Energy Forecast for the week of April 25th with Psychic/Medium, Danielle Garcia

Massive energies have been hitting the Universe and Mama Earth lately. The Schumann has been off chart again and spiking with regular frequency.

These and additional offsets of space weather have been causing emotions to run amok, as well as contributing to physical symptoms of: headaches, fatigue, dehydration, stomach upset, anxiety and much more.

Tomorrow is the Scorpio Super Moon? Are you READY??? Buckle up, ’cause Pluto also goes retrograde this week.

The subject of SURRENDER is discussed and two unique options are brought forward.

Listen in as Danielle helps you navigate the energies of this week.

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Howdy, this is psychic medium Danielle Garcia with your energy forecast for the week. Today is April 25th and how are you all doing? Sorry, I have been away here and there, but definitely going to get back to doing the forecast, so let’s dive in.

So much going on. Schumann Resonance when I checked was a 32. Yesterday, definitely huge spikes to a 67 and even a few days ago it was off chart completely for about 10 hours. Again, planet Earth is changing. Lots of things going on in the universe to cause these differential readings with the Schumann Resonance. There’s been solar storms, there’s been a ton of space weather and we definitely feel that. Remember, energy is energy is energy is energy. If something is going on out there cosmically that has to do with the planet that we live upon, yeah, we’re going to be affected. It’s kind of like if you’re living in your house, apartment, condo, town home, whatever it is, and all of the sudden the temperature increases or doubles or triples, you’re going to react to that, right? Well, the energy of planet Earth is very much the same. Whenever it changes, we can feel it. Some of us feel it more so than others. Whether you are a sensitive, an empath or someone who doesn’t really buy into this, irregardless the energy is the energy is the energy. Some things that I have been feeling as well as what my guides have been telling me as well as what my clients and students have reported, a lot of physical stuff coming on the last couple of weeks. Literally my guides have been calling this an ascension shit show just to kind of give you an idea. Headaches, dehydration, sleeplessness, like weird spasmy tick-like things going on (like when your eye starts to spasm), vision issues have also been coming up as well as digestive problems and even extreme exhaustion or feeling like you’re going to crawl out of your skin, super jittery and you need to do something with your energy, but you’re hyper hyper hyper hyper, that’s a lot of what’s been going on for sensitives and empaths lately. Emotions have been running a muck and when you add in the physical symptoms to it it can definitely be overwhelming.

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Why is this going on? Great question!!!!!!!! If you listen or read some different spiritual leaders, teachers and those who call themselves gurus, they might tell you planet Earth is ascending and light workers are ascending and we need to embrace all of this and it’s all for the good. Okay, sure! I’ll jump on that boat. Everything that happens teaches us a lesson, right? I truly think that all of this going on right now has not quite been revealed yet. Since I hopped on the spiritual bandwagon 30 years ago I’ve been hearing about ascension and 5d for a very long time. I think ascension is something not to reach a certain vibration that that’s the goal, but I view ascension more along the lines of truly embracing your truth, your purpose, your mission, your soul, your spirit. That’s where I go along with. So as we move through different things whether they’re good bad right wrong or indifferent, we learn more about ourselves, right? I truly believe that there’s a gift, a lesson in every experience no matter how much of a shit show it is. So, we know we’re going through this tumultuous energy with a super full moon tomorrow, so gear up. If you know that that makes you a little wonky, do something! Go outside. Take a hike. Drink more water. Phone a friend. Whatever it is you need to do. Follow through with your intuition because it’s so easy just to get stuck in the emotionality of it and the energy of it that you just feel stagnant and you feel on that loop of anxiety and that’s not a fun place to be.

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Super full moon coming in tomorrow. This full moon is known as The Full Pink as well as The Truth Moon and this baby, this bad Mama Jama is all up in Scorpio. WOWZA!!!! Intuition is going to be activated and elevated. Sexuality is going to be activated and elevated. Be advised. A super full moon is also connected to Uranus, don’t laugh. Don’t be surprised if you’re thinking about changing things up a bit. Sleeping in, staying up later, going on shopping sprees, new outfits, new do, even new positions during sexy intimate time. That’s right! Just have that old old, very old copy of the Kama Sutra and find something new. All the hot and hornies are going to be coming forward so get ready. This Scorpio full moon affects all of the zodiac signs, but it really really triggers and activates and affects us Scorpios and Tauruses to the hilt. Yay me!!!!!! High five to all my Scorpio sisters out there, cha-ching. Maybe we will be getting a little something, who knows. Anywho, it’s not just about sex that Scorpio represents, quite obviously. This is all about embracing our sensuality. This is about getting to know ourselves all over again because sometimes during our to-do lists, our day-to-day, our anxiety, our family time, work time, etc….. we are doing for everyone else and we really forget about who are we. What are we here for? What is it that I like to do? What sparks joy? What brings happiness? So tomorrow night’s full moon is a wonderful time to embrace yourself. A wonderful time to remember who you are or get to know you if you feel like you never really have had that knowledge, that true knowledge of SELF.

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So, what are some things you can do to embrace sensuality and remember, sensuality is about embracing all of your senses. It’s not necessarily about going and jumping somebody’s bones or having a good time by yourself, this is about embracing your senses. Because we are in Scorpio full moon, that triggers your sixth sense which is your connection to your intuition, your connection to your psychic abilities, your connection to the other side. Have that in your awareness as you move through these incoming energies. Some things you can do. Take a luxurious bubble bath. Let that element of water swirl around you, relax, allow your body to feel, allow your body to release and just allow yourself to be present in the moment. We really miss out on so much because we get so busy that sometimes even in our self-care mode, we tend to look at our watch or set a timer or think about geez, I really should be doing something else. Allow yourself to be in the moment and enjoy it. Eat a flavorful meal with a good glass of wine. If wine isn’t your thing, grab a cocktail, grab a juice, grab something that’s really flavorful that you can savor. Allow those taste buds to become activated. Don’t rush through the meal, don’t watch TV while you’re eating your meal, truly savor each and every bite and each and every sip. Listen to some beautiful music and dance, move your body. Allow your emotions, allow your senses, allow your body to respond to the music. Put on your favorite nightie, spray some nice perfume and go outside and stand in the moonlight. Lay down on the ground if you can or in a lounge chair and just allow yourself to soak it up, even bring out a nice fluffy soft blankie and envelop yourself in it as you allow yourself to be in the moment and connect and feel, smell, sense all of those wonderful things, bring in that sense of sensuality. Some of us really numb out to that depending on how you grew up or what your experiences have been. Feeling may not be a comfortable thing for you to do so this is a nice way to put a toe in a beautiful vibration of energy that’s very welcoming and intense. It’s really activating all of our senses so this is a wonderful gateway to do all of these different things.

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This full moon may also push you off your schedule so be prepared for that. If you’re someone who plans back to back to back to back, you might want to give yourself some gaps, you might want to prepare for traffic, you may want to prepare for things running over, running behind, so have that awareness and prep yourself for it. Pluto goes retrograde on Tuesday which means purging, cleansing, clearing. Pluto is all about shadow, literally Pluto was the God of the underworld, so Pluto in retrograde helps us to focus on shadow. Sometimes that can come about in nice easy peasy ways and other times we may get involved in different behaviors that we thought we were done and rid of but come to the surface for us to take another look at it and say, hmmmmmm, how’s this working? Are we ready to let go of it? Do we need to hold onto it or learn more about it or does this feel so freaking uncomfortable I want to let this go. Cut cords. Goodbye. See ya!!!! A lot of things can be coming up during Pluto retrograde which I believe lasts for 5 months. Pluto retrograde specifically focuses on power and desire. If there are areas of your life that have shadow behind your pure intentions, this is about looking at our pure intentions for power and desire. Are we manipulating? Are we lying to ourselves? Are we moving, acting and experiencing more through ego or through spirit? So don’t be surprised if during this time it’s going to feel like the angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other. The angel telling you to be the good person, to be the good girl and the other side is telling you no, no, no, you don’t need to do that, go this way, go this way, go this way. Be prepared for that! This is another opportunity for balance. This is another opportunity for knowledge about truth. Again, how interesting how this coincides with the truth moon. No coincidence.

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Themes this week, remember who you are. Remember who you are. You’re going to get a lot of different red flags coming up this week. You’re going to get a lot of opportunities to assert boundaries and your power so remember who you are, remember that you’re worthy of being treated well. Remember that you’re worthy of speaking up. Again, truth, huge huge huge huge theme for this week as well as the entire month of May is what they’re telling me. Rising above the chaos is also another theme this week and enhancing intuition again coinciding with that Scorpio full moon. So, rising above the chaos, I find that that’s not always an easy thing. You know, it’s really super easy for me to get caught up in chaos, whether that’s my own crap, whether it’s political crap, whether it’s my kids crap, whether it’s my friend’s crap, whether it’s my client’s crap, I can just get sucked into that all day long, if I allow it. I notice when I do that, my energy just becomes so fragile. It becomes not strong and powerful because I am mixing with low vibes and that’s not a great thing and that’s not a fun thing and it’s not a comfortable place to be in. I think most of us participate in some type of gossip or drama, if we’re completely honest with ourselves and it may be a little fun to explore in those different areas, but the aftermath of it, it’s really not high vibe. It’s not a place that you want to hang out 24/7. It’s not fun and it breeds chaos. That’s just a little part of chaos. We can sit there and look at astrology all day long and every minute and what’s coming in and what’s happening next week and what’s happening tomorrow and all of these different things. We can get hooked on the Schumann Resonance readings, which I am guilty of and wondering, oh, is my headache because of this or is my headache because of that? Do I just need to drink more water OR we can move to a place of surrender. So rising above the chaos through surrender, what can that look like? I practice 2 different forms of surrender. One form of surrender is I am basically down on hands and knees praying to GOD saying, look, I am grateful for this human experience, but right now I can’t handle XYZ, I’m surrendering this to you. I accept the situation for what it is and I know right now in this moment my stress level, my anxiety is making me sick and I can’t handle that anymore, so I choose to accept this for what it is and I surrender stress, I surrender worry and I surrender anxiety to you. Please dear GOD show me truth. Please dear GOD show me light. Please dear GOD guide me in the right way shape and form so I can release this and then I cut cords. My other form of surrender is a little bit more 3D, a little bit more Scorpio and definitely more human. The other form of surrender is a wonderful powerful mantra that I use quite frequently and it’s called FUCK IT! FUCK IT! I can’t do anything about this. Me stressing, me making myself sick, me getting anxious, me not sleeping, it’s not really changing things so FUCK IT! No matter what happens, I am going to be ok. No matter what happens, even if it leads to my demise and death, guess what? I am still going to go on on the other side. Life is eternal. This is just a stopping grounds for everyone, right? So, FUCK IT! FUCK the chaos! FUCK the stress! FUCK the worry! FUCK the anxiety and move forward in more light! It’s incredibly freeing to be in that point of surrender. So……….Maybe try that this week, whichever form you choose. Option 1 or option 2. They’re both very powerful and they both work incredibly efficiently.

Time to pull some cards for the energy this week. I am using the Shaman’s Dream Oracle. Another new deck that I got. To see what the cards say, please click and go to 18:27 to see the following cards.

Spirit of the River – Root Girl – Fortune’s Wheel

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