Energy Forecast for the Week of Dec 20th with Psychic/Medium, Danielle Garcia

This week’s energy is ALL about Solstice and the convergence of Jupiter and Saturn in the Age of Aquarius.

What the heck does that all mean?

Time for TRUTH check and seeing where you stand on FREEDOM.

This promises to be the most important energetic week of 2020. Listen in, as Danielle helps you to navigate these vibes.

Added bonus – Danielle channels the Arch Angel Jophiel to give insight into this most important astrological and spiritual time.

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(Recorded Sunday, December 20th) Hi, this is psychic medium Danielle Garcia with your energy forecast for the week. I am doing this a day early because tomorrow is the winter solstice. Today is December 20th. Happy Holidays just from me and Baby Yoda. I hope you guys are having a good time and starting to slow down a little bit and enjoy family and life. It has definitely been a year, hasn’t it? I checked the Schumann Resonance a few minutes ago and we’re vibing at a 16, not too bad, knock on wood. Whew….Thank You! So glad that we are not spiking like we have been earlier this month. So we’ve got a lot going on and I have a lot of notes to go over, so let’s just go ahead and jump in.

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This is a HUGE HUGE week. Cosmically this could be the most powerful week in the entire year! Eek! It could be a little disturbing, it could be a little offsetting for those us that feel energy, but it can also be incredibly powerful and wonderful and renewing so let’s keep the theme of that. All of the different gateways, portals, wormholes, doorways that have opened up since November have basically been laying the groundwork for tomorrow’s winter solstice. So lots of energies coming in. We had the 1212 portal eight days ago and that came in with a lot of different DNA downloads, different light codes, etc., etc., etc. Lots of high vibes coming in to humanity and the planet and it’s all leading to winter solstice. Lots going on! Tomorrow’s winter solstice historically represents the darkest day of the year. The darkest and the longest day of the year. It’s here for us to take a look at those dark parts of ourselves. Shadow work has come up a lot over the last 7 weeks with different things energetically, astrologically, etc., etc. etc. So, tomorrow marks the end of that particular phase of shadow triggers. Tomorrow, take a look, what have you been hiding from? What is in the dark that you are afraid of? What aspects of shadow do you shy away from and what can you do to shift that? Sometimes the shift is sitting down with someone. A therapist, an energy worker, a facilitator and sometimes the shift happens just by simply plugging in those puzzle pieces. Getting that “aha” moment going on and the light bulb goes off and it’s like, Oh, got it now. I can let that go and move forward. So tomorrow being winter solstice, darkest longest day of the year historically and I know it depends on where you live on the planet, it’s an opportunity for us to take a look at those last remaining bits of shadow that have been coming towards us for the last 7 weeks and see, hmmmm……how’s this working? Do I want to hold on to this? Am I ready to let it go? Is there something more to learn from it or it’s pretty dog gone comfortable and I think I’m just going to keep it for a little bit.

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It’s also about the sun’s relationship with the earth. The light. The energy of the last six weeks have been bringing in so many different light codes and so much different higher energy. What can you shine the light on? Think of that also as a theme for tomorrow. Please forgive me for looking down, I have 3 pages of notes for the solstice. Tomorrow is a time of release of old ideas and false beliefs. The current energies are actually reflective of 2002, so think about what you were holding onto in 2002. What was going on in your life during that time. What were you dealing with then and can you connect that to anything that you’re dealing with now presently. When you make that connection it can definitely be that “aha” moment to shift things and move them along. This winter solstice is like no other because it comes to us with the pairing of Jupiter and Saturn. These 2 planets converge every 20 years, but have not entered Aquarius energy in over 200 years. These planets have not been this close together since the Middle Ages. Sorry, when my guides get going really really quick I get super super amped up and sometimes I speak super super fast and then all my words just kind of go all together so, I am calmly asking them to slow down for me. (Deep Breath), and there we go. So, these planets have not been this close since the Middle Ages, so big big energy. If you think about this energetically, there are forces in the universe, they are planets, they carry energy just like earth carries energy. Think of how we react when the Schumann Resonance, the heartbeat of the earth, is different. Some of us get a little schizo crazy or some of us take it on physically, headaches, body aches, dizziness, heart palpitations, etc., etc., etc. Well now we’ve got these 2 planets that haven’t been this close since the middle ages and they are converging together on a very powerful day of the year for planet earth. Hmmm…….The energies could be very strong tomorrow, right? So let’s see how we can navigate all of that and let’s think about this historically. So, energetically, they haven’t been this close together since the Middle Ages. What was going on during the Middle Ages? Let’s see, plagues, population decline, people moving from the cities to the country, changes from spiritualism to religion, wars. Hmmmm……..lots of parallels there right and we can learn a lot from history.

Jupiter is about focus. It’s about faith. It is about beliefs. Jupiter will trigger us to the point of learning truth. Finding our truth as well as finding truth in other things so if you have a relationship going on and that person is giving you untruths, now is the time where you’re going to really open that doorway of discernment and knowing, okay, that’s another red flag. This doesn’t feel right. That can also happen with work environments, with religions, with governments with politics with medicine with doctors with all sorts of things. So this is a time to keep eyes wide open. Not just these 2 eyes, but this eye right here (third eye) and definitely connection to spirit because TRUTH is going to be a huge huge theme, not only right now, but running all the way through the end of February. If you are a person who has come in with a life lesson of truth, you are going to get lots and lots and lots of triggers for the next 2 and a half months so be prepared for that.

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Since we are moving into Aquarius energy as well, those aspects of Jupiter will be searching for the connection to freedom. Aquarius represents freedom. Jupiter will constantly be asking us and showing us where our beliefs are surrounding freedom. Where faith is surrounding freedom. Where our focus is surrounding freedom. Where justice is surrounding freedom and where our personal growth is surrounding freedom. Saturn, the other planet that’s coming into conjunction tomorrow during solstice symbolizes power, creation, change and dominance. We will be looking at these and how they relate to freedom as well because, again, they are in the vibe of Aquarius. This energy will continue on with Jupiter’s connection to power, creation, change, dominance as it connects to freedom through about 3 weeks into January and interestingly how that aligns to inauguration time here in the United States, no coincidences. Saturn influences the sixth chakra, our third eye. Jupiter influences the crown chakra, our connection to higher self and spirit, Are we feeling a theme her? But wait, there’s more!!!!!! We’re stepping into the age of Aquarius. Where humanity is supposed to take responsibility for themselves and their trajectory with their destiny as well as their connection to spirit, their connection to the universe and taking care of Mother Earth. Hmmm……..Again, powerful day tomorrow. Powerful month this month and 2021? Who knows, we’re all just going along for the ride. This is about stepping into higher consciousness, connecting with higher consciousness and grounding that light. Not only within our cells, within our DNA, within our physical bodies, within our space, but so important to ground that energy into Mother Earth.

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Sorry guys, there’s no apocalypse coming. Sorry guys, there’s no rapture, the veil isn’t going to thin and the door isn’t going to open and only the good light workers are going to get to go over and have fun. We actually do have to take responsibility for ourselves and our energy. Again, lots of people are getting triggered right now, left and right, good and bad triggers. These are not all bad triggers by any means, Oh, I am getting so excited. Sorry, again, when they all start talking to me all at the same time, I’m getting pretty hot in here and there’s lots of stuff going on. That’s basically how things are vibing out for this week. We’ve got a meteor shower coming in on Tuesday, that’s also the day that the nativity star is once again going to reappear in the sky. Remember rebirth, renewal, new beginnings.

So instead of doing my standard card draw that I normally would do, I was guided to actually channel a message about all of this stuff for you and the energy that would like to come through is Arch Angel Jophiel. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Jophiel, Jophiel is the angel of creativity and beauty. Jophiel has the ability to see the beauty in all things, all people, all spaces. She has the ability to see the light and even the darkest of darkness as well as she is an incredible creative muse for painters and vocalists and artists and writers and cooks and all sorts of different things. She apparently has a message about the energies of this week and I’m just going to balance myself out a little bit. I am what is called a conscious trans channel. I’m not going to leave my body and let her just come in. I’m way to much of a control freak for that to happen. So, I basically look at this as letting her drive and I’m going to sit in the back seat for a while. I have full control to take over if I need to, if my body isn’t adjusting to the energies or if I just feel like it’s enough. I have worked with Jophiel for decades. I have a very close personal relationship with her. We do a lot of work with clients together so I trust her. So for me to align my energy to a harmonic balance, to bring her through, it’s fairly easy for me. So what I’m going to do is just take a couple of deep breaths, set my intention in my head and when you hear me say, “I now release”, that is when she’s going to start talking. Here we go…….. and I release. To hear the entire channeled message, please click on this link, and start at minute 14:16.


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