Energy Forecast for the week of 5/17/21 with Psychic/Medium, Danielle Garcia

Yowza! Crazy vibes last week! Let’s see how this week is set to play out!

The moon moves to Leo today promising playfulness and creativity.

There is a Pleiades Portal is open till the 22nd. What the heck does that mean, and how can you work with those energies?

The SUPER moon and Lunar Eclipse are on the way. Are you ready?

Themes for this week:

Move Through It

Find Your Inner Joy

Learn From Shadow

Listen in as Danielle helps you navigate the vibes of this week.

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Good morning, today is May 17th and I am psychic medium Danielle Garcia with your energy forecast for the week. How is everyone doing, once again, with solar storms and the Schumann Resonance spikes? It’s been super super crazy over the last week. Lots and lots of physical reactions, emotional reactions and many empaths have reported to me that they were struggling last week so, knock on wood, hopefully this week is going to be a better week. Checked in this morning, Schumann has spiked to 33, which isn’t wonderful by any means, but it’s not in the 90s or the 200s or 300s like we have seen before so, that in itself, is a blessing. No space weather super remarkable to report on today, so, again, super super grateful for that.

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Today, the moon enters into Leo. This is a great time to embrace joy. To embrace playfulness. To really allow that inner child to come out and express and play. It’s a wonderful time to focus your creativity on doing a special project or maybe something you’ve been thinking about experiencing, but you never did anything about it before using that creativity. The Pleiades portal is open until the 22nd of this month. With that comes an amazing, wonderful, beautiful sense of divine feminine energy. The Pleiades is connected to that divine feminine, the nurturing, the love, compassion and also strength. The bravery, the warrior, if you will. It’s a wonderful time to go within and connect with that divine feminine energy that is within all of us. It doesn’t really matter what your gender is. Divine feminine energy is available to all of us. Utilize that to work with it, to see those beautiful strong parts of yourself. Its also a time for healing. This is a great energetic portal to manifest with. It’s a good time to call back those pieces of yourself that may be fragmented. That you’ve lost along the way. If you’re not feeling quite yourself, your happy awesome joyful self, then think back upon, “how did you lose that?” “Where are those pieces hanging out in?” It’s also a great time for soul retrieval for those of you that are aware of that practice or would like to experience it. Feminine energy historically also holds darker emotions that laydown beneath the surface. I think many women can identify with that because many times we are taught to be of service to everybody else, to make everyone else happy. We feel stifled or stagnant because we are pushing things down. Well, this is a time to bring those things forward. To bring those darker emotions forward and by darkness I’m not talking evil (Oooohhhhh, I could say so many things right now, haha), I am talking darker as in NEGATIVE. Usually these come from shadow. Usually these come from ego. Usually these come from insecurities as we all have because we are all human. So this could be hate, rage, revenge, distrust, disobedience, pulling in that negativity and really not taking a strong hard look at ourselves as we truly are. We can have darker emotions about ourselves. It’s not just the outside world. We can be really really hard on ourselves and this is a great time to look and take a deep dive into those darker emotions and see, hmmmmm, “is this really truth?” “Do I really feel this way?” “Is this a projection about something else?” “Is this my pain creating this energy to act a certain way?” So this is a time of inventory, if you will, of those darker emotions, if you chose to work on them. This is also a time to look at shadow side, shadow self. Funny how feminine energy brings that out. I truly believe that feminine energy is such a powerful force. It can go to those places within us, that hold that darkness, that hold that shadow and help us to move to bigger brighter wonderful places as well as allow us to know our true strength, our true power and our true grace.

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We’re also in the pre-shadow phase of mercury retrograde. This is a time to make sure you are looking at contracts, at communication and also technology. (My computer dorked out 3 times before I was able to film this) Believe it or not, when you come into situations like that, if you know reiki, you can send reiki to your computer, to your cell phone, your car, any kind of electronics and it can really help boost the vibe and get everything back in balance. There is your reiki tip for mercury retrograde.

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The lunar eclipse and the super moon are coming in 9 days so prep prep prep and get ready. May has set itself up to be this pivotal month of movement of healing of acknowledgement and of honoring our authentic self. It’s basically like all the bullshit is going to come to the surface and if you haven’t dealt with that then the universe is going to send you a couple more red flags about that until you figure out what really helps to put you into balance. It’s interesting to me, the astrology of this month and when you follow the solar storms, when you follow the Schumann Resonance and even when you follow the political uprisings going on in the world today, it’s interesting because they are all connected. It’s pushing us to all reach a different level. You can call that ascension, you can call that soul evolvement, you can call it a multitude of different things, but yet, we’re on this ride together. Some of us are going to be dragged. Some of us are going to go with the flow. Some of us are going to be the leaders for that so you get to choose what your role is in this changing times, both within humanity, within your life, within the universe, within your family, your work, your nation, etc., etc., etc.

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Themes for this week: Move Through It. Pushing forward to greater degrees of healing and understanding. Find Your Inner Joy. What makes you happy? Go out and experience the playfulness of the inner child. So often we cut that out as we get older. We’re not thinking of what makes us happy or lets go do this or lets go do that or lets go create this. Bring that inner child out to play. We really need to connect with that piece of ourselves that has that understanding that joy is just around the corner. It’s not stuck in a room during a pandemic and Learning From Shadow is also another theme for this week.

Because shadow will be a focus of the energies coming forward I will be pulling cards from The Dark Mirror Deck. A little bit darker energy in this set, but it connects as we’re talking about shadow. Click here to see what the cards said. Stay close to center and realize how freaking amazing you are and have a blessed week.

Blinded to Pain – Anger and Chains – Bride in a Cage

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