Energy Forecast for the week of 6/1/21 with Psychic/Medium, Danielle Garcia

Howdy! Psychic medium Danielle Garcia with your energy forecast for the week! Today is June 1st and how are you all feeling? I feel like every time I start these it’s always about how did you deal with the crazy vibes last week. I often wonder when we’re going to get a break because seriously, the last 14-15 months have been interesting right? Very very interesting. So last time I checked the Schumann, which was about an hour and a half ago, we were at an 8! Can you believe it? We’re actually right around normal range. Hopefully, knock on wood, we will stay that way. Lots of space weather going on, solar flares and solar storms. If you’re having headaches, if you’re having some problems with sleep, if you’re feeling super super thirsty and like you just can’t quite get hydrated this could be why.

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Mercury is full-blown retrograde now!!!! How’s everyone dealing with that? It doesn’t necessarily mean that we need to go hide out in a cave somewhere, although that does feel promising and inviting at times. This is our opportunity to work on our communication. This is our opportunity to work on our relationships and relationships, ALL relationships. Whether it’s personal, romantic, business, family, etc., etc., etc. So be very mindful of how you speak. Be very mindful of the words that you use. Be very mindful of the energy that you use while speaking. It’s always interesting to me, mercury in retro, you know, we talk about communication. I believe, from my perception anyways, that it’s this huge open doorway where communication can be taken not in the way that it has been given and I believe that we also become incredibly sensitive to communication during mercury retrograde. So if someone says a word that means one thing to us and another thing to them, we could take that incorrectly. If someone is coming at us with where they’re speaking louder or they’re speaking faster or we’re reading the energy of their blow up that they had with someone two hours ago and we’re pulling that into our our conversation and we’re allowing our insecurities to come to the surface, these are all different things that can happen during that period of mercury retrograde. So just keep eyes wide open and ears wide open as you are connecting.

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Tech stuff, oh my gosh, between cars and TVs and phones and computers and lights and all kinds of stuff has just been going crazy in my world so, preventative measures, back up your phone, back up your iPad, back up all your electronic devices! Back up your security system. Back up your computer. This is your warning!! I guess this is your helpful reminder. Let’s put it that way so it’s not such a negative connotation with it. Really really good time to make sure that you have backups of your most important things and this is definitely NOT the time to take things personally. Remember, we’re still in eclipse gateway right? So emotional energies are raging right now. Not literally raging as an anger, but they’re really up there they’re very very strong! Super super powerful and this purging, this need and want to purge and release negativity continues.

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Saturn is also in retrograde, continues to be in retrograde. Where are you with responsibility in your life? Are you taking on more than you should? How much weight are you putting on your own shoulders that doesn’t belong there? In the same token, are you rising to the occasion? Are you taking enough responsibility? Are you pushing things away because you’re allowing your ego to get involved or are you just being lazy? Time to be honest people! Too much or too little like really gauge that see how that’s going on. This time of retrograde with Saturn also has us questioning our role, our role within business, our role within family, our role within our romantic relationships and our role with friends like what role do you play? Are you the someone that everybody comes to dump their shit on? Are you the someone who’s like the networker who knows how to connect people? Are you the planner? Are you the savior? Are you the listener? Are you the partier? I mean what role do you currently have? Is that in alignment with who you are and what role do you really want and do boundaries somehow need to play a role in all of this?

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Karma also comes up hot and heavy during Saturn retrograde so if you haven’t dealt with stuff you should have dealt with, the universe is going to help you learn that lesson by giving you some other experiences, other occurrences, other red flags to see how you choose to deal with it now. June sets up to be a huge huge month of solar shifting. I’m glad I said that right because when I said it to my phone and I was texting that to someone, let’s just say Siri didn’t quite understand that word shifting (HaHa). Solar eclipse rolls in on the 10th. We’re going to go into summer solstice this month as well later on in the month and these energies present to kind of shake things up. The eclipse gateway vibes are very very very strong and they’re going to be hanging out with us for about 3-6 months. It’s a good time to heal old wounds and deep seated trauma. Not fun to look at, not fun to work on, but oh lord the freedom on the other side once you get to that point so think of this gateway 3-6 months, oh maybe it’s the time to stick a toe into that part of your life that you haven’t wanted to deal with. Maybe it’s time to take a deep dive and just commit to going forward. These energies right now are are super, I know I use super and powerful and very a lot don’t I? Yeah, my guides are in my head, sorry. These energies are incredibly helpful right now for helping us to heal. These energies are also allowing us to connect with the high heart. Some people term this as the spiritual heart or the soul’s heart so there’s an incredible amount of love energy. Think of your highest vibration that you can hold of love and your highest access level of love and that’s what this high heart energy is. So if we’re going to do any healing, if we’re going to do any release of wounding, if we’re going to take a big (oh my god sometimes I wish these voices would slow down) a big jump not a big dump, a big jump into the deep end of our trauma, now is the perfect time to do it and let’s do it with a little laughter shall we? Treat yourself with love and compassion as you welcome in this connection of high heart energy and utilize its healing power for release and expansion.

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Themes of the week, PROTECTION! Hone in on your practice. What are you doing in order to protect your energy field? It doesn’t necessarily have to be sage or holy water, there’s umpteen different ways to protect and shield your energy field. Lots and lots and lots of interesting vibes this week. Another theme, Take the Blinders OFF! Expand your vision, see sense feel what’s going on around you not just the straight trajectory in front of you and balance balance balance mind body and spirit. There are many many many galactic energies coming forward and I think that’s one of the reasons why spirit is saying protection is a good theme for this week. It doesn’t mean that we have to be looking over our shoulder 24/7, but this is something that we should take into account. Many of us have been wearing masks for the last year to protect ourselves from a virus. What are you doing to protect yourself from negative energy because it’s out there whether it’s emotional, whether it’s spiritual, it’s out there so it’s time to come up with some type of daily practice just like popping your vitamins in the morning. You’re doing that as a preventative measure. This is an important preventative measure now and for the entire rest of the year.

So, let’s draw some cards. The deck that I’ve chosen is Oracle of the Hidden Worlds by Lucy Cavendish and let’s see what cards come forward. Sometimes the messages and the energy come in so quick I’m literally kind of there, but not there and out of body and trying to snatch them and hear them all at once so please forgive me. Click here to see what the cards had to say.

17 Faery Energy 8 The Liminal Dance 42 The Tree of Souls

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