The Energy Our Thoughts Create

The Energy our Thoughts Create


The Human mind is a powerful tool of creativity

 The brain is constantly in motion, giving and receiving energy, creating new synaptic pathways for information to flow

Our thoughts become words and actions, which also carry the same energy of our thoughts.

Therefore, our thoughts become our reality.  By acting these thoughts out, by saying these words, and simply by the energy of our thinking, we create our lives.  How powerful are we?  If we are in the constant movement of negativity, more negativity comes our way.  In the same respect, if we are in the flow of positive energy and thought, positive experiences and people flood our existence.  It is a very simple, yet oh, so powerful Universal Law.

What happens then, when we have lower thought forms?  Ideals of anger, rage, jealousy, dominance, fear and even violence?  What happens to our lives?  What happens to our bodies?

When we experience negative thoughts, and in so doing create negative words and actions, many things occur within our bodies.  We go into survival mode – at least that’s what our body thinks.  Our adrenaline kicks in, our muscles tighten and all of those “fight or flight” animal instincts come into play.  When this is repeated over and over and over again, from constant negative thinking, our bodies start to manifest dis-ease and illness in the forms of adrenal burnout, strokes, cancer, migraines, and lymphatic system upset.  Our physical forms were not created to be in the constant state of chaos.  Much like cars are not created to be constantly driven at high speed.  My Ford Fusion can get up to 115 miles an hour, BUT that doesn’t mean I will be taking it to that speed regularly, or EVER.  What would happen to our automobiles if we were to drive them like that on a daily basis?  Things would start falling apart, wouldn’t they?


Not only do our bodies bear the effects of our thinking, but the rest of the world does as well.  Have you ever been around another person who is in a really good mood? What’s it like to be with them?  How do you feel?  Do you find yourself sharing laughter with them?  Does your own mood and energy lighten by simply being in their presence?

And what happens when we’re around someone who’s NOT in a good mood?  Do we become drained?  Does our mood change?  You BET it does!

I could quote you countless studies on how this works, and read from scientific essays and thought provoking experiments.  But allow me to SHOW you:

While teaching a children’s class in 2009, we followed the rice experiment made famous by Dr. Emoto.  I made some plain white rice, and placed about 1/4 cup in small jars the children had brought.  Each child had two jars, and on one jar we placed a label that said, “Happy” with a smiley face.  On the other jar we labeled, “Sad” with a frown face.  The kids were told to hold each jar for at least one minute a day and think happy thoughts to the happy jar and sad thoughts to the sad jar.  At the end of one week, they brought back their jars to show the results.

one week happy sad

This is my five year old son’s jars after one week.  When he held the sad jar, he thought of cleaning his room and of thunder storms.  When he held the happy jar, he thought of a trip to Disneyland and chocolate chip cookies.  You can see the difference in the consistency and the mold growing in each jar.

Imagine what happens to our bodies inside when we have negative thoughts about ourselves?

So you can see how POWERFUL our thoughts are.  What can we do to change our thought patterns?

AFFIRMATIONS – positive phrases that assist us with changing our thought patterns through their energy and through reciting them in repetition.

OPPOSITE RULE – sometimes to break a pattern, its as simple as doing the “opposite” of what you would normally do

FIND THE GRATITUDE – show gratitude for everything in your life, including the good things coming your way.

FIND THE GIFT – there is a gift in every situation. It’s not always easy and apparent, but it is there.

SURROUND YOURSELF WITH LIKE KIND – The more likened energy you have around you, the easier it is to achieve the results you want.

LET GO OF THE PAST – Release past hurts, failures, let downs, pain, ill will, fear and doubt.  What has happened has happened.  You cannot change it, but you sure can learn from it.

Ask yourself, when you feel stuck, “Where are my thoughts?  What am I creating? “  Are you in the flow of higher vibrational thinking, or lower vibrational thinking?

Some EASY ways to lift your mood:

Listen to uplifting music: classical, new age, etc

Get outside – breathe fresh air

Talk to a positive friend J

Eat something that’s GOOD for you



Watch a comedy

LAUGH – the quickest, easiest way to raise your vibration


YOU are POWERFUL!  Remember you are always in control of how you think.

Keep thinking positive,


4 thoughts on “The Energy Our Thoughts Create

  1. Dear Danielle, Thank you so much for this post. I enjoy and appreciate what you have to say so very much. love to you, Anna


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