Energy Forecast with Psychic/Medium, Danielle Garcia for the week of Oct 26th, 2020

The theme of this week is Communication – how you communicate with self, with others, with the Universe, your body and so on. What are you ready to shift and release in regards to communication? The veil is becoming thinner this week as Halloween draws near. A Full Moon influences connections to the other side. Dreamtime and visitation from loved ones on the other side is powerful. Listen in as Danielle helps you navigate the energies coming in.

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Hi, psychic medium Danielle Garcia with you energy forecast for the week. This is for the week of October 26th. Can you believe it? We are almost through the whole month of October. Wow, it seems like it was just here and now it’s just going out, but yet it feels like it’s just dragging on, or is that just me.

Mercury Retrograde makes me feel like time is slowing down, just kind of slow. Sometimes slow and deliberate, sometimes like you are walking through tar, but anyway, lets tap into those energies.

How is everyone feeling? The Schumann Resonance has been spiking like crazy this week. Lots of people with sleep issues, over, over and over again. If you find that that energy flare ups keep happening with the Schumann Resonance, its always a good idea to do your grounding practice. lots of inhalations, a lot of breathing exercises helping us to release those tensions. Energy is energy is energy and we reside on Mother Earth, so when Mother Earth changes her vibe and changes her energy, of course we’re going to react and those of us who are empaths and sensitives, well, we’re going to freak out a little bit more so than the average Joe, so to speak. So hydration, grounding, breathing, energetic movement is super awesome during flares like that so think yoga, long walks, qigong, tai chi, something along those lines can really really help us to balance out.

The closer we get to All Hallows Eve, Halloween as it is called, the thinner the veil will get. I’ve seen a lot more spirits, both good and bad over this last week, so my vibe and my guts telling me, I’m just going to have more of the same. For those of us that have the ability to sense spirit, which I believe we all do, some of us are just more conscious of it than others. It’s a good reminder for us to be in our good habits. If something doesn’t feel right, it’s not. If something feels wrong, it is. Trust your gut, trust your gut, trust your gut. It doesn’t mean you have to be on high alert for the big, bad, dark, ugly, it just means that your awareness is up to snuff. Make sure that you are doing your shielding practice, make sure you are doing your protection practice, make suer that you are balancing things out. If you suddenly feel your mood shift and change, if you suddenly feel something going on physically, do a check in. Ask your higher self, is this mine, is this something else? What do I need to do to release this? Is this positive? Is this negative? How is my body reacting? Be consciously aware because there’s lots and lots and lots of energies going on this week.

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Communication is the theme of this week. Oh, yeehaw, especially super wonderful during mercury retrograde because that’s usually when communication can get out of balance and off kilter, so this week’s theme, communication, it’s not just how we communicate with other people, it’s how are we communicating with source? How are we communicating with our higher self? How are we communicating with our bodies, our cellular structure. How are we communicating with animals? How are we communicating with Mother Earth? How are we communicating with the universe? How are we communicating with energies? So, vibration is vibration is vibration. Our thoughts make impact on everything around us. If we’re high vibe, if we’re low vibe, if we’re even kilter, whatever that is, that sets the tone for our communication. So really take a look and evaluate how you’re communicating. Are you communicating clearly? Think about how you’re communicating with your physical body. If you’re sitting here griping about, oh, I feel like crap, I feel like crap and you’re taking in your 3rd snickers bar and its your 4th cup of coffee for the day, how do you think your body is perceiving that communication of what you’re ingesting? So just evaluate that, take a look at it. This is a good time to break old habits. When it comes to communication, this is a good time to release things that have served you, served your highest greatest good in regards to communication and relationships.

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This is also a great time to adopt new practices, to heal old wounding, to cut energetic cords and threads with communication efforts and energies that haven’t panned out so well before. With this weeks’s theme of communication you can also get triggered in regards to old behaviors and old patterns that may flare back up again just to show you hey, how’s this working, this is something that doesn’t feel so great, doesn’t feel so wonderful. It’s time to cut those cords, send it packing, kick it to the curb and have it move back on. Have that awareness that communication is going to be even a larger theme than it normally is in mercury retrograde and that has a lot to do with the other four planets that are in retrograde as well as the full moon coming in.

We have a full blue moon coming in on Halloween, on Saturday. We all know how the moon’s energy puts people in a little bit of batshit crazy mode when it turns full so interestingly enough we have a portal opening up to the veil. the veil is getting thinner for Halloween. We got a big blue moon coming in and mercury retrograde, something to think about. Again, it doesn’t mean we have to be scared or in fear that the monsters are going to come out or anything like that, it’s just being aware. So full blue moon on Halloween night. What are your plans? What are you going to do? This is a great time for manifestation of what you want for the rest of the year. How do you want things to play out?

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This is also a wonderful time this week for clearing and cleansing. Great time to clear your home, great time to clear your business and yes, think about clearing your vehicle. Think about how much time we spend in our cars, the conversations we have, the influences we have, bad traffic, altercations, people cutting you off, great moods, listening to your tunes, car dancing and all the nine. We express a lot, we release a lot, we experience a lot in our cars and many times people forget to clear their cars and I’m not talking about clearing out the fast food trash from your car. I’m talking about bringing the sage out, I’m talking about putting some cool high vibe crystals in place. Think about doing that this week because it’s a great great time for clearing, cleansing and purging. If you do all that before the full moon and then you start setting intentions on the full moon, you’re setting yourself up for clear success. When we don’t do the clearing and purging and then we do our manifestation, rituals, rights, ceremony, intentions, affirmations and so on and so forth, it’d just a little bit bumpier, it’s just a little bit heavier, it’s not as easy to get to the end result. So think about clearing, cleansing, releasing. Clearing you home, clearing your business. You can do that with sage, palo santo, holy water, whatever your thing is, there’s so many ways to clear. If you need any help with that, you can always check out my Facebook page and look under notes. I wrote an article years and year and years ago about space clearing. It’s super easy, super simple and wonderfully powerful.

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What else do they want me to say? Lots and lots of dreams this week and because of this energy coming through because of Halloween and the veil being so thin, don’t be surprised if you’re getting dreams from loved ones on the other side this week. This is wonderful opportunity for visitation for them.

Alrighty, card draw time, I am pulling from The Halloween Oracle by Stacy DeMarco, one of my favorite decks to use this time of year. I really love Halloween, it’s one of my favorite holidays and always has been. I really enjoy the vibe of this deck. To see what the cards mean, click here.

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