Energy forecast for Week of 4/5/21 with Psychic/Medium, Danielle Garcia of Intuitive Angels


Aries vibes come in strong this week! Watch out for impatience, thinking outside the box and having your buttons pushed.

Energy this week will seem fast paced. If you don’t deal with fast paced vibes, make sure to have a plan for calm, peace and chilling out. If you are a manifesting wizard (lol) this is your week to move into a deeper state of of being the manifesting badass you truly are.





Listen in as Danielle helps you navigate the upcoming week.

For more about Danielle:

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Psychic medium Danielle Garcia here back from 2 wonderful weeks in Hawaii with your energy forecast for the week. Today is April 5th, how are you all doing? I haven’t connected because I was on vacation. It’s good to be back. I am grateful to be back here in my office to these wonderful vibes, but if I’m honest, I am still missing Hawaii a bit, so I brought Hawaii with me.

The Schumann Resonance is vibing today at an 11. Things are peaceful and calm. I have noticed the last few weeks we’ve had definitely interesting things going on with Schumann including a huge, I think it was like a 15 hour blackout that went on, but knock on wood, we’re back to quote unquote almost normal now. YEEHAW!!!! Wonderful! Thank You, Schumann Resonance is not going bat shit crazy!

This week Aries energy is definitely a running theme of vibration. Aries will be in Venus, Chiron, Mercury and the Sun this week so let me tell you about a few different tings that come along with that Aries energy. Aries is a fiery sign, a fire sign so expect things to be LIT this week. YES, pun intended. Things will be a little bit intense for some of us. Things that you may want to watch out for, let me grab my notes here because I can’t see them, is you might experience more thinking outside of the box, you might be pushed beyond your comfort level, beyond the comfort zone, you might be feeling the need to be brutally honest with yourself and with others. You might experience a level of confidence that you normally don’t. Those are different things that are super awesome about this energy.

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Some things that may not be super awesome that you could possibly experience is impatience. Aries energy definitely brings forward impatience. It brings forward impulsivity, aggression and temper flares. If you tend to vibe along those kinds of behaviors, this is your week to watch out. Maybe this is your week to learn some new things about yourself. Maybe this is your new opportunity to learn different ways to cope and express. Energy this week will also be running more and more fast paced. Some people have already started experiencing that fast paced energy of thoughts moving through the mind, cycling through, my guides call it, like the hamster wheel, where it just goes and goes and goes and goes. You may find that you were working at home or at work and suddenly what seems like an hour has actually been three, so pay attention to time because things are definitely going to be fast paced. The energy is up moving and running at a different frequency than it normally does.

Do a gut check on your expectations of time this week. We do not live in a drive-through mentality where what we want and our order is just waiting for us 5 minutes from now or do we? For you master manifestors out there this is going to be an awesome week to manifest, manifest, manifest. For those of us who like more chill more calm more taking it at our own speed you could bump up against some challenges this week so be mindful of that. Remember, struggle is not necessary, there’s always a way to adjust your energy to the vibes out there, whether its doing a cut with it, where it’s finding a way to balance, whether it’s grabbing a stone, a spray, an oil, doing a mantra, taking some deep breaths, whatever your thing is, there’s ALWAYS a way to adjust to the energies! Remember, slow down, take a breath, you create your reality. If you get caught up in this cycle, struggling is not going to help you. What would you do if you were stuck in a rip current? Are you supposed to fight against that rip current? Are you supposed to relax, ride the wave and move to a safer place? This is the week to relax and ride the wave. THIS IS NOT THE WEEK TO STRUGGLE against these energies. Knowing that they’re out there, knowing that you may be affected by it, definitely will help.

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Themes this week, balance, balance, balance. Lots of need for balance this week because of the energies that are present. Take a ………., wow, my guides are saying take a restructuring look, O…K… Take a look at life for you right now. Family. Relationships. Work. Health. Love. Communication. Where do you feel you need some balance at? What can you work at? If you feel yourself being overly emotional, if you feel yourself struggling against these strong vibes coming in this week, be mindful of that. Take a look at it. What can you learn from it? How can you grow from it? Is there something you need to release? Is there something you need to learn? What can you bring into your awareness to help you deal and balance?

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Life path is another theme this week. Many of us will be looking more closely at our life path. Where are we going? Have we fulfilled our mission? Have we fulfilled our goals? Those of us that are more prone to having a midlife crisis, doing life review, good luck this week. I’m just kidding! This is another opportunity for you to take a look and see what’s working and what’s not working. One other theme is clearing old wounds. That is a very heavy energy this week. If you find yourself going back and revisiting things that happened in childhood, if you find yourself booking a session with your therapist, if you find yourself having strange dreams about issues of the past, DON’T FEEL ALONE! Many of us will be feeling that too. Look at this as a golden opportunity. What can you do to heal those old wounds? What can you do to clear, release and cut away from that energy that’s no longer serving you?

I’m pulling some cards today from the Energy Oracle Card Deck. This is definitely one of my favorites. To see the card draw and what the cards said, click on this link and go to 7:13.

Woman Holding a Coin – Adjacent Possibilities – The Thinking Woman

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