Energy Forecast for the Week of Sept 27th with Psychic/Medium, Danielle Garcia

7 planetary retrogrades and the strongest Merc in Retro of 2021 are HERE!

Listen in as Danielle guides you through the vibes of this week.

Interesting things are showing on the Schumann Resonance. Have you been feeling it?

This week is about reviewing self and ego. The perfect time for a life review as we move in Libra Season. Are you acting and reacting with Love? How’s your communication? Your relationships?

We end this week’s forecast with a card draw showing the theme, blocks and lessons of Mercury Retrograde.

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Good Morning, today is September 27th and this is psychic medium Danielle Garcia with your energy forecast for the week. How are you all doing? It has been a very eventful last few days. Lots of different solar storms. Solar flares are coming in as well as some pretty substantial spikes with the Schuman Resonance. Now, last I checked, the Schumann was vibing at a 12. Yesterday it was an 80 and today a 12? That can be a bit unsettling even though a 12 is a much calmer rate of pace, but going from a very high high to a lower number in a very short period of time, it can take a toll on an empaths physicality. If you are felling exhausted, if you are feeling dehydrated or you are just feeling ick today, this might be why. Hydrate, balance, get out there, move your body. These are all incredibly important to help balance out to these vibes. Now what I did find very interesting was there is a section of the graph that shows a blackout. Now, whether this is a time glitch, whether this is a problem with the technology, not quite sure, but after the incredible, interesting, freaky waves that showed on the Schumann, big substantial spike, now we have this stripe of blackout where nothing at all was recorded, all seems to go in the flow of the wonkiness of the frequency of planet Earth. It’s interesting to continue to watch how all of these things evolve as we continue to ascend.

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Mercury is now in retrograde. Whoo-hoo!!!!!! Maybe?? Sometimes I think that Mercury retrograde gets a really bad rap and then other Mercury retrogrades I think, no, totally deserving of it. So, historically, Mercury retrograde presents with different issues. With communication. With relationships that you thought had ended. With technology. With emotional upheaval. With your shadow self coming forward and just a general basic batshit craziness! Now what’s interesting about this Mercury retrograde is it’s the last of the year, it’s supposed to be the most powerful and there’s a lot of things coming up and out to the surface for us to take a look at as a matter of completion because we are coming towards the end of 2021. This Mercury in retrograde also is following equinox energies and it is in Libra season so there’s lots of different influence on Mercury retrograde itself and hey, lets just throw in there that there are 6 other planetary retrogrades going on ALL AT THE SAME TIME! So, let’s dive in a little bit deeper to Mercury retrograde and how you can balance out.

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First of all, think of what you can balance in regards to love in your life. Because we are in Libra season, Libra is going to bring up all kinds of different situations regarding love. How we think about it. What it is to us. Are we coming from that vibration of love? Are we communicating with love? Are we reacting with love? Are we intending love in our life and how we connect and communicate with other people. So, love is definitely an influence. This is also our opportunity to review our different relationships and see what’s really working for us. It’s important to achieve clarity about these relationships. To move past the fear and see truth and react in our power and in our authenticity.

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Clarity, cutting cords and completion are all underlying themes of Mercury retrograde. Communication will be riding waves of highs and lows so watch your words, watch your tone, watch your phrases and watch your intentions. If you are 2nd guessing yourself on whether or not to speak to someone or have that conversation, err on the side of caution, take a step back and until you are 100% invested in “YES”, this is what I need to do, wait it out. Take a time out when needed when you fell yourself being very reactive because lots of times during Mercury retrograde our truth comes out, but maybe not in the way that we want it to. Maybe it comes out in an angry forced exchange. There’s lots of different ways to be truthful and authentic without having that edge to it and without using certain words that you can’t necessarily take back.

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Our week is also shaped by these 7 different planetary retrogrades. We’ve got Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Mercury all in retrograde so let’s take a look at those planetary influences. Jupiter influences healing, abundance, travel and legal matters. Saturn governs tasks, project, work and responsibility. Uranus impacts awakenings, sense of freedom, technology and creation. Neptune is about inspiration, intuition, creativity and connection to spirit. Pluto is about rebirth, the dark night of the soul and destruction. All of these different retrogrades will really be flowing this week.

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Ok, deep breath! It’s an opportunity here. Now, we could completely go into fear and stay hauled up in our blankie fort with a nice cocktail or we can look at this as getting as much out of this as possible. This is an opportunity to really look at your motives, your motivations, your intentions, your actions and your behaviors. Are they all stemming from love? Are they coming from ego? Are they coming from insecurities? Are they coming from trauma? Are they coming from wounding? It’s a nice time to do a review of self and see where you’re at. We are all simply stumbling human beings in this game of humanity, trying to do our best. We’re not perfect. We all have our baggage and we all have our issues. This is our opportunity, with this Mercury retrograde, to look at that deeper. Even under a microscope, if you will. It’s not about “oh, poor me, I’m a heartless bitch, I’m never going to be good enough for anybody”, NO, that’s not about it. We’re all worthy and deserving of happiness. This is a time to put our ego’s in check. This is a time to put our negative behavior in check and review it and see how we can do better. It’s also a time to put our relationships in check. What’s working? What’s not working? Are you being used? Are you using someone else? How is this working for you? Are you prospering through your relationships or are you feeling depleted and unsatisfied?

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We also have lots of galactic energies going on with the different space weather. The veil is very thin right now. Lots of people are having upgrades on their own psychic abilities and intuition. Massive time glitching is going on. I can’t even tell you how many clients and students have come to me and said “Oh my goodness, I was doing something and I thought it was 10 minutes and here it is 2 hours later” or “I was driving someplace and I ended up someplace different” or “Time just feels like it is dragging a lagging and then suddenly goes forward like gangbusters.” Lots of different things like that. Lots of dimensional connection, dimensional bleed through and jumping into other parallels. Knowing that all of these different factors are in play and knowing all of these energies are going on, it’s important for empaths and sensitives to have that daily clearing, shielding tool. That should be something that is your GO TO! Just like putting your mask on, locking your front door and putting the alarm on your car. Right now and moving through the entire month of October, this happens every single year where the oogie boogies are out there and the veil is very thin and just because the veil is very thin doesn’t mean it’s all rainbow and unicorns and sunshine. So, it’s not to put fear into you, it’s just to let you know its easier to connect with different things during this time period and with 7 different planetary retrogrades….. Holy Crap…..that opens up an entirely different door and gateway to many different connections.

Cards will be drawn from the Spellcasting deck by Flavia Kate Peters and Barbara Meiklejohn-Free. Please click here to see the card draw. 1st card is the theme. 2nd card is the block and the 3rd card is the lesson of Mercury retrograde

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