Energy Forecast for Week of 12/14/2020 with Psychic/Medium, Danielle Garcia

New Moon and Solar Eclipse are HERE!!!! Are you ready for these high vibes? Lots of emotions coming in to be released. The Eclipse enters in Sagittarius, triggering hope, justice, adventure, faith and beliefs – both false and true.

This week we are also seeing Chiron go direct, so don’t be surprised if you are feeling inner child healing come to the surface.

This is a re-set. What are you ready to bring in for the next six months?

Danielle shows you a powerful technique to bring in your truth using a candle. It’s called, “My Truth Candle,” exercise. This utilizes the energies of the Sun and the Solar Eclipse. It helps you to establish your untruths and truths.

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Hi, I’m psychic medium Danielle Garcia and this is your energy forecast for the week. Today is December 14th.

Welcome to the new moon and the solar eclipse. Are you guys ready? Seriously, like every week in December I’m just thinking, how much more energy can we handle? It has just been crazy, crazy vibes! I checked in with the Schumann Resonance before I logged on and we’re vibing at a 25, a bit of a spike, but definitely not the 800 that we experienced not too long ago, right? So, that seems, easy peasy, knock on wood, at least for right now.

So, eclipses set the tone for basically a re-set. A re-set of the energy of the last 6 months and it also gives us an opportunity to set intentions for the coming six months. The next six months coming into our future. This solar eclipse is in Sagittarius. It brings about focus on justice, inner peace, faith, belief, both false beliefs and truth. It’s also about bringing forward energies of hope, of adventure, of optimism, so cool, it’s interesting how the solar eclipse is coming in at a time where we’re piggybacking, basically, off of the 1212 portal and bringing in these new vibes, these higher vibes. Now, sometimes when the higher vibes come in, it can hit us a little bit like a retrograde, it can hit us a little bit like the Schumann Resonance can affect us physically, so be aware of that. It can also be an incredibly emotional time just depending on what your level of sensitivity is, again, be aware of that. Do your due diligence to take care of you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

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So, think about what new beginning you would like to create. Now is the time for rebirth, for renewal, for reconnection. What are you willing to commit to or to recommit to? Now is a great time to start projects. It’s a great time, believe it or not, to schedule exams. So, to my friend Jean, that just finished her nursing program, Congrats Jean!!!!!!! This would be a wonderful time for you to think about when you want to schedule that. What’s your target date? What goal are you looking for doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to know, oh, it’s going to be Tuesday, the 12th @ 4 o’clock, but it could mean that also.

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Physical shifts are definitely coming forward today. I don’t know about you, but I woke up this morning feeling a little woozy, feeling a little dizzy, that’s not my norm for waking up. I’ve also heard from 4 other clients this morning they experienced the same thing. That could be these energies coming through, but also, the physical triggering that you might experience today is also the universe’s way of letting you know, hey, some things are imbalanced here, let’s take a look at this. Really notice how you’re feeling physical today. Are you feeling any pain? Are you feeling exhaustion? What feels out of balance? What can you do to bring those into balance? Is this connected with an emotional issue? Is this connected with stress, with anxiety? What areas of your body are affected? It’s time to take a good look at that because again, we are setting energies and intentions for the future for the next six months. We don’t really want to go into the next six months feeling like crap, right? So now is a good opportunity to shake that off, to release that, to have it come into awareness so we can let it go and move it forward onto more light.

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Lots of high vibes coming in today because we’re not only in solar eclipse, we’re in new moon, we’re piggybacking off the 1212 portal. Great time to manifest, great time to release, great time to set intention, great time to meditate, great time to goal set, great time to connect, great time to do any of your esoteric practices and any of your spiritual practices.

Today is also a wonderful day to claim your truth, your truth as you define it. Not how your parents told you be, not how your significant other tells you to be, not how your children want you to be, not how your boss wants you to be, not how society wants you to be, but how YOU define yourself. What is your truth? It’s time to take a really good look at that and are you following the path of your truth? Are you sacrificing and not following the path of your truth? How can you make some subtle changes or some powerful changes so that you’re in that vibe of truth? Chiron moves direct Wednesday or Thursday depending on where you are in the world this week and that’s a real pivotal pivotal role, a huge trigger for those of us that have encountered childhood wounding. So, the wounded child has been triggered over the last five months since Chiron was in retrograde. Don’t be surprised if childhood stuff, mother wounding, that type of stuff gets triggered up until Wednesday or Thursday. So if you’ve got some childhood stuff that you want to work on, if you resonate with inner child stuff to release and bring that playfulness forward for healing, now is a good time to do that as well.

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What else do they want me to say? This week it’s about being in and standing within the middle ground. Some people experience a lot of emotion and it’s super easy to go down the fear tunnel, right? Life sucks, I suck, ok wait, back it up, (laughing) now I’m going to blush, no, I’m not going to blush, my guides are telling me stuff like that all of the time. It’s really easy to go into that fear tunnel of Life is Terrible, I can’t get ahead, I can’t go forward, poor me, poor me, poor me or get triggered into the other part of that, the high vibe tunnel. I am spirit, I am connected to the Universe, all is working well. Sure, we can take that higher perspective, but if we were meant to live continuously in that higher perspective, we’d really be on the other side. Life here is about being human and being in that balance of 3D, 5D, however you want to term the values of that frequency. So this week is about being in the middle ground. How can you find your balance amidst everything? Amidst pandemic? Amidst holidays? Amidst stress? Amidst anxiety? Amidst Joy? Amidst Love? Amidst all the good stuff and all the not so good stuff? It’s finding the middle ground. Your middle ground may not look like your neighbor’s middle ground. Your middle ground may not look like your significant others middle ground and that’s OKAY! They’re not living your life. You’re living your life. So find your middle ground.

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Now, instead of doing a card draw this morning, I wanted to show you an exercise that I call, My Truth Candle, since right now is a great time to focus on what your TRUTH is and what your TRUTH isn’t. I thought I would show you a real quick, easy, but powerful exercise. I’m all about quick, easy, powerful. Love those things when it comes to spiritual work. This works great with a taper candle, I currently do not have one handy in my office, so I am going to use an electronic candle, but you’re going to get the gist of it anyways. The first thing you’re going to want to do is clear yourself. Do some breathing exercises, white light. If you go onto my YouTube channel, I’ve got a free chakra clearing video that is really really awesome. I highly recommend doing that before this ritual.

Want to see the entire exercise, please click here to watch.

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