Coming Full Circle…

Coming Full Circle

The Universe has many gifts to reveal.  We need only allow our hearts and our minds open to receive them.

Earlier this week I had the amazing opportunity to give a distance energy session to someone who had never experienced Reiki or any other form of energy work.  I know his family, and his sister had mentioned she felt some heavy energies around him and encouraged him to have a session.  When I spoke to him, I could tell he was a bit hesitant and skeptical, and lets just face it, who really wouldn’t be, but he was still open to the process.  I asked him to relax and lay down and explained I would call him back in thirty minutes when our session was complete.

I tapped into his energy and could feel a heaviness around him.  I began to clear the dense energies from his field, but still felt the imbalance of another presence.  My instinct took me closer to the energetic soul field and there I could see not one, but two souls sharing the same physical space.  I have seen this before when spirits who have passed within the physical become confused or traumatized and instead of completely crossing over, they attach to the energy of another person.  As I sensed the spirit, my chest became constricted and tight, as if I were having an asthma attack.  I called in the Arch Angel Gabriel and began working with this Spirit to cross, explaining to him that he was needed on the other side and that his energy was better suited there.  I could tell that the Spirit was that of a child, a boy, but I did not resonate on a certain age, nor dig deeper for more details as it was most important to me to detach him from my client, as well as free the Spirit himself.

As his energy crossed through Gabriel’s beautiful tunnel of light to the other side, I could feel the flow of energy return to my client.  This was his own energy grounding back into his body, where for such a long time it had been hindered by the existence of the other soul.  I sensed the confusion my client has felt, not knowing about this attachment on a conscious level, but feeling the effects from it all the same.  Imagine carrying someone else’s energy around with you for years.  Not only is it draining, but it is also emotionally overwhelming.  Sometimes you wonder if your thoughts are your own or what drives you to make the decisions that you do.

There was no ill will meant by the Spirit that attached to him.  The Spirit saw my client as amazingly brilliant.  He saw the light and the heart of my client and wanted to be everything that he was.  He had made a connection with him during his life in the physical and wanted it to continue.   Though this Spirit passed without physical pain, there was confusion with the passing.  He felt he had not finished the work he came here to do nor completed his purpose.  He also did not want to leave behind this connection he had to my client.

I sensed the attachment took place around the time when my client was 7-8 years of age.  I was not clear of who the Spirit was, and I was more concerned with continuing the clearing of my client’s energy.  Working with each chakra center, I assisted with release and clearing so that no traces of the attachment were left.  His energy felt much lighter and brighter when the session was complete.

I phoned him to explain what I picked up on during the session.  I have to admit, it was not easy for me to give him this information.  I did not want to freak him out, yet in being true to the experience and to my own intuition, I conveyed what had come through in the session.  There was not much response from him, but I could also tell that he was coming out of his trance like state from the session.  One thing I have learned in all the years I’ve been doing this is not to put my own personal expectation onto anyone else’s session.  Each person absorbs and feels the energy differently.  Some go to sleep, some feel me working on them, and some feel nothing.  It’s all good, because the person gets exactly what THEY need.

We spoke for a few minutes and I told him if he had any questions he could contact me.  Soon afterwards I received an email from him stating that his parents had a baby around the time he was 7-8 years old that had not lived very long.  This was also around the time he had asthma.  He was wondering if the passing of his brother was connected.

This rocked me to my core.  I was at his brother’s funeral, over twenty years ago.    I remember seeing him, my client, going up to the casket.  I had seen flashes of this while I was working on him, but I did not want to bring that forward as I did not want to cause him any pain.  We chatted about a few other details online, and I could feel the love that his brother had for him.  What a beautiful gift my client had given his brother by opening himself up in order for his brother to cross over.

It was one of those full circle moments for me.  To bear witness to such a beautiful miracle brought me to tears, and also allowed me to go to a deeper state of release for my own grief I’ve been carrying for the loss of my father a few months ago.

There are no coincidences in this life.  Gifts are all around us if we choose to see them.

Love has no barriers, no matter where you exist.

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