Weekly Forecast with Psychic/Medium, Danielle Garcia

It was quite the energetic weekend, wasn’t it?

The Schumann Resonance is at a 10, but intense Solar Storms are in play right now. Issues with satellites has already started. Watch for GPS and Cellular imbalances as well. You may feel this physically with sleep disturbance and mood changes as well.

This week, Venus has influence in many areas of our life – creativity, love, romance, life review and communication. It’s time to FEEL and REVIEW those emotions as how we connect through love to self and others.

Chiron goes retrograde and old wounding may step forward.

Listen in as Danielle helps you navigate the vibes for this week.

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Howdy, it is July 12th and I am psychic medium Danielle Garcia with your energy forecast for the week. How are you all doing? It has been a hectic week of crazy crazy vibes, right? Lots of pressure headaches. Lots of energy aches and pains and I think most of us empaths have just been trying to balance out and adjust to all of that so, for the week of July 12th, let’s see what’s a happening!

Today, the last time I checked, within the last hour, Schumann Resonance was vibing at a 10! Not so bad. I do believe that that reading will continue to climb throughout the day, especially when the solar storms hit. They’ve already started to hit some places on earth. We are going to face a significant solar storm, geomagnetic disturbance. It has already affected some satellites so expect that internet might be bit wonky as well as cell phone coverage, GPS, etc., etc., etc. Good time to backup your technology. Back up your phone. Back up your iPad. Back up your tablet. Back up your laptop, your computer and so on and so forth because you just want to prepare. Also in regards to preparing for these energies, hydrating, using any tools or techniques that have worked for your previously, grounding foods, oils, supplementation, meditation, prayer, calling in your team. Calling on your guides, asking for assistance can be quite helpful.

Photo by Drew Williams on Pexels.com

Monday and Tuesday, Venus is conjunct with Mars. This brings forward a lot of creativity, a lot of life force energy, passion, sensuality and romance. Think about what you’d like to create in your love life. If things aren’t going quite the way you’d like them to go, Monday and Tuesday, great times to manifest changes. Change is for the better. What are you passionate about in your persona life? What work projects have you been putting off or have been to afraid to suggest? Again, Monday and Tuesday, wonderful windows of opportunity to get those types of things done. Make sure that you are staying open and receptive to positive change as well as in the romantic field in your life, being open and receptive to unconditional love. Sometimes its not so easy to be vulnerable and in that state of acceptance, but please remember there is strength and bravery in allowing ourselves to be vulnerable. When we are open and vulnerable that’s when wonderful miracles in the romantic side of our life can really take place. If we’re all shut down and not showing our heart, it’s kind of hard for those romantic vibes to come in. So, allow yourself to be out there. If that’s what you want, to bring romance into your life, allow yourself to be vulnerable, find that strength in vulnerability.

Photo by Asad Photo Maldives on Pexels.com

Wednesday and Thursday, Venus is parallel Uranus. Watch for risky behaviors and attraction to people you may not normally be attracted to. That’s kind of that energetic doorway for those things to happen. This can be a wonky kind of vibe in love and romance and you may begin to pine for those that you released from your life. Similar to Mercury Retrograde where we might start thinking about the Ex’s in our life, the ones that “got away” sort of speak, but this vibe of Venus parallel Uranus actually ups the ante on that, so you may start contemplating why you let someone out of your life. Did you make the right decision and it may be time to revisit that.

Photo by SHVETS production on Pexels.com

Thursday Venus parallels Mars. Intense, Intense, Intense romance and passion energy. Thursday also, Chiron goes retrograde. This energy can trigger us to look at all facets and aspects of our life. Mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and kind of take an assessment of where we are at as well as where we are at in our relationships, mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually and even above relationships where we are at in all of those aspects in regards to our personal life, our personal relationship with self, our relationship with others and also business and career. It’s one of those retrospective, hmmmmmmm, I’m going to take a step back and see where things are fitting. Don’t be surprised if old wounding steps forward. Don’t be surprised if you’re doing a lot of soul searching on Thursday. Many of us will be triggered to do that. If it happens, allow the process. See where you go with that. It’s not so much that old wounding steps forward to make us feel like crap, bring forth past hurts or harms, it really can be the universe’s way of saying, “Let’s take a look at this, do you want to hold on to this? Is there another step in the healing process you can take? Is this a good time to make a karmic cut with this feeling, this person, this experience, this relationship?” You can just kick it to the curb once and forever and finally!!!!!! It could be a wonderful time to kick your healing journey up a notch, sort of speak. Be on the lookout for that on Thursday.

Photo by Marcus Aurelius on Pexels.com

Friday, doubts with love may arise. Saturday watch out for jealousy and possible irrational fears when it comes to love. Take this time again to take a step back and do an emotional inventory of your relationships. How are things working for you? Are you surrounding yourself with people that lift you up? Are you surrounding yourself with people who make you feel like shit? Something to think about. If you are not receiving a good balance of giving and receiving in a relationship then there’s a deficit there. (Oh, did you see that fly by, OMG! Interesting! Chills Everywhere! I love it when they show up when I’m filming!) Think about what’s adding to your life, who is adding to your life and who is taking away from your life. What are you allowing because you’re the one in charge of all of that.

Sunday, Venus is semi-square Mercury so watch your communication when it comes to love. Make sure you are not being reactive. Make sure you are really watching your words, watching your phrases and watching the emotion and intention and energy that you put forward in that. It’s always interesting to me because whether communication comes in the form of an in-person conversation, whether it’s done by phone, text, email, it really doesn’t matter because the energy is in the words, the energy is in the tone and you really have a tone even when your texting. Even when you’re shooting someone an email. There is an underlying tone to that whether it’s audio or not.

So, I decided to use my Goddess Power Deck by Colette Baron-Reid and as I pulled the deck out, these cards popped out. Let’s take a look at them by clicking here What did they say?

Adaptability Creative Spark Truth The Future

Perhaps, if you utilize that intention of bringing in and grounding your higher self, more of your spirit this week, you will be able to adapt to energetic changes that are going on around you. Give it a try. I know when I work with that technique, I have great results. Have a blessed week. Be safe and be happy.

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