Energy Forecast for Week of February 15th, 2021, with Psychic/Medium, Danielle Garcia

This week’s themes are self worth and physical health. Where do you stand on both???

The trifecta of Pisces season, ending of Merc in Retro and the Schumann Resonance standing equals a HUGE week for triggers. How do you deal with emotional triggers when they show up? Danielle gives you a higher perspective on coping skills as well as shines the light on “trauma response.”

We move from Aquarius to Pisces on the 18th, going from air sign to water sign. Water is all about emotion, movement, transformation and purification. Expect spiritual insight, downloads, and extreme shifts in vibration.

The Schumann Resonance is in an influx. You may be feeling major ascension symptoms this week.

Listen in as Danielle navigates the week ahead and shines insight on energies coming forward.

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Hi! This is psychic medium Danielle Garcia with your energy forecast for the week. Today is February 15th, 2021. How y’all doing? Lots and lots of energy has been going on. Lots and lots of shifting with the Schumann Resonance so we’re going to start right there. The last 24 hours there’s been a lot of different spikes with the Schumann and lots of incoming energies on both sides of the atmosphere so it’s creating this pressure cooker kind of effect. Expect more spikes and expect more funky ascension symptoms. If you’re more prone to ascension symptoms, be prepared for dizziness, nausea, stomach upset, brain fog, body aches, headaches, sleep issues, weird dreams and heart palpitations. Now obviously, if you feel that you have some type of serious medical issue, please go forward and seek out medical advice. I am not a doctor nor do I play one on TV. So, if you have any of these things that are really really bothering you, please go forward and get checked out by an MD. With that being said, we are all energetic beings and when the energy is shifting and changing especially at this crazy, cosmic rate, it definitely has effect on us. We live, we exist on Mother Earth and when Mother Earth is going through her changes and fluctuating at this incredible rate and pace we’re obviously going to feel it.

Emotions can run high, especially with empaths and sensitives whenever there’s any kind of energy fluctuation so make sure you are prepared for that. Are you grounding? Are you hydrating? Are you making sure you’re getting enough sleep? Power naps are amazing and completely underrated in my opinion.

Mercury in Retro……still going strong! It will end on the 20th and then Mercury will go direct, will be in the post shadow fade of Mercury Retrograde for about 2 weeks and I tend to feel Mercury Retrograde the strongest, I would say about the last 5-7 days of its cycle. So, once again, if you are affected that way, make sure that you’re vibing and feeling the energy right. My thing this Mercury Retrograde, knock on wood, hopefully I’m done with it has been electronic issues! Electronic Issues and did I say electronic issues!!!!! Also, hot and heavy emotions. File that in the back of your mind, I don’t think it’s anything that we need to go and hide from necessarily, but just have the awareness.

Aquarius season will leave us and we will welcome in Pisces starting on the 18th. Pisces brings with it that dreamy state. It’s creative, it’s inquisitive. It can also be depressive for some people because the emotions are like a roller coaster, up and down, up and down, but it’s also very whimsical, it’s also incredibly spiritual, so utilize this time to dive deeper into your own spirituality.

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Are there things that you want to learn about? Are there things that you want to study? Are there things that you want to experience? This time of Pisces in regards to your spiritual path is a wonderful wonderful wonderful time to do ALL of those things. We’ll be shifting from an air sign to a water sign. Water is about transmutation. Water is about emotion. Water is about healing. Water is about movement forward so think of all those things as we move into Pisces season on the 18th. As we shift from Aquarius to Pisces, there can be many different epiphanies, downloads, an extreme shift in vibration, so if you encounter any of those things know that that is kind of the way that things shake out during this time of energy and vibration.

You may be triggered with this trifecta going on. The Schumann Resonance spiking and this pressure cooker kind of energy, Mercury Retrograde and going into Pisces. So be prepared for that. What do we do when we’re triggered? The most common thing is just to react right? Something triggers us and BOOM, we react, we push back. We freak out. We have a meltdown. We have a tantrum, whatever that might be. This is a good time for learning. This is a good time for growing and this is a good time for training your brain and creating a new practice for triggering effects.

I just had this conversation with one of my clients and she was really really really down on her relationship and she was saying I’m not going anywhere, we’re so different and their relationship has gone in different ways. Things are either really really good or they’re really really not so good and they are bumping heads and she’s very very spiritual and he’s not so much and what came through in her reading over this latest and greatest influx with them was that she was having a trauma response. Now, what’s a trauma response? People who have experienced trauma, especially those of us who’ve experienced trauma early in life. Our brains train us for self-preservation, that’s what it’s all about. We want to make sure we’re okay. We want to make sure that we’re surviving. We want to make sure that we’re safe. All of those different things. So what can happen in a trauma response is that you go straight to the extreme. So, let’s say hypothetically, I’m going to go back to my client, she has an argument with her husband, they’re butting heads and she’s ready to pack her bags like I’m DONE, I’m OUT, this is RIDICULOUS! He makes me so angry, my life would be so much better without him. All of this stuff just comes to the surface. Even though that argument in the grand scheme of things, was probably really slight, this wasn’t what I would call a make it or break it kind of situation, but because we become a pattern for these trauma responses our brain doesn’t really know any difference so BOOM, we go straight full force, powering through 100 miles an hour of emotion into that trigger. What can you do if you get into that trauma response or if you get into that triggered response? It really takes a lot of training, it takes a lot of taking a step back, okay, am I overreacting? Am I being triggered by something else? What’s the real issue here? What’s the emotion I’m really angry about? What’s the incident I’m really angry about? How does this particular thing make me feel? Instead of reacting to what’s going on what’s the emotion that I feel and why am I feeling it? When you can take a deeper dive into that it can help you release the trigger and LET IT GO!!! Again, it takes work, but it’s so worthwhile doing that. So this week’s theme is focusing on self-worth and focusing on physical health!

Tune into those 2 different things and see where you land. What are you doing really good at about those 2 subjects and what could you use some improvement on? Expect a lot of soul travel, expect vivid dreams, expect lucid dreaming and if you’re having any issues, DREAM ON IT! That’s one of my favorite things to do. If I’m really perplexed and in my head about it, I’m like, okay, I’m going to give this over to my higher self, I’m going to give this over to source creator and I’m going to ask for my guides, angels, my spiritual team to come through my dream state and help me work this out. Give that a try this week because it will be very helpful.

I’m pulling from the Energy Oracle Deck, one of my absolute favorites, by Sandra Anne Taylor and we’ll just pull a couple quick cards to see what comes through. To see what the cards say, please click on this link, and go to 9:00, you will not be disappointed.

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