Energy Forecast for week of September 7th with Psychic/Medium, Danielle Garcia of Intuitive Angels

We are headed into a week of 7 planets in Retrograde. Are you ready? It’s time to purge and clear. Listen in as Danielle gives you insight on dealing with emotional triggers and releasing the past.

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Hi, this is psychic medium Danielle Garcia with your energy forecast for the week. Today is September 7th, 2020, Labor Day here in the US, so Happy Labor Day everyone. Hopefully you have the day off and you can enjoy yourself a little bit.

Well, we survived the first week of September. This month has a lot of different planetary stuff going on, a lot of different emotional energy. It seems to be the month of release. Releasing things cannot always be so easy, but if we struggle against it, if we fight against if, if we continue to butt our heads back and forth and back and forth, it’s going to be a lot harder. If we allow ourselves to go with the flow, things are going to be easier.

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The last 4 days the Schumann Resonance has been freaking crazy. Off the charts, doing things it has never done before. Many empaths have experienced sleep issues, headaches and sudden onset fatigue. I don’t know about you, but the last 4 days, I have been just going along, everything is hunky dory and then suddenly, I feel like 50%-60% of my energy releases and I am fatigued and exhausted. I have had a lot of peers as well as clients and students reporting the same things to me.

So what can you do when things in the universe affect us on a physical level? Make sure you are eating good foods. Doesn’t mean necessarily that you need to be all organic, all vegan or all non-gmo, unless that’s your thing, but make sure you stay away from things that will obviously fatigue you, exhaust you, bring your energy down. So that means stay away from sugars, caffeine, additives, preservatives. If you know that when you gravitate towards a certain type of food that that weakens your immune system, weakens your energy, if it makes you feel really really tired after you’ve had a meal, stay away from those things. Think of things that add to your energy. Whether that’s meat, veggies, fruit, whatever that is, let it be foods that make your body feel better because energy is energy is energy. Whether you’re empathic, sensitive or not, your body is going to be affected by energy. We can’t always control the outside influence of energy, but we can definitely control what we are putting inside our body.

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Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate and make sure you are doing some kind of grounding practice. Grounding practice can be just going outside and moving your body. Going for a walk, going for a run, MOVEMENT. That is so incredibly important right now.

As September is the month of release, it’s specifically about releasing childhood wounding, insecurities, fears, doubts, phobias, false beliefs as well as past life imprints. When you’re doing your “work” this month, make sure you are looking onto those things and addressing those. Whether it’s simply hitting on those subjects and seeing where you land, whether it is doing some type of a clearing practice, where you are doing it with yourself, on your own or through a video on line you really like or with a practitioner, make sure you address these different things because it’s going to be coming up in your face over and over and over and over this month. It’s something that you cannot run away from and when you do try, to run away from it, guess what, the universe is going to respond in like fashion and continue to throw larger, bigger, stronger red flags right into your path!

We are headed for 7 planets in retrograde starting on September 9th. Deep breath, knowledge is power. Knowing this, we can prep and get ready. This doesn’t mean just because all of these different forces are going on that we have to be in fear of it. We can be proactive. We can be pro-you, pro-spirit, pro-life, meaning your life and just move forward in a positive fashion.

The running theme along with the month of release for September is what serves your highest greatest good. Think of taking a mental inventory of that. Are people adding to your experience or are they taking away from your experience? What is your accountability and responsibility in the relationship? What is serving you and what is not serving you? What can you release from your life? Whether that is a job, a relationship, a false belief, an insecurity, a fear, a prior wounding. Think about what YOU can release. This month is about purging, it’s about clearing, it’s about letting go.

The divine feminine is also really really activated throughout all 4 weeks of September. How does divine feminine work in your life right now? Or does it? What do you equate the divine feminine with? Is it compassionate? Is it courage? Is it grace? Is it strength? Is it kindness? Is it unconditional love? Is it power? Is it the warrior? How can you embody the divine feminine? Whether you are male or female. How can you embody the divine feminine and connect with more that energy? Here’s the trick guys. Haha, my guides just said, did you say this was a trick? There are so many voices going through my head all at the same time. Deep breath. Here’s the trick guys. If you can connect with the divine feminine and bring those aspects out of yourself, guess what? This month of release will be so much easier on you, so much easier on you. So think of what divine feminine means to you. That could mean being gentle with yourself. That could mean Mother Mary. That could mean your great-grandma. Whatever that means to you, however you define it, bring those energies forward, activate them within youso can feel the grace, compassion and kindness within.

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So, as we are going through this month of release, people are going to be triggered. What do you do when you are triggered? I like to react to triggers one of two ways, either I freak the hell out, usually my 1st choice (chuckle) or I step back and try to work my way out of it, to release that trigger or release that triggered reaction and I do it the same way I would back myself out of a panic attack. When we feel all the feels and we are getting triggered, our emotional field in our aura is all lit up so we want to go embody. We don’t want to be out here triggering all willy nilly, we want to go embody, so you want to concentrate on your 5 senses as opposed to your 6th sense, which is operating out here in your auric field. You want to concentrate on where you are at so the way I would do that is bringing in your 5 senses. I’m tasting the water I just took a long sip of, it was very very cold. I’m smelling the candle burning in my office. I am hearing the roar of the air conditioner going on. I’m touching the wooden grain of my desk. It’s sight, smell, touch, taste and hearing. All of those things you want to bring back in so you can ground. A mantra that I really like to use is “I am in the now”.

“I am in the now. I am only affected by the now. I am in the now. I am only affected by the now.” That can be incredibly powerful when you experience different triggers.

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This particular week of September is a great week to work on shadow. Some people get really freaked out about shadow. It’s not always dark and ugly as you might think. These are different things, like looking for accountability, looking for things that are not so easy to look at. My guides like to give me a nudge and say dive deep into the darkness honey because until you purge and release that you cannot bring in anymore light. When we look at things that are involved in the shadow, how we react, let’s take anger for instance, so if I am looking at anger as a part of my shadow, I want to take a look at how I respond to people through anger. How do I respond to myself with anger? How does my body respond with anger? How is my body affected by anger? I want to look at all of those things and say, how is that working out? Is this serving a purpose? Is there something more I need to learn from this? How does it feel? Does it feel good to react that way? Does it make my body feel good to react that way? I want to take accountability for what I’ve done and I want to seek forgiveness. Forgiveness of self as well as asking others for forgiveness possibly on how I have reacted out of anger. Once again, using anger as an example. Once you do this and you have worked with different emotions that are involved and engrained in shadow, then you want to, after you’ve done accountability and forgiveness work, then you really want to look for what is the lesson in this for me? What have I learned from it? Sometimes you just learn to react differently. Sometimes you learn to react the complete opposite of how you’ve reacted before. Then you want to learn, what is the gift in this for me? There is also a gift in everything, no matter how big, bad, dark or ugly it is, there is ALWAYS a gift in every different experience, in every different occurrence. After you find what that gift is for you, that pearl of wisdom, whatever that might be, then cut cords and release. Cut, Release, Let Go, Move Forward, Move on.

Again, lots going on and it doesn’t need to be super scary. All of this clearing and release is helping us to be bigger, better, brighter.

I’m going to pull some cards. Today, from the The Psychic Tarot Deck by John Holland. To see what the cards said, click on this link,

Emotional Love, Accelerated Motion, Suffering in Silence and Solar Plexus Chakra.

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