Energy Forecast with Psychic/Medium, Danielle Garcia for week of 10/19/2020

What’s coming in this week?

SCORPIO SEASON!!!! Hang onto your light, Empaths, because digging into Shadow is upon us. The Sun moves into Scorpio season and we are still in Mercury Retrograde. We’ve got meteor showers and soul alignment to boot, so this week promises to be super charged with energies of release and healing.

Are you ready? Listen in, as Danielle assists you in navigating the vibes of the coming week.

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Good morning, this is psychic medium Danielle Garcia with your energy forecast for the week.

How is it going? Happy Monday! Today is October 19th, 2020. Can you believe we are already past the halfway point in October. This year seems to have either dragged on or sped up, I’m not quite sure, it’s kind of been a …. well, I won’t say, I won’t mention the word of what I think it’s been this year, but it’s been chaotic and confusing and revealing and healing and amazing all at the same time, so let’s just dive right in.

As I checked the Schumann Resonance this morning, we were vibing at a 14. Not too high, had some spikes over the weekend lots of clients and students have reported to me sleep issues, dehydration, headaches, etc., etc., etc., so hydrate hydrate hydrate. Ground. Grab your oils, your stones, get outside and connect with nature. Right now it’s very important to connect with sun energy. Get some vitamin D and get some breathing. Get out from behind the computer, get out from the trials and tribulations of schedules and social media, etc., etc. Get outside, get out in the sun. Give yourself a break and a rest and soak up some of those good vibes and just get some one-on-one time with you and mother nature, it’s so incredibly important.

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So, what’s coming in this week? Well, Scorpio season is upon us, which means deep deep work. Scorpio’s, which I am one, my birthday’s coming up November 14th, we tend to be a little bit brooding, very intuitive, sinking into looking at the things at a deeper level, so when we hit scorpio season, it’s all about digging deep, diving in, taking a look and when you dive deep, it’s not necessarily into the negativity and the darkness, you can dive deep into your potential, your opportunities, your light, your gifts, your intuition. It can be all sorts of different things, but the big thing here is, what is it that you wish to accomplish? When we’re in Scorpio season, especially in the midst of mercury retrograde, it can be like poking the bear and the universe is basically saying, hey, hey, how’s that working for you? Those thoughts that you’re having, that criticism, that judgment, that pattern you keep repeating, may not be working so great for you. What can you learn from it? How can you grow? How can you move on? When we keep getting triggered and triggered and triggered, that’s not fun, is it? Why not just take a look and see where this trigger is coming from, where’s this core issue? What’s going on? The sun also moves into scorpio right now so that means it’s lighting up the darkness, it’s lighting up shadow, it’s helping us to move forward. Super Awesome because who wants to be stuck in those dark bits. It pulls us forward to take a look at those old beliefs, those false fault forms, those old behaviors that don’t really work for us anymore. Let’s embrace this light of the sun, shining light into shadow and into darkness.

Theme again for the rest of this month, release, release, release, release, especially this week. Let that be your mantra. What can I let go of and what happens when we release? Well, when we let go of that old crap, guess what? We make room for higher vibes! Bigger better brighter, so embrace the release, embrace letting go, let the light in. Where are you looking for the light and are you looking for the light because if you’re caught up in conflict and drama and trauma, which, hello, we’re human, we do it. No one is innocent of that by any means. When we get caught up in that, it’s hard to see the light and we get stuck and we get stagnant and we get pulled down, but when you allow that light in, when you start looking for that light, it allows that beautiful higher vibration to shine energy into those places where we could benefit from healing and from release.

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I recently had a client ask me, what is shadow work? Shadow work is a big big subject to think about and this season of scorpio has to deal with working with shadow. We’ve had several different phases of astrological energy throughout the last 6 months where shadow keeps coming back up again. It’s a repetitive theme. I really truly believe that the universe is trying to get us all to look at those darker parts of ourselves so we can let it go and not only bring in more light into our lives, but ground more light into out human species. Ground more light into our community. Ground more light into our consciousness. Ground more light into the universe itself. When you look at things from a higher perspective, it can feel icky and gross and yuck, but it’s actually working for bigger better brighter higher things, highest greatest good. Even when we go through a healing crisis, you might feel detoxy and pukey and headachy and all of that, but those are those toxins moving out so you can benefit and become stronger and become healed. So bouncing back to shadow work and I’m sorry they got a lot of stuff going on in my head this morning and It feels like I’m talking a mile a minute to myself, but apparently there’s a lot of stuff to say. DEEP BREATH! No, I am not over caffeinated believe it or not, these are just my guides. Ok, back to shadow work. What is shadow work? Shadow work is looking at core wounding. Shadow work is looking at a lot of inner child stuff. Where did we gain our belief systems or our thought processes about that we’re not worthy. Where did we lose our expectation that things should go right for us? Where did we let go of that connection completely to source that allows us to bring in creator full complete total 100% that connection? Where did we bring in doubt? Where did we learn the word NO? Where did we learn that we were stupid, fat, ugly, irresponsible, all of those negative connotations that may have been placed into our consciousness that we adopted for ourselves and that we have claimed for ourselves? Shadow work is also looking at ego. Where does our ego fit in all of this? Where are we judgemental? Where are we critical? Where are we arrogant? It’s looking at those different things and it’s being able to learn the lessons from them. What spurned you to act in that certain negative matter? What spurned you to embrace an ideology that someone placed upon you? When you go back to those core issues, you can take a look at it and say, hmmmm…… do I want to hold onto this? Is this really mine? Can I find forgiveness for myself? Can I forgive this other person for saying these things to me? It’s deep stuff, it’s not something that you want to just say, oh, I will do a little bit of shadow work today for 10 minutes. No, you need to be in the right frame of mind and the right vibe to do it.

This month, the rest of October into the first two weeks of November, great time for shadow work. Again, not for everybody, but if you’re willing to just take some baby steps through it and stick a toe into the water, so to speak, it can be incredibly revealing. It can be incredibly healing and incredibly satisfying.

This week is also a big week for dreams. So pay attention to your dreams. If you’re trying to focus on something, bring through a message, set intention. Wednesday, orionids meteor shower is coming in which is a huge burst of energy. It truly aligns with the pineal gland. It aligns with soul work, so if you’re looking for answers in regards to your path, in regards to health, if you’re looking to amp up your intuitive abilities, your psychic sense, Wednesday is a really really really great time to do that.

So, let’s draw some cards in regards to the energies of this week. Since we are moving into scorpio season and doing shadow work seems to be a theme, I chose Dark Mirror Oracle cards for today. I know they are not the fairy or angel cards or anything like that, but again there’s a lot of messages to be learned from shadow. So what cards were chosen, click on the link to see their meaning,

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