Energy Forecast for week of Sept 21st with Psychic/Medium, Danielle Garcia

Autumn Equinox presents with lots of opportunities for healing. Are you ready to embrace that? This week holds vibes of mental clarity, a convergence of planetary energies, gratitude and reflection. Danielle gives a very powerful card read from two different decks that really line up with the vibes of September.

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Hi everyone, it’s psychic medium Danielle Garcia with your energy forecast for the week of September 21st.

Happy Autumn Equinox everyone! Lots of different vibes going on this week as there always is. Today when I tapped in and looked at the Schumann Resonance, thank God it is only vibing at a 14. There were so many spikes last week. I know a lot of us were having issues with that on a physical as well as just a momentum kind of a level, so knock on wood, let’s hope everything stays nice and at a 14 or lower. That would be super awesome.

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Autumn Equinox is all about reflection, going within, working on deep healing, think about self-care, where you are at on that. Are you taking care of yourself? Are you doing your due diligence to make sure you’re ok? Make sure you are not giving out more energy than you are receiving back. We need to make sure we are at a good harmonic balance here and I know for a lot of empaths and sensitives, that’s not always an easy thing to do. It’s also about intentions and how you would like the next 3 months to play out. It’s also looking back on the previous 3 months. Where are you at on your plans, your goals, your manifestations? How have your dreams changed or how have they stayed the same? It’s also a time to honor your mind, body and soul. Make sure you are eating good foods, getting sleep, taking care of yourself, reaching out and connecting, meditating, going for a walk, whatever your thing is just to up that trifecta of taking care of mind, body and soul.

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Today there is a convergence of planetary energies. There’s a convergence of the energies of the moon, the sun and 4 other planets so it is a big high vibe kind of frequency coming in. TOday is time for big shifts. SHIFTS people, I enunciated it correctly, as well as it is time for big focus. It’s a great time for release. It’s a great time to dig deep and say, Oh, that isn’t working so well for me, what do I need to do to change this? It’s a time to stay centered and grounded. Not always easy for us when we are going through big shifts, myself included. The more that we can ground, the more that we can bring ourselves to center, the easier it is to deal with things going on in the world around us and within us. The veil is incredibly thin right now. Incredibly, incredibly thin, along with that emotions are very very high. It’s a good time for connecting with your guides, your angels, your spiritual team. Make sure you’re taking time every day to connect, to reach out, to pray, to meditate, to affirm that you are connecting with them, that you’re opening up that door for them. A lot of people think that if there’s angels and guides out there, then why didn’t I win the lottery or why am I suffering so much? Remember, we have to get to that point of asking them for their assistance. They don’t just dive right in and take over our health or our finances or our love life, we have to ask for assistance for that. They’re big on free will as well as they should be because if they’re running your life then why are you here in the first place. This is our opportunity to connect and to partner with those higher beings so that they can show us information that we can’t see for ourselves.

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It’s also a good time to make sure that you’re in a practice of gratitude. The more you are grateful the more you have to be grateful for. It really is a beautiful vibe and a beautiful energy that we send out to the universe. What are you doing today to show gratitude? Are you paying it forward? Are you giving your prayers of thanks? Are you realizing just how much you have in your life? Are you helping someone else because you are so abundant? What are you doing today to create that practice of gratitude and what are you grateful for today?

It’s the time this week to look at things even as difficult as it may be, to see and decipher through those things that have been bothering us, those core inner woundings and to look for the gift in those things. Not everyone can accept that there’s a lesson and a gift in every situation no matter how hard or difficult it is, but yet, there is. Even in the darkest hours, the darkest times in my life, I’ve been going through it and allowing myself to feel and allowing myself to express and once I get through a certain level of feeling, then there’s something that comes forward for me and not always readily, but, okay, what did I learn from this? How did I grow? What’s the gift for me in this? No matter how dark, dismal and ugly it is, what is it that I learned? Sometimes it’s simply that I am never going to repeat this again or I am never going to trust that person again or I’m not going to go down that path again. Sometimes that alone is the gift and the lesson. When you can come to that realization, it is so much easier to move on from whatever that situation is.

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This week is also about mental clarity. Make sure you are feeding your brain. Do different things. Create different patterns, create different routes, different ways of going, drive a different way to work, take a different jog, move through the gym in a different way, for those of us who actually still go into gyms, whatever that may be, take the stairs at work as opposed to the elevator. Do something different. Puzzles, crosswords, all kinds of things, just stimulate your brain, make sure you’re staying hydrated. There’s a lot of heaviness going on in this week and there’s also a lot of light. Heaviness in regards to things coming around and creating a resistance to mental clarity. It’s time to clear out the cobwebs, it’s time to stimulate our brain functions, whether you can do that with breathing, with yoga, with creating new synaptic pathways in your brain by doing something different in your routine. It may be as simple as in the shower you normally shampoo your hair first and now you decide to do that last, that, believe it or not, creates a different pathway in your brain because your brain has the expectation that, oh well, you’ve done it this way for the last 382 days, now you’re going to just keep doing it that way. So, every time you change things up, you’re stimulating your brain. So think on the one.

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I’ve decided to do something a little different with the card reading today. I’m combining 2 different decks. So, normally, all of my decks are pretty light, bright and beautiful. I am picking a little bit of a darker deck today to work with because it has to do with working with your shadow. Shadow is something many of us are fearful of , but shadow to me is just part of the package. When we take time to look at those darker bits of ourselves and realize, again, what’s the gift and what have I learned from this, we further our evolution, we further our own soul growth by realizing that we’re not perfect, we’re human, we have dark and light within us and we can learn from both. So this deck is called The Dark Mirror oracle cards by Laura Sava and I will be combining it with my favorite deck, The Energy oracle cards by Sandra Ann Taylor. To see what the cards have said, please click the link,

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