Energy Forecast for week of March 1st, 2021 with Psychic/Medium, Danielle Garcia

Welcome to MARCH!!!!!

Schumann Resonance went off chart today with continuing varying spikes as solar storms hit hard.

What do you do to balance these energies and align with your center? Danielle gives you some tips on sound apps, crystals, and oils that assist the process.

MANIFEST, MANIFEST, MANIFEST! Seven more weeks retrograde free. What are you bringing into your reality?

Wednesday, Mars enters Gemini and triggers powerful vibes for the throat chakra.

Goddess energy is still strong, and a running energetic theme for this week is Masculine vs Feminine. Are you in balance? Are you out of alignment with these vibes? It’s an intense time of harmonizing male and female energies and an opportunity for reuniting with your ex as well as activating soulmate and twinflame soul contracts.

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Good morning psychic medium Danielle Garcia with your energy forecast for the week! Today is March 1. Can you believe we are already in the third month of 2021? Where is the time going? There’s a lot of different theories out there that time is speeding up because of everything that is going on with the Shumann Resonance. I don’t know, I don’t know how much I buy into that. Maybe it’s just me getting older, who knows?

Schumann Resonance, this morning, actually it was last night, well early morning this morning, SPIKED and went off the charts again so huge huge readings with that. Right now, last time I checked, right before I started this recording, we are vibing at about a 48. Lots and lots and lots of solar storms are hitting hard! We empaths and sensitives, lucky us, may be affected by that. When these different things come in, I look at it like a weather forecast. If the weather forecast says it’s going to be rainy, I pack my umbrella. If it is going to be 39° this morning, I’m going to make sure I bring a jacket. I get that these are becoming more and more often and more frequent and I think it’s just the change in pace of things going on in the universe right now and it’s going to be something we need to adapt to. How do you adapt? Obviously, the hydrating, the grounding, the resting. Balancing your chakras. I have found that frequency work is very very good to help you balance out and I also work with clients with that. If you have an iPhone, a few apps that I recommend are Schumann Resonance 7.83hz. When you download that, it is a free app that offers one or two of the 10 different song selections. I believe it costs $1.99 to get the full version which gives you more options. I really like the binaural relaxation. When we have high spikes and I play that in the background I do notice a difference in headaches. I notice a difference in the irritability. I notice a difference in the body aches as well. So you may wanna try that one out. I also highly highly recommend, it’s called brainwave 35 binaural programs. This one is absolutely awesome. Binaural beats work with your brain and it will put you into different states of theta. They have programs where you can set it to play 10 minutes all the way up to 4-6 hours. There are 35 different programs. Rest, calm, coffee jolt, power nap, anger release. All sorts of different things that work really really well with emotional body, mental body, physical body and so on and so forth. I love love love that.

Kambaba Jasper and Super 7

Crystals that I also work with during these times of fluctuation are Kambaba Jasper which is what I hold for grounding. I tuck it inside my bra, pocket of my pants and if I am having a hard time sleeping it will be on my nightstand. Another one I use is Super 7. Super 7 raises the vibe. This is my go to crystal for lots and lots of things. I have worked with it for such a long time. We’re acclimated. You can get in in a smooth piece or in a rough cut. Headache wise, I am one who is prone to energetic headaches and I like to use Amethyst for that, sometimes I will use Turquoise and honestly, just putting it over my 3rd eye and taking some deep breaths in really helps to release. That is just a few of the ways I work with these energies, work with balancing out to these energies. I will also diffuse Frankincense, Lavender, and Lemon. All helpful with balancing. If you tend to get dehydrated, use coconut water, it’s incredibly hydrating. If you don’t like the taste of it put a little bit of it in your coffee or your smoothie or your juice so you can get the benefits from it.

There was a powerful full moon on Saturday. Who else felt it? Remember, we have 7 more weeks with NO RETROGRADE! Wonderful time to manifest. What is it that you want to bring in? Personally, career wise, relationship wise, spiritual wise. What is it that you want to bring into your life? You need to focus on that. A great stone for manifesting that is Citrine and Hirkamir Diamonds. When you are thinking about what you want to manifest hold on to that stone. Imprint the energy of your intention and then carry it around with you. If it is a bit bulky of a stone, take a picture of it on your phone. You are capturing the essence of it. You’re capturing the vibe of it. You’re capturing the energy.

March 3rd, Mars moves into Gemini. This is a time for healing the throat chakra. A lot of sensitives, a lot of empaths have issues with speaking their truth. Don’t be surprised if stuff comes up this week where you’re being triggered. Where you feel like you just need to emotionally vomit. I just need to scream. I just need to let it all out. Now is the time to speak your truth. Now is the time to allow your voice to be heard. Now is the time to tell your story. Somethings that can happen physically because of the energetics that goes on with the throat chakra is SORE THROATS! So things to help balance this out: toning, singing, humming, make sure to stay hydrated, gargling with salt water. Different crystals that are really helpful with the throat chakra: Turquoise, Azurite and Lapis (my personal favorite) Wear it as a necklace, pendant. Carry it around with you. Whatever floats your boat.

Goddess energy this week is still super super strong. It’s time to think about those aspects of the divine feminine that you align with. What is it about feminine energy that you like? What is it about feminine energy that you really don’t like? It’s a good time to reconcile those things in your mindset as well as reconcile those things in your heart. If you look historically at different goddesses, which goddess to do you gravitate towards? Is there one goddess in particular that speaks to you? That calls out to you? That you align with or that you are very interested in? I am being called to grab my Goddess Power Deck by Colette Baron-Reid. I am just going to pull one card to see about this part of the energy coming in (a card jumps out of the deck)

Danu. She is definitely aligned. She is definitely connected. It’s hard to tell in the picture here, but she is holding her palms up and there is something sprouting from her hands. So this to me is about growing. It’s about fertility. It’s about nourishment. It’s about knowing where you stand. Planting those seeds. Becoming further engrained in the knowledge of yourself as a woman, if you are a woman or how you identify with that divine feminine.

Now, interestingly enough, one of the themes of this week is divine feminine vs. divine masculine and that balance of male and female. Where do you stand with these 2 energies? Are they aligned within you or are you fearful of one or the other? Is it a war or is it imbalance? Now is the time to take a look at that and see where you land on those 2 subjects. Because one of the energetic themes of this week is male and female, look for possibilities of reconciliation with exes. Look for possibilities of a soul mate or twin flame coming forward. The more you work on the energies and allowing them to become into alignment and into balance, the more that you attract a relationship of balance. That is absolutely, 100%, a beautiful thing. (Thumbs up)

Another energetic theme for this week is life review. What are you doing? Where are you going? What have you succeeded in? What do you need to improve upon? It’s not so much like life review, like OMG, a mid-life crisis, I haven’t done all the things in life that I wanted to do, it’s more about taking accountability of the things you have succeeded in, things that have gone well. So you can look and see how you got to that point and create more of that or switch it up. Switch up your methodology of success. It’s raising the vibe of that life purpose and doing and becoming bigger better brighter as you go along in your life journey. Now, obviously as we are doing life review and we’re looking, some of those things that we’re going to look at, maybe not so good. When you look at those things, don’t look at it like, “Oh gosh, I really screwed this up”, look at it like this, “OK, this didn’t turn out the way I would’ve liked, what can I learn from it?” What can I utilize? What tool, what technique, what understanding can I take from that experience so I don’t repeat that same thing and I can take what I have learned and actually turn that into bigger better brighter higher vibe success. Also, one more thing for this week, lots and lots and lots of galactic energies coming in. So if you are one that tends to connect with galactic energies, meaning ETs, meaning elemental dimensional and etc., etc., etc., look for more of those stepping forward.

I am going to pull some cards and I am pulling from the Beyond Lemuria Oracle Cards by Izzy Ivy. I really love the vibe of these. Let’s see what comes forward for this week. To see what the cards say, please click the link and go to 12:24.

Mount Shasta – Sacral Chakra – Endless Possibilities


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