Energy Forecast for week of February 1, 2021 with Psychic/Medium, Danielle Garcia

How’s Mercury Retrograde treating you? Historically, this time can lead to issues with electronics, communication and legal matters. It can also be a time for going within, reflection, reconnection, realingment, and recalibration.

Did you feel the 450 spike of the Shumann Resonance over the weekend? Today we have a repreive of vibing at an 11. Hopefully we continue with that measure.

Venus moves into Aquarius today which mean powerful times for romance, love and relationships. Couple this with Merc in Retro and that creates a whole other vibration.

Later on this week, Venus will align with Saturn and then conflict with Uranus in Taurus. Important news for investments, relationships and love.

How are you treating yourself?

What brings you joy?

When someone shows you their true self – BELIEVE THEM!

These are all running themes this week.

Listen in for insight on how to navigate your week.

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Good Morning! Today is February 1st and I am psychic medium Danielle Garcia with your energy forecast for this week. How are you doing? Did you survive the 450 Schumann Resonance spike over the weekend? Whew!!!! Holy Cow!!!! Migraine migraine migraine for me and crazy intense energies. I keep getting different information in regards to why we’re having this spiking and those energies continue to change, so its kind of a wait and see kind of thing. I truly do believe Mother Earth is going through a lot of changes. I do believe these intense spikes have to do with more than just meets the eye. I do believe it has to do with light and dark. That is not just about light and dark going on upon this planet, it’s light and dark going on within the universe. So we’ll kind of wait and see what happens. Last time I checked there wasn’t an accurate read for this morning, but yesterday’s levels were only at an 11. Go figure! We are at 450 then we go to 12 and then we go to 11. I’ll take the 12 and 11 way more than I will take the 450. You gotta take those gifts when you get them.

Mother Earth Photo by Valentin Antonucci on

So, this week, mercury retrograde, right? Lots of stuff going on. Typically mercury retrograde, which started on the 30th, represents with issues with electronics, communication, legal matters, it’s so important right now to read those fine lines to make sure you are getting clear understanding. So make sure you are reading over all types of contracts that you’re dotting you I’s and crossing your T’s, etc., etc., etc. Don’t just click on those agreements, even online because things are getting pushed in, shadowed, cloaked if you will for us to agree to different things that we normally wouldn’t agree to because we’re so used to trusting and used to one agreement, one contract is the same as others and it’s not going to be during this timeline so make sure you’re very consciously aware of those things.

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Mercury in Aquarius means new uploads, light codes. What do I mean by light codes? Light codes could be downloads from your guides, downloads from your higher self, downloads from the higher consciousness to awaken you. To awaken you to the new energies that are presented to raise your vibration, to help you remember about your special gifts, your abilities, etc., etc., etc. This time is about new understandings. It’s about reevaluation, reflection, recalibration, readjustment and realignment. All of those things are going on right now while mercury retrograde is in Aquarius. Remember things may not always go right the first time so patience is the key during this time of mercury retrograde.

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The conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn back on December 22nd, I believe, created a new energy template for human consciousness in the way that we interact, in the way that we deal with one another as well as the way that we deal with our consciousness, with the way that we socialize, the way that we interact with one another and this set in motion the age of Aquarius shift which will be with us for the next 20 years. When I say age of Aquarius shift think of that hippie, peace, love, joy kind of vibe. Well, mercury in retrograde right now is triggering that. It’s triggering that template and it can bring forward false beliefs and worry that are not in alignment with this new template of interaction, peace, love, joy type of vibe that is starting to settle in and realign with everyone’s consciousness. So, don’t be surprised that if you’re still focusing on low vibe ideals like fear, scarcity and worry, that the universe, especially this week, will present with you different red flags, different opportunities for you to come into your strength, for you to come into this peace, love, light, joy type of vibe. If you keep getting the same lesson over and over and over and over again, perhaps it’s time to let go, surrender and learn it. It’s not always easy when the universe gives us those red flags, it’s like, yeah I probably should, no, it’s just my imagination, oh, I’m just overreacting, oh, it’s not my intuition, oh, I’m making this up, but yet, then again, we get the same lesson. It may not be with the same person, it may not be with the same exact experience, the same job, the same family member, etc., etc., etc., but we keep getting these lessons in boundaries or strengths, compassion, understanding, whatever those might be.

Hippie Vibe Photo by cottonbro on

Make sure that you are “aware”! Check your vibe out. Calibrate your energy again. My guides are always telling me, “You only have 100% of your energy, check in right now. How much of your energy is going towards you? How much of your energy is going towards this stress that you’re stressing about? How much energy is going to work, to family, to the universe and so on and so forth.” It’s not an easy thing to sit and calibrate your energy throughout the day, but when you get used to it and you start developing that as a pattern, it can be this incredible tool because it’s so easy as empaths and sensitives just to spin out. We get our minds and our hearts wrapped around an idea and this person said that and then this happened and then this happened. Well, what if I would have done this? What if I coulda, woulda, shoulda?? All of these different things and every time we continue to spin out with those energies instead of moving forward and being in the present moment, we’re energetically connecting according to whatever that instance was, in the past. So, it’s not just that the thing happened in the past, but we continue to relive it and we continue to re-energize it, we continue to give our power to it. Again, this is just the universe’s friendly reminder this week, a red flag is a red flag, believe it. If you continue to get opportunity to learn the same lesson over and over again, take a step back, re-evaluate. How is this serving me? Is this serving me? What can I learn from this? What can I release from this? What can I bring into my life from this experience? All sorts of different ways of looking at it.

Today, Venus moves into Aquarius, as we are in mercury retrograde. It’s going to be a fun Valentine’s Day! Venus, the planet of love, of relationships, moves into Aquarius which is free-spirited, open-mindedness and freedom. Romance is going to be very interesting to say the least. Venus is in Aquarius until the 25th so lots and lots and lots of love coming in. The interesting thing is that there is going to be perhaps a struggle with balance for some of us because with Venus being in Aquarius, it’s not only awakening love, awakening relationships, awakening connection, because we are in this Aquarius energy, it’s also asking us to take a step back, to allow ourselves self-care, to allow ourselves alone time, to allow ourselves boundaries. We’re not just all about the relationship and that’s the core issue that we focus on. So, balance, balance, balance is going to be a HUGE theme in regards to love this month. Venus is going to encourage you to reach out to your significant other to schedule couple time, but it’s also going to make sure and keep reminding you of how much energy are you giving out. How much energy are you investing in the relationship? How much energy are you investing in yourself? So, again, calibration is an important theme. Communicate clearly to your relationships. Not just love interests, but all relationships during this time. Because mercury is in retrograde, communication can be a bit wonky, but with Venus going into Aquarius during mercury retrograde, we really really really want to make sure our communication is clear, especially within relationships. On the 5th, Venus will align with Saturn, which is the planet of restriction. Investments should definitely be watched this day. On the 5th you have a great opportunity to make money or lose money BIG TIME is what my guides are saying so be very careful, be cautious. Follow your gut. Follow your intuition and don’t be surprised if an old fling suddenly reaches out from the past on this day. This is a day of love and abundance, but because Saturn comes in and is that planet of restriction ( I just love it when they are all talking to me at the same time), you may find that love is rekindled, that love is rejuvenated, that abundance is rekindled, that abundance is rejuvenated or you may find the polar opposite where it’s just time to walk away. It’s time to walk away from that investment, it’s time to walk away from that relationship, love interest or other that no longer serves a purpose in your life. Be aware of those things on the 5th. Now, on the 6th, Venus and Aquarius will clash with Uranus in Taurus so expect shakeups and big big big surprises.

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Running themes for this week. How are you treating yourself? It’s so easy for us to overlook ourselves, not trying to glom everyone into one group by any means, but empaths and sensitives stereotypically try to make sure everybody else is happy and sacrifice seems to be one of the things that comes along with the ride for that, but it doesn’t have to be. When you think about how you’re treating yourself, one of my teachers would always reflect back to me, so, would you treat your best friend like this and when I think about that and how hard we are on ourselves and how critical we are on ourselves, yeah, I definitely wouldn’t treat my best friend like that. I wouldn’t criticize my best friend for making a mistake. I wouldn’t criticize my best friend for not finishing everything on the to-do list. I wouldn’t criticize my best friend for being overly emotional. Yeah, I just wouldn’t do it. So think about how you’re treating yourself and when you think about that, ask yourself in any situation, would I treat my best friend like this and I think it’ll give you a different perspective. Another theme of this week is, where do you find joy? Again, going back to empaths and sensitives, when I ask this question of clients, it always amazes me because it’s like, oh, my family brings me joy, my grandkids bring me joy, my clients bring me joy and that’s great and that’s super awesome and wonderful, but what else brings you joy? Above and beyond family, career and friends. What do you do for yourself that brings you joy? Maybe that’s dancing, maybe it’s hiking, maybe it’s writing, maybe it’s singing, maybe it’s organizing, whatever your thing is. Maybe it’s wine. Whatever it is, find out and continue to ask this question to yourself throughout this week, what brings me joy?

What brings you JOY! Photo by Pixabay on

Something else that is big and powerful this week is people are going to show you their authentic selves, believe them. We are notorious for giving people 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 18th chances and why do we do that exactly? If the truth is revealed to you, believe it! Absolutely believe it!

I’m going to draw a few cards this week and it’s a different deck, so, if you want the G-rated energy forecast for the week, now’s your time to stop…..If you are cool with F-bombs and adult words click on this link, and go to 15:17 to see what the cards had to say from the REBELDECK, the oracle with the attitude. I think this deck is super awesome and funny and I think we just need more laughter in this world. Laughter is one of the easiest, quickest, funniest ways to raise you vibe. Laughter releases endorphins, laughter raises the vibration and laughter is relaxing.


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