Energy Forecast with Psychic/Medium, Danielle Garcia for the week of August 24th

Lots of planetary changes this week. THE VEIL IS THIN! Have you been noticing more paranormal activity? Had premonitions? Descriptive dreams? Noticed soul travel at sleep time? There’s good reason for that! There’s a wave of triggered insecurities coming forward as well. Danielle helps you navigate these vibes while providing practical advice to balance out and be ready. For more about Danielle:

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Hi, Psychic/Medium Danielle Garcia here with your energy forecast for the week. Today is 8/24/20.

We have lots of things going on this week. Because of the positioning of venus, the moon, jupiter and neptune, it creates a certain vibrational frequency where the veil is incredibly thin this week. This started about Saturday, so, if you have been noticing different paranormal activity going on, you are not alone. Lots of things happening. People reporting things out peripheral vision, if you are naturally a medium or have tendency to see spirits or feel and sense spirits around you, then most likely those gifts and abilities and have been kicked up and amped up over the past few days. This will continue on for about another 10 days. Length of time, you might be hearing different conversations going on as you’re waking, you may be having different types of dreams, visitations, premonitions, etc.

This is also prime time for what I call dimensional bleedthrough. This is where you start picking up on different things going on in your parallel lifetimes. Have you ever had a dream where you have woken up from it and you feel a certain emotion come on that maybe you don’t normally wake up with? Maybe you wake up angry at your spouse and you have no real rhyme or reason for that other than you think they did something really really bad. Well, this can actually be dimensional bleedthrough where in your dreamstate you have connected with the parallel lifetime and now upon waking, you don’t have that distinction of oh wait, I’m in the here and now, I didn’t just get into this huge argument. Dimensional bleedthrough can also mean you are pulled towards different people in this life where you normally would not be pulled towards them and perhaps in a parallel life you actually have a loving relationship or an attraction to someone else.

Be very definitive of your boundaries this week. It’s a great time to do cuts, karmic cuts and cord cutting between people that you’re just realizing they no longer serve a purpose in your life or maybe you’re having some issues with a loved one, a co-worker, a family member or a friend. It’s a good time to release those relationships. Let go of what no longer serves you.

There’s some real snarky energies coming in today and tomorrow. Hold your tongue or be prepared to be a raging bitch. It’s going to be your choice. Knowing that these energies are at play right now can give you a chance to take a step back, count to 10, leave the room, clear your energy, remove yourself from the situation. This is a week where insecurities are going to run high! Think of that as running high to the Nth degree. What can you do about that when all of those inner conflicts that we have, we’re human and we all have insecurities, they all come out one way or another, so what can we do to balance that out? Well……you need to shift the vibe. How can you shift the vibe? Well….look at who you are surrounding yourself with. If you’re constantly calling you mom 8 times a day and she’s telling you you’re living your life wrong, you need to invest your money differently and you need to let go of the guy you’re dating or whatever that might be, then maybe you cut those calls down from mom being 8 calls a day to maybe 1 call a day or maybe you shoot her a text or leave a voicemail instead.

If you are hanging out with a co-worker who is constantly telling you how terrible the world is and that we’re going to hell in a handbasket, you probably want to limit contact with them as well. If you have a husband or spouse or significant other who is critical of how you look, maybe you want to limit your time with them as well. These are just different case scenarios where our insecurities are going to be heightened and that criticism and negativity can start to play on us. You may not even be absorbing the same types of values or (give me the word guys) point of view that the people around you have, but that negativity, that controlling influence can definitely waylay you and feed those insecurities you have. I would highly advise doing something that shows your inner strength, shows your positivity. Focus on what you like about YOU! Even if that’s writing a list out. “I am….” I love the words I am it is so incredibly powerful, it enacts the vibration of creator, it enacts that positivity you command, you own this for yourself. So I am____ , fill in the blank. I am worthy. I am loving. I am lovable. I am powerful. I am beautiful. Really sink into the affirmations and that’s going to help balance out that insecurity vibe coming in.

Something else I like to teach is what I call a body blessing. Super easy, but incredibly powerful. Go to each different area of your body and whether you want to physically touch it, whether you want to look in a mirror and have that reflection come back at you. You can say, I am blessed to have my brain, for my brain allows me to think wonderful thoughts, my brain stores all the positive memories that I have. I am blessed for my eyes, for my eyes see truth, my eyes see the beauty in this world. I am blessed with my voice, for I am allowed to speak my truth, I am allowed to speak endearments, I am allowed to say I love you. I am blessed with my ears, for my ears hear music. My ears hear my children, my ears hear my dog barking at me. Whatever comes to you, allow yourself to feel that blessing and that can help you to feel more powerful, but it can also counteract those energies coming in.

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Now is the time to remain grounded, now is the time to hydrate, now is the time to go outside, connect with nature. The energy of the element of air is incredibly powerful this week. I know there’s lots of states around us here in Nevada where we are feeling the smoke of the fires so perhaps you need to get to an area of nature where you can inhale clean air and those of you in California, I am sure that is not going to be an easy task to take. Even if it is something where you put on a video or you connect with a picture that you’ve taken out in nature and you allow yourself to feel that and you allow yourself to remember. Bring that remembrance in on a cellular level of how it felt to be there, what the air felt like, what it felt like to breathe, what the air felt like moving across your skin, through your hair. All of those things can be incredibly transformational this week. Very purifying, incredibly incredibly purifying.

This is also the time where getting into that snarky energy where you want to make sure you are not holding back on yourself because sometimes we can push those emotions down and then suddenly we are a pressure cooker and we just explode. I am not the only one that does that. Yeah, definitely not the only one, but I could be in the top 10% for best explosions of 2020. It is an award I would gladly take, but I am a little embarrassed to talk about my anger problem here. When we push those emotions down, when we hold back on expressing, not only do we become a pressure cooker, but what do you think happens to our bodies? Our bodies manifest that energy somehow, so whether it’s a sore throat, whether it’s a suppressed immune system, whether it’s an ulcer, whether it’s an enlarged liver, whatever that might be, if we’re holding back on our expression, we’re actually harming our physical self.

This week is also about balancing out emotions with our physical so when you start feeling low energy or low physicality, think of what you’re holding back on yourself and express that somehow. Whether it’s journaling and burning, whether it’s journaling and ripping things up where it’s simply allowing yourself to scream into a pillow or let loose in the shower, whatever your thing is, make sure you’re getting that out. Some people like to go for a run on the treadmill or a run outside because with every step you take, you can release that emotion.

The same way we talked about I am powerful, I am strong, I am brave, I am courageous, you can start with the mantra “I let go of ………” and with every step you take whether it’s a run or whether it’s a walk, it’s called, in shamanism we call it taking an intentional walk. Creating an intentional path, so I’m not much for running anymore, but I will take walks and what I will do is “I let go of anger”, “I let go of hate” with every step that I take, it’s another “I let go” of. I let go of my stomach ache, I let go of my headache, I let go of fear, I let go of cynicism, whatever that is and keep moving, keep moving your body, running, jogging, walking and with every movement, create another thing for you to release until you literally can’t think of anything else.

It’s incredibly clearing for your mind as well as it helps to shift and release those energies trapped and stored in the body. This is a big time to come together this week also. There’s lots of energies going on at play that are trying to break people apart right now. Whether those are man made or darker, lower etheric forces at play. Look for the commonality that you have with your fellow man, meaning all of us. Instead of looking at everything that is different, the more that we can come together, the easier it will be to heal.

I’m going to pick some cards for this week and I am picking from the Mystic Shaman Oracle. I love love love this deck. Her is what I pulled, click on the link to see what they mean.

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