About the Blog

This blog is about the experiences of Danielle Garcia, Intuitive, Medium, Channel, Shamanic Healer, Wife, Mom and humor consultant.

Danielle shares her perspective of the world around her through words and recollections of spiritual events and paranormal experiences in her life.

Many have asked Danielle to record these happenings.  The time has come to share.

~*~  Welcome  ~*~

” I choose to take a light-hearted and humorous outlook on spirituality.  Of course there are times to be stern and serious, especially when assisting someone to cross over or banishing a demon or two, but I find that looking for the laughter in all things leads me to the most powerful energy of all — LOVE.  I realize that everything within this blog will not be believed, understood or accepted.  I am not trying to prove anything.  I am merely expressing my work and life’s purpose with the intention of helping others.   I hope you enjoy reading about some of my experiences as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them down.  Life is about moments we share with one another.  I thank you for sharing in mine. “

Danielle Garcia

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