Did You Want Fries With That ???


Did You Want Fries With That ???

I recently received a call from a potential client.  I answered my business phone and the following conversation ensued:

Client:  “I would like to book a fifteen minute session.”

Me:  “Great.  What type of session are you interested in?”

Client:  “I want to know about each of my past lives, the name of my soul mate, where he is, how I can turn my health around and what I can do about my career.”

Me:  “Did you want fries with that?”

Client:  silence…click

Now, to know me is to know my inability to hold back on sarcasm, but it’s also to know that when asked to do the impossible I will speak the truth about it.  In this case, I was put off by the woman’s expectation that I could hand her all this information in a mere 15 minutes.  It was as if she were ordering her lunch off a menu.

This is what I consider, “drive-thru mentality.”

We, as a society, have become accustomed to instantaneous gratification.  You want an answer?  Go to the internet.  You want entertainment?  Turn on the tv.  You want healing?  Take a pill.  You want a hot meal in 10 minutes or less?  Go to the drive thru.

 I am not in judgment of this woman, who I am sure will not call me back (don’t have to be psychic to figure that out!).  I am, however in observation of the actions and expectations we can have that are not exactly healthy.  It is very easy to put responsibility onto other people for figuring out our lives, our problems, our health issues and our futures.  In fact, it is much EASIER to put off that responsibility and not OWN it.  If we claim it, then we are accountable for our actions and our reactions.  I am blessed that I AM responsible for the interactions I have with clients, and this was one that I knew would not be simpatico!

It makes me wonder, though, how often do we give our power away?  When we seek advice from professionals, are we taking everything they have to offer at face value?  Or do we step back and ponder what of this resonates with us?  What can we keep and what can we leave for someone else?

 I am a firm believer in consulting the advice of others, for I know I am far from an expert in many things.  But if something doesn’t set right with me, I prefer to let it go.  As I let it go, I take responsibility for my choice, my decision, and my path.  How easy is it to fall into the pattern of allowing others to make those decisions for you?  Think about it…when was the last time you heard the excuse:

“Well, my doctor said it would help.  It doesn’t really work, but I’m still taking it.”

“I know it’s not good for me, but….”

“The infomercial told me I’d lose all the weight if I just did this.”

“The credit card company let me increase my balance, so…”

“I know I shouldn’t but he told me he was lonely…”

How could all of these situations changed, if the person going through it had sat with the issue and really asked guidance if it was right for them?  When you tap into Spirit you are tapping into your power.  You are activating your soul and not reacting within the physical.

Spirit is a connection that is with you 24/7, lifetime after lifetime.  It’s open all day and all night and you never have to worry if the energy is going to be too hot, or too cold.  It’s always just right.  There is no line to wait in, no dollar menu and you will never have your order screwed up.  Whatever you ask for will come through, just make sure your order is clear and concise.  And Spirit always, without a doubt, has the BEST happy meals.  You don’t even have to be a kid to enjoy them.

I realize my flip response to this woman may not have been what many consider the “right” way to handle things, but it was my way to handle the situation and it worked for me.  And deep down, I know it got my point across in a light hearted way as opposed to a ten minute conversation as to why what she was asking was impossible.  Sometimes, laughter and humor is the best option and a wonderful teaching tool.

Super Size that one…. 🙂


I am also THRILLED to announce that I am one of five finalists in the About.com Reader’s Choice Awards for Favorite Angel Intuitive.

readers award jpg

The winner is decided by public voting.  You can vote once a day up to and including March 19th.  Please click HERE to cast your vote.  I appreciate your support and am very excited to be a part of this incredible contest.  So honored and grateful for the nomination.

One thought on “Did You Want Fries With That ???

  1. Ha ha, that made me smile! It is so true, and I have been wondering how to explain the very same thing to people who seem to always blame others for their difficulties. Thank you for simplifying something that we as humans struggle to take responsibility for.


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