Residual Imprints of History – My Visit to Ford’s Theatre (Where Abraham Lincoln was Assassinated)

Ford’s Theatre – Washington DC

On a recent trip to Washington D.C., I was fortunate to tour Ford’s Theatre.  Ford’s Theatre will forever be remembered in our history as the place where one of American’s most memorable presidents, Abraham Lincoln, was assassinated.  As my son and I walked into the building to get our tickets, his eyes got very wide and he leaned into and said, “You’re going to want to shield yourself for this one, Mom.  I can feel it already.  The energy here is going to be intense.”

Being a medium, I am used to connecting to places where trauma has happened.  I can sit back in a state of disconnect usually and just play the role of observer.  That was my intention when I entered the museum part of the tour.

We looked at memorabilia from Mr. Lincoln’s elections, his role in the Civil War and other life occurrences leading up to that fateful day in April 1865.  I could feel a mixture of deep love from the American people of this man and an overwhelming sense of sadness of loss.

And then I came upon the display of the gun that was used in the assassination.

No words can describe the imprint of emotion on this weapon.  I stood in front of the display case and felt a deep hatred and rage burning off the metal of the gun itself.  I began to see images and visions.  I heard the gunshot, saw the blood and felt the emotions of panic, anxiety and fear.  The energy hit me so hard, I began to sway back and forth almost losing my balance as the residual energies played over and over inside my mind.  My heart began to race and I felt dizzy.  The tears began to flow from my eyes and I could hear a deep wailing moan and weeping sounds far off in the distance.

I wanted to move away as quickly as possible, and it was then time to enter into the actual Theatre.

Ford’s Theatre, for the most part, remains pretty much the same as it was back in 1865, with the exception of the fact that the seats have changed from wooden seats to modern theater seating.  The Presidential Box is still in place and is decorated as it was the day President Lincoln died.  We were one of the first in the theatre and sat in the middle section below to get a good view of the Presidential Box as well as the stage where the tour guide explained the events of that day.

I took some photos of the box in the balcony and deeply felt the energy of this place.  The residual energy there is extremely strong and it is as if the walls themselves were telling the story, playing the same loops over and over again, never to be cleansed of such powerful emotions.

I must’ve looked like a complete fool as I sat in this half empty theatre, taking deep breaths with tears falling down my cheeks.  I could feel the love the American People had for this man, this president.  I could hear some of them calling him their “Champion.”  There was such reverence for him, such respect and such compassion.  And when he was shot, there was extreme chaos and sadness that someone, anyone, would even think about doing such a heinous act to a person held so dear in the hearts of so many.

The screams kept playing over and over in my mind.  As the tour guide spoke and gave his presentation I kept seeing movement on the stage, to the right of the curtains, up in the box, and a dark figure walking along the upper level towards the box.  The talk was very informative and confirmed much of what I was seeing in the visions.

I’ve been to other locations where there has been great chaos, murders, death, hauntings and trauma.  I’ve never encountered such strong residual energy imprints as is present at Ford’s Theatre and also in the Peterson Boarding House, across the street, where President Lincoln was taken after the shooting and later died.  The degree of sadness is heart wrenching and I think can only be likened to the measure of extreme love most people had for this amazing man.

President Lincoln brought hope to so many people.  His devotion was truly to the United States and to ALL of her people.  Those behind the conspiracy to murder him may have succeeded in his death, but they will never succeed in removing him from the hearts of the American People.  Even 150 years after his death, his Spirit is still mourned.

I left this place exhausted.  It was an emotional roller coaster, but one I am grateful to have experienced.  The strong vibes there changed my own view of history, as well as the afterlife.  Our emotions can imprint on places, locations and things that will last an eternity.  The intense grief and sadness felt here is because this man was so dearly loved and regarded as changing the course of history itself.

I’ve included some of the photos I took.  Look at the one with of the Presidential Box and you will see a dark figure walking towards it.  That is not a person.  There was no one upstairs when I took that picture.

Lincoln2        The Presidential Box

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALook at the figure walking towards the box.
Lincoln1The gun that was used to kill President Lincoln

( Click on the photos for a better view)

4 thoughts on “Residual Imprints of History – My Visit to Ford’s Theatre (Where Abraham Lincoln was Assassinated)

  1. I love the way you write and openly share and I love how you experience live and let’s us have a peek in it. You are just very very awesome!
    I’ve always loved places where you can feel history, even though it’s all about living in the now, it just fascinates me. So thanx for sharing. Interesting read. Freaky picture too!


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