Energy Forecast for week of Oct 12, , 2020 with Psychic/Medium, Danielle Garcia

Are you ready for some intense vibes this week? Allow Psychic/Medium, Danielle Garcia to shine the light on what you can expect for the week of October 12th. CHANGES ARE COMING! A Gateway to Spirit, An Alignment with Mars and the Sun and HELLO, MERCURY RETROGRADE! Let Danielle navigate these energies to prepare you for the week ahead.

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Good morning, today is October 12th and I am psychic medium, Danielle Garcia with your energy forecast for the week. How’s everybody doing? Are you getting ready for Mercury in Retrograde? A lot of empaths and sensitives just totally withdraw and freak out because of mercury retro and there’s many different things we can do to counterbalance those energies so I’m going to be talking about that today.

First off, the Schumann Resonance, not so bad, I mean we’re not hitting spikes of 72 or 129 like we have before in the past, but just because we’re at the part of galactic energies that we’re at, even these small fluctuations can have empaths and sensitives taking a heavy hit. Many people have reported headaches, dehydration, edginess, anger, exhaustion and so on and so on and so forth. I’d love to tell you this week we’re kind of done with those feelings, but things are really going to rev up, just plain and simple.

Today, a gateway to spirit is opening. This is a wonderful time for connection. This is a wonderful time for realigning with your higher self. Take advantage of the energies TODAY! Why do you want to do that? Well, of course, we want to be more grounded, we want to be able to run our energy better, we want to be able to anchor that higher self vibration into the physical body and we want to be able to tap into that doorway that fully and completely connects us with source. This is a gift. TODAY is absolutely a gift. Whatever your spiritual practices, yoga, meditation, channeling, automatic writing, simply going within, whatever that it…….. do it, do it, do it, do it AND do it because this is preparing you for the rest of the week.

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Tuesday, mars moves to a position where it is closest to earth. In fact, the earth is going to be in direct alignment between mars and the sun, so what does that mean for us? Well, mars is all about authenticity, merchants of mind body and soul and being accountable. The sun represents force, it represents strength, it represents influence, it represents clarity and in the midst of all of that stuff going on, guess what? Here comes Mercury Retrograde. Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, lots and lots of stuff getting stirred up. It can be, if you don’t prepare for it, it can be a shit show, there’s just no other way of putting it. So, what do you do when these energies are coming forward? Do you run? Do you get your blankie and your bottle of vodka and go hang out in your bed watching Netflix 24/7? As tempting as that may sound, these energies come forward so that they can stir stuff up, so that we can release, so that we can be triggered, believe it or not and we get to decide, okay, how does this feel? Is this something I want to hang on to? Can I learn something from this? Is this so comfortable for me that I’m just going to continue to go into the chaos and the drama and the trauma and the overwhelm? Well, it’s a choice, right? So, prepare. Know that people are going to get triggered. Know that this is going to be a full moon on crack. Know that people are going to be edgy, most likely aggressive, bitchy, snarky and tired. Many people who already have sleep issues, might have more sleep issues, really funky dreams, etc., etc., etc. Think of this as a psychic weather report! If the weatherman tells you, hey dude, there’s going to be 6 feet of snow today, you’re going to prepare for that, right? Or, it’s going to be raining today so guess what? You leave earlier for work. You make sure your tires are ok, you make sure you have plenty of gas and you make sure you drive the speed limit or maybe just a little bit under the speed limit, so knowing that these energies are coming in, PREPARE, do you spiritual practice every day. Do something for release, whether that’s writing and burning, going for a run, working out at the gym, meditating, praying, saying your affirmations, reciting mantras, phoning a friend, booking a session with your therapist, whatever that can be for you, make sure you do some spiritual practice every day.

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That is above and beyond between what you do outside so far as connecting with clients, family, co-workers, community, etc., etc., etc., so do your spiritual practice everyday. Take care of your body. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Get to bed on time if you tend to have issues with sleep like I do. Do something proactive, take a salt bath, take some melatonin, diffuse some oils, listen to a sleep track, whatever that might be for you so that you’re already preparing, just in case. Remember, just because these energies are coming in doesn’t mean that it’s the end of the world, doesn’t mean that you have to go hide, it means there’s a potential for things to go a little wonky, right and things are already kind of wonky already because of pandemic and politics and so on and so on and so forth, so PREPARE. Do your spiritual practice, take care of your body, make sure you are doing some kind of a grounding practice everyday. Again, whether that’s yoga, reiki, going out for a walk, something that I do that’s really simple and easy is I just lay on the floor. If I’m at a park I’ll go lay out on the grass, put a blanket down, lay on the grass and connect with mother earth. If I can’t do that because here in Vegas it tends to be pretty hot, even this time of year, I’ll just lay on the floor in my house and I’ll connect with mother earth. I can even do that in my office building if I have to and just imagine those roots coming down through me and connecting with mother earth to promote grounding.

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Breathing, breathing, breathing, breathing, breathing. Breath work is so incredibly important. We have these big, beautiful auras and if we are not shielding and protecting and staying in our own power, we’re absorbing and all the crap is coming in and coming in and that is weakening us. That can come into the physical, that can come into the energetic field, that can come into the chakra system. Imagine taking a breath in through the crown, holding that breath in the crown and exhaling out through the crown and then imagine taking a breath in through the third eye and exhaling out through the third eye. Go down each and every chakra of your main 7 and that can be a form of release as well as a form of reflection and a form of grounding.

This is not a time to pick a fight, it’s not a time to call up your ex and rehash things, it’s not a time to have it out with your co-worker because they are really pushing your buttons. Allow yourself to move through things, preparing for them. I always like to have a goodie bag around times like this, so things that will make me feel better. I always have something tuned in on my phone, so far as some type of sound healing that I can listen to. I have a few different songs also cued up on my phone. If I’m having a crappy day, something that lifts my vibe. If I ‘m super angry, I have an angry song so I can feel all that anger and release it release it release it! I have a sad song on cue as well so if I need to cry it out, I can cry it out with that song. Moving around dancing to those songs is also incredibly healing and releasing and balancing as well. So I have those cued. I always have different things right next to my bathtub, whether they’re cbd bombs or whether its epsom salt, a milk bath, different things like that so I don’t need to go hunt for it. I always have my belgian chocolate on standby as well as I like to have different oils around that make me feel in balance. Lavender is a great one for me. Frankincense is another good one for me, that helps my headaches tremendously and I also like to keep certain stones nearby. Kambaba Jasper is my go-to so far as grounding. Kyanite for releasing for cleansing for getting the goop, the negativity away. Red selenite to keep the bad guys away and rose quartz as well as I like to keep a herkimer around and my super awesome wonderful lemurian. So think about those things that make you feel better, think about those things that can be in your go bag. In your go-to bag, not go like you need to leave, although it could be tempting, but you know, just prepare. That’s what this is about. We’re going to get through this together. I find it very interesting that mercury retrograde, the last day, is on election day here in the states, so we’ll see how that all works out. Just having faith and trust, that all is working for highest greatest good. It’s also an interesting time just to be the observer, especially Tuesday, Wednesday. Look around in your communities, kind of see what’s going on, look in your relationships, your family, your job situation, your friends. See who gets triggered, see what things might come up. Check out the news from time to time and see what different things are going to come forward so far as what’s coming into our society. It’ll be interesting.

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