Energy forecast for the week of July 26th, 2021, with Psychic/Medium Danielle Garcia

Schumann is vibing at a 74! How ya doing Empaths?

We’ve got a lot of energies coming in this week. We are in Leo Season which brings forward the Lion’s Gate portal. The portal begins on the 28th, spikes on the 8th and closes on the 12th.

Today is the Galactic New Year! This brings in healing frequencies, light codes and downloads for those who are open to them.

Themes for this week include: Transform, Change and Align with Spirit.

Listen in as Danielle guides you through the vibes of this week.

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Good afternoon, today is July 26th. I am psychic medium Danielle Garcia with your energy forecast for the week. How are you feeling? Crazy vibes last week between solar flares, solar storms, Schuman spiking, not spiking. That pressure wave of energy coming at earth was just absolutely kind of not so crazy. I just checked the Schumann Resonance and it is a 74, so we are spiking spiking spiking. Just a few hours ago it was at a 61 so these things can absolutely climb and scale as the day goes on. Hopefully setting intentions that it’s just gonna go down a little bit because those spikes can hit us hard, right? If you’re an empath, if you’re a sensitive, you might be feeling some of the physical symptoms from these spikes. Scientifically there has been medical studies that have shown that spikes in the Schumann Resonance actually throw off our serotonin and melatonin levels in our brain. It can affect the heart’s energy, the heart’s electromagnetic energy, so people with pacemakers, blood pressure issues, may be affected. I’ve had several clients this morning report to me heart palpitations going on all night long. It also can affect the reproductive cycle, the reproductive system, wow they’re hitting me with all these words, all at once. Ahhhhh, calm down. What I’ve noticed specifically and personally over the last 24-36 hours is just this feeling of antsiness, like anxiety, aggravation, abrasiveness. Kind of like I’m crawling out of my own skin. Woke up this morning with a terrible headache on the verge of a migraine. Did some breathing exercises, took some oils to kind of back that off and made sure that I hydrated. Other physical and emotional symptoms that have stepped forward with these recent spikes have been lots of nausea, lots of vertigo, stomach upset, sleep issues, deja vu, lucid dreaming kind of things. What else? Ringing in the ears and a lot of heart centered, heart chakra type things. So absolutely, if you’re having any medical conditions, seek out an MD for those things. If you know that your body reacts to these types of energies, if you know that your emotions react to these types of things, hang on and ride the wave. Use your tools, use your different techniques. Sound healing is a wonderful thing to go to in regards to shifting this. Sound healing holds frequencies and frequencies work to harmonize our bodies to these different spikes. Please watch also my Tic Tok videos as I am giving lots of other information there and also my reels on Instagram as tools and techniques to help balance out.

All right, so let’s dig right in, shall we? Welcome to Leo season. Leo season is here. Hope you’re all enjoying the energy upgrades and all of the different things that come along with Leo season. Activations and much much much heart chakra, heartfelt energy. Today, being July 26th, it is the galactic new year. Now what the heck is the galactic new year? It actually coincides with the Mayan calendar. Being a calendar that is based on 13 moon cycles as well as 28-day calendar months. When we’re in this galactic new year, it’s a time for transitioning and it’s a time for moving to higher frequencies and connections to higher rounds. A galactic new year once again is based on that 13 moon, 28-day calendar cycle. Unlike what those of us here in the west and those of us in most of the world are used to.

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So the rise of Sirius is upon us and that amplifies intentions at this time of the Galactic New Year. It brings forward frequencies, light codes and wisdom that have not been present on our planet for some time. We’ve got a big convergence of energies going on here. We have our ascension that’s been playing out for freaking decades and yeah I say that a little frustrated because I’ve been hearing about ascension now for well over 20 years. So we’ve got the ascension process going on right? We’ve got earth evolving into the “new earth”, which will be birthing that age of Aquarius. Bringing us back to those times and energies of Lemuria. We got that going on and then we also have all of these different astrological things going on. We’ve got the magnetosphere changes. We’ve got the solar flare changes. We’ve got the universal changes, so there’s a lot of stuff playing together for this convergence. Right now, galactic new age, Leo season, also Lionsgate portal, amidst spiking of the Schumann Resonance, amidst meteor showers, amidst magnetosphere changes, it’s a lot of energy to hold right? So go with the flow. Once again hydrate, use your tools, but I just want to reiterate, this isn’t just one thing, this is a lot of different things going on energetically right now. So the galactic new year, once again, brings forward frequencies, these light codes and wisdom that has not been present on our planet in quite some time. If you are one who resonates with light codes, light languages, downloads, toning and healing frequency work, this could be a very very busy time for you. The galactic new year also signifies timeline integration and synchronization. There is a harmonic convergence playing out. If you are one whose soul travels in sleep, you may find this happening more frequently. If you are shamanic in nature, you may find yourself jumping timelines and dimensions much easier. For others, they may experience a level of lucid dreaming, past life recognition and deja vu like never before. The Lionsgate portal opens up on Wednesday, this is Wednesday the 28th and it will continue through August the 12th. This time is when Sirius and the Earth align and the strongest energies of the portal will be felt on August 8th. It also has a lot to do with that number, 8, you know when I think of 8, I think of completion. I think of the infinity sign. I think of the yin and the yang. I think of the balance of giving and receiving. This is a time for us to be gentle with self yet open to new understandings. For those who choose to dive deep, this is an amazing time to work on shadow, to work on core wounding and false thought forms and beliefs. It’s a time to align with your authentic self and shed negative beliefs about health, abundance, worthiness, love and soul trajectory. Now, what do I mean by soul trajectory? It’s about your path. It’s about, are you going in the right direction? Are you on your path? Are you fulfilling your mission, your purpose, so on and so forth. This Lionsgate portal is also an amazing time just to connect to higher self.

The themes for this week are transform, change, align with spirit. Now those are really really big themes, big big themes. Some believe that this particular Lionsgate portal, because it happens every year at the beginning of the new galactic year, that this particular Lionsgate portal has a lot to do with birthing the new Earth. So I find it incredibly coincidental that the Schumann Resonance is spiking to fricken 74 on the galactic new year, right before the Lionsgate portal opens. Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not, we’ll have to see how things evolve this week.

I’m going to pull some cards for the energies this week from The Priestess of Light deck and this deck is by Sandra Ann Taylor and Kimberly Webber. So we’ll see, look this card just changed complete directions as I’m shuffling. Oh wow okay, I think this kind of says it all. See what the cards say by clicking here.

Know that all of these energies are coming forward. It’s totally up to us if we choose to move through them with ease and grace, if we choose to rise above and raise our energy so we can balance out, if we choose to take a deep dive into healing things that have been holding us back from our highest greatest good or if we choose to be kind of stagnant and just feel like crap and not move at all. It’s all a choice right, so remember who you are. Remember how freaking amazing and powerful you are and go inward, connect with your higher self, connect with your heart, connect with your soul and allow it to guide you this week. Have a blessed week.

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