You NEVER Know What’s Going to Happen When You’re Channeling…

You Never Know What’s Going to Happen When You’re Channeling….

I’m being prompted this morning to share with you an experience I had during an event I was at over the weekend.  On Saturday, I had the high honor of channeling at an event on the Sacred Feminine Energy with a beautiful friend and healer, Charmaine Lee.  Charmaine is a Neo-Shaman, Intuitive, Spiritual Counselor, Life Coach, Energy Worker, and so much more!!!  The power and presence she brings into a room is BEYOND amazing.

So here the two of us are, seated front and center in a roomful of people (mostly women) and Charmaine begins to channel.  We were going with the flow of things, nothing was planned.  As she spoke, I closed my eyes and allowed the energy of the moment to flow through me, as well as I was preparing myself for my part of the evening.  The way I prepare myself to channel is by releasing my ego mind and opening myself as a vessel for the higher levels to communicate through me.

I am in my seat, moving to the high degree of energy in the room.  First its a rocking motion back and forth, then side to side and soon I am moving in a figure eight type of pattern.  I am just allowing my body to do what it wants, paying closer attention to the vibrations within the room and the loving intention and messages spilling out of my beautiful sister, Charmaine.

Intuitively I can tell Charmaine is about ready to finish her portion of the start of the program, and I consciously connect deeper to the energy of the Sacred Feminine.  As I do, this incredible heat begins to travel down from my crown chakra and settles in my root chakra.  It was sudden, like a rush of energy.  An even better description of this would be like a tidal wave of heat.  If you’ve ever been in the ocean and had a wave of water wash over you suddenly without expecting it, this is similar to what I felt except this was HOT….

This energy centered in on my root chakra and I began to breathe to allow the energy to flow through me.  My breath only seemed to intensify the energy and all of the sudden I knew what was going to happen.  I near about jumped out of my seat and ran out of the room as I realized I was at the beginning stages of a very large orgasm.  WTF?  Seriously?  I let Angels, Light Beings and Goddesses speak through me, but this?  Ah…..NO!  Not quite ready for that one!  I consciously shut that down as quickly as possible and let me tell you, that was NOT easy while you are letting intense energy flow through your body and are surrounded in a room of Goddess energy.

I was able to regain my composure, what there was of it, and continue through the event.  The messages that came through were powerful and beautiful and with more power and force than what I normally bring through.  After the evening was through, and I was in my car riding home, again the waves began to hit me.

Now, let me explain a little bit about me…and why Spirit is guiding me to share this, I do not know, I just will trust the process.  I am not someone who openly shares sexual information about myself.  I will joke around and flirt with friends, but that is pretty much where it ends.  My past experiences of being molested as a child and raped later in adulthood have hindered my views of what is “safe” for me to expose and reveal.  My comfort zone with my own sensuality and sexual energy has been contained at best and something I hold in.

It was an interesting ride home, and quite humorous to those on the other side I’m sure, as I am doing my best to cross my legs while driving and not crash my car, not wanting to allow this energy to flow through me.  Thank GOD for air conditioning!

I had no clue what was going on and I tried to rationalize this with my logic.  Let’s just say, logic and rationality don’t really apply to Spirit.  That’s like trying to make sense of why my husband can’t pick his clothes up off the floor….ain’t going to happen.

I began to “blame” this new energy that’s been connecting with me on the events of the evening.  I’ve been bringing in this amazing higher vibration that feels like the feminine aspect of God since I agreed to do this event.  It is compassionate, nurturing, powerful and very sensual.  This had to be the answer!!!  I just allowed it take over and that was that.  Issue solved!  OR so I thought….

When I got home, I took a few moments of meditation time to connect with guidance to find out what exactly happened.  What I REALLY wanted was confirmation that this higher energy has caused these sensations and that I could wrap up the experience in a nice little package and place it on a shelf where I didn’t have to think about it.  As I connected with Arch Angel Michael, going through my logical summation of the evening, I could see his smile get wider and wider and his eyes begin to dance.  In my mind’s eye, I could see him waiting patiently as I went on and on about the experience.  When I asked for his confirmation on this, he held a large mirror out in front of me.  “This, Dear One, is what you felt, ” he said.  “The Goddess lives in everyone.  You have awakened her from a great sleep.  You have ministered her words for such a long time but have not truly allowed yourself the gift of feeling the kundalini energy that embodies this energy within us all.  It is nothing to fear, but it is to be celebrated, honored and respected.  You know this, Dear One.  There is nothing new here except that your heart has opened to a greater degree of your own Spiritual mission and purpose at this time.  You are a part of the awaking, and we are so proud of you.  See inside yourself what you see so readily and easily for others.  We celebrate you.”

Though a bit hard for me to swallow, his words resonated very deeply.  More awareness fell into place about allowing what I perceived to be something outside myself to fully integrate within, and to take this vulnerability and use it as a strength.

So, welcome the Goddess.  Who knows what’s going to happen at the next channel….LOL!

I’m just walking the path….trusting….loving… laughing…and seeing the light in every moment.

May you see the Sacred Feminine in your own life and choose to celebrate it!

12 thoughts on “You NEVER Know What’s Going to Happen When You’re Channeling…

  1. Oh….how honored you are…….that is awesome! Congratulations………I read about that a few years ago and I knew exactly what you were describing. (Sorry, I was giggling cuz I knew what was going to be described…very classy by the way!!!)


  2. Brilliant! I have come close to this several times but have to yet to fully open myself. I have, however, seen the effects on my fellow shamans and it is very amusing to watch as an outsider, and also very curious!


  3. As one of spookymrsgreen’s ‘fellow shamans’ – yes, it is sort of amusing to see this happening as an outsider, i was also curious about it happening to the person too. It’s happened on more than one or two occasions as well. In a way, I also felt very honoured that the person was able to go through this openly within our group – but then again that person is sooo ful of love for us all 🙂


    1. That is beautiful to be able to express that openly in a group. I had heard and read of these things happening, but never thought I would experience it myself. I guess you never know….:)


  4. first time this happened luckily I was just waking from sleep and by myself! Now it is much less intense but an ever present beautiful and just under the surface sort of experience. Sometimes if I am in shut down mode of it, it will be experienced more as spine pain in various areas, never in one stuck spot though anymore. THANKFULLY! Yes, the Goddess is awakening in all of us!


  5. From the “other” perspective of the masculine: I have this occur at times and to different degrees. As the kundalini first began to rise relatively gently, I would at times find myself quite tumescent when working with a female client…andvery glad that most of the sessions I do with clients are by telephone. That telephone connection saved me from any physical confrontation had the client had noticed any obvious protrusion. However, I went deeply into shame and blaming: why was I unable to clear sexual arousal “when doing holy service” with a woman?

    Then I began at times to notice physical arousal with men, and had – still have – the opportunity to explore the depths of my and society’s homophobia.

    Danielle, I appreciate your sharing because I can see that I have more layers of mindsets and beliefs to explore and release, about sensuality in spirituality. Thank you.


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