Weekly Forecast with Psychic/Medium Danielle Garcia – week of August 10th, 2020

Ready for this week? What energies are coming in and what can you do to empower yourself? Get ready ’cause we are discussing Uranus, Lion’s Gate, release and purging. Check out the video at 8:08 mins in – you’ll see an appearance of one of my guides. Pretty cool stuff! Never a dull moment in my office.

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Good Morning, Psychic/Medium Danielle Garcia here with your energy forecast for the week. Today is August 10th, 2020. Did everyone survive last week? Holy crap, that was a lot of energy.

I went from varying degrees of happy-go-lucky to crying at every commercial that came on and feeling like I did not want to get out of bed at all.

The Schumann Resonance last week was off the charts!!! Crazy, crazy, crazy, vibes!!!!!!!! Lots of grounding, lots of hydrating, lots of keeping things in balance as much as possible.

This week, what do we have to look forward to? Well, guess what? Today, I hate to tell you, Uranus is activated. HAHAHAHA. Ok, I will take my mind out of the gutter. From being around a teenage boy too long with that kind of teenage boy humor, but, yes, Uranus is activated today, meaning the planet.

What does that mean? If you are a motivated kind of person, this is a great day to take charge and go with the flow. Get stuff done! This is going to be your jam today. If you are not so motivated or not quite a fan of change, you can find yourself tying into victimhood, tying into the poor me’s, tying into what’s everyone got against me and why is my life so hard. If you are feeling any of that today, take a step back. Think about what you can do to change that perspective. I’ve even had clients have huge success in doing a cord cutting from that energy from victimhood, from that energy of the poor me and that helps to release it. Also taking a step back, taking some deep breaths, doing the exact opposite of what you feel like you want to can actually switch up the energy. For instance, last week when it was a big emotional roller coaster for me and I just wanted to hang out in bed, I just found that, oomph, okay, I just really want to hang out in bed all day and eat bonbons all day, but you know what, NO. I’m going to get out and I’m going to do something to do something that emotionally I don’t feel like doing, but my body really needs, so get out. Go for a walk, drink some more water, do different things to ground, listen to sound healing, etc., etc., etc.

There are so many things we can do to change our vibe and it’s so incredibly important as empaths and sensitives that when we get into these situations where the energies coming in could be trying for us, we realize that and we know that we’ve got a lot of different tools in our toolbox to handle those types of situations.

Today is also a huge day for crowd mentality. If you find yourself getting really upset, getting really pissed off or maybe you’re hanging out with a great crowd that’s super creative and makes you feel really really good, just be aware that this is a huge day for that, be very careful what you are plugging into, what you’re tapping into and who you’re hanging out with. OUr social circles, our family circles, our peers, our friends, they have big impact on our energy. They have a big impact on how feel about the world, how we feel about ourselves, how we’re feeling in general, so it is important again, to go within, to ground, to be in your own energy field. So when other things are coming at you, you have the awareness, the train of thought to know, OK, this is my dance space, that is their dance space. Things are going on with them, but that doesn’t mean that it has to affect me and how I feel or my mood or even our physicality because when emotions and energies are coming out as strong and hard most definitely we can take the physical hit unless we are doing some type of measure proactively for energetic and emotional boundaries.

Something that I work with every single day and that I teach my clients and my students is called The White Light exercise, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NDeec2Ph_gg it involves bringing in the light of your higher self through your crown chakra, anchoring it in your belly, your power center, using your breath to release any negativity, anything that you’ve absorbed that is not of you or by you, letting that go, clearing yourself and then pushing your energy field out and around you, about 5 feet in circumference. Therefore you’re in your own bubble, you’re own cylinder of light. That’s when your energetics are the most powerful for you, when you are strongest. If I am an empath and I do not have energetic boundaries, when energies of a crowd mentality happen and let’s say it’s something that is negative, fear-based, I could be feeling it, feeling it, absorbing it, absorbing it and the next thing you know my adrenals are firing and my whole body is going into overdrive survival mode, survival mode, survival mode. My hydration stores are evacuating my body, I’m becoming super tense, now my lymph fluid isn’t processing efficiently, now my organs are starting to be tight within my body because I’m preparing for flight or fight. My guides are giving it to me really quick and fast, I’m going to need to ask them to slow it down. Your body starts preparing for flight or fight and you may not be aware all of this is going on, you’re just absorbing the energies, you’re just absorbing the emotions and your body is reacting to those energies and emotions. By creating some type of shielding process, creating some type of clearing process, creating some type of energetic boundary process, you’ll feel those things, but you will be feeling them 5 feet in front of you in your auric field. You’re not going to be absorbing them or absorbing the hit of them and if you are interested in what The White Light exercise is, by all means, check it out on YouTube, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NDeec2Ph_gg I put it up there 7 years ago. Listen to it a few times and you will get the jist of it. I teach kids as young as 3 to use this method and I teach them a little mantra that I, myself use. White light in, white light down, white light around. After you’ve done it several times, it’s like cellular memory. You say the mantra, you see the visual, BOOM, clear, shield’s up and everything is good to go. That is a really important thing to work on this week. Energetic Boundaries and Emotional Boundaries because there is lots of stuff coming in.

The Lion’s Gate portal is still open until the 12th.

I think that is part of the emotional issues that were coming forward last week, at least for me. Lots of different reactions that you could have from high high highs, to low low lows. Lots of people were reporting sleep disturbances, headaches, body aches, fluid kind of symptoms, which kind of sucks seeing as we are in the midst of a pandemic so then you could go off the deep end and think, oh no, do I have the corona, do I have covid, what is it, what is it? You should pay attention to physical signs, but being an empath myself, I can tell you a majority of my physical issues that I encounter tend to be energetically driven or tend to be emotionally driven and when we don’t take a look at that ………..Ok, that was interesting, I just saw a little orb, right over this shoulder, I wonder if any of you saw that or that’s just me. Take a closer look.

Can you see my “visitor?”

We should always check in to the physical issues that are going on, but to take a step back and see and ask, ok, is this energetic, is this emotional, have I cleared, have I taken a salt bath, have I balanced my chakras, have I written a letter and burned it, am I holding anything in that I feel I haven’t expressed that could be causing physical distress for me? There is a lot to that. I do not believe that there is any illness or dis-ease that isn’t caused by emotion or energetics. I’m not a doctor, I’m not a scientist, but I have had a lot of experience with this and I have helped alot of people through different things like this.

Wednesday, the 12th, Lion’s Gate portal, last day open, what’s coming along with that? A meteor shower, so Wednesday will be a super super charged day! Lion’s Gate has also activated past life issues, whether that’s powerful stuff from past lives or whether it’s things that we need to clear from past lives, it is about empowerment, it is about who you are, where you are on your path, figuring out your mission and your purpose, so think about from now until Wednesday, really concentrating on ok, what do I need to let go of, what is my main purpose here, what is my mission, am I on the right path and if you’re not, kudos, you figured it out, you get a choice, you can switch lanes at any time you so choose. Dig in deep, start thinking about those different things about life. It’s very easy to get distracted now with all the other energies going on and that can pull us off of our spiritual path. Those things that have weight laid us being affected by the pandemic, being affected by fear, being affected by politics. They can pull us off of our standard spiritual practice of meditation, of prayer of going for a walk, reading uplifting books, talking to like-minded people, whatever that might be so don’t allow this to pull you off your path. Really dig in deep and see where you stand , utilize that energy of Lion’s Gate portal, especially on Wednesday when things are going to be off the charts.

This week we are also looking at release. There’s always release going on, so along with release, it’s going to activate things. Many people may experience healing crises going on. You may experience aggression, you may experience a pull towards addictions, current addictions or prior addictions. It could be that last little things you thought you were done with and now suddenly it’s in your face and staring at you.

Heightened emotions again just because of the placements of the planets and the Schumann Resonance and as always there’s stuff going on in the universe. I am ready for everything to be out of retrograde and just take a pause, but if that happened, we wouldn’t evolve.

Uranus will go into retrograde on the 15th. Lots of masculine energy coming in, this is also a great time to clean and organize, sort out, release, donate to goodwill, pass those clothes down to a family member, a friend, donate it to a homeless shelter, lots of different energies going on in regards to purging. If you get a little overwhelmed this week, what is that one thing for you? What’s the one thing that is constant, that you can always always always count on? Consider that your lifeline. Identify that one thing and hold on to it. Whether that’s your faith, that’s your friend, that’s your family member, that’s your spirit, that’s your practice, that’s your music, whatever that is, remember that one thing this week.

Its time to pull cards. This week I am using the Integration Cards by Diane Garris. To see what comes forward please check out the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3YWNlmHp4co

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