel that. Remember, energy is energy is energy is energy. If something is going on out there cosmically that has to do with the planet that we live upon, yeah, we’re going to be affected. It’s kind of like if you’re living in your house, apartment, condo, town home, whatever it is, and all of the sudden the temperature increases or doubles or triples, you’re going to react to that, right? Well, the energy of planet Earth is very much the same. Whenever it changes, we can feel it. Some of us feel it more so than others. Whether you are a sensitive, an empath or someone who doesn’t really buy into this, irregardless the energy is the energy is the energy. Some things that I have been feeling as well as what my guides have been telling me as well as what my clients and students have reported, a lot of physical stuff coming on the last couple of weeks. Literally my guides have been calling this an ascension shit show just to kind of give you an idea. Headaches, dehydration, sleeplessness, like weird spasmy tick-like things going on (like when your eye starts to spasm), vision issues have also been coming up as well as digestive problems and even extreme exhaustion or feeling like you’re going to crawl out of your skin, super jittery and you need to do something with your energy, but you’re hyper hyper hyper hyper, that’s a lot of what’s been going on for sensitives and empaths lately. Emotions have been running a muck and when you add in the physical symptoms to it it can definitely be overwhelming.

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Why is this going on? Great question!!!!!!!! If you listen or read some different spiritual leaders, teachers and those who call themselves gurus, they might tell you planet Earth is ascending and light workers are ascending and we need to embrace all of this and it’s all for the good. Okay, sure! I’ll jump on that boat. Everything that happens teaches us a lesson, right? I truly think that all of this going on right now has not quite been revealed yet. Since I hopped on the spiritual bandwagon 30 years ago I’ve been hearing about ascension and 5d for a very long time. I think ascension is something not to reach a certain vibration that that’s the goal, but I view ascension more along the lines of truly embracing your truth, your purpose, your mission, your soul, your spirit. That’s where I go along with. So as we move through different things whether they’re good bad right wrong or indifferent, we learn more about ourselves, right? I truly believe that there’s a gift, a lesson in every experience no matter how much of a shit show it is. So, we know we’re going through this tumultuous energy with a super full moon tomorrow, so gear up. If you know that that makes you a little wonky, do something! Go outside. Take a hike. Drink more water. Phone a friend. Whatever it is you need to do. Follow through with your intuition because it’s so easy just to get stuck in the emotionality of it and the energy of it that you just feel stagnant and you feel on that loop of anxiety and that’s not a fun place to be.

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Super full moon coming in tomorrow. This full moon is known as The Full Pink as well as The Truth Moon and this baby, this bad Mama Jama is all up in Scorpio. WOWZA!!!! Intuition is going to be activated and elevated. Sexuality is going to be activated and elevated. Be advised. A super full moon is also connected to Uranus, don’t laugh. Don’t be surprised if you’re thinking about changing things up a bit. Sleeping in, staying up later, going on shopping sprees, new outfits, new do, even new positions during sexy intimate time. That’s right! Just have that old old, very old copy of the Kama Sutra and find something new. All the hot and hornies are going to be coming forward so get ready. This Scorpio full moon affects all of the zodiac signs, but it really really triggers and activates and affects us Scorpios and Tauruses to the hilt. Yay me!!!!!! High five to all my Scorpio sisters out there, cha-ching. Maybe we will be getting a little something, who knows. Anywho, it’s not just about sex that Scorpio represents, quite obviously. This is all about embracing our sensuality. This is about getting to know ourselves all over again because sometimes during our to-do lists, our day-to-day, our anxiety, our family time, work time, etc….. we are doing for everyone else and we really forget about who are we. What are we here for? What is it that I like to do? What sparks joy? What brings happiness? So tomorrow night’s full moon is a wonderful time to embrace yourself. A wonderful time to remember who you are or get to know you if you feel like you never really have had that knowledge, that true knowledge of SELF.

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So, what are some things you can do to embrace sensuality and remember, sensuality is about embracing all of your senses. It’s not necessarily about going and jumping somebody’s bones or having a good time by yourself, this is about embracing your senses. Because we are in Scorpio full moon, that triggers your sixth sense which is your connection to your intuition, your connection to your psychic abilities, your connection to the other side. Have that in your awareness as you move through these incoming energies. Some things you can do. Take a luxurious bubble bath. Let that element of water swirl around you, relax, allow your body to feel, allow your body to release and just allow yourself to be present in the moment. We really miss out on so much because we get so busy that sometimes even in our self-care mode, we tend to look at our watch or set a timer or think about geez, I really should be doing something else. Allow yourself to be in the moment and enjoy it. Eat a flavorful meal with a good glass of wine. If wine isn’t your thing, grab a cocktail, grab a juice, grab something that’s really flavorful that you can savor. Allow those taste buds to become activated. Don’t rush through the meal, don’t watch TV while you’re eating your meal, truly savor each and every bite and each and every sip. Listen to some beautiful music and dance, move your body. Allow your emotions, allow your senses, allow your body to respond to the music. Put on your favorite nightie, spray some nice perfume and go outside and stand in the moonlight. Lay down on the ground if you can or in a lounge chair and just allow yourself to soak it up, even bring out a nice fluffy soft blankie and envelop yourself in it as you allow yourself to be in the moment and connect and feel, smell, sense all of those wonderful things, bring in that sense of sensuality. Some of us really numb out to that depending on how you grew up or what your experiences have been. Feeling may not be a comfortable thing for you to do so this is a nice way to put a toe in a beautiful vibration of energy that’s very welcoming and intense. It’s really activating all of our senses so this is a wonderful gateway to do all of these different things.

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This full moon may also push you off your schedule so be prepared for that. If you’re someone who plans back to back to back to back, you might want to give yourself some gaps, you might want to prepare for traffic, you may want to prepare for things running over, running behind, so have that awareness and prep yourself for it. Pluto goes retrograde on Tuesday which means purging, cleansing, clearing. Pluto is all about shadow, literally Pluto was the God of the underworld, so Pluto in retrograde helps us to focus on shadow. Sometimes that can come about in nice easy peasy ways and other times we may get involved in different behaviors that we thought we were done and rid of but come to the surface for us to take another look at it and say, hmmmmmm, how’s this working? Are we ready to let go of it? Do we need to hold onto it or learn more about it or does this feel so freaking uncomfortable I want to let this go. Cut cords. Goodbye. See ya!!!! A lot of things can be coming up during Pluto retrograde which I believe lasts for 5 months. Pluto retrograde specifically focuses on power and desire. If there are areas of your life that have shadow behind your pure intentions, this is about looking at our pure intentions for power and desire. Are we manipulating? Are we lying to ourselves? Are we moving, acting and experiencing more through ego or through spirit? So don’t be surprised if during this time it’s going to feel like the angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other. The angel telling you to be the good person, to be the good girl and the other side is telling you no, no, no, you don’t need to do that, go this way, go this way, go this way. Be prepared for that! This is another opportunity for balance. This is another opportunity for knowledge about truth. Again, how interesting how this coincides with the truth moon. No coincidence.

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Themes this week, remember who you are. Remember who you are. You’re going to get a lot of different red flags coming up this week. You’re going to get a lot of opportunities to assert boundaries and your power so remember who you are, remember that you’re worthy of being treated well. Remember that you’re worthy of speaking up. Again, truth, huge huge huge huge theme for this week as well as the entire month of May is what they’re telling me. Rising above the chaos is also another theme this week and enhancing intuition again coinciding with that Scorpio full moon. So, rising above the chaos, I find that that’s not always an easy thing. You know, it’s really super easy for me to get caught up in chaos, whether that’s my own crap, whether it’s political crap, whether it’s my kids crap, whether it’s my friend’s crap, whether it’s my client’s crap, I can just get sucked into that all day long, if I allow it. I notice when I do that, my energy just becomes so fragile. It becomes not strong and powerful because I am mixing with low vibes and that’s not a great thing and that’s not a fun thing and it’s not a comfortable place to be in. I think most of us participate in some type of gossip or drama, if we’re completely honest with ourselves and it may be a little fun to explore in those different areas, but the aftermath of it, it’s really not high vibe. It’s not a place that you want to hang out 24/7. It’s not fun and it breeds chaos. That’s just a little part of chaos. We can sit there and look at astrology all day long and every minute and what’s coming in and what’s happening next week and what’s happening tomorrow and all of these different things. We can get hooked on the Schumann Resonance readings, which I am guilty of and wondering, oh, is my headache because of this or is my headache because of that? Do I just need to drink more water OR we can move to a place of surrender. So rising above the chaos through surrender, what can that look like? I practice 2 different forms of surrender. One form of surrender is I am basically down on hands and knees praying to GOD saying, look, I am grateful for this human experience, but right now I can’t handle XYZ, I’m surrendering this to you. I accept the situation for what it is and I know right now in this moment my stress level, my anxiety is making me sick and I can’t handle that anymore, so I choose to accept this for what it is and I surrender stress, I surrender worry and I surrender anxiety to you. Please dear GOD show me truth. Please dear GOD show me light. Please dear GOD guide me in the right way shape and form so I can release this and then I cut cords. My other form of surrender is a little bit more 3D, a little bit more Scorpio and definitely more human. The other form of surrender is a wonderful powerful mantra that I use quite frequently and it’s called FUCK IT! FUCK IT! I can’t do anything about this. Me stressing, me making myself sick, me getting anxious, me not sleeping, it’s not really changing things so FUCK IT! No matter what happens, I am going to be ok. No matter what happens, even if it leads to my demise and death, guess what? I am still going to go on on the other side. Life is eternal. This is just a stopping grounds for everyone, right? So, FUCK IT! FUCK the chaos! FUCK the stress! FUCK the worry! FUCK the anxiety and move forward in more light! It’s incredibly freeing to be in that point of surrender. So……….Maybe try that this week, whichever form you choose. Option 1 or option 2. They’re both very powerful and they both work incredibly efficiently.

Time to pull some cards for the energy this week. I am using the Shaman’s Dream Oracle. Another new deck that I got. To see what the cards say, please click and go to 18:27 to see the following cards.

Spirit of the River – Root Girl – Fortune’s Wheel

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Energy Forecast for the Week of 4/12/21 with Psychic/Medium, Danielle Garcia

This week’s forecast is quite different.

I was guided to channel the Arch Angel Jophiel to deliver this week’s message. It felt important.

In this forecast, Jophiel speaks of aligning with truth and keeping our vibrations high. There has been a great shift on this planet for over a year. Arch Angel Jophiel gives her perspective from the other side.

It’s a powerful message I hope everyone connects with.

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Hi, psychic medium Danielle Garcia here with your energy forecast for the week. It is another magical Monday, here in my office, with my friend baby Yoda back there. Anyhow……how are you? Lots and lots of different vibes going on. It’s just kind of a crap shoot these days. It’s very interesting to me to see, sense, feel, how things are evolving. Many different light workers, sensitives and empaths have been hit pretty hard over that last few weeks as well as over the last 2-3 months and this is above and beyond covid19, pandemic, economy, career, job, mission or purpose. A lot of us have had our challenges and are looking at things in a different light. I usually go through and give you a forecast of what is coming up in regards to planets, Schumann Resonance and the moon cycles and so on and so forth and today I was just guided to do something a little different. Just come in and shoot it to you straight. There is no prep to this. I do not know where all of this is going, but I’m just being guided and led to do the forecast this week.

Last week, interestingly enough, I had an event, “Conversations with Michael”, where I channel the Arch Angel Michael. He comes through and he gives his message and allows questions from the audience and I have been doing this for quite some time, well over a decade. The last channeling was quite different. When I channel I do what is called conscious trance channeling where, basically, those energies that I channel, I’m still consciously aware. I look at is as I’m allowing them to drive the bus, I’m taking a back seat, if at any time I feel the energy is overwhelming to me, it doesn’t feel right, it doesn’t feel good, I get a headache, I have to go pee, I mean any of those things, I can just break the connection. I’m back to driving the bus. They’re back to that etheric space where they reside. So, Wednesday’s event was a little different. I have unconsciously channeled Michael a handful of times throughout my career. When I do that I always make sure that someone that I trust is there to help bring me back and ground me and so on and so forth. The message that came through was quite different than what Michael usually delivers. It was about a war going on right now. It was about a battle of good and light. It was about a portal of energy that is opened up upon our planet caused by fear and this portal that is open created by this fear is basically like a magnetic force to other lower energies to other darker energies. In fact, he did mention, yes, I am going to say the word, darker ETs. We’re not just talking about our usual earth bounds, demons, ghosts, entities, dimensionals, now we’re reaching further into the universe and other things are being attracted our way. It was quite powerful. At times, he was screaming through me, which doesn’t happen. It was a new experience, but I have to say, it also felt so incredibly right. So many things here have changed here for us as humans on the planet within the last year, year and a half. Our way of life, our way of thinking, our way of worshiping, our way of treating our bodies and I truly believe that we can go one of two ways with this.

We can go and learn from it and treat each day as each day is truly a gift and go into a greater state of gratitude and of course we’re going to feel fear, of course we’re going to have bad days, of course we’re going to have doubts, but it’s allowing those things to express so they don’t grow, so they don’t breed into a deeper, darker lower vibration. I believe that’s one choice and I also believe there’s another choice of feeding that fear of becoming more desperate, of isolating ourselves, of not reaching out to friends, loved ones, co-workers, clergy, counselors, therapists, doctors, etc., etc. and of feeling alone. Isolation seems to have been such a huge huge huge huge theme upon our planet over the last year and four months and of course, why wouldn’t it be with everything that’s going on.

So, instead of me telling you where Jupiter or Uranus is this week, I’ve just decided to allow Jophiel to come through. Jophiel delivers messages in a lot different way than Michael does and I really don’t want to break my computer with the energies coming through, I’m just kidding, but we will see what happens. We’ll see what she has to say. I have no input as to what she’s going to say, I have no plan, I only allow this stuff to happen organically because I don’t like to plan for it because then to me, I’m contributing to that message and I don’t like to impact the message. I don’t like to imprint the message with my own thoughts, beliefs, etc. So, I’m just going to set intention here and now to invite creator source within. I invite all of the angelics in around me. I set full and great intention that only the love and the light are welcome here, no others may enter. I am grateful and thankful to bring forth and connect with the light. I ask that only TRUTH be said here, only TRUTH be revealed here, only TRUTH be accepted here and with those intentions and with these energies, I invite Arch Angel Jophiel forward and for this I am most grateful and I release and so it is.

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Dear Ones,

Great changes are happening upon your planet now as great changes always do happen upon your planet now, but there is a change in your molecular structure of DNA, of how your thoughts cycle and of how your thoughts and energy impact others. You have known about quantum physics, you have known that each and every one of you is created of energy and energy begets energy, does it not? And energy affects energy, does it not? But that rate and pace, that energy affects energy has changed. It has grown more than 10 fold. So your manifestations are quicker and more powerful. Your impact, your mood, your mindset is much more intense and powerful and it affects others in such a more powerful and impactful way. As a case in point, when you see someone suffering and you are empathic and your heart goes to them, it is not simply witnessing their suffering any longer, but is it feeling it deep inside you and as you feel it deep inside you, if you do not have the energetic boundaries in place, you begin to adopt that feeling, that mindset, that thought form as your all. So what happens dear one, when you have many negativities upon your planet, when you have much fear, when you have opened space for darkness to come in, whether willingly or unwillingly, and you are now connected to the stagnancy of lower vibrations, of despondency, of hopelessness, of fear, overwhelm and chaos. Your DNA knows not what is your imagination, what is your truth, what is your reality. Your DNA only reacts to the energies that are in existence that you are adopting, that you are accepting, that you are breathing in. Everything is the vibration dear ones. Everything is harmonic and you are either in harmonic balance or you are in harmonic imbalance. You are either in balance with negativity and low vibration or you are in balance with light, with greater vibration, with higher realms of existence. So what do you do as a human who is in fear? What do you do as a human who is worried, who has lost hope? You reach out dear ones. You reach out to those of us that are among you. Side by side with you even though we are in our light being form. You ask! You call us forward! You ask for our help! You connect to your higher self which is in a higher state of vibration and in doing so, you shift the energy. You connect to source. You connect to your guides. You connect to your loved ones on the other side. You ask! You ask! You ask! You ask! For when you ask, when you set your prayerful intentions, we are here for you in an instant. To love you through this. To reflect your own light unto you so you may see it, sense it, feel it within your heart. When you embrace solitude, when you cut yourself off from everything else that matters, from everything else in existence, from your soul essence, you are shying away from your truth. You are embracing that which is upon your planet now. Breeding like a wildfire, moving forward at great great speed of negativity and darkness. This is what the darkness wants you to believe dear ones, is that you are hopeless, is that there is no help in sight, is that the light truly does not exist within or around you or above you or alongside you, behind you, below you, wherever! LIGHT, dear ones, IS EVERYWHERE! Everywhere in existence! Creator sources within you as creator sources within me is as creator is within us all. Think of where you are investing your time and energy. Think of where your mindset is. You are in fork in the road, I cannot put it more plainly. Which path will you take? The path of hopelessness, of darkness, of lower energies for it is shifting humanity, I tell you with all assuredness more so than anytime humans have been upon this planet or will you choose light? Will you choose faith? Will you choose love above all of fear, above all hopelessness? You have free will dear ones. You are a soul in a body, a human form. You have a choice on what you plug into, on what you believe and how you live your life and what mindset you align with. Choose wisely dear ones, now is the time to rise. Now, is the time to rise. And so it is.

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Energy forecast for Week of 4/5/21 with Psychic/Medium, Danielle Garcia of Intuitive Angels


Aries vibes come in strong this week! Watch out for impatience, thinking outside the box and having your buttons pushed.

Energy this week will seem fast paced. If you don’t deal with fast paced vibes, make sure to have a plan for calm, peace and chilling out. If you are a manifesting wizard (lol) this is your week to move into a deeper state of of being the manifesting badass you truly are.





Listen in as Danielle helps you navigate the upcoming week.

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Psychic medium Danielle Garcia here back from 2 wonderful weeks in Hawaii with your energy forecast for the week. Today is April 5th, how are you all doing? I haven’t connected because I was on vacation. It’s good to be back. I am grateful to be back here in my office to these wonderful vibes, but if I’m honest, I am still missing Hawaii a bit, so I brought Hawaii with me.

The Schumann Resonance is vibing today at an 11. Things are peaceful and calm. I have noticed the last few weeks we’ve had definitely interesting things going on with Schumann including a huge, I think it was like a 15 hour blackout that went on, but knock on wood, we’re back to quote unquote almost normal now. YEEHAW!!!! Wonderful! Thank You, Schumann Resonance is not going bat shit crazy!

This week Aries energy is definitely a running theme of vibration. Aries will be in Venus, Chiron, Mercury and the Sun this week so let me tell you about a few different tings that come along with that Aries energy. Aries is a fiery sign, a fire sign so expect things to be LIT this week. YES, pun intended. Things will be a little bit intense for some of us. Things that you may want to watch out for, let me grab my notes here because I can’t see them, is you might experience more thinking outside of the box, you might be pushed beyond your comfort level, beyond the comfort zone, you might be feeling the need to be brutally honest with yourself and with others. You might experience a level of confidence that you normally don’t. Those are different things that are super awesome about this energy.

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Some things that may not be super awesome that you could possibly experience is impatience. Aries energy definitely brings forward impatience. It brings forward impulsivity, aggression and temper flares. If you tend to vibe along those kinds of behaviors, this is your week to watch out. Maybe this is your week to learn some new things about yourself. Maybe this is your new opportunity to learn different ways to cope and express. Energy this week will also be running more and more fast paced. Some people have already started experiencing that fast paced energy of thoughts moving through the mind, cycling through, my guides call it, like the hamster wheel, where it just goes and goes and goes and goes. You may find that you were working at home or at work and suddenly what seems like an hour has actually been three, so pay attention to time because things are definitely going to be fast paced. The energy is up moving and running at a different frequency than it normally does.

Do a gut check on your expectations of time this week. We do not live in a drive-through mentality where what we want and our order is just waiting for us 5 minutes from now or do we? For you master manifestors out there this is going to be an awesome week to manifest, manifest, manifest. For those of us who like more chill more calm more taking it at our own speed you could bump up against some challenges this week so be mindful of that. Remember, struggle is not necessary, there’s always a way to adjust your energy to the vibes out there, whether its doing a cut with it, where it’s finding a way to balance, whether it’s grabbing a stone, a spray, an oil, doing a mantra, taking some deep breaths, whatever your thing is, there’s ALWAYS a way to adjust to the energies! Remember, slow down, take a breath, you create your reality. If you get caught up in this cycle, struggling is not going to help you. What would you do if you were stuck in a rip current? Are you supposed to fight against that rip current? Are you supposed to relax, ride the wave and move to a safer place? This is the week to relax and ride the wave. THIS IS NOT THE WEEK TO STRUGGLE against these energies. Knowing that they’re out there, knowing that you may be affected by it, definitely will help.

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Themes this week, balance, balance, balance. Lots of need for balance this week because of the energies that are present. Take a ………., wow, my guides are saying take a restructuring look, O…K… Take a look at life for you right now. Family. Relationships. Work. Health. Love. Communication. Where do you feel you need some balance at? What can you work at? If you feel yourself being overly emotional, if you feel yourself struggling against these strong vibes coming in this week, be mindful of that. Take a look at it. What can you learn from it? How can you grow from it? Is there something you need to release? Is there something you need to learn? What can you bring into your awareness to help you deal and balance?

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Life path is another theme this week. Many of us will be looking more closely at our life path. Where are we going? Have we fulfilled our mission? Have we fulfilled our goals? Those of us that are more prone to having a midlife crisis, doing life review, good luck this week. I’m just kidding! This is another opportunity for you to take a look and see what’s working and what’s not working. One other theme is clearing old wounds. That is a very heavy energy this week. If you find yourself going back and revisiting things that happened in childhood, if you find yourself booking a session with your therapist, if you find yourself having strange dreams about issues of the past, DON’T FEEL ALONE! Many of us will be feeling that too. Look at this as a golden opportunity. What can you do to heal those old wounds? What can you do to clear, release and cut away from that energy that’s no longer serving you?

I’m pulling some cards today from the Energy Oracle Card Deck. This is definitely one of my favorites. To see the card draw and what the cards said, click on this link and go to 7:13.

Woman Holding a Coin – Adjacent Possibilities – The Thinking Woman

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Weekly Forecast with Psychic/Medium, Danielle Garcia, for week of March 15th, 2021

How’d you like the emotional New Moon this past Saturday??? Did you feel all the feels?

We’ve still got fluctuations in the Schumann Resonance and other galactic energies at play. Many empaths are experiencing hard core physical symptoms. Balance, balance, balance.

Pluto influences us to look at our darker side this week. Interesting, as the Equinox portal opened today. Equinox is all about rebirth, transition, and change.

BIG THEMES this week! Listen in, as Danielle guides you through the vibes coming in.

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Good morning and Happy Monday! Psychic medium Danielle Garcia with your energy forecast for the week! Today is March 15th and we’ve got lots and lots and lots of energies coming in as has been our normal usual thing for the last year, right? So many different changes. I can’t believe we’ve actually been in corona pandemic mode now for an official year. So crazy, right? Who knew, but yet here we are, we’re managing, we’re surviving and we’re starting to thrive again. That’s a wonderful beautiful thing!

Schumann resonance has been up and down, up and down, back and forth, lots of geomagnetic storms, solar flares, yada yada yada and today, knock on wood, we are at a 16. Still a spike, but not quite the 1200, 400, 800, 600 that we’ve been seeing over the last couple of months, so that’s a good thing. Lots of different space weather going on so fluctuations will happen and some of us are more susceptible to that than others, so when you feel those things coming on or if you’re seeing a post or doing your own research and some of the physical symptoms relate to you just make sure that you are hydrating, getting outside, connecting with the elements, use your tools and self-care are absolutely amazing to help to balance out.

How was your new moon? The new moon coming in, that definite Pisces energy that came in with the new moon on Saturday was very emotional. It had most of us feeling all the feels and sometimes that’s a great place to be in and other times it’s a little bit hard to navigate. So give yourself a pat on the shoulder, you made it through and today is a new week.

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Today the equinox portal has opened. We’re in the midst of spring equinox vibration and energy. Spring equinox comes in on the 20th, next Saturday so with this portal that’s open there’s a lot of energies coming in. This is all about change. It’s about transmutation. It’s about rebirth, refocus. Don’t be surprised if these energies influence you this week in regards to old wounding coming forward to the surface, cleansing stagnant vibes, you might even be guided to do some spring cleaning. Whether that’s spring cleaning in your house, your car, your office, going through the files on your phone, your computer, your tablet, whatever that is for you, you may be guided, pushed and pulled, clean and clear, clean and clear, clean and clear. This is definitely all about cleanse, cleanse, cleanse mind, body and soul!

Negative behaviors and lessons that you haven’t completed might be coming forward again that you haven’t quite healed, you haven’t quite got the gift, understood the lesson, etc. On equinox, light and dark are equal in a moment and that moment of balance is an absolutely wonderful wonderful wonderful vibration to heal. It allows us to release darkness, release negativity and bring in more light. This week, think about taking an inventory and reflect on your balance of shadow and light. What seeds would you like to plant in your life? What would you like to tend to more? What would you like to nurture? What do you choose to blossom in your life? My guides have a way of bringing this around in a way for me to understand and they’re great with analogies. Think of this as your own personal compost heap this week. What do you choose to release? What can you reduce reuse recycle? What can you transform? I have this hilarious guide, of course they have to be comical or humorous or I’m just not going to get it and he’s like(laughing), just let your shit go! Just let your shit go! Put the crap in the crap pile. Let it go, let it go, let it go! I will be following that advice this week and I hope you will to because I find it very powerful!

Pluto influences us this week as well to dig deep into anything we’ve been hiding away, hiding from ourselves. Looking at that shadow side, looking at those behaviors, looking at those things we do, looking at those boundaries we are not enforcing. It’s a way for us to look at them, bring them to the surface, bring them to light. Do we need to hold on to them a little bit longer? Is there something we need to receive? Are we feeling comfortable with this? Evaluation! Evaluation! Evaluation! It’s a great time to write down your feelings on a piece of paper and burn them outside. It’s a great time to break shit! I love to break shit! Oh my gosh! That sounds so awful when I say that, right? Ha-Ha!! As an emotional release though, breaking stuff, there’s something very specific that happens when you not only when you have the tactile feel of whatever you’re breaking, whether that’s ripping newspaper, magazines or throwing that dish. When you feel it and you release it with force and you see it smash into a million different pieces and you hear it, the way that your brain processes the release of emotions is, in my perception, nothing beyond miraculous. It’s so much easier for me than sitting there and reliving and rehashing the energy and the emotion and the experience over and over and over in my head because then I get too much into the logical side of my head and then I coulda woulda shoulda myself so think of, as you’re doing you’re spring cleaning, maybe you have some old dishes, maybe you have some old coffee mugs, maybe you have some old glasses that you’re just ready to let go of, grab yourself a sharpie and write your feelings down on them. If you’re having problems with a relationship, screw you Bob, whatever you need to write, whatever feels right for you. I am of the love and light believe it or not, Namaste Bitches! LOL But seriously, whatever you need to do and I love to bring light-hearted and realism into my spiritual work because otherwise it just doesn’t work for me. So write down whatever you’re having issues with, write it down on that vase, white it down on that glass , write it down on that coffee mug, bowl, whatever it is and put your glasses on, put some goggles on, put a garbage can right against your garage wall, focus that emotion and intention and energy and rage and overwhelm, sadness, depression, whatever that is, on your item and then SMASH IT and watch it EXPLODE!!!!!!! Allow that emotion to release from you and explode as well. Now is a great time to do release work and I love doing it in different ways.

Feel the emotions
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In Las Vegas there are demolition rooms you can go to go and smash stuff, so if that’s your thing too, it’s another great way to release energy and let go of that! So, think of letting emotions go, doing that inventory of light and dark and realize that some of those things that we’ve been kind of hiding from or not wanting to deal with may creep into our awareness this week, especially if you’re an empath.

Themes this week? Integrating light and dark, finding that balance. Trusting in self. When you see a red flag, it’s a red flag. When someone shows you exactly who they are, that’s exactly WHO THEY ARE! When you get a gut reaction to something, especially those things that really hit us, physically, where you might feel nauseous or you get butterflies in your stomach or chills on the back of your neck or the heart palpitation, whatever your thing is for good, bad, wrong or indifferent, TRUST! Trust yourself! Your body, your energy, your mind, your soul, we are created to survive. It’s not just about surviving death, it’s also about surviving this like a-holes and cheaters and liars and things like that so, when you get a hit about something, trust your gut. Your gut’s there for a reason. Trust it!


Another theme this week is expansiveness and healing. It’s a wonderful time to let go of old, welcome in new, raise your vibrations so your higher, brighter, lighter. Lots of meteor showers coming in this week as well so if stargazing is your thing, check it out, it will be quite spectacular.

I am doing a different card draw this week since it is about balancing shadow and it is about balancing light and dark. I am going to draw from one of my shadow decks, Mausolea Oracle for the Soul (darker deck) and I don’t think I have ever used this for a forecast so we will see what comes forward. I am also pulling from the Angel Guide Oracle deck (lighter deck). Setting intention to ask the question what are some things that we can become aware of when working with shadow, when working with that balance of darkness. To see what the cards say, please click here, and put on 10:53

DONN, JEANNE THE MAID, Raise your Vibration and Forgiveness and Understanding

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