Energy Forecast with Psychic/Medium, Danielle Garcia. Reading for the week of 8/31/2020

Six planets in retrograde with a full moon tomorrow. Can you say “shit show”? This week is a BIG week for emotional release. Tune in and listen to Danielle as she navigates the vibes coming in and gives you powerful insight on how to deal with the vibes of the week.

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Good Morning! This is psychic Danielle Garcia and I have your energy forecast for the week. Today is August 31st.

Deep breath, are you ready? Today the Schumann Resonance is a 7, thumbs up! Super Awesome! Everything is in alignment there, easy peasy, nice and balanced. Get ready folks because the theme of this week happens to be emotional release. We’ve got 6 planets in retrograde with the full moon coming tomorrow. Which means that that full moon energy will be amplified. What my guides like to call, full moon on crack. So get ready, emotions can be very high.

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So now is the time to work on release. What can you let go of? What can you clear? What can you detox from, whether that’s physical, emotional, mental, etc? What are you feeding yourself? What are you tapping into? It’s time to prepare for the shit show because the next 4 weeks are going to be a mirrored energy of what we experienced in March. That can go one of 2 ways, we can go deeper into anxiety, deeper into fear, deeper off the edge or we can choose to look at the shadow cards of ourselves. We can choose to look at the things that are not so easy to look at. We can dig in deep and do our personal work and be accountable and be responsible for our own actions, our own emotions. Instead of continually pointing the finger that it’s their fault, it’s because of what happened here, it’s because of what happened there, it’s because of this person in stature, this person calling the shots, etc. If we continue to vibe at this lower vibration, well guess what folks? We’re going lower, but if we release those lower vibes, whether it’s from this lifetime or lifetimes past and we embrace the light and we can continue to shine our light we continue to embrace our power, we’re only going up.

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This is all about ascension. Isn’t this why we came here? To evolve as souls? So, evolving as souls, yes, you are going to bump up against darkness, you’re going to feel what it’s like to lose, you’re going to feel anger and resentment and fear, anxiety, but you also enjoy the duality of joy and love and content and peace and calm. Know that these energies coming in, they will be triggering that for you. What should you do? How can you prep and prepare? Maker sure you are doing a daily practice. I cannot stress that enough. As big of a pain in the ass that can be to make 5 minutes for yourself, listen to a meditation, go for a walk, take a bath, phone a friend, whatever that might be, 5 minutes in the grand scheme of your life really is not even a drop in the bucket. Aren’t you worth that? Aren’t you worth looking at those issues that have been holding you back from your greatness? Now is the time to do the personal work because guess what? When YOU do the personal work, you affect everyone else in the world. You may be feeling hopeless and helpless right now because you can’t change certain things about a pandemic, you can’t change certain things about riots or laws or injustices. You may feel helpless, however, big change comes from positive intention. Big change comes from positive energy. If we’re just adding to the fear, if we’re just adding to the anger, if we’re just adding to the rage, then we become a part of the problem and not a part of the solution.

It’s time to take ownership and accountability for yourself, for your feelings. Will you choose to resist this? If you choose to resist looking at those darker parts of that, of your shadow, if you choose to only focus on the negative, well, you’re going to get drug further and deeper into the shit show and that’s not fun because sooner or later whether you’re doing it from a higher vibration or lower vibration, you’re still going to have to look at the truth, no matter what. So, now is your choice. Will you resist? Will you struggle or will you surrender? Will you fight or will you go with the flow?

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These energies coming in the next 4 weeks are going to be very very trying. Do different things that are going to help your body ground. Do different things that are going to help you emotionally release. Again, whatever that might be for you, it’s so important also to connect with the planetary energies instead of doing what I’ve done before in the past and hiding from them. I sometimes dream about just getting a case of tequila and some good books and going into a selenite cave someplace, but that’s not reality. We’re human, we have to deal with this, we are spiritual beings. This is our time to release the struggle. This is our time to surrender to our higher self, to our higher power, to have faith and trust that we’re going to make this ok, but if you want to keep hitting your head up against the wall and believing that life is pushing you down and the universe doesn’t have your back, well, congratulations, you’re going deeper into the shit show.

I’m just absolutely keeping it real here, so 1 thing that I have learned in my life and I embrace when I am in the vibration of surrender is one of my favorite mantras which basically is fuck it, you know what, I have no power over what this person thinks or what’s going on over here, so fuck it!

I am going to raise my vibe higher, no matter what I do, no matter how much I worry, no matter how much I stress, I cannot change that person. I cannot change that experience, I cannot change that situation, so you know what, fuck it! I am still here. I am still breathing, I am still active, I am still able to make different choices, I am still able to align with my higher self. I am still able to connect with my spiritual team. I am still loved. No matter what is going on in the world, no matter what amount of chaos is going on around me, I am still here, I am still breathing, so if you want a simple and powerful and very human and very real and I am sure I am going to lose my woo-woo followers and GOD bless you, you’re right to choose because some people do not like my verbiage with this, but honestly, now out of all times in our reality as human beings it is time to get real! So, just say f*ck it! F*ck it, Move On, Be You. F*ck it! Move on, Do you! F*ck It! Move On, Vibe Higher! If you want to hang out in these lower energies of fear and anxiety and stress, it’s just going to be a big ball of nerves and it will affect you and affect you negatively, so why not just say, F*ck It! Sometimes I even attach my little mantra with a specific song and then I imagine that song playing in my head, so that could be a good tool for you too.

Anyways, prepare to get ready to cleanse, get ready to purge, get ready to detox, do not add to the chaos, It is time to take a deeper dive in and look at those shadow parts and decide, hey, will I embrace these? Are these working for me? Have I learned what I need to learn from them, am I ready to move on? Bing bang boom, lesson over. Or is there something else I need to understand from this? If we all did that together as a collective, imagine what miracles we could manifest. Imagine how much life could be better just for you if you alone did that. So I challenge you, look deeper at those things that are harder to look at, this is today, today is a wonderful day to release, tomorrow is the full moon, I encourage you to get out there, stand in the moonlight, allow that moonlight to absorb through your energy field, allow your body to absorb that moon energy. Get outside in the sun, even when it’s 110 degrees out here in Las Vegas. Get outside in the sun. Get some vitamin D. Get out from screen time, connect with nature, connect with the elements. Right now, we really need to ground to mother earth. She needs us and we need her and we need to embrace these other energies that are going on. They are triggering us, this is like a healing crisis that humanity is going through as well as the planets around us. They are trying to help us even through the shit show. Even when we have encountered something where they’ve cut themselves and the cut has become infected, well what happens? All that ooh and goo comes to the surface and you’ve got to deal with it. You’ve got to take care of it, it’s a purge, it’s a detox. That is exactly what is going on right now. Decide how you want to deal with that. Will you struggle or will you surrender? It’s time to either go with the flow or keep hitting your head against the side of the wall.

Today’s card draw is from the Messages from the Guides Deck by James Van Praagh. Please see what the cards have to say by clicking the link,

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