Energy Forecast for week of December 28th with Psychic/Medium, Danielle Garcia

Only a few days left of 2020!!! This week brings forth BIG EMOTION and a Cancer Full Moon.

Running themes of completion, closure, looking back, relationships and our emotions are all coming forward. Listen in as Danielle guides you through the vibes of this week.

The Age of Aquarius and FREEDOM are upon us. Are you ready to embrace your authentic self? Are you ready to receive and understand truth?

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Hi, this is psychic medium Danielle Garcia with your energy forecast for the week. Today’s energy forecast is for the week of December 28th, 2020. Whew!!!! Only a few more days left of this year. Are you ready for it to be over? I think I am, NO, I know I am. I checked the Schumann Resonance today and today is actually Sunday the 27th and it was vibing at a 10, so hooray, no big spikes right now with the Schumann. Christmas Day, I think it was at a 45. Christmas Day or Christmas Eve, I’m sorry, my time kind of runs all together. I was really enjoying the holidays, but I do know many people reported back to me that they were having issues with headaches and emotions running high and so on and so forth, so knock on wood, hopefully the Schumann Resonance just keeps on balancing out. We do have a full moon coming in so usually, when there is a full moon, we do see historically the Schumann Resonance spike, but you know, we will just see how all that plays out.

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Deep breaths……I hope you all had a great great holiday and got to spend some time with loved ones and friends even though, of course, most of us weren’t able to do the same type of gatherings that we would, right, so, I do hope that you were able to have a great time with your loved ones. Know that as we go into this week, the energies are setting up to be very very emotional. So, knowing that, knowledge is power, right, it gives us an opportunity to prep and be ready. It gives us an opportunity to understand that if we tend to be more emotionally driven as most empaths and sensitives are, going into an emotional week, if we have an issue, if we have a meltdown, if we have a breakdown, we know that okay, it’s not just me being crazy, these are the energies right now. I can ground, I can hydrate, I can phone a friend, I can get outside and I can move my body. Especially with quarantine, and again, I’m not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV, please seek medical advice from a doctor. I have noticed through the practice, through my practice as well as my personal life and dealing with so many different empaths and sensitives that are clients and students, it’s amazing to me how many of us have issues with vitamin D, that we’re vitamin D deficient. Now think of how many of us who have been in quarantine for the majority of 2020, not going outside to take our regular walk, not going to the beach, not laying out, not doing this and not doing that OUTSIDE. If you are vitamin D deficient, it can also create depression. I am not saying that everyone that’s depressed is vitamin D deficient, so please don’t comment and send me emails and stuff about that. I am giving you this information, so if it resonates with you, you may just either want to get checked or just start taking a supplement or research and see what particular foods are high in vitamin D. Simply going out and exposing yourself to the sunlight and being outside and walking and getting some good sun vibes is very very very transformative, so that is something to keep in mind.

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Monday’s vibes. So now we only have one planet that is in retrograde. A lot better than having six planets in retrograde, how we were just a few months ago. Our planet that is currently in retrograde is Uranus. Now, when we have one planet in retrograde going into the age of Aquarius, in between this big conjunction and all these other things going on galactically, the retrograde energy of that particular planet is amplified. Uranus’s energy is stereotypically known as the awakener. Uranus is about big change, sudden change, shocks, shock and awe. It’s about disruption and upheaval and allowing big change to come through sometimes big drama. So, Monday, Uranus’s energies are really going to be amplified so don’t be surprised if you experience some of these different attributes of that planet and please remember that this planet is also represented by freedom from restriction. Sometimes when we go through big upheavals, big emotional issues, big shock and awe, it can bring about positive change and freedom from restriction. Knowing that, be prepped and ready for Monday. Coming into the week as well on Tuesday is the Cancer full moon. For all of us water signs out there, it is going to be incredibly emotional or has the potential to be incredibly emotional. I am a water sign and knowing that I’m probably going to make sure I go out for a walk the morning of. I’m going to make sure I’m drinking a lot of water. I’m going to make sure I’ve got some sound healing on and my favorite crystals nearby. I like to go on YouTube and just look at funny animal videos because it’s light, it’s bright, I’ve always got a couple comedies in my phone or my playlist on Netflix or Amazon Prime, something that will just keep my spirits up. It’s not a day where you are going to want to watch tear jerkers, Terms of Endearment or Steel Magnolias or something along those lines. You’ll really want to keep it light because the energies are going to be emotional enough as is.

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This is the last moon of 2020, so with that brings a sense of closure, a sense of completion, again, very very emotional. It’s also connected to relationships and connections. It gives us an opportunity to look at the relationships in our lives. Which relationships are positive, which relationships are not so positive. Because this is an emotional full moon and most full moon’s, let’s just give it up, are emotional anyways, but being that it’s Cancer full moon, it amplifies those energies because Cancer is a water sign. This is an opportunity to look at the emotionality of our relationships and connections. How are we being emotionally supported in our relationships or are we? Are we being nurtured? Are we being supported? Are we being cared for? Are we being ghosted? Are we being left high and dry? Take a look at that and take look at our relationship with ourself. Are we valuing our own emotions? We teach other people how to treat us so, if we are selling ourselves short than those people we are connected to will see that and they’ll take that as a guide on how to treat us as well. So this full moon is an opportunity to look at those relationships both positive and not so positive, those that are loving and supportive and those that are not loving and supportive. It’s a good time to make some decisions, set some healthy boundaries, do some energetic cord cutting if need be. It’s a nice reset. It’s a way to look at your own emotions. How do you handle them? How do you express them? My emotions tend to run really high, I am not going to lie, Haha, because everybody would rat me out anyways and for so very long, I would say most of my life, I start out explaining something with “I’m sorry but”. I’m sorry, but I feel really upset about this. I’m sorry, but I really feel angry about this. I’m sorry, but I really feel strongly about this. SCREW THE APOLOGIES! It’s time to be okay with feeling. It’s time to be ok with your emotions. It’s time to be ok with expressing them and how anybody receives that information or accepts that information or doesn’t accept that information, that’s on them, that’s not on you. No longer are we to hide from our emotions. Remember, age of Aquarius, it’s all about freedom, it’s all about authenticity. Allow yourself to be authentic with your truth, to be authentic with how you feel.

I am also going to post a video, right after this one with a nice full moon ceremony that I love love love to do, especially at the end of the year. So watch for that.

Wednesday our eclipse season for 2020 ends! Whoo-hoo!!!!! We made it!! Eclipses in 2020 were all about your authentic self, finding your truth, finding your power, finding your mission, finding your purpose and it’s a wonderful transition into the age of Aquarius which has the theme of FREEDOM. We are going to move into New Year’s Day coming up this week and that brings in a sentimental longing for days past, ideas past. Vibes of what could have been, vibes of what should have been. this is a day when historically people kind of look back, okay, what worked? What didn’t work? What do I need to set my New Year’s Resolutions for? How can I change it and so on and so on and so forth, but with the planetary energies on New Year’s Day, that’s going to be amplified even more so. Do a gut check if you start to go off kilter here of coulda woulda shoulda. Look at this as more of okay, what can I learn from the past and look to see what the truth is. Sometimes we make a mistake or we’re not as successful as we wish we would have been and we are super hard and critical of ourselves, but we don’t necessarily pull back and look at the whole situation from the higher perspective. We don’t necessarily see the whole truth, we’re programmed to look at the bad, to look at the negative, to look at the mistake and just really really amplify that instead of thinking, you know, if I hadn’t made that mistake I wouldn’t have gone in this direction and then I wouldn’t be here where I really really want to be. Instead, usually what our human brain will do is, well, why didn’t I get here sooner? So, when you start beating yourself, if you start beating yourself up, my guides are tapping me on the back here to change that wording, if you start beating yourself up about that, take a step back. Ask for spirit to show you only truth. Ask for your higher self to reveal to you, to allow you to sense, feel, know pure truth and sit with that. Allow yourself to embrace that truth. Embrace the understanding of that truth and things will be so much easier as you set about intensions and learnings and understandings for the new year as well as when you look back on 2020.

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2021, in numerology is a 5 year and represents freedom, change, learning from mistakes, new opportunities and big decisions. That’s the running theme for 2021. Going into the age of Aquarius, it’s a nice partnership for that type of a theme. When we look at 2021 as an Angel number, this refers to faith, holding on to faith, trusting in creator, trusting in GOD, trusting in spirit, that all is well, that all is working out in divine time. It also indicates in Angel numbers of 2021 that you need to observe your thoughts because your thoughts create your own reality, which is a nice reminder I think we all need. The first couple of weeks in January as it sets up galactically with all the different planetary energies, it’s a nice way to move into that Aquarian energy. The first couple of weeks it is going to be all about acclimation and peace, love and lying, yada yada yada and then the second two weeks are setting up to be pretty intense. January, the way it is astrologically set out, will set the tone for the entire year of 2021. So, I think partnering that knowing and understanding with the reminder of the Angel number, what you think about you bring about, be mindful of your thoughts for they create your reality, let’s just all hold true to that and set about creating the next year as a year of big change of big freedom and of moving forward into more light.

I am going to pull a few cards from the Mystic Shaman Oracle Deck. I absolutely love love love this deck. To see what I pulled, please click on the link and go to 14:56 to see the live pull.

Many Paths – Soul Retrieval – Taming the Wind

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