Energy Forecast with Psychic/Medium, Danielle Garcia for the week of August 17th, 2020

Six planets in retrograde and New Moon energy on the way! What other vibes are coming in this week? Listen in, as Danielle helps you navigate the upcoming energies. She brings through powerful insight and helpful tools and wisdom for the upcoming days.

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Hi, Im psychic/medium Danielle Garcia and here is your energy forecast for the week of August 17th. So, Uranus went retrograde. Did you feel that last week? Last week was a really funky powerful mix of energy for a lot of us. The Schumann Resonance was off the charts, meteor showers, retrogrades and lots of crazy. Lots of clients reported to me exhaustion, fatigue and headaches. I had a couple of migraines last week myself. A good reminder for me to make sure that I am clearing, hydrating and grounding.

This week it’s looking like we’re getting a little bit of a reprieve from that. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. Today, Schumann Resonance is vibing at a 7! Yes! I did say that, 7, which is nice and easy on the vine, on our bodies, on our auras and so on and so forth. It also helps to make some calm and peace in the havoc and chaos that’s going on in the world around us.

Now we have 6 planets currently that are in retrograde and doing their little thing as they always do out in the universe.

Tuesday we have a new moon coming in and that new moon is under the sign of Leo. This new moon in Leo is all about Inner Child. What sparks you attention when you hear that phrase Inner Child? For some of us it can bring through pain and fear and wounding. For others it brings forth happy memories and playfulness and freedom and running with abandonment. I like to think my inner child is like Phoebe on Friends when she’s running through Central Park and just going at it because she doesn’t care what other people think. So think about what inner child means to you.

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If you feel like you have some stuck energy there, if you’ve got some healing to be had, this is a wonderful time, especially Tuesday’s new moon to think about what can you do for that inner child. Now, healing comes in many different shapes and forms. Sometimes if you have had issues with inner child energy, meaning that you have been suppressed, you had to grow up to fast, you didn’t get the chance or the blessing of having wonderful parents that supported you, think about what you can do through the art and act of playfulness this week to appease your inner child. So different things would be coloring, watching stupid comedies, cat videos, cartoons, blowing bubbles, jumping rope, going for a run, all sorts of different things that you feel you missed out on. Allow yourself when you actually go through that act of connecting with the inner child’s playfulness, go ride a bike, go play horseshoes or jacks or something like that that you haven’t done since you were a kid and allow yourself to connect with that harmony, with that joy, that playfulness of a child. Children that grow up in a positive atmosphere and environment have the expectation that all of their needs are going to be met, right? They don’t have that fear, they don’t have those subconscious blocks that can come in when there’s been hurt or trauma in our lives. So when you think about the inner child, think about how 2 kids interact on a playground. 2 kids have some kind of conflict on the playground. One of them shoves the other one down. Do you think that other one takes it personally and holds onto that grief and holds on to that act for the rest of their lives? Probably not. Probably that kid’s going to get up, dust themselves off, say whatever they need to say to that other kid and then they’re keep playing. So think about what you can do to connect with inner child this week. To connect with playfulness, to bring in whatever you feel you are lacking in your childhood, whether that was freedom, playfulness, assertion, joy, peace, calm, understanding, whatever that may be. Search in your heart and find what you feel you need. What does that inner child, that little girl, little boy inside of you need and act out on that. Do something in the art of playfulness and the vibe of playfulness to have fun and to feel that joy and happiness.

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Tuesday also happens to be the Black New Moon. It’s actually the opposite energy of blue full moon. This means we are having the 3rd new moon in a season of 4 which doesn’t happen all the time. Think of this new moon energy coming in on tuesday as being much more powerful than a quote unquote regular new moon. So, my guides like to think of it as a new moon on crack, but that’s just the way my guides like to phrase things to me. Think about what you experience on a new moon. A new moon is about new beginnings, it’s about setting intentions. This is a very very powerful time to manifest. So come clear on what your intentions are for this week, this month, the rest of the year, your business, your relationship, your health, your home. Think about what your intentions are. If something isn’t going the way that you want it, guess what? You have the opportunity to switch and change the energy on that. One thing that I like to do is a special little ritual for new moon. I will write down my intentions. I’ll get quiet, I’ll come to a place of peace and I’ll think about, ok, what is it? I will really think about 3-5 things that I want to set intention for right now because the energy of new moon is so incredibly strong. I want to utilize that time, that space, that vibe to help me with my intentions. When I get clear on that, I’ll write my intentions down on a piece of paper and then I’ll fold it up and I’ll put it underneath a candle.

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Usually I like to use a white candle, sometimes I’m guided for another color of candle. It doesn’t really matter just go along with your intuition and allow your gut to guide you. Please that candle over your piece of paper with your intentions and then light the candle and then gaze into the flame. Say a prayer, an affirmation, a mantra about bringing these intentions into reality, about manifesting them. Think about those intentions that you’ve written down while you’re gazing into the flame of the candle and think about what that’s going to feel like, what it’s going to smell like, what it’s going to taste like, what it’s going to sound like. Bring in all of your 5 senses into a reality type of framework as you daydream and think about your intentions. It’s a very powerful way to manifest. When you’re done, go ahead and blow that candle out. The following day and the following days to come, until that candle is burned out completely and all the wax has melted, you can light that candle while you are cooking dinner, you can light that candle while you are taking a bath, you can light that candle while you are working from home and as you see that flame, you’re solidifying those intentions.

It’s kind of like a vision board that you would put on your refrigerator and you don’t always necessarily need to meditate with that vision board, but you’re seeing the images right there, you’re feeling the energy. It’s helping you to create the vibe of bringing those things into reality. Doing this candle ritual with your intentions is very much the same so every time that candle is lit, you’re enacting the energies to bring those things into being.

This week is a big week for asserting your power for taking action for going forward. It’s very very important this week to think about clearing. Clearing, cleansing, chakras, balancing your energy out. Whatever your forte is for that, whether it’s meditation, sound healing, reiki treatments, theta, etc., etc., etc., make sure you are doing your due diligence to stay clear and to keep balanced. A great way to do that is just to go out into a backyard or into a park. Someplace outside, lay a blanket down, lay down on mother earth and just connect with her energy. Set intentions and ask for your guides and angels to come forward and to release and relieve any impurities that have come into your field. It can be so incredibly powerful as well as relaxing, clearing and cleansing. Taking action, it is so important to remember, even though there are things going on in the world right now that are not under our control, it’s so important to remember that we impact our world and our life as well as we impact the world around us. So, again, power is a big big thing this week. Think about what you have power over and most of all what you have power over is yourself, so it’s time to assert that power in the way, shape and form that you feel is right for you and hopefully that’s positive. The brighter our lights are, the less darkness there is.

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