Tools for Your Spiritual Toolbox

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Tools for Your Spiritual Toolbox

Spiritual Tools

There are so many wonderful spiritual, energetic, positive thought techniques and practices in existence.  I’d like to share with you a few of my favorites.

White Light Exercise

I’ve used this clearing process for many years and have taught it to clients and students all over the world.  It is so easy to learn and really has been my saving grace in more than one occasion.  I teach this to people with anxiety, empaths that pick up on other energies and emotions, people who have issues with grounding and even small children who are being pestered by negative spirits.  The exercise allows you to anchor in the energy of your soul and release lower energies/emotions that have attached to you throughout the day.  It’s amazing the feelings of strength and peace that come through with this simple visualization.

The Power of Divine Love


Love has been used as a tool since time began.  It’s healing properties are miraculous.  I recently was introduced to a technique through a student of mine.  She shared her experience in a class that I taught.


My student had attended a three day intensive Usui Reiki Course and was raving about the power of Divine Love.  She was taught that it raised the vibration of all situations.  When she returned from her class, she found herself  in a staff meeting, sitting around a conference table at work waiting for the meeting to begin.  Her thoughts began to become negative as she dreaded these meetings.  The agenda was never followed and they always seemed to go into overtime with stereotypical finger pointing, etc etc.  She glanced across the table to see one of her peers that she did not get along with.  More dread set in.  Her thoughts then turned to what she had learned at her seminar and she began to send Divine Love from her heart to her fellow employee.  He was sitting sideways in his chair, and he physically began brushing something from his body as she energetically sent Divine Love to him.  This man got up from his chair and left the meeting never to return!  Thinking she was really on to something, she began to do the same to each person attending the meeting.   Her boss’ secretary, whom she did not see eye to eye with, sent her a cute post it note during the meeting which seemingly came out of no where.  The meeting was finished on time and all points were covered on the agenda.


This story definitely caught my attention!  Talk about a magic wand.  I quickly filed the info into my spiritual toolbox so I could retrieve it when necessary.  I found just such a situation a few days later.


I was in desperate need of a coffee.  I had fifteen minutes to get to Starbucks and back home before my daughter had to leave.  I had a tremendous headache and as I pulled into the drive-thru there were five cars ahead of me.  I began to think of all the grief I was going to hear from my daughter and how this line would never finish in my allotted time.  Then I recalled the Divine Love concept.  I quickly began to send Divine Love from my heart to the car in front of me, all the cars in the drive-thru, the employees in the building, the customers, and the people taking and making the orders.  I can tell you in all honesty, that after I began to send this energy I was in and out of drive-thru in eight minutes.  


If that’s not a miracle I don’t know what is. (LOL!)  I’ve used this tool countless times since then and it’s always proved to work for me.  Even when I knew an impending visit from someone that made me very uncomfortable was coming, I sent Divine Love from my heart to them.  Turns out the visit never happened!  


It’s amazing how the energy can shift when you bring Love into it.  This is a simple visualization and intention.  Just set your mind to send Divine Love to the person, place or situation and imagine loving energy flowing from your heart to them.  


For me, I can never have enough tools in my spiritual toolbox.  I am always eager to learn new things.  What works for you?  I’d love to hear about it.  Write me at 

Upcoming Events


Mediumship  – A Series of Four Classes

Four classes geared at assisting the student gain deeper understanding of connecting to the Spirit world.  Techniques, meditations, and practical exercises are all a part of the instructional process.  Learn more about the Spirit World with Medium, Intuitive and Spiritual Counselor Danielle Garcia, of Intuitive Angels.  Classes will be held on Monday evenings from 6:30pm-8pm at Enchanted Forest Reiki, 800 N Rainbow Blvd #140, Las Vegas.  Cost for each class is $25.  Classes can be taken as an entire series or on an individual basis.  Register online at :

Mediumship, Class One – Sensing Spirits (April 29, 2013)

Have you ever felt the distinct feeling that you are not alone, even though no one else is physically around you?  Do you get those chills that run up your neck and feel like you’re being watched?
These are only a few of the indications that spirits are present.  Learn how to tap into your intuition to connect with those that are no longer in physical form.  We will also explain the differences between spirits, ghosts, entities, light beings, earthbounds, and poltergeists and how to distinguish their vibrations.  

Mediumship, Class Two – Experiencing Spirits (May 6, 2013)

So, what do you do when you feel that there is a spirit with you?  How do you communicate with them?
In this class, we will learn how to connect with those who have passed through the art of psychometry – reading the energy from objects belonging to people that have crossed over.  Each personal object becomes imprinted with energy.  A watch, a ring, or any prized possession that was worn or held by the owner will contain the owner’s vibration.
Learn how to pick up signs, messages and connection from these personal objects.
IMPORTANT – Please bring one or two personal objects to class that belonged to a person who has passed.  We will use these in our exercises.

Mediumship, Class Three – Photo Readings (May 13, 2013)

The Native Americans and many Indigenous peoples believe that the energy of the soul is imprinted whenever their picture is taken.  There is much truth to that.
Energy makes up everything in existence.  Even photographs contain energy and vibration.  The emotions that are conveyed within a photo can be extremely strong.
Learn how to connect to these emotions and vibrational imprints.  Once the connection is made, messages and information begin to flow through about the person within the photograph.
This is a very fun and exciting tool within the field of Mediumship.
IMPORTANT – Please bring one or two photos of people who have passed.  Make sure to have each of them inside an envelope or covered in a folder.  This will allow us to read the energy without actually viewing the photograph itself. 

Mediumship, Class Four – The Crossing Over Process (May 20, 2013)

Crossing Over – What does it mean?
When a person dies in the physical, their spirit crosses over to the other side (what some people term as “home” or “heaven”).  There is a journey that each soul makes when their time on the earth plane is through.  It is a beautiful and most loving experience.
Learn what happens during this process as well as techniques that can help a soul, earthbound or within the physical, cross over.  We will discuss working with different Angels and Light Beings that take specific roles for this process.
This is a wonderful class for energy workers, nurses or anyone who wishes to learn more about this incredible part of the soul’s experience.

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