Energy Forecast for the week of January 10th with Psychic/Medium, Danielle Garcia

It’s time to THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK! Mercury moves conjunct with Jupiter and Saturn over the next two days as it aligns with the energies of Aquarius. Expect the most unexpected news, announcements and unmasking during these dates.

Today Eris stations direct – great truths exposed, oppressors and dictators come to the surface. Old idealism of corruption comes to light.

Look forward to “light bulb” moments this week.

We move into the pre-shadow phase of Mercury Retrograde on the 15th. Be ready to shed lower emotions and move into higher light.

Danielle shares with you a private message and lesson from her guides about fear this week. Listen in and be inspired.

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Hi, this is psychic medium Danielle Garcia with your energy forecast for the week. Today is January 10th. I know I normally deliver the energy forecast on Mondays, but it felt just important to bring it about a day early. I know I’ve done that occasionally, but today the energy seems to be hitting extra hard for me and a lot of other people that have been reaching out. The Schumann Resonance is at a 41 last time I checked about an hour ago, knock on wood. I know that is still a spike, but thank God it’s not a 1200 or an 800 or a 500 like what we encountered over the last few weeks. We’re getting a bit of a reprieve with that. I find it incredibly interesting that the Schumann Resonance was spiking the way that it did all leading up to last week. Last week seemed to be pretty darn ok, 7, 8, 10, 12 and 14, nothing out of the norm, but all the rest of the energy going on was definitely out of the norm, especially if you are living here in the US.

Today the planet Eris, they call it a dwarf planet, I think it was just recognized or found in 2004 or 2005, somewhere along those lines, goes direct today. The vibe behind that is great truths being exposed bringing about oppressors and dictators to the surface shining light on patriarchal and institutional corruption. Hmmm…..Interesting! The astrology for this week is honest to God just freaking mind-blowing to me. I want to make sure that I actually follow my notes as much as possible. I mean, honestly, you just can’t make this stuff up, it’s incredible to me.

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Today Mercury is conjunct with Saturn and Jupiter. This is the trifecta of conjunctions as it also falls into the energy of Aquarius. Meaning freedom. Meaning unity. Meaning supreme consciousness. Expect the most unexpected vital news announcements and unmasking around these dates. It’s between the 10th and the 12th that they go into this trifecta of being in conjunct with one another. Today’s vibe also sets the tone for the rest of the week. Focus on discernment of grandiose idealism. Disappointment may lead to downfall as well as distrust, crisis of faith, etc., etc. Continue asking spirit. Continue asking your higher self to show me truth, show me truth, show me truth. Show me what I cannot see. Show me what I need to see. Show me what I need to see for my highest greatest good. There’s a lot of stuff going on out there and people are just being boom boom boom triggered right and left, right and left, hatred, anger, fear and dishonesty is just rampant right now. Everything is just revved up. People are ready to crack, sort to speak and the energies of this week, they’re not exactly peaceful, calm, unicorns and rainbows, let’s go with the flow kind of vibes. Navigating this week’s energies amongst the chaos and all the rest of the stuff that’s been stirring up, we can absolutely do it, it’s just going to take some work. Make sure if you feel yourself being triggered, let’s say you hear from someone and just boom, you are right back in their face and you are just nah nah nah, just going after them, try to take a step back and really ask yourself, okay, why am I reacting like this? What is it within me that needs to be aggressive, that needs to be forceful, that needs to be domineering. It’s cool to have s strong opinion, I am a very strong opinionated person, but trying to harm someone, whether that’s emotionally, energetically or physically, I don’t play that. I mean, that’s just not cool and that’s just unethical and come on, we’re human beings and we can be better than that, if we choose to be.

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This week Mercury also moves into Aquarius. This is the planet of communication. Communication is going to be strong, both positive and negative. Emotions are going to be super duper high so WATCH YOUR WORDS! Words have meaning, words have energy. I can’t even fathom the amount of friendships, business relationships and families and other connections that I hear in/out of this office every day that have been broken up over politics or belief systems that have just kind of reared up most definitely over the last 90 days, but especially over the last 6 months. So going back to Mercury, this is the planet of intellect, communication and ideas. It is in the vibe of freedom and expression right now. Expect light bulb moments. Expect those aha moments. Expect the blow your mind kind of moments coming along this week and into the next 24-28 days that Mercury hangs out in this vibe. The theme of humanitarianism is really really strong right now as Mercury moves into Aquarius. Whew….I’m telling you, lots and lots of energy going on right now in here and my guides are just going on and on and on.

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Thursday, the 14th, Uranus goes direct. This is known as the great awakener planet. We have been told about this unarian energy that’s also partnering with the aquarian energy. Unarian energy brings about drastic change. It can bring on chaos, unpredictable circumstance, destruction, surprises, inspiration and amazing creativity. Friday, the 15th, is the pre-shadow of mercury in retrograde. Our first American retro is going to be towards the end of this month, January 30th. This is the pre-emptive phase of mercury retrograde. This mercury retrograde with how the planets stand, it’s about cleaning and clearing out old beliefs that no longer serve you, dropping black bags, that emotional baggage, luggage that we tend to carry around for quite a bit, that seems to be the running theme of this pre-shadow phase. So, pay close attention to that, take an evaluation, take a look at the things you continually pull in, those thoughts that race around your mind at 3am when you can’t sleep and you’re reliving those relationships or that circumstance or those conversations that just keep you up at night and you can’t quite let them go. Now is the time to take a deeper look at that. What’s the purpose? How is it serving you? Is this a positive or a negative influence in your life? How can you shift that and move forward into bigger better brighter things?

No card draw this week, BTW, my guides kept tapping me on the shoulder and have been getting in my head and there is a lot to say and I need to say it! There has been so much stuff going on in the United States, ooooh, I am starting to tear up, lots of emotions coming forward and lots and lots and lots and lots of fear. They’ve been showing me over the last 6 months how this really is in our country and in our world. It’s not just what is going on in the United States, it’s what going on across our planet. There’s big big changes going on. It’s not just about world leaders, it’s just not about currency, it’s just not about power or politics or political gain, it honest to God is about light and darkness. I have seen so much evil and paranormal stuff going on over the last 6 months then I have probably over the last 20 years and that is pretty substantial. I have had clients coming in needing clearings, being possessed, killing themselves, all sorts of things. We’re not just talking about demons. We’re talking about entities. We’re talking about ancient influences. We’re talking dimensional beings, etc., etc. This has to do with our universe. This has to do with that fight as Star Wars as it sounds of dark vs. light. Along with all of this crap that’s been going on, there has been an incredible amount of light. There’s been an incredible amount of awakening. People are realizing their greatness. People are realizing, hey, there’s more to this life than just this. There’s so much more, so there’s been this amazing awakening. Guess what happens when the light awakens and becomes stronger and aligns with source? The darkness doesn’t really like that too much. They feel like they are losing. Remember, age of Aquarius, freedom, higher consciousness, easier way to connect to the highest of high consciousness. This is their defining moment, the darkness, they don’t want this to happen. They don’t want people to awaken. Chaos, they love it, they feed off of it. Violence, aggression, rage, anger? That’s their fuel baby!!!!! That’s what they thrive on! What’s going on in our world right now? This is our opportunity to take a step back. This is our opportunity to align with the highest consciousness. Whether you call that God, whether you call that Jesus, whether you call that Buddha, whatever you call source, great spirit, creator, this is our time to align. I will tell you what, I have been caught so off guard this last week, it’s just been crazy. I got very vulnerable because I stepped into fear and that’s not a fun place to hang out for me. I don’t think its a fun place to hang out for anybody. As I am moving through that fear and trying my best just to remain centered and just to relax and have faith and do my normal protocol of energy work, mediation and prayer and so on and so forth, I’m driving to work one morning and here’s my guides in my ear, you need to make sure your gas tank’s always full because I’m notorious for bringing it down to 50 miles, 22 miles, ok sometimes 8 miles, you need to make sure you gas tank’s always full. Don’t let it drop below 200 miles. Alright, ok, driving along, you need to get a go bag, you need to make sure you have your go bag ready. Go bag? What the hell? I need to get a go bag for me is, I need shoes, I need clothes, I need passport, I need cash, I need social security cards, I need flashlights, I need extra food, I need batteries, I need medications and I need all these different things. I am freaking the “F” out about oh my God, I need a go bag, oh my God, I need to put gas in my car, oh my God, the world is ending, the world is ending. Not really the world is ending, but shit is going to go down and I kept spinning out on this as this thought and this fear goes on and on and on. It took a few days for me to continue spinning out and pushing this aside as I didn’t want to face it and I didn’t want to look at it and then I ASKED, I ASKED, What did you mean by go bag? That took a couple of days for that mind you, what do you mean about go bag? My guide got this huge smile on his face, finally you’re getting it, he said. Your go bag is what you always have with you. It’s your mind, it’s your heart, it’s your belief system, it’s your energy field, it’s your spirit, it’s your soul, It’s your chi, it’s your life force. That’s your GO BAG. You need to be aligned. Your spirit, your soul, your life force. You need to be aligned with source because your go bag, which is always with you, which is what you’re going to cross over with, you don’t want that to be all imprinted with fear and chaos and false belief and worry about this and worry about that because that’s not your purity, that’s not your greatness, that’s not who you really are. What are you absorbing? What are you allowing into your energy field? What are you allowing into your spirit? It really made me think? Who am I believing? Am I believing in all the mass media out there that wants me to be in fear? Perhaps and maybe, for me, I need to step back from that a little bit. Maybe I need to take some time, in my gassed up vehicle, drive up to the mountains or drive out to the desert and take some quiet time. Away from my phone, away from the news, away from the TV, away from the messages and just settle in. What does spirit want me to know? What does source, what does God creator want me to have in my go bag? My heart. My mind. Life is eternal people, some of us get stuck before we cross all the way over, but this isn’t it. If we continue spiraling out into fear and aggression and rage, who wins? If you drive your point and opinion across so aggressively and so matter-of-factly and so much from your ego that you’re burning bridges between you and your friends and your family and the outside world, who wins? So you’re right (hands clapping). Good Job? What are you aligning with in that moment of retaliation? What are you aligning with in the moment of aggression? Light or dark, because you can’t align with both. You can’t be positive and negative at the same time, it’s impossible. Watch your energy this week! Seriously! I am not a doomsday psychic. I am not going to tell you go gather all the toilet paper together and hang out in a cellar somewhere, that’s not me. I’m here to empower people. I’m here to be empowered, but I will tell you, watch your energy this week. Things are going to change, things you would not expect to change, will be changing. Not just in this country, but in the world and indeed in the universe. Center yourself. Align. In those moments when you feel low, in those moments when you feel fear, ask for creators energy to move through you, to guide you, to show you what you need to know, to show you truth, to support and guide you and open up your heart and open up your mind and open up your soul to listen. We are here to walk through this together people, not to battle one another. We’re here to embrace the light and it’s hanging out all over around us. It’s just unfortunately ,right now, with the chaos and the rage, a lot of people are turning into the darkness instead and boy, howdy, is it hanging around. So, Be the Light! Ask to See Truth and Check Out your Go Bag! Have a safe and blessed week.

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