Energy Forecast for the Week of June 28th, 2021 with Psychic/Medium, Danielle Garcia

Schumann Resonance continues it’s spikes and registers at a 77 today. Are you feeling it?

Venus is now in Leo along with Mars – Romance and Passion are in the air! It’s time to get your “sexy” on and tap into sensuality. Sensuality is about embodying all five of your senses and allowing yourself to feel. This is a wonderful doorway for fertility, so if you’re trying for a baby – go for it! If not, take the proper precautions.

Post shadow of Merc in Retro continues and the incoming vibes for July are a DOOZY!

Listen in, as Danielle guides you through the energies of the upcoming week.

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Howdy, today is June 28th and I am psychic medium Danielle Garcia with your energy forecast for the week. Let’s just jump right in. Today Schumann Resonance is vibing at a 77. Spiking high again, but not as high as before in the past, so, knock on wood, hopefully we are all going to balance out to this. The Schumann Resonance continues to spike as the Earth’s energy changes and as her energy changes so does OURS!

So, today, the 28th. Can you believe it? We’re actually half way through the year of 2021. How crazy is that? And, yeah, pat yourself on the back, it hasn’t exactly been the easiest of years. We’ve made it half way through. This is something we should celebrate, especially given last year’s pandemic.

Venus is now in Leo along with Mars so this is the time of passion. This is the time of romance. This is the time for “Sexy Time” and tapping into your sensuality. When I say sensuality, yes, it can be sexy time, it can be about sex, but sensuality is also about your 5 senses. Sensuality doesn’t necessarily have to do anything with sex at all. It can be feeling comfortable in your own skin. It can be tapping into those different senses that we have. Staying away from the 6th sense and jumping out of body, but be more in body, celebrating that physical aspect of body as well.

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This is a great time to manifest a soul mate. A wonderful time for people who are already in relationships to rekindle the romance. It’s also an excellent time for fertility for those of you who may be trying to conceive. Now if that is not your bag of tricks, make sure that you take proper precautions. This is also a wonderful time for creativity, for reconnecting to your inner child as well as spending more time with your own children. Getting to know them again. Getting a closer connection with them. Getting outside, playing, doing fun activities with them no matter their age.

We’re still in the post-shadow of Mercury Retrograde so that can make us a little cloudy, a little off set, that will end on the 7th. July will start with a powerful punch. Lots and lots and lots of energies coming in. I am going to go ahead and give my psychic prediction right now, I will predict that the Schumann Resonance will spike pretty high starting July 1st going into July 7th. So let’s see what happens. Now, I live in Las Vegas. A lot of people gamble. A lot of people play the odds. It’s not exactly a stretch to say the Schumann Resonance is going to be spiking that first week, but along with all the planetary stuff I really think that planet Earth is going to be triggered and we’ll experience some interesting things with the Schumann Resonance. So, as of the 1st, Mars is going to clash with Saturn. Grounding and patience will be a complete necessity because anger and temper tantrums will run rampant and they will be really really hot and heavy. So, knowing this, if you’re someone, ah hem…., like me, who tends to anger easily, that’s a good time to step back. To work on your patience. To work on your taking a pause. Stepping back and being in the pause, that’s more warranted than allowing anger and temper tantrums to flare.

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July 3rd Mars clashes in a square with Uranus and Taurus. Danger may run rampant on this day. Danger, Danger, Danger like that old TV show, Danger Will Robinson. My guides just keep playing that over and over again in my head. This is a time when safety should come first for you. Playing it safe should be your mantra on July 3rd. Conflict most likely will be the norm and people will tend to go a little more bat shit crazy then they normally do.

The Sirius Gateway begins on the 3rd and goes through the 7th. It’s a wonderful time for connecting to higher self, connecting with higher consciousness. It’s a wonderful time to work on your psychic and intuitive abilities. They will be heightened. Expect Deja Vu moments. Expect lucid dreaming. Expect premonitions. Things along that nature. So when you get those red flags, when you get those cues, when you get those downloads, when you get those messages, TRUST THEM! Absolutely trust them!!!! This is also a wonderful time to evaluate where you are on your spiritual path. If there are more things that you wish to experience, discover, explore, etc. etc.

I’m going to pull some cards for the energy of this week. Today I am pulling from The Lantern Oracle Deck. I always pull 3 cards, knocking on the deck to clear the vibes and we will just see what cards come through. To see what the cards have to say, click here

False Beliefs Weeping Wound Lantern

Buckle Up, lots of stuff happening this week. It’s very exciting. It doesn’t have to knock you down. You have plenty of tools to deal with different roller coaster kind of vibes that might come up. I look as this as kind of a weather report. You want to prepare. If the weatherman says there is a 70% chance of rain, I’m carrying my umbrella just in case and sometimes I like to play in the rain. Go with the flow and see where you land! Have a blessed week!

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