Energy Forecast for week of January 4th with Psychic/Medium, Danielle Garcia

Schumann Resonance starts out this week with HUGE spikes of 500. Are you feeling it?

The Scorpio Wormhole is coming to an end and it’s energy and power amp up during this week. It brings forth reconnection with our highest vibes of alchemy, healing, magick and our brightest lifetimes. The wormhole is an incredible thinning of the veil and not only is the soul timeline easily accessed, but also offshoots of other dimensional realities as well. Paranormal and E.T. activity will be amplified this week.

Three planets change signs which affects our emotional field as we readjust and balance out.

The Angelic Realm is a very close this week and can assist us with the lessons of accountability, authenticity, and balance. Remember, for them to help, we must ask for assistance.

January sets the tone for the Aquarian Stellium coming in February, something not seen since 1962.

Listen in, as Danielle helps you navigate these vibes for the coming week. For more about Danielle:

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Hi, Psychic Medium Danielle Garcia with your energy forecast for the week. Today is January 4th and Happy New Year! We survived 2020! Holy cow! We actually made it! Last year was a very very interesting year. I think there was a lot of loss, a lot of things to be grateful for, a lot of lessons and a lot of crap.

So, what can we pull away from that? What can we see in the light? What can we enlighten with 2020? What can we bring forward so far as the positivity that we learned, the things that we possibly learned about ourself, our strength, our tenacity, our perseverance. That was a huge running theme for 2020. Something to keep in mind as we go forward into the new year! Baby Yoda is back there definitely still celebrating.

Baby Yoda

Today is the first full working day in my office for 2021 so we are definitely living it up here, in my mind (HaHa).

Today the Schumann Resonance has been spiking hard! We have been hitting readings of 500! So for those of us that are affected by the Schumann Resonance, once again, that is the Earth’s magnetic field which normally vibrates at a 7.83. When we have these huge fluctuations of energy that can cause dizziness, imbalance, headaches, annoyance, aggravation, body aches, muscle pains, different things like that just feeling like, ugh, what the heck is going on and it is sudden and it can be constant. We hit a reading of 450 on Saturday and quite honestly, for the majority of the day, I was in bed with a horrible migraine that I was having a hard time shifting. So what do we do in instances when the Schumann Resonance spikes like this? There are different things we can do. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate because you are going to be moving through a crap ton of energy and energy fluctuation. Water is a conductor of energy and for those people that are sensitive and are empaths, we tend to vibe at a different rate anyway, so the energy will hit us differently. We will process energies differently. Therefore, our hydration stores in our body can become compromised when we run through a lot of energy and process rapidly. Hydration, hydration, hydration. Grounding, going outside, moving your body. I really love Shungite. I work with this quite often for EMFs, to help protect from EMFs, to help shield from EMF overload. I’ve got a lot of pieces around my desk. Black Tourmaline is also great for grounding as well as working specifically with balancing out the Schumann Resonance. Recently, I just found this app, I am not quite sure it is available on an android as I have an iPhone, it is called Schumann Resonance 7.83hz tone and it has sound healing with this app and I think it was $1.99 to pay for the full app where you get all 10 or 12 songs as opposed to just 2 and playing the binaural relaxation with the 7.83 really, really, really helps to balance out. Today we are at 500 and quite honestly, after listening to this, as my guides tap me on the shoulder, and reminded me about it, I haven’t had too much issue with it. Feeling very dehydrated, but not hit with the migraine out of the blue on Saturday. Hopefully those hints will help you out. I am a firm believer in sharing tools that are helpful.

Black Tourmaline
Schumann Resonance 7.83hz tone

This week we’ve got big changes vibrationally coming in. We’re shifting from the energies of 2020 and moving in to 2021 and of course that requires change and what happens when there is big change, whether its vibrationally or physically, some of us resist that moreso then others. Sometimes we will go into fear about things like that, but the universe and the planets are definitely aligned to provide us with the opportunity for change. It’s up to us whether we want to listen to those cues and go along with the flow or whether we want to keep hitting our head against the wall, so to speak and be resistant of it. We’re in the final phase of the scorpio wormhole which I believe closes the 12th or 13th, so we’ve got about another week, 9 days or so of it. This wormhole is about creating vibrational change for us to reconnect with our authenticity. To reconnect with the authenticity of our soul, to have access to those different parts of us that have existed in other lifetimes where alchemy was completely present. Where we knew how to perform, oh I love it when my desk shakes, when I start talking about stuff like this, ALWAYS a confirmation. Where we are able to connect with alchemy and ancient wisdom and magic and healing and so on and so on and so forth. It’s a beautiful shift of dimensions and creates a passage way if you will, to connect with those different things. Now as we are in the last 8-9 days of this scorpio wormhole, things will be amped up! You might have nightmares, you might have dreams, you might have flashbacks. You might stumble across something, whether you are reading a book, whether you read a post on-line or seen a movie that just feels like, ugh, you get that deja vu feeling like I’ve been there before. When you’re suddenly super drawn to researching a subject on-line that you normally wouldn’t even pass through your mind. Those different things can happen. The veil is very thin as this wormhole is amped up so paranormal activity is also easier to see. Paranormal can be good and bad. When I say paranormal, it’s just means not of the norm so seeing different things like orbs, angels, ghosts, earthbounds and the other things that are not so nice will be easier to access now up until the 12th or 13th.

Photo by Alexas Fotos on

This week Mercury, Venus and Mars, the inner planets, they all change signs, so that can create emotional disturbance in our emotional fields of our Aura. Yay Fun! Know that that is just our opportunity to readjust and balance out. Again, we’re still feeling the vibes of looking at relationships, our relationship to self as well as our relationship to other people. This week has a huge running theme about accountability, accountability and authenticity. How do your actions affect other people? How do your words affect other people? As we shift into this higher vibration of Aquarius, manifestation can be really quick, so keep an eye and keep your mind on what your words are saying because your words are very powerful. It’s not just your words, but the energy behind your words. What is your self talk like? How are you speaking to your children, your co-workers? How are you speaking to the universe? How are you talking to your dog? How are you talking to the barista that is getting your coffee in the morning. Be very conscious of the vibe you are putting out there because things will quickly manifest the further we move into this Aquarian age. Speaking of which, by February, we will move on to, what is called Aquarius Stellium. The last time we’ve experienced this was in 1962 and we will actually have 7 planets in Aquarius. Big, big, big, powerful shifting energy and January is helping us to get there so, be advised, know that January is a big time of change and moving more and more into that vibration of justice, of freedom, of authenticity, of accountability. It’s absolutely HUGE! Accountability being the theme of this week, it’s also being accountable for your mental state, your emotional state, your energetics, your physicality as well as spiritually. Where do you belief systems land? What are you on the fence about? Now is the time to further, dig in, research, vibe about, feel exactly what it is you believe in. 2021 is not so much about being on the fence about things, it’s about becoming clear, being authentic, allowing your higher self to come through more and more and more, more powerfully, so that your belief systems align with your life. Sometimes when our belief systems are out of alignment it can create a lot of chaos. It can create a disruption in our abundance, it can create a disruption in our physical state, our emotional state, so this is all about being in alignment with our authenticity so we can move forward and shift and live in our highest best good. You may feel like you are on high alert this week, that is because all of this energy and change is coming in. It’s because of the planets moving in to different signs and shifting. 4 in a week, that is remarkable, so there is a lot of energy shifting going on right now.

Accountability – Photo by Polina Kovaleva on

The Angelic Realm, this week, is closer to us than it has been in the last 5 years, so know that your angels are here. They are right next to us. It always amazes me when clients come in and ask about their angels and thinking that the angels are way way off like thousands of years away in heaven somewhere, and yes, obviously, they reside on the other side, but dimensionally, heaven could be right here (side of my face), it doesn’t necessarily need to be in an entire other galaxy and our angels walk with us, they are beside us. They come when we call them forward, not in a commanding type of way, but when we ask for their love and support and guidance. So, since this week is about authenticity and it’s also about finding the balance, finding the middle ground with all the different change that’s going on, a great idea would be to call forward your angels. Be that your guardian angel, if you have other angels you call on, whether it’s Arch Angels or a healing angel that you work with, an intuitive angel, a coach angel, whatever that might be, call them forward because they are always here for that loving support, guidance and wisdom, 24/7. I mean, how beautiful is that?

Photo by Pixabay on

Remember, this week, balance balance balance. Balance is the theme. Get out, move your body. Hydrate, eat good grounding foods and do things that are balancing for you, whatever that might be. What works for me for balance may not work you, so find whatever that niche is and even ask your angels to help you with balance. It’s wonderful, there’s just so many different souls in existence in this beautiful beautiful amazing universe that we exist in and there are so many different angelics. You could actually ask for whichever angel that you are connected with is most suitable for balance to come forward and help and assist you. You could ask for whichever angel is most suited to help you with your authenticity, with your accountability, your spiritual path, your abundance, whatever it might be. You can ask for them to come forward and they will. I am going to pull a couple of cards for this week from a new deck that I just got called The Lantern Oracle by Angelina Mirabito. These are really really cool cards. I really like the vibe of them. To see what was pulled, click the link and go to 13:53.

Lantern – The Unknown – Confusion

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