Energy Forecast for the week of 6/7/21 with Psychic/Medium, Danielle Garcia

How’s your MONDAY???

This week presents with lots of planetary and galactic vibes.

Solar Eclipse rolls in with the New Moon on Thursday. This eclipse is in alignment with the planet Mercury, which is currently in retrograde. Mercury Retrograde may intensify on Thursday, so backup your tech toys! Be mindful of your words and reactions.

So many opportunities for increased awareness and healing on the Eclipse.

Listen in as Danielle helps you navigate your week!

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Good morning psychic medium Danielle Garcia here with your energy forecast for the week. Today is June 7th. How’s everybody feeling? The Schumann Resonance, unfortunately, is spiking again. We’re only at a 47 right now, which isn’t a 300, isn’t a 700 like we’ve experienced over the last 6 months so THAT is a GIFT in itself, however, with the other planetary stuff going on with the other space weather going on right now we’ve got a lot of different solar flares, solar storms heating up and the Schumann Resonance also just adds to everything. If you are experiencing headaches, body aches, brain confusion, foggy brain, foggy mind, foggy thoughts, sleeplessness don’t be surprised if those types of things are going on.

I’ve also had a lot of people respond to me saying the heart palpitation stuff has kind of changed a little bit, now many people are experiencing more of like heartburn, indigestion and lots and lots of stuff just going on in the throat chakra. If you’re experiencing any of these things remember, ground, hydrate, get outside, connect with nature. Water seems to be incredibly healing right now, not only drinking it, but going for a swim, taking a salt bath, doing a salt scrub in the shower, those types of things.

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So, yesterday the 66 gateway opened, not the 666 thank God, just the 66 gateway opened. So lots of different major galactic energies came in along with that. Those of you that have a connection to galactic beings, ET’s for example, don’t be surprised if they start reaching out more so this week and for the next 10 days. You might get dreams about them. You might have visions about them. You might have messages, signs, etc., etc., etc., because this gateway opened up a wonderful wormhole, if you will, for those types of energies to get through. As with everything, gateways don’t always just represent light so if you are one who tends to attract negativity in that type of form take your protective measures to make sure that you are shielded clear and safe. With this 66 gateway energy, lots of heart energy, lots of third eye energy and lots of crown energy. Now is a spectacular time to connect with higher self to release obstructions from those actual areas. It’s a good time to connect with your spiritual team, your guides, your angels, loved ones on the other side, light beings, light masters that you may work with, a great time to connect with them to help balance you out and this is also a time of restructuring.

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Today Saturn retrograde continues to push us to look at our relationship with responsibility. Are we taking too much on? Are we not being responsible enough? Are we pushing the buck, so to speak. Are we letting other people take the blame? Are we being honest with ourselves? You know, honesty is a huge theme over all of these different things this week. The big event happens Thursday, that’s the new moon and solar eclipse. This eclipse occurs in the sign of Gemini and also the planet Mercury, which happens to be in retrograde. Mercury retrograde may be flaring a little bit more intense on Thursday, so heads up. Be aware of that. If you have electronics that you haven’t backed up, really good idea to take care of that. If you’ve been putting off repairs on your car, pretty good idea to take care of that before Thursday as well or just don’t plan on driving. This eclipse is hugely significant and very very powerful. It’s a day of new beginnings. It’s a day of new understandings. It’s a day of aligning body, mind and soul as well as balancing divine masculine and feminine and balancing dark and light within ourselves.

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This is a great time to take that inventory to see where things are going great and maybe where things are not going so great. It’s a wonderful day for self forgiveness. The energetic standing for this would open up a great opportunity to do a house clearing, house blessing, space clearing, space blessing. A great day to do a cleanse or a detox and again some type of prayer or ritual surrounding self-forgiveness. I think and I’ve mentioned it many times before forgiveness of self is not an easy thing to do so when we take that deep dive and look and see, oh, here’s some areas of our life that we’re just not so happy about or we’re not so proud about, take responsibility for those things, make amends if you can and forgive yourself. Remember we’re all just stumbling human beings here trying to make it through from moment to moment to moment right? You don’t know what you know until you know it and sometimes we react with negative emotions and lower thought forms that make us not shine our brightest and that’s okay, that’s how we learn, but being accountable, taking culpability and being responsible for your actions is incredibly important, especially right now in this day and age.

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This eclipse alignment has not happened since may of 2003 so it’s also a completion. This eclipse urges you to take a look back. What was going on in your life 18 years ago? Can you see all of the different things that you have created since then? Can you celebrate those learnings, understandings, gifts that you have accomplished over the last 18 years? Now, on Thursday is a great time to do that. It’s also a great time to define what your new goals are, what your new dreams are and what you want to manifest and bring into your life.

Themes this week. Struggle! What are you struggling against and how’s that working for you? Usually struggle doesn’t work very well because it’s negative against negative against negative right? So take a look and see where you’re struggling and what you can do about that. Use your higher self to take a higher perspective and maybe you find some things that you need to cut energetic cords from to help clear that energy of struggle. Surrender is another theme of this week. What are you surrendering to? Are you surrendering to faith? Are you surrendering to trust? Are you surrendering to creator to higher self to your spouse, your kids, your work? What is it that you are surrendering to? There’s this amazing vibration of surrender that I’ve experienced in my life and when I truly get into that vibe, I swear to you, miracle upon miracle upon miracle happens. It’s not an easy vibe to reach, you got to definitely step out of ego, you definitely have to step into faith, but when you get there, WOW I mean honestly just WOW! I had this one moment where I literally was down on my hands and knees praying to God just saying look, I can’t handle the situation anymore, I don’t know what to do I’m tired of hitting my head up against a wall, I LET GO, I surrender it to you just show me the way. Point me in the right direction and I swear to you 27 minutes later phone call, job offer making more money than I’d ever made before in my life. Things like this can happen. I’m not the only one it happens to. We are all blessed, correct? The other theme is Shining Your Light. How can you shine your light this week? What difference can you make? Who can you honor? Who can you acknowledge and are you doing those things for yourself?

I’m gonna pull a few cards. I’m pulling from The Lantern Oracle by Angelina Mirabito and let’s just see what cards come through. I really like this deck. One of my clients recommended it to me. I’m so glad that she did. Please click here to see what the cards said.

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