Energy Forecast for the Week with Psychic/Medium, Danielle Garcia

The Schumann Resonance is spiking at 42 today and we have a reprieve from solar flares in the atmosphere.

Five planetary bodies are in retrograde. The issues of old wounding, hurts and harms come forward. How will you deal with them?

We have a full moon in Aquarius on Friday that sets the tone for Leo Season. It’s a good time to clear, cleanse, release and purge.

Listen in for insights into this week’s vibes as Danielle guides you through the energy.

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Hi! This is psychic medium Danielle Garcia with your energy forecast for the week. Today is July 19th and how are you all doing? Today the Schumann Resonance, last time I checked, was a 42 so we are having some energy spikes. You might be feeling those energies, you may not depending on how sensitive you are and how those types of things affect you. No solar flares to be spoken of so, thumbs up, at least we’re not dealing with that right? When you do feel those Schuman Resonance spikes, for me, it’s a good idea to balance, to hydrate, to get outside, move around. Staying inside just really, I don’t know, it, it builds those energies and like the denseness in my reaction to it, but who knows could just be me.

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So, how is the Chiron retrograde going for you? If you’ve noticed that old wounding is showing up, you are not alone. We have 5 planetary retrogrades going on right now which also exacerbates the Chiron retrograde. It’s pushing us into the path, it’s pushing us forward on our paths to take a look at what’s working, what’s not working, to take a look at that past healing. What have we learned from it? What could we still learn from it? Don’t be surprised if you’re drawn to have a life review or if you’re having dreams of past hurts, past harms and past wounding both that you have encountered yourself as well as what you have inflicted.

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There’s a big theme of responsibility, personal responsibility going on in July and that will continue on through the end of the month. Monday, today, there is an alignment with the sun between the sun, the moon, Neptune and Pluto. This can definitely push us outside of our comfort zone. Have us wanting more. Have us dreaming of things like winning the lottery, things that are a little bit beyond our reach or you know hey, who knows, maybe you can manifest that! It’s time to stand in your power and in honesty so that you can take a good, true, strong look at things and again take accountability for your part in what you create as well as the energies that you are putting out there that affect other people.

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Tuesday, this is a time to watch your communications. Mercury’s energy is going to be very very strong and also not just your communication that you have with other people, but how is your self-talk? Are you speaking your truth? Are you clear? Are you concise? Are you focused? Is it positive? Is it negative? It’s time to take a look at all of those different things.

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The full moon in Aquarius comes in on Friday the 23rd and it sets the tone for Leo season as well as moving into the lions gate portal which begins on the 28th and runs through August 12th. 8/8 will be the strongest energy of the lions gate portal so be prepared for that day. Super super powerful. A great day to manifest. A great day to connect to your spiritual team because that’s when the energy of that portal will be at its strongest vibration. Now before Friday’s full moon, it’s a good idea to clear, cleanse and release. Think of clearing your space, your home, your business, your vehicle, your work space, different things like that. Give it a good energetic clearing and cleansing, whatever that means for you. Some of us use sage, Palo Santo, rose water, lemon oil, holy water, reiki, theta, Huna, all sorts of different things, different ways to clear and cleanse your space. It’s a good energetic reset to do before the full moon. Bring in the elements of nature into your home to be more high vibe, to help you connect, to help you ground and clean out your closets and pantry. Donate that which no longer serves you and which you’re not using anymore.

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It’s also a great time to revamp your landscaping outside, to make it a place of balance and harmony. You know, that wonderful theme and study of Feng Shui really holds true. You want to make a beautiful energy that you are surrounded by so, if you’ve got dead plants, dead grass, dead trees, not a real high-vibe place to to be around, so make it harmonic, make it in balance and make it a place that’s pleasant for you to hang out in.

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It’s a great time to emotionally release. Before the full moon, think about those things that have been weighing you down. Here’s a couple of examples of emotional release. Write your feelings down and burn them outside. Go break stuff! This is a wonderful one for anger. Go to goodwill, go to a garage sale, get some old dishes and write down your feelings on them and break and smash them against a garage wall so it lands in a trash can. Put some goggles or sunglasses on so you’re protected and there’s something very specific that happens to your brain as you are seeing, sensing, hearing, feeling that smash and crash of those words that have been holding you back from your higher greater good. Those thoughts that continue to cycle around in your head and you see them break apart, it’s an amazing amazing amazing release. I truly urge you to to try it out. It’s so cleansing and clearing. It’s a wonderful purge.

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The night of the full moon, it’s a wonderful beautiful time to set intentions, to do ritual, don’t forget to clear your crystals and set them out to be charged by the full moon. It’s a great time to create some moon water for ritual and ceremony later on and you may even want to treat yourself to a moon dance. How would that be?

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All right, I’m going to pull a few cards from The Quantum Oracle Deck. To see what the cards had to say, click here. Lots of things coming forward this month as we release, as we purge, as we let go, we make space for higher vibrations to move in so allow that to be your mantra. Bringing in those high vibes and why? Because you’re deserving of it. Have a beautiful wonderful week and stay true to yourself.

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