Energy Forecast for week of February 8th with Psychic/Medium, Danielle Garcia

Are you ready for the Aquarius Stellium????

We will have six planetary bodies in Aquarius this week. INTENSE!!!!

It is time for reflecting on life purpose, spiritual journey, and career. Doing this gently and without judgment is key this week. Allow yourself the learning of acceptance, compromise, and expectation.

Mercury in retrograde promises to trigger us during this emotional week. Take a step back and examine the energy – what is the REAL emotion creating the response?

Lucid dreaming, premonitions, psychic insight, and time jumping will be strong this week. Visitation from loved ones on the other side is also a strong possibility.

Listen in, as Danielle guides you through the vibes of this week.

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Good Morning, psychic medium Danielle Garcia with your energy forecast for the week. Today is February 8th, 2021. How are you all doing? Did you all survive the amazing intense Schumann Resonance spike over the weekend? Saturday we got to a vibration of 400 which was CRAZY! So many different people were reporting to me with migraines, sleep disturbances, swelling, body aches, crabbiness, crying, crying, crying all throughout the day, so if you were affected, this could possibly be why. It’s very interesting how the Schumann Resonance has had below normal readings and after it’s below normal readings it will have these tremendous spikes and it seems to be the pattern over the last 6-8 weeks or so. So, Mama Earth is definitely going through her growing pains and changing things up to say the least. It does feel like lots of things are shifting in the universe and we will just have to wait and see how all of that shakes out.

This week, big big energies are moving in. Are you ready? I hope so because empaths and sensitives will have quite an intense and emotional week. I feel like I say that every week, but maybe every week is intense and emotional for empaths and sensitives or it could just be me, who knows. Schumann is at 59 today so, thumbs up. Still vibing higher than normal, but at least it’s not 400.

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This week is the Age of Aquarius. We have 5 different planetary bodies under the age of Aquarius today, right now. Mercury, which is in retrograde. Mercury’s attributes are communication and the throat chakra. Those are just some of the attributes of Mercury. Some attributes about the Sun, it’s the divine masculine, its cosmic powers, its life force energy, its light. Then there is Venus; love, relationships, balance and harmony. Jupiter is justice, abundance and optimism. Then there is Saturn; restriction, unrevealed power and domination. So imagine all of those different attributes, all of those different planets, under the energy and frequency of Aquarius. Now, what does Aquarius mean? When I think about Aquarius energy, I do think about that hippie vibe. I do think about that song in “Hair”, LOL. It’s peace, love, balance and unity, but it’s also respecting our own individuality as well as respecting the collective consciousness. It is creativity. It is flow. It is freedom. It is expression. So think of all of those different things applying to those 5 planetary bodies. That’s a lot of energy. I mean, freedom of expression, mercury in retrograde, I am not even sure I want to know what that looks like. Maybe it’s easier. Maybe it’s not easier. I guess we will just need to wait and see how the energy flows.

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Now Wednesday, the moon moves to Aquarius as well. As the moon is in Aquarius, it creates what is called the Aquarius Stellium. Meaning that there are now 6 planets under Aquarius, under one energy and this has not happened since 1962. That’s a lot of energy. That’s a lot of shifting. Those children that are born during this week are going to be set with this amazing Aquarian energy of freedom, expression and creativity. Look for a lot of artists. Look for a lot of free thinkers. Look for a lot of powerful leaders to be born this week. Something just to file in the back of your mind. Wednesday promises to be high vibe. It promises to be a lot of shifting and a lot of realization. You may find yourself asking questions about where you are on your spiritual path. You may find yourself doing a life review. You may find yourself asking questions about your career or wanting to make sudden career changes. If and or when you get to that point where you are doing a life review, where you ask, how far have I gotten along where I want to be in my current state of life, what have I succeeded in, what have I not succeeded in? This isn’t supposed to be about a time for being self critical. It’s taking an open and truthful look at life to see where you are at. What can you improve upon? What worked? What didn’t work? What will you accept? What will you no longer accept? Where can you compromise? What are your absolute make-its/break-its that you will just not move your feet on? Think about that if you get into that headspace of looking back. It’s not about going into the past and seeing all the things you’ve done and what a horrible person you are because that is really not helpful. This is about freedom. This is about embracing the good parts of yourself. Sometimes with embracing those good parts of ourselves, we look at some of things that weren’t so great so we can learn from them, let them go or maybe we need to hold on to them a little longer because we haven’t quite learned the lesson of what we were supposed to learn. So have the perspective if you go to that space of life review this week. Remember, it’s not about self criticism, it’s about reflection and it’s about reevaluating.

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The moon as it moves into Aquarius, let’s think about some of the moons different attributes. It’s the divine feminine. It’s about the inner world. It’s about hidden emotions and it’s also about shadow self. Sun represents our outer world, how we portray ourselves to the rest of humanity around us. It’s our personality. It’s our ego and it’s also how we shine and reflect our light. Wednesday we are going to have Sun and Moon under Aquarius, WHEW!!!!! That can create some confliction or it can create an opportunity to deep dive into more self realization and more healing, more release and more of the good stuff. Just because something is coming forward that could show different parts of us that are shadow doesn’t necessarily mean that that is a bad thing, it’s an opportunity to learn. It’s an opportunity to grow. It’s an opportunity to heal. Think of it in that perspective as these things come forward. Because of the opposition of energies of Sun and Moon, under Aquarius, you might find yourself being triggered. You might find yourself being emotional. Imagine that!!! Being an empath and sensitive and being emotional and being triggered by things going on with the planets. What a concept. So you might find yourself being triggered. This is your opportunity to take a look and see, what is really the reason why I am acting that way. It’s not because the dog is barking. It’s not because somebody cut me off in traffic. Take a deeper dive into that. Why am I reacting this way? Being a Scorpio, I know it is not always easy when I am being emotional to say, “Hey Danielle, why don’t you take a step back an evaluate those emotions”, yeah…….not always so easy, but we can train ourselves to do that. Even if it is something where you count to 10. Even if is something where you excuse yourself from the room or pretend to have a phone call, just to get out of whatever the confrontation is so you can take a step back, you can gather your thoughts, you can gather your emotions and figure out why you are reacting this way. This is a great opportunity to discover those core issues. It’s as if there’s a big doorway that opens Wednesday, when Moon and Sun go under Aquarius and this energy and connection is created.

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Thursday the new moon comes along and this brings forward amazing energy for manifestation. It’s a great time to plant seeds of intention of what you do want in your life. It’s also a good time to look at shadow and releasing those bits and pieces of ourselves that haven’t worked out so well. I will be posting a new moon ritual later on that is one of my favorites so look for that coming up. This week also is a great opportunity for psychic insight and more intense dreams. Don’t be surprised if premonitions come forward this week. Don’t be surprised if loved ones from the other side decide to visit this week. It’s also, this doorway of energy opening, it’s very possible for people to time jump. Meaning, going into an altered state of reality. Sometimes this can happen in our dream state. Sometimes this can happen even when you are watching a movie and it triggers something you are connected to as a soul and you’ll go back into that emotion, you’ll go back into that energy. Whether it’s for an instant, or for minutes or hours. Many people are familiar with time jumping, but may call it something else and it’s almost like deja vu, but incredibly more powerful than that. So don’t be surprised if there are more instances of that. If you do experience, I highly advise that you call all of your energy back. It’s not a healthy energetic practice to have strands of energy of ours connected to different places in time or different realities because that in itself can be very exhausting. One more thing that they want me to talk about, because Mercury is in retrograde this week and because lots of intense emotional energies are coming in, make sure before you make any life altering decisions, that you do some grounding work before. This is not the time to make knee-jerk reactions. This is the time to think things through. This is the time to look at contracts. This is the time to weigh the odds. What’s good about this decision? What’s not so good about this decision. Most of all, take your time! Patience, Patience, Patience is one of your best friends this week.

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I pulled some cards before we started this time. Why you ask? Well, I did another weekly forecast and upon playing it back, the sound did not work and these were so lovely, I just could not pick again. I pulled these from the Heart and Soul deck. I love these cards. The deck is incredibly beautiful. It’s also Valentine’s week and this deck is all in the shape of hearts. To see what the cards said, please click here and go to 13:05,


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