Energy Forecast for the Week of October 11th with Psychic/Medium, Danielle Garcia

Lots of intense vibes this week!

CME currently on it’s way – should be within the next 24 – 30 hours. Geomagnetic and Solar activity continue as the Schumann Resonance bounces back after being blackout for almost three days.

Saturn turns direct today. It’s a good time for reflection.

We are in the last week of Mercury Retrograde. YAHOOOOO!!!! What have you healed during this period?

Listen in and allow Danielle to guide you through the vibes of this week. Themes and card draw included.

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Hello and welcome to October 11th. This is Danielle Garcia, psychic medium and I have your energy forecast for the week. I’m feeling a little festive today so hence the Halloween background. I am kind of seeing and playing around with some different backgrounds and stuff and just kind of going with the flow and see what emerges so far as the energy forecasts.

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How are you all feeling? It’s been a pretty eventful few days. In fact, it feels like it’s been a pretty eventful few years! Being an empath and sensitive on this planet right now is definitely not an easy process, at least for me and I know it’s not been so easy. Now lately we’ve been having a lot of geomagnetic activity, a lot of solar flares, CME’s, the Schumann Resonance was down for 3 days, well, pretty close to 3 days and this morning it’s back online again. YAHOO!!!!! We’re registering at an 8, low. Low, but “normal.” Normal rate for the Schumann Resonance is 7.83. Now we haven’t really been hitting those normal rates, but what I find incredibly interesting is that for days before we went offline, it was registering at a 6, below normal. Now historically, if you track the Schumann Resonance over the last 2 years, every time after we go below normal we hit these really high high high rates! Me personally, I think that the rate got so high that it didn’t register, but that’s just my own personal belief. We’ll see how this shakes out. Last time I checked, still vibing as an 8 as was what the register was this morning when it came back online. Lots of solar and geomagnetic activity over the last several days. We’re expecting high solar activity with an incoming CME and possible kp6 today. Back up your tech. Watch for issues with radio connection, cell phone connection and internet connection because once those things happen, it’s pretty probable that these connections get disturbed.

We are in the last full week of mercury retrograde, aka hell week 2021. What’s interesting to me about this mercury retrograde, we had six different planetary retrogrades going on simultaneously at the beginning of this mercury retrograde, now we’re down to a total of six and this last week really just kind of speeds things up. If you find your temper is pretty short, your patience is growing thin, this is possibly why. So, why do these things happen during these energies? It truly is about being disharmonic and out of balance so, it’s our opportunity to do things for our physical self, our mental self, emotional self and spiritual self to get into balance. What I’ve noticed about this mercury retrograde, not only has it been the most powerful of 2021, but it’s also brought up a lot of [ _shit_ ] so, it’s those things that you thought you were over and done with. Those lessons that you thought you learned, the relationships that you thought were completely out of bounds, you dealt with them, they’re not coming back into your life. The forgiveness that you’ve already given and moved on and yet now it’s like all these things are just kind of showing up in your life and showing up in your face. So, this last week of mercury retrograde, as uncomfortable as it could possibly feel, is an opportunity for us to dive deep, to look at these different things that haven’t worked for us before, to look at our triggers, to look at our wounding and to figure out, okay, what more do I have to learn from this? Why does the universe continue to send me red flags or continue to present the same type of relationship, the same type of lesson to me over and over and over again? What is it that I’m not understanding about this? Never be afraid to ask you team for help and assistance, that’s what our angels, our guides, our ancestors, our loved ones are there for. For us to ask for help. They don’t just come swinging on in and flying on in and figure our [ _shit_ ] out for us in our head because then that is trespassing over our free will. We actually have to ask for it and a lot of people tend to forget that or just don’t realize it.

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Don’t forget, even though this is the last week of mercury retrograde, mercury goes direct on the 18th. We’ll still have two more weeks of post shadow phase, Yay! You know, of course, I’m very sarcastic so that’s how I deal with uncomfortable situations. Today Saturn goes direct. So, as it goes direct, you may feel this push and pull kind of energy almost like a passive aggressiveness or a feeling like you’ve got one foot on one side of the fence, one foot on the other side of the fence. It’s all about possible confliction. Saturn has been in retrograde for the last five months. Its teachings include trust, divine timing, accountability and gratitude, so, take time today and revisit those things. What have you learned? What have you not learned? How can you possibly expand on those subjects and maybe think about doing some journaling about this or writing your feelings down on bay leaves and then burning them. Something that I’ll do that’s very powerful for me is, I look at it as word association. Let’s say I bring up divine timing, BOOM, what does my unconscious mind come forward with on the subject of divine timing? I’ll write it down on a bay leaf and I burn it. Gratitude, what does my unconscious mind have to say about gratitude? I’ll write it down on a bay leaf and I’ll burn it. It’s a nice way of purging, of release, whether that emotion phrase or word is positive or negative, it’s a wonderful way of clearing and the vibration of bay is so clearing, it’s cleansing, it’s transformative. Some people even look at this as a rebirthing when you write on bay leaves. So try it out, test it out, so you see how you resonate with that.

Themes for this week. Structure, what is working for you and what isn’t? How can you work smarter and not harder? Time is speeding up and so can efficiency. What is your relationship to spirit? What are the positives? What are the negatives? What needs pending? What needs more focus, protection? Do you feel that you need energetic protection? Where are your boundaries? Are your boundaries in place? Is your protection in check? And expansion, as we continue to ascend, as we continue to move through all of these different things via solar flares, solar storms, the frequency of earth raising and so on and so forth, how can you expand? Is this an uncomfortable situation for you? These are looking at your growing pains. What’s working? What’s not working? What can you do to ease those growing pains? Don’t forget, the veil is at its thinnest during October. Spooky season, it’s not named that for just any reason, it really is, the veil is very very thin.

Last night was an insane night for nightmares, lucid dreams, paranormal activity, so, if you’re feeling that, if you’ve been feeling more things outside your peripheral vision, if you tend to attract different energies that tend to be paranormal, be advised this is your opportunity to use your clearing and shielding methods.

I’m gonna pull some cards from this new deck that I got It’s called “Seasons of the Witch” by Lorraine Anderson, and Juliet Diaz. Click here to see what the cards say.

OWL BROOM Crystals and Herbs

This week is setting up to be very very energetic. Make sure you’re taking time to ground. Make sure you’re taking time to release, to clear, to check in on your boundaries. Hydrate hydrate hydrate hydrate hydrate! Use the tools that you have. Don’t discount your abilities! Don’t discount your amazing intuition and please don’t discount your worth. YOU are worthy of moving through these times of change with grace, with ease and with understanding. Sometimes we allow our pain and our indecision and our ego mind to block the light.

Have a beautiful blessed week.


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