Energy Forecast for the week of 3/8/2021, with Psychic/Medium, Danielle Garcia

Schumann has been actively off chart and spiking all weekend. It’s affecting many sensitives through headaches, dehydration, blurry vision, and feeling off.

We move into another Aquarian Stellium tomorrow which presents with a “push/pull” energy. Lots of masculine vibes.

We have a new moon in Pisces coming in this week. It will occur as Venus and Neptune align, making it an excellent time for heart chakra work. Look for heart activations this week, heart healing and awakening.

Saturday is an excellent time for inner reflection on the “little me” and “big me”. Take time to claim what you love about yourself.

Themes this week are on point.

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Schumann Resonance

Good Morning, this is psychic medium Danielle Garcia with your energy forecast for the week. Today is March 8th. How are you doing? How are you surviving all of those fluctuating readings and non-readings that have been going on with the Schumann Resonance? It has definitely been a bumpy weekend to say the least when it comes to that type of energy and vibration. Schumann Resonance is the energy read of planet Earth. Our normal read is 7.83hz. Now something has been going on with electromagnetic storms with geomagnetic storms with solar flares and with all different quote unquote “space weather” and that’s definitely stirring things up. The past 3 days we’ve gone off chart, off graph meaning “can’t read it“, a complete blackout. That is substantial. That is not something that is of the norm, although if you look at the readings over the last 3 months, that is happening more frequently. If you look over the readings over the past couple of years, that’s substantial because that is not the norm. We are fluctuating more over the last 2 years then we have, let’s say, over the last 5 or 10. I believe Schumann has been around at least 20 years. I can’t remember if it was 52 or 72 when it came in, but it’s been around for a while so this isn’t something that just came up over the last few months and now it’s going crazy because it’s a new technology or something like that. So many different headaches, dehydration, sleep issues, stomach issues, blurred vision and all sorts of different things. Depending on who you follow, depending on who you believe, depending on what your gut says so on and so forth, these are all ascension symptoms. Ok, I get it. If the Earth’s magnetism and if the Earth’s energy changes, it’s definitely going to affect us. As we change, grow, evolve, it’s not all going to be rainbows and unicorns, there are going to be some growing pains, I totally totally get that. As an older lightworker, I’ve been hearing about ascension symptoms from the very get-go and I understand it, however, I’m freaking tired of it, OK? Let’s just freaking ascend already, get over all the physical stuff, get over all the emotional stuff, download it, light code it, whatever you need to do, let’s just MOVE ON. I’m ready! Anyone else out there with me? Let’s set that intention out there shall we? Moving On!!!!!!

Themes for this week. One, being accountable. What are you trying to hide from? What are you trying to deny? What are you trying to push away? You’re going to have a lot of red flags coming up in your face this week about being accountable, being responsible for yourself. Taking ownership, taking responsibility. That’s a big big big running theme for this week.

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Another running theme is Take No Shit! I love this one. Take No Shit! It means you are not a doormat, don’t let people walk all over you. It doesn’t mean that you have to be a raging bitch about it or a jerk or impolite, but basically if someone is pushing your buttons, TELL THEM! If someone is taking advantage of you, TELL THEM! Set the boundary, let them know how you feel. Allow yourself to express. Oh and there’s my reminder! HaHa! Cut those cords, set those boundaries now more than ever before, we not only need to be accountable, but we also need to Take No Shit! because if you keep letting people take advantage of you, pull from you, energy vampires, etc., etc., etc., how are you going to deal with all the rest of the changes going on? How are you going to deal with the rest of your life? You only have 100% of your energy right and if you’re giving it away here and you’re giving it away there and then you calibrate your energy and then oh wow, I’m down to 60% now, hmmmm, would you want your car to run at 60%? Would you want your cell phone to run at 60%? Probably not, so don’t let YOU run at 60%. Don’t you run at less than capacity. Because you are giving your power away here and you’re giving your power away there, remember, this week and weeks forward, Take No Shit! I love that theme for this week.

Another theme for this week is action, action, action. If you’ve been sitting on the sidelines, if you ‘ve been thinking about oh, I should do that, oh, I should make that phone call, Oh I should put in that resume, Oh I should start on this project, Now Is The Time! You’re going to get a lot of nudges from the universe this week so action action action. Take Action! Go Forward! Even if you don’t have the whole plan in your mind. Even if you don’t know exactly where it’s going to lead you, action action action. Don’t hold back, go forward!

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We still have 7 more weeks until any of the planets are in retrograde, Whoo-Hoo, so again, great great great great energy for manifesting! Tuesday, tomorrow, we will have 4 planetary bodies in Aquarius creating another Aquarian Stellium. Mercury, the Moon, Jupiter and Saturn will all be under Aquarius. Relationships may fade away, they might be strained or they may come back around, so pay very close attention to relationships this week. Let’s take a deeper dive into each different planetary body that is in Aquarius this week.

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First we have Mercury. Mercury is all about communication, curiosity, opportunity, opinions, reasoning and organization. Mercury is unlike some of the other planets, where it has a convertible masculine. Basically, Mercury will take whatever is the dominant male or female planetary force going on. I hope that makes sense. So, if there were 3 planets in a feminine energy and 4 planets in a masculine energy, Mercury would then be masculine because it’s convertible masculine. It will go with whatever is the dominant planet, masculine or feminine. I hope that makes sense. It makes sense to me and it’s Monday folks. Next we have the moon. The moon is a feminine energy. It’s the divine feminine. It’s about embracing shadow, it’s emotional, it’s personal self. It’s nurturing and it’s also about how we relate to others. Jupiter is a masculine sign. Internalization, deep thinking, good fortune. wealth and leisure. Saturn is responsibility, commitment, discipline, hard work, structure and karma. So lots of male planets! When we think about male we think about protection, we think about the warrior, we think about bravery, courage, strength, all of those different things and if you look at the different attributes of these different planets some of them are opposite, right? So you may feel this push and pull this week over different things. You may get super super emotional and then it might be like Oh, I just got to pull up my big girl panties and march on forward because I’m done being sad. I’m done being emotional and done stressing about it, I just got to go forward. So don’t be surprised this week if it’s kind of like having the angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other shoulder talking back and forth to one another. You might get that push and pull type of energy.

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Whenever there are stelliums, that means acceleration, so anything you want to focus on, anything you want to bring into your reality, now is a great time to do it. If you have rituals, if you have ceremonies, if you have prayers, if you have manifestations that you want to focus on, this week is optimum time to do that. It’s about thinking about really really what you want to bring in. If you want to focus on your career this week, to accelerate it, focus on that. Health, wealth, relationship, etc., etc., etc., great, great time!

New moon comes forward Saturday, the 13th. It will be a Pisces new moon. As the moon will be in Pisces, Venus and Neptune will also be aligned creating this beautiful, nice, heartfelt energy. Lots and lots of heart work for the new moon. Lots of focusing on the heart chakra, heart chakra activation, healing of the heart, heart awakening and really think about self-care and relationship with self. Everyday is an optimum day for self-care, but Saturday would be a nice time for you to do some type of ritual, some type of ceremony, go get your nails done, take a hike, take a salt bath, whatever that thing is for YOU to focus on self and when you’re focusing on self, really take a moment and think about the differences between little me and big me. Little me is ego. Little me is doubting self. Little me is the one that tells you you can’t, you won’t, you’re not good enough. Big me is spirit. Big me is soul. Big me is higher self. That’s the one that tells you YES, go forward, you got this. You’re beautiful, you’re wonderful, you’re successful. When you’re taking that time to devote to self, see those polar opposites because little me is kind of like that devil on your shoulder and big me is like that angel on your shoulder. It’s that duality and it’s by learning through duality and experiencing duality that we really do rise above into those higher vibrations and higher awarenesses. So claim what you love about yourself this week.

I’m going to draw some cards and see where that goes. This week I am drawing from The Magical Dimensions deck. To see what the cards say, please click this link, and go to 11:57 and like and subscribe to the channel.

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