Energy Forecast for the week of 5/24/21 with Psychic/Medium, Danielle Garcia

Lots of vibes this week!

The Schumann Resonance spikes above 100 and we’ve had solar flares and geomagnetic storms.

Nice way to start Lunar Eclipse week….???

I take a deeper dive into Schumann Resonance and why this affects us in the forecast this week.

Coming in this week: SUPER full moon, lunar eclipse and retrograde season. Are you ready?

Let Danielle help you navigate this energetically charged week.

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Howdy, psychic medium Danielle Garcia here with your energy forecast for the week. Today is May 24th. How are you all doing? How are you liking the spikes of the Schumann Resonance? Holy cow!! It’s been a crazy ride. I’m still feeling the after effects with muscle tension and migraines and yada yada yada so on and so forth. Today, Schumann Resonance reads at a whopping 103 last time that I checked. Lots of different solar flares and geomagnetic activity has been going on this entire last week and heck, let’s face it, this entire last year! WHAT IS GOING ON? People ask why you keep bringing up the Schumann Resonance, it’s so dark and desolate and quite honestly a bummer. I kind of look at this as a weather report. We hear about the pollen so we can be proactive on dealing with allergies. We hear about the sun so we can be proactive on using sunscreen and know what the UV Ray index is and so on and so forth. By looking at this it helps ME to be proactive on balancing my energy. If I already know that I’ve got stuff going on in my own life that might be emotionally draining or emotionally taxing, energetically taxing and then this is going on as well, maybe I don’t want to have that confrontation I was planning on. Maybe going to your boss this week might not be such a good idea. Maybe you want to wait for a more opportune time when the energies are a little more stable, a little more balanced.

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Science has shown that when the Schumann Resonance spikes that is definitely has an effect on our bodies. So, how does it effect it? Well, when the Schumann Resonance spikes, remember we’re supposed to be at a 7.83 hertz level, so when it spikes like this it creates a disturbance in the synchronization of our hearts as well as our brain functions (my phone just popped, I will take that as a confirmation). When the brain is not synchronizing correctly it also throws off our melatonin values and our melatonin production. Want to know why your sleep sucks so hard during Schumann Resonance spikes? Melatonin. Want to know why you might feel a little bat shit crazy or seem to cry at things that you normally wouldn’t? It can be because the melatonin actually disrupts the serotonin, your happy chemicals in your brain and that can cause a disturbance with your emotional reaction. There’s been lots and lots and lots of different studies about Schumann Resonance. It’s not something that I think doctors talk about although I seriously wish that they would. There are many different health care, mental health care workers out there that are aware of it just as they are aware that every time there’s a full moon things seem to go a little crazy in an ER or the psychiatrist or the therapist. The counselor may get more patients calling that are in more emotional distress. Everything affects us. Energy is energy is energy. Plain and simple, Mother Earth’s energy is changing.

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The changes in synchronization and melatonin can also affect our immune system, our blood pressure, heart rate, reproductive system and so much more. It even throws of EEG readings which are pretty important hen you’re getting a report on your brain’s functionality. You kind of want those to be accurate. Several countries have done testing proving that during Schumann Resonance changing and geomagnetic activity that there’s actually more admissions to hospitals, there’s more violence, there’s more accidents, there’s more depression and there’s more suicide. It’s obviously been reported to aggravate stress and anxiety. So, knowing those things, we can be proactive. Maybe instead of going into rage mode we need to take a chill pill, literally. Maybe we need to do meditation. Maybe we need to remove ourselves from a stressful situation. Maybe we need to call in sick to work, just for the mental health benefit. There’s so many different things we can use this information for for our highest greatest good! Really, it is balancing out. What’s interesting to me is I did a little more deep dive and if you ever want to take a deep dive just GOOGLE. How does Schumann Resonance affect human beings? How does it affect health? Look for certain scientific studies. I didn’t really find a lot in the U.S., but many other countries have done more of a deep dive from my limited research obviously than we have here in the states. In 2017, a spike in the Schumann Resonance of 15 was considered great and substantial. In 2020, we reached values in the Schumann Resonance over 700! 700! That’s literally 100x more than the rate it would normally be. Now, think about that! If your normal blood pressure is a certain rate and suddenly you’re 100x more than that or your temperature is a certain read and suddenly you’re 100x more than that, your pulse rate is a certain read and suddenly you’re 100x more than that, wouldn’t your body FREAK OUT! What do you think is going on with Mother Earth? I think she’s trying to tell us something. I think as she evolves, our bodies, our auras, our layers of mental body, spiritual body, emotional body, etheric body, etc., etc., etc., are all being called to adapt and to change right along with her.

It’s interesting to me that the most significant year of change in Schumann Resonance coincided with a world pandemic. Keep in mind, Schumann affects the immune system. Schumann affects heart rate. Schumann affects brain activity. I can’t think that this is coincidence. I obviously don’t have all the puzzle pieces here, but just felt guided to share that with you. So, if you follow the Schumann Resonance and you find these spikes, remember grounding, get outside with nature, use your tools for balancing. If you listen to meditation, if you do yoga, tai chi, chi gong, sound healing, if you’re into oils, if you’re into crystals, whatever your thing is that helps you get out and balance, that is so important. Water is fluidity. It’s purification. It’s a wonderful way to release a lot of that stored trapped energy and who knows maybe it’s even a good idea to pop a couple melatonin every day when the Schumann Resonance is spiking. I’m going to start doing that and see if that helps with the other stuff that I’ve been feeling. Can’t hurt at this point, right?

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This week in two more days, we shift into a super full moon. This moon is known as the flower moon as well as the super blood moon because a lunar eclipse occurs on the night of the full moon. Lots and lots and lots of energy. This full moon is said to be 3x the energy that a “Quote”, “Unquote” normal full moon will be. So, again, having that awareness and keeping that in mind, PREPARE! Make sure to have your tools around you, your coping strategy, mechanisms, whatever you do to stay balanced and sane and a good vibe. Make sure that you prep and are ready for that if you are a sensitive, if you are an empath that the moon’s vibe affects. The lunar eclipse denotes completion and closure of things that have happened over the last 6 months. So this is also a good time to wrap up any loose ends that you may have and work on clearing those different things. We’re also in retrograde season. Saturn went retrograde yesterday and that is a good time for clearing and release of karma. It’s a good time to reflect on life. Do a life review and think of those things, those relationships that you want to heal, those things that you have done that you’re not so happy about. Going to a place inside self and finding forgiveness for self and helping to heal and release karma.

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Mercury goes retrograde on Friday, the 29th. Watch for communication, contracts, focus and technology to possibly go a bit wonky and out of sorts. The lunar eclipse gateway will be open for 2 weeks after the lunar eclipse and that is a time to rise to more truth to rise to more of your authentic self to bring in those things into your life that make you happy, that are of the same wavelength and of the same vibration. Those 2 weeks are a wonderful 2 weeks to manifest as well.

Themes for this week are release and repair, grounding and communities. Think about what those mean to you. I’m going to pull some cards from my favorite deck, The Energy Oracle Cards and let’s just see what comes through. Want to see what cards said, click here. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

4-Happy Family 16-Patience 37-Third Chakra Archangel Chamuel

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