Energy Forecast for the week of November 30th with Psychic/Medium, Danielle Garcia

Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse and Solar Flares??? Say WHAAAAAAAAAT???? Danielle steers you through this time of intense energies and gives practical tips to navigate your path for the highest, greatest good. Look forward to letting go of what is weighing you down and moving onto bigger, better, brighter things.

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Good morning, psychic medium Danielle Garcia with your energy forecast for the week. Today is November 30th. Happy full moon. Happy lunar eclipse. Are you ready? Those are some intense energies out there today. Lets baby step through it and see where we get. Deep breaths everyone, make sure your grounding and make sure you’re staying hydrated, its absolutely essential for todays energies.

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Yesterday we had the largest solar flare that we have experienced in the last 3 years. It was incredibly signifigant and if you had sleeping issues last night, you’re not alone. Solar flares can affect empaths and sensitives like the Schumann Resonance can affect us. We can get a little jittery, a little offset, feel out of sorts, sleeplessness seems to be a pretty big issue along with just feeling the energies more intensely. For me, it feels like I am going to crawl out of my skin, so I really need to take a step back from that. Sometimes I will cut cords with the solar flare, do something to ground myself, whether it’s grabbing some stones or lying on the floor, doing deep breathing exercises, etc. Know that that energy is still here and it is actually exacerbating the energy of todays full moon and our lunar eclipse. Lunar eclipse as it comes in is going to have a doorway, gateway for 2 weeks of eclipse energy, so we will continue to work with that. Schumann Resonance this morning, when I checked on it was vibing at a 17. A spike, but not the high spikes we’ve seen over the past few weeks. Knock on wood, hopefully that remains ok.

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I also found it interesting, we have had 4 small earthquakes right outside of Las Vegas since the solar flare hit. I do not think that is a coincidence, so look for more of that type of activity on earth today and over the next 72 hours is what they are saying. As the lunar eclipse comes forward today, we can look at releasing emotional baggage that we have pulled in over the last 6 months. So, fricking, YIPEE-KI-YAY! I am ready to let go of the last 6 months of emotional baggage. How about you? Now, in order to do this, it’s not just a snap of the fingers or a wave of the magic wand, you have to be willing to do the work. Wow, what a concept, right? I have added to my YouTube channel, 3 different videos to help you do that. One explains how the eclipse works, Another is a release exercise that you can do anytime today, and the 3rd one is instructions on how to create a grid or you can just work with the energy of the picture of the grid that I have created on the video, By doing that, you work with the eclipse and the full moon energies and that helps you with your manifestation. The objective here is to release and focus on intensions of what we want to bring forward. Don’t forget, full moon and lunar eclipse is a wonderful time to set your crystal babies out and charge them up under the full moon. I like to sage mine or give them some palo santo and clear them all out and just let them thrive underneath the vibes of this moon. It’s a great time to create moon water as well, if you use that in your ritual, your ceremony or daily practice.

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Venus is opposing Uranus during this lunar eclipse. We’re focusing on love. We’re focusing on self-love. We’re focusing on relationships, both romantic partnerships as well as relationships with family, friends, co-workers and community. It is also about receiving love and giving love. Are you balanced there? If you’re not, what’s going on? Boundaries, boundaries, boundaries seem to be a theme here. It’s also your beliefs about money. Does money flow to you easily? Is money an energetic exchange? Is money hard to come by? Are we doing away with money? What is your belief system? It’s time to take a good hard look at that as well as your beliefs about abundance. Are you worthy of abundance in all areas of your life or are there some areas where you say, ugh, not so much? Well, why not? Do you think you’re created here to suffer, to sacrifice, we’re all on the same playing field so why do some people succeed and some people don’t? It really is all about your belief system. What are you absorbing? What are you owning for yourself? It’s time to take a look at that and as history shows, during eclipse vibration and energies, those types of issues keep coming up in our thought process and along our path in the form of different red flags. So, take a look, what red flags have appeared in your life over the past 2 weeks? That will dictate what you should be working on or what you have the opportunity to work on, there are no “should” in this life and it also dictates the energy as you heal it, as you release it, if you choose to of what this gateway, doorway of eclipse energy gives us an opportunity for, right? So if we’re getting the ick and the negativity of the last 2 weeks, what can we release to turn that perspective, to change that around, to bring in more healing grace, understanding and really get the lesson. This is a really intense time right now. It’s really working with mind, body and soul. A prefect time to release, to let go, to realize and to manifest, to bring in all of the good stuff, all of the glorious stuff.

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Lots of physical empaths can be hit hard with the energies of today and over the last 2 weeks and the next 2 weeks that this doorway is open. What can that look like? That can look like dizziness, absentmindedness, cloudy thoughts, tummy upset, headaches and intense muscle pain. So, if you’ve been hit with that, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, ground, ground, ground, outside, get into nature, connect with the elements and move your body. Specifically things that are energetic exercises that help you to balance out your energetic system, your aura as well as your body. Think yoga, tai chi, martial arts, all of those are wonderful during this time of eclipse energies. Here comes my favorite warning about eclipse energy, reaching for different coping tools because emotions have been running high, like carbs, sugary treats, alcohol and drugs. Many empaths and sensitives have just about had it up to here and don’t really know how to cope and so we’re reaching for that instantaneous gratification. Let’s dull those senses because life has been hard. I don’t know about you guys out there who celebrate Thanksgiving, but I definitely overindulged…….and after Thanksgiving……and before Thanksgiving, LOL! With the energy of scorpio starting to leave us and all these other things going on, it’s been a bit of a hellacious time. If you find yourself reaching for the band-aid, don’t beat yourself up, just try to look for other healthy minded options because when we utilize those different types of coping strategies, it actually brings our vibration down and its harder to come back into alignment and cope with the energies that are going on today.

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We have opposition of Aldebaran and Antares today, which is, the eye of Taurus as well as the heart of Scorpio. If you feel like you’ve been at war with yourself, this could be one of those reasons why. Ancestral issues come forward with this, childhood wounding comes through with this, mother issues come through with this and karmic clearing comes through with this so its a wonderful time for cutting cords. It’s a wonderful time for karmic cord cutting ritual and ceremony, letting go of the childhood wounding, letting go of those relationships that influenced you to think bad about yourself, all of the stuff that is just coming up. How do you cope with it? Well, ride the wave! Balance, clear, hydrate, eat grounding foods, get outside and actually connect with the moon’s energy tonight. Again, I’ve listed some wonderful exercises. I’ve got some videos uploaded on my channel, so please, check them out. I usually charge for these things, but I wanted to do something nice, to offer a free gift for this time of the year. It’s been a trying year for all of us, I believe. 2020 has really kicked me in the ass and I know I am not alone in that so let’s just share the love and let’s just share the light and move onward and upward. The links to those videos are above.

Time to pull cards for the week and today I am doing a double draw. First draw comes from the Moonology Oracle Card Deck by Yasmin Boland…. see the cards drawn here,

Cards drawn from Moonology Deck

Second draw comes from the Speellcasting Oracle Card Deck by Flavia Kate Peters and Barbara Meiklejohn-Free…… see the cards drawn here,

Cards drawn from Spellcasting Oracle Card Deck


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