Energy Forecast for the week of 5/10/21 with Psychic/Medium, Danielle Garcia of Intuitive Angels

The Schumann Resonance is giving us a reprieve today (for the moment, anyways) as we await the arrival of the NEW MOON coming in tomorrow.

The New Moon will be in Taurus tomorrow. This New Moon focuses on direction in your life – where are you heading? It’s time to manifest and dream BIG!!!

Danielle clues you in on working with crystals to manifest in different areas of your life.

This is the time for CHANGE – BIG CHANGE. It’s considered a big reset. Good time for realigning to higher vibes for body image, health, and wellness.

We are moving to the pre-shadow phase of Mercury Retrograde this week. Get ready!

Listen in as Danielle helps you navigate the energies of this week.

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Good morning, psychic medium Danielle Garcia here with your energy forecast for the week. Today is May 10th. Happy belated Mother’s Day to all the mamas out there, there’s all different kinds of ways to be a mama so I hope you all enjoyed your special day. Let’s move on the the energies coming in. How has everyone been handling the Schumann Resonance? It’s been super super crazy crazy crazy. When I last checked this morning it was vibing at a 10, knock on wood. Let’s hope it stays there because this continuing spiking to 94, 85, 79 has just been freaking outrageous. So super crazy! Lots and lots of physical symptoms have been reported due to the spiking of the Schumann. The Schumann Resonance normally stays at a 7.83 so when we have these huge spikes like this it definitely impacts us. People ask me why should that impact us, well, think of it, energy is energy is energy. If you go outside and the temperature outside is normally 70 and suddenly it is 500 degrees, do you notice that? Probably so. This type of energy is the same way. It makes a difference. So, again, knock on wood, let’s hope Schumann stays calmed down and chill.

Tomorrow, new moon in Taurus moves in. This is all about direction in your life. This is about dreaming big, setting intentions out there, manifesting, manifesting, manifesting and manifesting!!!!! So set forth your intentions for new moon tomorrow night. Now, crystals, they definitely work with us and help us to achieve what our goals are so depending on what it is that you are working to manifest, you may want to bring some of your crystals into your manifestation. Whether you do ritual, whether it’s meditating, prayer, whatever your thing is. Here are some crystals that can help you out. If you are looking for abundance in your life, Citrine is wonderful for that. Clearing out the cobwebs of negativity, Kyanite is an amazing crystal for that. New job? Tiger’s Eye. Relationship assistance, Moonstone. Self-Love, Rose Quartz. Spiritual path, Labradorite. Intuition, Amethyst and grounding, Kambaba Jasper. You can use one of these crystals or several if you have more than one manifestation you’re trying to bring forward. Remember, DREAM BIG! It’s not that you just have to focus on one thing, you can focus on several different things and it’s the way in which you choose to manifest and put that energy out there. Remember, whenever you’re manifesting, have the expectation that the universe will provide, that creator source will hear you. If you try to manifest and you do it in a depleted state like, “poor me, I can’t have it all and I really really need this, please bring it to me” that’s coming from a lower vibrational state. When we act out of desperation, we can send that energy out there. That doesn’t mean it has to all be rainbows and unicorns in order to manifest so there is a big difference.

Crystals that can help you manifest

What else is coming forward? Well, this new moon tomorrow night is known as a reset. If you’re looking for change, now is your time. Whatever it is that you’re wanting to change about your life. Whether that is career, health, in fact, the one thing about this new moon energy that’s coming in is it’s the perfect time to change up realignment of body image, self worth, health and wellness and bringing those all to higher vibrations. Perfect, perfect, perfect time.

Thursday, Jupiter moves to Pisces. This is about creativity coming in full force so if you’ve been setting those projects back in the background, the back burner, on the wayside, bring those forward. This is a great time for moving and stepping forward and ahead with those projects that have kind of been hanging out there in stagnancy or those things that you’ve been thinking about, “Oh, I probably should get to this, I probably should get to that”, allow that creativity to come forward. Creativity uses our life force energy and it’s so incredibly healing as well as it just shifts us up into another vibe that is really in alignment with our soul.

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Expect for intuition to be heightened. Expect for psychic stuff to be turned up full volume. Things that can come forward with that include deja vu, premonitions, vivid dreams, more gut instinct stuff stepping forward, so don’t be surprised if Thursday, BOOM, the lights go on and all of the sudden you’re getting in all of this information. Saturday, we move to the pre-shadow phase of our favorite, Mercury Retrograde. Mercury goes retro on the 29th so the pre-shadow phase starts to get us adjusted to that energy. Communication usually, hmmm, I am not going to put that out there, communication can be challenging. Electronics can be challenging. Maybe when we are manifesting with this new moon, we manifest that Mercury Retrograde isn’t going to be so touchy!!!! Let’s see what happens, definitely cannot hurt !!!! The Lunar eclipse is also coming in on the 26th which brings it’s own powerful energies.

I’m going to pull some cards about the energies of this week and I am using my spell casting deck. These are really cool cards and we will see just what comes through. Click here to see what the cards have to say.


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