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To reserve your spot, please visit http://www.intuitiveangels.com/store.html

Empower Hour
Fridays, 6-7pm
Enchanted Forest Reiki
Jan 4th – Release the Energies of 2012
Are you ready to begin the new year? Energetically, would you like to begin with a “clean slate”? Many times we will carry forward trauma, negativity and fear from the prior timeline into the present by unconsciously, and sometimes consciously, deeply holding onto our previous experiences. Learn how to accept, bless and let go of these lower energies while embracing the opportunities of the New Year. Join Master Teacher and Intuitive, Danielle Garcia, as she guides you through a healing journey of release, making way for more light and positivity in your life.
Jan 11 – Past Lives & the Role They Play in the Present
Learn the concept and theory of past lives. How do they occur and why? What can we learn about ourselves and our spiritual path by discovering who we once were? You will be amazed at the similarities and experiences that a soul chooses when they incarnate. Join Medium and Shaman, Danielle Garcia, as she simplifies a most complicated subject that has been debated for centuries. Enjoy a meditative journey of regression to connect with one of your prior lifetimes.
Jan 18 – Finding the Light
We originate from light. It dwells within us. Sometimes in a hectic world or negative atmosphere it is easy to lose sight of that light. We can put our blinders on and flavor our outlook with fear and doubt which pulls our energy to lower levels of discouragement and hopelessness. How do you rise above those situations and connect fully and completely with the light? Allow celebrated Channel and Medium, Danielle Garcia, to point the way as she leads you through a healing journey of connection to source. Learn tools you can use in your daily life to enlighten your perception of the world around you.
Jan 25 – The Power & Playfulness of Sexual Energy
Sexual energy has long been a subject of taboo in many cultures. Man has used sexual energy as a tool for sacred creativity, manifestation, manipulation, and violence. With so many ways of interpretation, it is easy to understand why the subject of sex itself can construe numerous definitions and perceptions. Learn about the lighter side of sexual energy with Spiritual Teacher and Author, Danielle Garcia, as she provides a SAFE environment to comprehend this misunderstood subject. The evening will include an open forum of class discussion, a channeling on sexual energy and a practical lesson on soul contact.
There will be NO physical sexual contact in this class. This class is not about the act of sex.
All classes are held at Enchanted Forest Reiki, 800 North Rainbow Blvd and cost $25.
Reserve your spot TODAY by going directly to their site:
Spiritual Service
Sundays in January
11:30am – 1:00pm
Enchanted Forest Reiki
Join Metaphysician/Rev. Danielle Garcia for an afternoon of inspiration. Each week will focus on the principles of Spirituality, Metaphysics, and Fellowship. Enjoy the energy of community as you meet like minded people in a loving, supportive atmosphere. A guided meditation is included in each service. Love offerings are collected and appreciated.
We base each service on the following philosophy:
Gather together and AWAKEN,Know that you are never alone.Allow the opening of your heart,And enjoy the love of home
Jan 6 – The Energies Our Thoughts Create
Jan 13 – Forgiveness
Jan 20 – Intention is Everything
Jan 27 – Creating Peace
Enchanted Forest Reiki
800 N. Rainbow Blvd.
Parent & Child Classes
Parenting the Intuitive Child & Empower ME
Wednesdays, Jan 16th-30th, 7pm
Spirit Within U
Parenting the Intuitive Child, Jan 16th
Spirit Within U, 4780 W. Ann Rd, North LV
Join us for an open evening of discussion with Master Teacher and Intuitive, Danielle Garcia, as we delve into the subject of children with abilities of intuitive sight, clairvoyance, mediumship and empathic tendencies. So often these children are misunderstood and lack the tools and insight necessary to make their lives easier. Danielle began seeing spirits and energy at the age of three and lacked a mentor to assist her in comprehending what she experienced. She has the personal experience of being a sensitive child and through time has embraced her gifts to become an empowered adult and teacher.
Many children that have intuitive abilities experience the world at heightened sensitivity, almost to the point of sensory overload. This can be misunderstood for a variety of depressive and personality disorders. 
Please bring your questions to this public, free forum and gain a deeper understanding of what life is like for these most treasured children.
Empower ME
Children ages 6 to 12 yrs  Jan 23rd
Spirit Within U, 4780 W. Ann Rd, North LV
This class is designed for sensitive children, ages 6 to 12 years of age, to learn about and develop their natural intuitive abilities. Kids learn in a SAFE environment from Medium and Intuitive, Danielle Garcia, as we explore the subjects of energy, intuition, and spirit. Parent/Guardian must attend. Cost is $20. Two or more children from same family $35
Empower ME
Young Adults ages 13 to 18 yrs  Jan 30th
Spirit Within U, 4780 W. Ann Rd, North LV
This class is designed for young adults, ages 13-18 years old, who are gifted and looking for direction in the area of Intuitive Sight. Young people are bombarded with enough things growing up. When they are sensitive and empathic, these energies are heightened. Imagine being in a class room full of other people amidst their own struggles of growing up and being able to FEEL the emotional energy from each of them.
Can you say, “OVERWHELM?” 
Many of our young adults are in a state of sensory overload and don’t possess the needed tools to create boundaries and understanding. 
Join Medium and Intuitive, Danielle Garcia, as she teaches practical exercises and tools for young adults to further grasp the true essence of their gifts resulting in empowerment and understanding. 
Cost $20. Two or more children from same family $35.
Parent must attend. 


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