Entitlement…What are you “Entitled” to?


What are you Entitled to?


Entitlement….now that is a big word with an even larger definition!  This word hold many variations and energies, depending on what perspective you hold.

So much negativity revolves around this word and debate about it’s meaning has surrounded it since time began.  Many lives have been pushed off balance simply by the expression and determination of the process of entitlement.  It can be used in a legal sense.  The word can be issued in a moral and ethical sense as well.  And still again, another use all together is that of manipulation and worth determination.

YIKES!  Confusion and overwhelm seem to surround this very subject.

And yet, as in all things, there is still the interpretation of light as well.  Let us choose to look at that side of things, for it is the most powerful.

You, as the soul that you are, are ENTITLED to FREE WILL.  You have the choice to buy into lack, or not.  You have the choice to invest in love, or not.  You have the ability to take responsibility for your actions, or not.  See how that works?  There are Universal Laws established that never change, and are forth right in their meanings; they are constant and unwavering.

As you have this FREE WILL, you are not directed by a being somewhere, sitting on a throne portraying the ultimate puppet master.  And really, do we think God/Goddess has time to do that with everyone in existence?  Wouldn’t the wires and strings get tied up?  YOU are ENTITLED to be in charge of YOUR OWN LIFE and the course you choose to take.  When you begin to believe that someone else is responsible for you, or your life circumstance, that is when you give away your power and become powerless.

You are also ENTITLED to LOVE.  As a soul, you are created in God’s likeness, which is the purest form of Love.  You are born into the physical through the act of Love and Connection.  This is your birthright.  If happenings occur within your journey that leave you broken hearted or feeling unworthy of love, look deeper into the circumstance.  See things for what they truly are.  LOVE is your right, in every moment.  Remember, LOVE begins with the love of self, which in essence, is Love of God, for you are a spark of God.

You are ENTITLED to JOY.  Joy is the expression of light.  It is happiness.  It is knowing that all is right with the world.  Each soul has the inherent ability to feel joy in each moment, even in times of grief or sadness.  There is a silver lining in every cloud they say, just as there is the potential for light and joy within every second.

So let’s see, we covered FREE WILL, LOVE and JOY.  That pretty much sums it up.  You notice I did not mention free health care, time with the grandkids, lower taxes or social security.  These are not ENTITLEMENTS.  There are creations and game pieces we utilize in this game of life.  We can view them as negative or positive.  They will only hold the power that we give to them.

Happy election day, America!!!  This year, once again, I’m voting on LOVE!!


Blessing and LOVE to all,


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